Good, Bad, and Ugly

Reader reaction to Reuters news

Who’s the coach?


Brett Favre reinstated by league

brett-favre-220.jpgFavre will undergo a physical examination and a running test when he reports to the team’s training camp on Monday. Coach Mike Sherman is scheduled to speak to both quarterbacks in the evening.

“It’s important for us to communicate,” Sherman told reporters. “There are things we need to go through and from that conversation we will move forward.”

In your article, you keep making reference to Coach Mike Sherman. Mike Sherman is no longer the coach, it is now Mike McCarthy. Great job of editing and knowing your subject!!


Coach Mike Sherman is an old Packers coach — hasn’t been with the team since 2005. Mike McCarthy is the current Packers coach so not sure why Coach Mike Sherman would be talking to Rodgers and Favre tonight.

Indy 500 coverage


indy-160.jpgI can’t tell from your sports coverage if there is a race in Indiana this year at the 500. Have you heard anything about this?

A. D.

Our chief text focus is on the race itself. Apart from that, we may do other coverage on merit. We have also had some photo coverage of this year’s events already: GBU Editor

The wrong nationality


Capitals’ Ovechkin exceeds his lofty expectations

crosby-180.jpgOvechkin, whose English is improving but is still spotty, and American rival Crosby are the young and engaging cornerstones of the NHL, a league in some ways still trying to recover from the 2004-05 lockout.

In your article “Capitals’ Ovechkin exceeds his lofty expectations” you refer to Sidney Crosby as “American rival Crosby”. Sidney Crosby is Canadian and is currently the biggest sports hero in Canada. Just ask my 7 year old son.

Wrong nationality


Italy’s Bartoli cruises into third round in Berlin  

bartoli-160.jpgItaly’s Bartoli took just over 50 minutes at the Steffi Graf Stadium to become the first player to reach the third round of the $1.3 million clay-court tournament.

Your headline and story are incorrect. Marion Bartoli is a French tennis player, not Italian.

The devil is in the details


Devil Rays sweep Red Sox with 3-0 win

rays-200.jpgST. PETERSBURG, Florida (Reuters) – James Shields pitched a two-hit shutout on Sunday as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays completed a three-game sweep of the Boston Red Sox with a 3-0 victory.

The headline on this article is so WRONG!!! Did your editor even READ the article?? Did he LOOK at the headline?? The team is no longer refered to as the “Devil” Rays. They have dropped any reference to Devil from the stadium, uniforms, locker room, everything.

Not the first time…


Calzaghe accuses Hopkins of being a sore loser

boxer-160.jpgApart from Hopkins’ straight right that floored Calzaghe for the first time in his career, neither fighter landed many telling shots in a scrappy clash of styles.

Byron Mitchell knocked down Calzaghe in June 2003.  Here is a link so you can see for yourself.