Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

Not all Palin supporters?


Palin returns with feisty, anti-establishment speech

MADISON, Wisconsin (Reuters) – Conservative Sarah Palin returned to the U.S. political arena on Saturday after several months absence with a feisty speech attacking both the establishment Republican Party and Democratic President Barack Obama and proclaiming “the 2012 elections begin here.”

In a move apparently aimed at keeping her name in the running for the Republican nomination in next year’s presidential election, Palin addressed several thousand people in Wisconsin, a state bitterly divided by a political fight over union rights.

If your article on Ms. Palin’s recent Wisconsin stop is representative of Reuters degree of accuracy, objectivity and comprehensiveness in reporting, Reuters will not be on my list of reliable news sources.

To “report” that Ms. Palin spoke to a crowd of several thousand implies that they supported her, whereas an accurate report would indicate that the majority did not.

Palin’s opinion…


Palin tells Bernanke ‘cease and desist’-report

gbu palin 300WASHINGTON, Nov 8 (Reuters) – Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin on Monday weighed in on the global debate over the Federal Reserve’s $600 billion plan to buy up government debt, suggesting Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke should “cease and desist.”

Why would Reuters, a fist class news reporting organization, run an article featuring Sarah Palin’s opinion about this?

It wasn’t June…


Alaska Gov. Palin to leave office with cloudy future

Palin made a surprise decision on June 3 that she would resign, raising questions about her next move and whether she was planning to mount a run for president.

Actually, it was July 3, not June 3.


Yes. We corrected: GBU Editor

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announces that she will resign and will not run for re-election as governor, in Wasilla, Alaska, July 3, 2009 in this video frame grab. REUTERS/KTUU-TV

Letterman and Palin


McCain defends Palin against Letterman

Letterman joked that a Palin daughter, presumably Bristol, 18, had sex with New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez during a baseball game the ex-vice presidential candidate attended. Bristol gave birth to a child last year fathered by her former fiance.

Your story contains a major factual error. Mr. Letterman was not referring to Bristol Palin (18 years old), but rather Willow Palin (14 years old).

Those Palin photos…


palin-legs-3-200.jpgpalin-legs-1-180.jpgpalin-legs-1-180.jpgI think the pictures you showed of Sarah Palin’s legs and the boys in between them were dispicable and VERY sexist.

You are supposed to be a professional news source. This is stooping to new lows. This is the kind of journalism you would expect to find in the tabloid ragsheets!