Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

A Winning photo?


What a tragic, heart-rending but brilliant picture by Andrew Winning on the front page of The Guardian yesterday – a brilliant composition that should be nominated for an industry award. Please pass on my congratulations.

Alan N.

Indeed. Thanks for noticing: GBU Editor

Mourners cry as hearses containing the bodies of eight soldiers killed in Afghanistan drive through Wootton Bassett,  in Wiltshire, southern England July 14, 2009. The bodies of eight soldiers killed during the bloodiest 24-hours for British forces since the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 were flown back home on Tuesday. REUTERS/Andrew Winning

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Unflattering Cheney?

Your practice of publishing unflattering photos of Dick Cheney to try and make him look angry and unappealing is a bogus, phony, manipulative, lying practice.

Shame on you. You aren’t journalists. You are propagandists and sellouts. Cheney is right on Gitmo, and 90 members of Congress agree with him.

The wrong guy…


Your article about Yusuf Islam has a picture of Sami Yusuf attached to it. I guess all Muslims must look the same to you.


A number of readers pointed out this embarrassing error. We removed the incorrect photo: GBU Editor

Familiar face in the background?


Sarah Hussein Obama, grandmother to U.S. President-elect Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), smiles during a news conference at her home in Nyangoma Kogelo village, 257 miles west of Kenya’s capital Nairobi, November 5, 2008. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

This picture does not look real. Among the people in the background (fuzzy) is someone who looks like Obama, only his image is very large compared to the surrounding people. I also think he didn’t visit Kenya recently.

Poignant photo


As a regular newspaper reader I have viewed thousands of photos, digital records of the world’s curiosities, joyful moments, trials and tragedies. Most leave no lasting impression.

However, this weekend a photograph that appeared in The Vancouver Sun touched me in a way that lingers even now. I am referring to the photograph capturing the incalculable grief of a father on the heels of the knife attack at a daycare in Belgium. Rarely have I seen a photo that so deeply and poignantly captures the horror, bewilderment, confusion and grief on the heels of a human tragedy.

Suspected gunman…


A suspected gunman walks in the premises of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or Victoria Terminus railway station in Mumbai November 26, 2008…  REUTERS/The Times of India

Reuters’ caption for the photo begins: “A suspected gunman walks…” Notice the object the terrorist is holding in his hands. It’s a gun. He isn’t a “suspected gunman,” he’s a “gunman.”

If the lingerie fits…


Model Karolina Kurkova voted world’s sexiest woman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters Life!) – Lingerie model Karolina Kurkova has been voted the world’s sexiest woman by E! entertainment television, beating sultry actresses Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson for the honor.

It was terribly mean to call Ms. Kurkova a lingerie model.

Ms. Kurkova is the greatest high fashion model of the early 00s, since Ms. Moss. Tell me Ms. Kurkova is a lingerie model. She helped Mr. Galliano and Mr. Lagerfeld make Dior and Chanel what they are today.

How ugly ARE they?

Your articleTravel Picks:10 top ugly buildings and monuments was extremely frustrating. How could you write an article like this and only include one picture? How lazy can you get?


Your headline on this story should probably read “monuments” instead of “monument.”

The same guy?


We think that B. Hussein Obama is really Osama Bin Laden. Look at photos of them. The eyes are the same – all else could be altered cosmetically.  What greater humiliation could America take at this point, than to elect our ‘arch enemy’ as President? Look for yourself.
The M. Family

Uncanny.  Same smile, everything. How could we not have noticed this before? GBU Editor

Osama Bin Laden: REUTERS file photo

Barack Obama: REUTERS/Steve Marcus

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What’s wrong with this picture?

A September 24, 2007 photo shows former Embarq CEO Dan Hesse along with other top officers and employees of the company, ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. Sprint Nextel Corp on Tuesday named Hesse as its president and CEO, effective immediately. REUTERS/PRNewsFoto

Your photo caption says this picture was taken September 24, 2007. Looking at the photo, anyone (except your photo editor?) can see the NYSE clock reads “JUNE 1 THURSDAY”.