Good, Bad, and Ugly

Bad choice of photos


Why do you illustrate this story with an image of an obese woman? No woman, whatever her size, is at risk for prostate cancer.

The right Green River?


Karen Ropp views the town of Green River before re-boarding the 5 California Zephyr Amtrak train in Green River, Wyoming June 13, 2008. REUTERS/Joshua Lott

The wrong man


The picture that you are posting of Scruggs is not Scruggs.


We erred in using a photo of another lawyer with the same name. We did a correction, and have pulled that photograph from the story: GBU Editor

Keeping up with the Joneses


The photo shown with your article is of the Mick Jones formerly with the Clash, not the Mick Jones of Foreigner.

“Honor killing”


The bodies of Sunita Devi (L), 21, and her partner Jasbir Singh, 22, lie on the ground after they were killed by villagers in an “honour killing” in Ballah village in the northern Indian state of Haryana May 9, 2008. Growing economic opportunities for young people and lower castes in Haryana have made “love marriages” more common, experts say, and the violent repression of them has risen in tandem as upper caste Jat men fight to hold on to power, status and property. Picture taken May 9, 2008. INDIA-HONOURKILLING/ REUTERS/Stringer 

Kennedy photo


I find the newly posted picture of Senator Kennedy with his hand to his head (out of context) accompanying the article about the hospital’s announcing the presence of a brain tumor slightly distasteful. Moments ago it was a regular picture of him. What’s the reason for this newly-posted picture? It kind of reminds me of a picture accompanying a tabloid article.

Bad cropping…

change-360.jpgThere is a reuters photo of Obama circulating that includes a background picture with the “Change” banner cropped down to “Hang”.

The wrong airplane…


The attached photograph you have on your website to accompany the story “Airlines lining up for Boeing 787 compensation” is not a Boeing 787, as the photo suggests, but a Boeing 777.

Edit that sentence…

Diamond thong shown to the throng 

thong-160.jpgDanielle Luminita, a brunette model from Romania, was carried down the runway on the shoulders of two male models wearing only the diamond thong.

Faces in the background?

torch-shot-200.jpgA paramilitary policeman stands guard near Tiananmen Square during a ceremony for the 2008 Olympic torch’s arrival in Beijing, March 31, 2008.The Beijing Olympic flame was welcomed by cheering children in the Chinese capital amid tight security on Monday after attempts by pro-Tibet protesters in Athens to block its path. REUTERS/Reinhard Krause