Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

Offensive word…


Balotelli set for Italy debut

SOCCER-ITALY/Balotelli, who is being courted by Manchester City and will be one of only a handful of coloured players to have represented Italy, displayed his trademark single-mindedness by immediately grabbing the number nine striker jersey with Cassano taking 10.

The Italian footballer Mario Balotelli is referred to as “coloured”. He is black.

The word “coloured” is largely viewed as an archaic, even racist term, except when referring to mixed-race South Africans. It is much like calling someone a “negro”.

I’d strongly suggest you change this.


That word should not have been used, and our journalists have been reminded of that. We issued a corrected version of the story: GBU Editor

So what if he’s white?


Twilight” sweeps MTV Awards

Sweeping high above the studio on a harness, Cohen hit an obstacle, spun down toward the audience and landed face down in the lap of Eminem, exposing his naked bottom to both the white rapper and to millions of viewers watching the awards show live on television.

I was reading the story in curiosity of what happened at the annual debacle of the MTV Movie Awards and something quite curious popped up at me.

Bad cropping…


change-360.jpgThere is a reuters photo of Obama circulating that includes a background picture with the “Change” banner cropped down to “Hang”.

Some people may find this quite offensive and would have a very hard time believing this was just an honest mistake. Really looks like it was done on purpose, or there is no editing staff whatsoever. Please remove it.

Proud, or really proud?


Obama’s wife joins push to court US working class  

obamas-200.jpgBut she has stirred controversy, such as when she said in February: “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.” Critics said the comment sounded unpatriotic and suggested she had not been proud of her country before her husband’s candidacy.

Is it nomral Reuters standard to misquote important people, when the misquote amounts to slander?

Another meaning…


Young Pennsylvania voters take a shine to Obama

obama-180.jpgI think a news headline about taking a “shine” to a man of color is considered in poor taste, at best.

Mark S.

Please reseach Black folklore and historical use of the term “Shine” that your use in the same sentence with Sen Obama. I think you will find it, if not inappropriate, at least a pretty odd choice of words.

Mentioning race…


Detroit’s Democratic mayor indicted in sex scandal  

kilpatrick-160.jpgThe controversy surrounding the black politician once seen as a rising star in his party has deadlocked city government and become a distraction to the Democratic Party as it struggles with the issue of how to handle Michigan delegates still being contested by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. 

Please help me understand the relevance of stating that he is a “black politician.” Why did the writer feel the mayor’s race needed to be used to describe him and what does his race have to do with the charges that he is facing? I have yet to hear of Eliot Spitzer being described as the white politician when anything is written or said about the sex scandal he was involved in.I count on Reuters for unbiased, factual reporting of the news. Can I no longer expect this without racial undertones such as this being thrown in as well?