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Reader reaction to Reuters news

Play billiards, live longer?


“He says he developed the technique 220 years ago while working at his cousin’s billiard room, during his free time.”

Either this reference lacks honesty or accuracy, or you’ve missed the real story, which is how does he look so good after such a long period of practice?


We fixed it: GBU Editor

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Nuclear, nuclear, nuclear…


How can one of the world’s most respected news organizations allow a reporter to use a ‘Bushism’ like ‘nucular’? Please, teach him that ‘nucular’ is not a word – but instead a painfully public error.


Yes, I wish somebody had noticed that in the production stage. You’ll note the headline we used doesn’t make much sense, either. We’ve changed it to “Pakistan doctors protest Taliban.” GBU Editor

Background video


In the video with this story, “Ex-U.S. Soldier guilty of Iraq rape,” footage is shown of U.S. Marines while the broadcaster speaks of a soldier brutally raping a young Iraqi girl.

As a former sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, this story is flagrantly insulting to the Marine Corps by showing footage of U.S. Marines while talking about an Army soldier raping and killing Iraqis. Not only does the video completely misrepresent the intent of the story, but it paints a convoluted image of Iraq by showing old footage of Marines.



Hi. I am Hossein Nazari from Tehran, Iran.You have misquoted me in your video script. You quote me as saying “…you have to rapidly change your formal policies towards Iran,” when I actually said “… you have to RADICALLY change your FORMER policies towards Iran.”

If you watch the video, it is clear you are right and we mis-transcribed those two words in the quote. We have corrected it: GBU Editor