Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

Religion in the headline…


Muslims get long sentences for U.S. Army base plot

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – Two Muslim men convicted of plotting to kill soldiers at a U.S. Army base received long prison sentences on Wednesday for a plan prosecutors said was inspired by holy war against the United States.

Why would you title an article “Muslims get long sentences for U.S Army base plot”? Do you title other articles by using the religious affiliations of parties involved in other crimes? “Jewish person commits $80 billion fraud.”  “Christian army soldier in Iraq on trail for rape and murder.”

I think for a respected news source like Reuters to use Islamaphobic tactics is pretty despicable.


Several readers wrote us to say the religion of the men had no reason to be identified in this headline: GBU Editor

Praising Islam?


Obama praises Islam, calls for Mideast peace

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama ended his trip to Muslim Turkey on Tuesday by calling for peace and dialogue with Islam and the creation of a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel.

This was a reasonably well written article! I liked it.

But, its title was a rather sickening bit of manipulative propaganda, was it not? Where in the article is there even a real hint of Obama praising Islam?

Not the Bible


Stability attracts Latin Americans to Mormonism

In 1920 the Mormon Bible was translated into Spanish, but it wasn’t until after World War Two and the expansion of U.S. geopolitical power that the church really began expanding

Your article on Mormons in Latin America was quite fascinating.

However, there was a serious error, which should be corrected.  You referred to the Mormon Bible as having been translated into Spanish. The Mormon Bible is the King James Bible in English, and other versions in other language. In other words, it’s the same Bible used by all other Christian religions. I believe you meant the Book of Mormon, which is not the Mormon Bible, but an additional text. It’s critical to make that distinction, because it’s a common misconception which leads to confusions.Terrie

Unorthodox phrasing


Man returns stolen relics to Russian monastery

The relics of six saints were in a silver reliquary that went missing on November 5 after an evening mass at the 16th-century Donskoi monastery in central Moscow. Who writes your copy about the Russian Orthodox Church? That person or persons seems to always call the Church services “MASS”. We Orthodox Christians do NOT celebrate “MASS”.We celebrate the DIVINE LITURGY. You do want to be accurate don’t you?

Nancy G.