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Reader reaction to Reuters news

No pun intended?



Healthcare reform sorecard?

Was this a typo or was it meant as a pun?


I’d like to claim it was a clever bit of wordplay, but since the actual piece refers to a “scorecard,” then I guess it was a typo. We fixed it: GBU Editor

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Born in Washington?


mei lan 490

Mei Lan, whose name means “Atlanta Beauty” is a Giant Panda who was born on September 6, 2006, at Zoo Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia. You erroneously reported that she was born in Washington, DC.

I have watched this panda grow up ever since she was born. For you to report that she was born in Washington, DC, is not only an unfortunate misrepresentation but completely undermines Zoo Atlanta as the most successful Giant Panda breeding and conservation program in the United States. A correction to this story is necessary, and I believe an apology is in order to Mei Lan, Zoo Atlanta, and all of us in Atlanta who have been combing the news to keep up with our Atlanta Beauty since her departure, and we shall continue to do so.

Which country was it?


gbu malaysia church

Please re-edit the script in you video…. the reader mentioned the country as should be Malaysia.


It was a very confusing report, to be sure. We pulled it: GBU Editor

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Police unmasked?


In your video section is a “new” video about the arrest of a top sicilian mafia boss. The title of the video is: Top Sicilian Mafia Boss Arrested.

Now the big problem is, near the end of the video you are showing the face of one of the police agents (I think he is a police agent).

Volume, volume, volume…


The sound or volume of your advertisements are much louder than your news clips. I work in an office and I have to constantly raise the volume to hear the news clip and react quickly to very loud ads.

Please fix this. I really appreciate the news coverage.

Office Worker

We’re working on a fix that will be deployed around Nov 23: GBU Editor

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That’s not how you say it…


His name is pronounced Ben-mow-SHAY, not Ben-mosh.


Several readers pointed this out to us. We subsequently redid the narration to get the name right: GBU Editor

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Something about Mary


In your report the commentator states that it is believed by Christians that Mary ascended into heaven.

This is not true. It is believed by Catholics. Non-Catholic Christians do not believe Mary ascended into heaven because it is not mentioned in the Bible.

Woodrow Wilson or Ronald Reagan?


The video you have posted regarding the U.S.-China Strategic Economic Conference incorrectly states that the event is occurring at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC.

The event (at which President Obama was the keynote speaker)is taking place at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center (The Ronald Reagan Building), Washington, DC.

Oldest mum?


This 69-year-old woman was not the “world’s oldest mum.” My own mother is 83, and I know many other mothers who are older than she is.


Yes, I know. We fall into this writing trap too often. Obviously what we wanted to say was that she gave birth at the most advanced age, not that she was the oldestĀ mother: GBU Editor

The wrong tube…


Air France crash focus on speed; search hopes fade

An aviation expert, who declined to be named, said the plane’s airspeed sensors, called pilot tubes, work on air pressure and might provide incorrect readings if they get obstructed by objects such as ice.

They are called “pitot” tubes not “pilot” tubes.


For your video report, the correct pronounciation of ‘pitot tube’ is ‘pee toe’