Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

How often is often?


Race issues beset Obama’s ‘post-racial’ presidency

Conservatives had linked the tape to the NAACP asking the conservative “Tea Party” political movement to denounce racism by some of its members. Images such as Obama with a bone through his nose and the White House with a lawn full of watermelons are often displayed at Tea Party rallies.

USA/What exactly constitutes ‘often’ in this sentence? To most, it implies that these images are seen at a majority of the rallies. This has never been shown to be the case. That would make it a false statement and should be retracted.

I encourage you to retract that statement, or at the very least, alter the verbiage to give it some factual basis.


I am a Michigan Tea Party member and have been to over 30 Tea Party events both national and local and have never witnessed any pictures of Obama with a bone through his nose, or pictures of the White House with watermelons on the lawn.

Altered photo?



Your Sara Palin photo is altered.

The one where she is sitting with arms back, chest protruding, big scowl on her face is fake. It’s easy to see poor job of pasting on lower jaw with square on her neck. I wont ask about the boobs.

If you need help spotting fakes I’m available.


Thanks for the offer, but you don’t seem to be very good at this. The photo is real and unaltered: GBU Editor

Draconian policies?


US, China set 2011 rights meeting in “candid” talks

IRAN-RIGHTS/Chinese officials did not make public comments on the talks, which Posner said also covered U.S. issues, such Arizona’s draconian new policies on illegal immigrants, racial relations and the problems of Muslim Americans.

Please be more careful when publishing opinion pieces like this one. I was unable to find where it was noted to be an opinion piece. When a journalist writes statements such as “draconian new policies,” it is pure opinion, not news.

He isn’t the majority leader

- GOP blocks Senate financial reform for third day
gbu mitch 240“The most conspicuous supporter of this bill is the chairman of Goldman Sachs,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor.

Democrats push to stem corporate campaign money

“An effort to disregard the First Amendment and defy the Supreme Court in order to limit the speech of those who may disagree with you is an effort that has no place in this country,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said.

Former Attorney General?

- N.Y. case against Greenberg “devastating”: judge     FINANCIAL-REGULATION/SPITZERBrought in 2005 by former Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, the case involves a 2000 reinsurance transaction with General Re, a unit of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc, that boosted AIG’s loss reserves by $500 million without transferring risk.   You meant …brought in 2005 by THEN Attorney General Eliot Spizter…     R.W.R.   Yes. Big difference: GBU Editor     Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer makes a point in a 2009 file photo. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Belaboring the point?

Interest in voting jumps after UK election debate

Until the debate, the main contest was between Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Labor Party, in power for 13 years, and the opposition Conservatives led by David Cameron, who have been ahead in the opinion polls for more than two years.
Labor Party? Why would you change the spelling on a proper name into American English? In effect, you have translated a proper name from one language to the next. “Labour Party” is a proper name (you’ve capitalized it).
It is not proper to change the spelling of a proper name across languages, nor to translate a proper name across languages (or dialects). You could not change the name Richard Blower to Richard Telephone for your British readers, or Nancy Lew to Nancy Toilet. That would be ridiculous and “illegal,” if you will. Prime Minister Margaret Roofer!
We do not change Guiseppi Verdi to Joe Green, no matter how pleasant it is to our American ear. We don’t change Alcoa, the Aluminum Company of America, to the Aluminium Company of America.

I enjoy your writing and hope that you agree with my positive criticism.

Terry S.

Thanks, but you didn’t have to go to all that trouble. You’re preaching to the choir.

Photo of Cheney


Cheney had mild heart attack: statement

cheney matcher300The picture you intentionally chose of the former vice president is disgraceful.

The man just had a heart attack, and you play political games.


Sorry, I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s one of the most recent file photos we have of Cheney, and he’s in the process of giving a speech: GBU Editor

The secret dreams of presidents?


Obama has honor, and burden, of Nobel award

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Every U.S. president secretly harbors dreams of winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

I saw the headline about Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. The reporter writing about the event starts off the article with pushing out his own opinion, that every U.S. president secretly longs to win a Nobel Peace prize.

Just a poverty group?


Senate denies funds for poverty group

WASHINGTON, Sept 14 (Reuters) – A poverty-rights group that has drawn the ire of conservatives suffered another setback in Washington on Monday when the U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly to deny it access to federal housing funds.

Are you kidding me?? The headline makes it appear as if our government is withholding funding from an orphanage full of poverty stricken and parentless babies rather than an organization that has been embroiled in controversy for much of the past year (at least).

Where is the coverage?


Obama warns against scare tactics over healthcare

Protesters in Washington brandished American flags and home-made signs venting their anger at Obama and the Democrats who control both houses of the U.S. Congress, accusing them of pushing the country toward bankruptcy with reckless spending.

“Taxed Enough Already!” one man shouted, while others listened to speakers and traded leaflets. The crowd appeared to be one of the largest rallies against Obama since he took office, although it did not come close to matching the turnout on the National Mall for his inauguration in January.