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He wasn’t the President…


UN climate talks progress on aid for poor nations

POZNAN, Poland, Dec 12 (Reuters) – U.N. climate talks made progress on Friday towards launching a fund to help poor nations adapt to the impacts of climate change, such as floods, droughts or rising sea levels, after two weeks of deadlock.

Former U.S. President Al Gore won the biggest applause of the two-week conference with a speech predicting a far more active U.S. climate policy under President-elect Barack Obama after President George. W Bush.

Al Gore is not a former U.S president. He served for eight years as vice-president under Bill Clinton.

Joe V.

Not surprisingly, a number of readers noticed this one. We corrected: GBU Editor

Annoying everyone…


“At the risk of annoying everyone here…” is how Deborah Charles prefaced her question to Barack Obama this morning after his announcement of Tom Daschle as the new Sec of HHS.

Hers was the ONLY question relevant to the news conference, and her prefacing comment was brilliant in that it a) shamed the previous reporters for obsessing about Blagojevich and b) exhibited responsible reporting by actually questioning Obama’s plan and how he intended to pay for it.

Broadly speaking…


Obama says he won’t be smoking in White House

Noting that the White House was a no-smoking zone, Brokaw asked Obama, “Have you stopped smoking?”

I have,” Obama replied, smiling broadly. “What I said was that there are times where I have fallen off the wagon.”

The mayor’s politics


Alabama mayor arrested on corruption charges

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (Reuters) – Federal authorities arrested the mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, on Monday in a corruption probe surrounding a sewer bond debt that could lead to the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history.

Is Mayor Langford of Birmingham a Republican? a Democrat? Or did i miss it in the story?

The President-elect?


Obama says will confront economic woes head-on

CHICAGO (Reuters) – President-elect Barack Obama said on Friday the United States was facing one of its greatest economic challenges and vowed to confront the crisis head-on as soon as he takes office in January.

Why do you call a candidate “elect” when under US Constitution ONLY the Electoral Collage elects our president?

Drop me a postcard…


Your article should read “Post Cards to the President-Elect”. George W. Bush is still president, the last time I checked.

I was a bit confused when I clicked on the link and found the postcards were not to Bush.

Mr. Unpopular President?


McCain and Obama hit key states in final 48 hours

Obama warned supporters against overconfidence during rallies in Ohio, one of about a dozen crucial battleground states that will decide Tuesday’s election to succeed unpopular President George W. Bush.

I actually have a comment. President Bush is his full and proper address. It is not The Unpopular President Bush. Please advise your writers as they seem to have misunderstood his title. President Bush is very very popular in certain areas and we resent your inappropriate mistitling of him.

Missing from the map…


Your map does not have the 3 electoral votes for the District of Columbia. Please revise it.


Several readers noticed this one. We pulled it down and fixed it: GBU Editor

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Suppressing the story?


Chavez offers talks with “black man” in White House

CARACAS (Reuters) – Anti-U.S. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez predicted on Sunday the “black man” will win the U.S. presidential race and offered to hold talks with him to improve ties between the superpower and one its biggest oil suppliers.

This is a fascinating article. Eyebrow-raising indeed, and very newsworthy.

What’s even more fascinating is how your editorial staff is burying the article in the wrong section and the wrong subsection. Re-read the article and please tell me why it’s posted under “Reuters Africa /Energy and Oil”.¬† Is this an attempt to suppress the story?

The wrong war…


McCain tilts towards Taiwan, Obama may favor China

Analysts say neither candidate would radically change today’s status quo, but the former World War Two commander McCain is seen favoring Taiwan, which Americans of his generation called “Free China” but which now struggles for an international voice.

I may have this wrong but this story seemed to imply that Senator McCain had served as a commander in the Second World War. Considering he was born in 1936 this would make him an incredibly capable individual indeed!!