Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

To speak or not to speak?


Cheney says cooperation with CIA probe “will depend”

WASHINGTON, Aug 30 (Reuters) – Former Vice President Dick Cheney said he might refuse to speak with a prosecutor investigating suspected CIA prisoner abuses, a probe he branded as political and bad for national security.

Asked whether he would talk to prosecutor John Durham if eventually sought out, Cheney told “Fox News Sunday”: “It will depend on the circumstances and what I think their activities are really involved in. I’ve been very outspoken in my views on this matter.”

I was disappointed to see that three reporters and one editor allowed a story to be printed that contained obvious bias.

The story contained the following biased story lead:

“Former Vice President Dick Cheney said he might refuse to speak with a prosecutor investigating suspected CIA prisoner abuses…”

Legal immigrants?


Head U.S. overhauling immigration detention policy- NYT

Immigration reform has been a contentious issue in U.S. politics. Congress has failed to pass reforms amid differences over how to deal with about 12 million legal immigrants in the country and demands border security first be address.

Hi, in the last paragraph of your article, it says “12 million legal immigrats” where it should be illegal.

Objective headline?


Senator holds up U.S. anti-drug aid to Mexico

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Mexico has not yet met human rights requirements laid down in U.S. law for the release of millions of dollars in U.S. anti-narcotics aid, a Democratic senator said on Wednesday.

Senator Patrick Leahy said in a statement that it would be premature for the U.S. government to issue a report affirming Mexico is respecting human rights in its war against drug traffickers.

Republicans or Democrats?


Mayors, rabbis arrested in NJ corruption probe

NEWARK (Reuters) – Dozens of New Jersey politicians, officials and prominent rabbis were arrested on Thursday in a sweeping federal probe that uncovered political corruption, human organ sales and money laundering from New York to Israel, officials said.

The 10-year investigation, dubbed “Operation Bid Rig,” exposed influence-peddling and bribe-taking among a network of public officials and a separate multimillion dollar money-laundering ring that funneled funds through charities operated by local rabbis, said the U.S. Attorney’s office in Newark, New Jersey.

Regret the remarks?


Obama looks to rebound from tough week

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Barack Obama will look to rebound from one of the most difficult weeks of his six-month presidency, one in which his legislative priority, healthcare, stumbled and he got caught up in a racial controversy.

The remark intensified the controversy and eventually forced Obama to back down in a surprise appearance in the White House press briefing room on Friday in which he said he regretted the remark.

Too much of Joe?


Both U.S. political parties offend “Joe the Plumber”

HOLLAND, Ohio (Reuters) – “Joe the Plumber,” who came to symbolize U.S. taxpayer frustration during last year’s election, sounds even angrier now at what he sees as excessive government spending on the economy and healthcare reform.

“The politicians in Washington are spending trillions of dollars of our money. When are Americans going to stand up and say enough is enough?” said Joe Wurzelbacher, 35, in an interview on Friday at his modest suburban Ohio home.

It wasn’t June…


Alaska Gov. Palin to leave office with cloudy future

Palin made a surprise decision on June 3 that she would resign, raising questions about her next move and whether she was planning to mount a run for president.

Actually, it was July 3, not June 3.


Yes. We corrected: GBU Editor

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announces that she will resign and will not run for re-election as governor, in Wasilla, Alaska, July 3, 2009 in this video frame grab. REUTERS/KTUU-TV

He isn’t retired…


Russia plant destroys chemical weapons for WWIII

The United States has contributed more than $1 billion to the construction of the plant. At the launching ceremony, the retired U.S. Senator, Richard Lugar, recalled that nine years ago a Russian major showed him how an 85mm chemical weapon shell could fit inside a briefcase.

Richard Lugar is a current U.S. Senator, not a retired U.S. Senator.


Right. We did a correction, but for some reason it didn’t show up online, and eventually we had to delete the story from our system. We’re investigating: GBU Editor

Unflattering Cheney?


Your practice of publishing unflattering photos of Dick Cheney to try and make him look angry and unappealing is a bogus, phony, manipulative, lying practice.

Shame on you. You aren’t journalists. You are propagandists and sellouts. Cheney is right on Gitmo, and 90 members of Congress agree with him.

Uncovered news?


Pelosi in public dispute with CIA over interrogation

WASHINGTON, May 14 (Reuters) – The top Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday got into a public dispute with the CIA over what she knew about harsh interrogation techniques in 2002 in the latest twist in a Washington political firestorm.

I logged into your news site to find information concerning Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the CIA controversy.