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April 4, 2011

IPOBy George Chen
The opinions expressed are the author’s own.

My readers on Reuters.com know me as a columnist who regularly writes about China and I also run a Chinese-language column, Mr. Shangkong, about Shanghai where I was born and Hong Kong where I call home now, on Reuters.com.cn, the China portal.

In fact, my day job is not just about writing columns but more about Trading China, a young and energetic Thomson Reuters project. It’s a public holiday in China today and the markets are relatively quiet, so I’d like to share something different in today’s column as I want to talk a bit about Trading China, which comprises Carmen, Joseph and myself.

Since receiving a call about a year ago from my boss North Asia Editor Phil Smith, aka “chart guru” in the Trading China community, I was quickly sent to Dubai to learn about and launch Trading China. Dubai is the place where Sex And The City 2, the movie, was not allowed to be filmed and our sister project Trading Middle East was launched smoothly.

Since then, most Trading China members know me as the man behind The Day Ahead, an email newsletter I write and send before the bell rings on the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock exchanges on every trading day. Whenever I meet our members, I’m usually  greeted with a similar exclamation: “Oh, so you’re the man who writes The Day Ahead column I see every day”. Yes, that’s me, composing about 300 emails a year if I’m not on holiday. I hope you find most of them useful. Drop me or Phil a note if you’d like to pass on a comment.

The Day Ahead is just one part of Trading China, which also consists of a real-time online forum where top CEOs and fund managers speak and a China-dedicated news site. If you ask me how we envisage Trading China, my short answer would be as a professional Facebook-like network, but by invitation only.

You may not have an opportunity to meet 150-plus trading peers together on the trading floor at the Exchange Square in Hong Kong but you can meet them all virtually with us in Trading China.

To many of you, Carmen Ng is known as the lovely girl in the chatroom and on Facebook. To be more professional, she runs the Trading China members-only web portal and keeps you up to date on the latest events, whether in China, Japan or North Korea. To those of you who attend our offline events such as the Christmas party at The Pawn, Carmen is also the one behind the camera putting together memorable video clips. Watch some video clips here.

Joseph Chaney is a Reuters journalist-turned business manager and my counterpart on the business side of Thomson Reuters, making sure our members and clients are happy with our service. Joe represents Trading China at many formal business occasions. He’s always well dressed, while I often look like a post-graduate student (in fact, I am doing a part-time master’s degree in international relations at the University of Hong Kong).

Of course, Trading China is a team project, with more than just those mentioned above. Many of them may not have the chance to meet you, but they work on the project behind the scenes, providing data, technical support and so on.

“Good morning, and good luck!” How can I forget to say this at the end of this note? You do know this line if you are already a loyal reader of The Day Ahead.

George Chen is a Reuters editor and columnist based in Hong Kong.

Photo: A giant poster seen in the subway station in Hong Kong’s Central district on December 9, 2009 Reuters/George Chen

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