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Reader reaction to Reuters news

Bad pronunciation?


Your correspondent reporting on the Mapuche indigenous people’s protest in Chile, pronounced their name incorrectly at least 2 times during the video.

She said Machupe instead of Mapuche, a big difference.

This was disrespectful to the Mapuche people. Please have your reporters familiarize themselves with the subjects of their stories.

Nancy R.

We pulled the piece with the mispronunciation and replaced it with a new narration: GBU Editor

Profane pictures?


I have a complaint about profane pictures.

I visit with my family to read news together with my children.

We appreciate if the site continues to stay clean. Now we have started noticing that it displays pictures of Victoria’s Secret fashion show, or video on a beheaded Mexican blogger.

Please refrain from making your site sensational, and continue to keep it neat and elegant by placing visuals with more discretion.

In halting English…


Your headline on the Rihanna story….

You mean HALTS, not ” haults ” !

This opens you up to ridicule…….for shame Reuters ! :-)

Roger E.

Yes, we fixed it, but not before people noticed the mistake: GBU Editor

Singer Rihanna performs at the Rock in Rio Music Festival in Rio de Janeiro September 23, 2011. REUTERS/Sergio Moraes

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Hiding in a what?


I’m the father of Alexandra Peltre, who survived the attack on Utoeya, Norway. The information given by the journalist in this report is not correct!

She did not hide in a wardrobe after being shot, and she never said anything about a wardrobe when she was interviewed.

The wrong brothers?


Your article is incorrect regarding the inventors of hot air ballooning.

You state “inflatable aircrafts have been around since the Gondolfier brothers developed the first untethered hot-air balloon in 1782…

There were NO Gondolfier brothers!


Indeed. We fixed the reference to recognize the Montgolfier brothers: GBU Editor

Whose fists are those?


gbu lawmakers 490

You incorrectly headlined a video clip “Protesters pump fists at Wisconsin lawmakers.”

Those are actually Democratic lawmakers pumping fists at Republican lawmakers after the surprise vote late Thursday night in the State Assembly.

Lost in translation?


gbu translation 490

I’d like to bring to your attention that your report\translator mistranslated what the police officer stated of the incident.

He said jonongon which means public\people, but your translator said mobster.

Polly want a correction?


gbu parrot

“The Netherlands and Spain  will square off Sunday for the World Cup final, the first ever for both  sides.”

On Mani the parrot, who predicts the Netherlands will win the World Cup, your reporter mistakenly, in her voiceover, says this is the first time for each Spain and the Netherlands to be in the World Cup final. That is incorrect. The Netherlands has been in two previous final games.

How big was the schooner?

Longest sea voyage in history(1:16)

Both in print and in the video you say he sailed a 7-foot schooner!

sailboat 280You should look at the size of his schooner a second time, because it’s a “70-foot boat” NOT a “7-foot boat!!!”

Not Marines


A June 6 Reuters video report said that “U.S. Marines and Iraq” were working together in Basra.

gbu basra patrolHowever, the U.S. military members WERE U.S. NAVY RIVERINES, NOT MARINES. As the PAO for the Little Creek, Virginia-based Riverine squadrons, I’m requesting a correction be made to give these men the credit they deserve.