By George Chen
The opinions expressed are the author’s own.

I am hearing more complaints these days from trader friends about how boring the market is these days. Why boring?

Trading volume is low and there are apparently more risks than opportunities as investors seek clear signals about the central bank’s monetary policy direction and about what global funds think of China for the second half of the year.

With investors uncertain about the outlook for the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock markets, some are beginning to rethink their positions on Japan. Concerns about radiation are easing and I hear more people talking about the big potential for Japan’s market and economy to rebound amid massive reconstruction there. An old and new question then arises: can we bet on the Nikkei, again?

Australia also looks like a good bet to some rich Chinese investors. They say the property market alongside the long beaches in Australia offers profit-taking opportunities over the next few years.

Remember my recent column about many rich Chinese trying to emigrate in the next few years? Australia is always a popular destination. A number of local media reports also indicated some family members of top Chinese leaders already bought nice villas in the resource-rich country whose diplomatic relations with China have been up and down in recent years.