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Oct 24, 2015

New deputy of Germany’s IG Metall says good work won her fans

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Christiane Benner has to think long and hard about how she became the most powerful woman in German trade unionism.

“I think my good work won them over. That’s the only way to do it,” she says at last, as though considering the question for the first time, in an office filled with bouquets sent in tribute to her historic election.

Oct 20, 2015

Airbus taps Siemens executive to run defence business

PARIS/FRANKFURT, Oct 20 (Reuters) – Airbus Group
has named Siemens executive Dirk Hoke as the next
head of its Defence and Space division, recruiting an industrial
high-flyer with no previous aerospace experience to regenerate
its second-largest division.

Hoke, 46, will join Europe’s largest aerospace group in
January and progressively take over from Bernhard Gerwert, who
is due to retire in mid-2016, Airbus said on Tuesday.

Oct 18, 2015

Support for Merkel’s bloc hits new low on refugee angst

BERLIN/FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Support for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives has fallen to its lowest since May 2013, a poll showed on Sunday, as her coalition partner said Germany must win over refugee skeptics or else risk “planting social explosives in our nation”.

Germany, a favored destination for migrants, expects 800,000 to a million refugees to arrive this year. Many Germans feel the country cannot cope with the record influx.

Oct 15, 2015

Bilfinger shrinks focus, sees 2016 as transition year

MANNHEIM, Germany, Oct 15 (Reuters) – Struggling German
engineering services firm Bilfinger said it had
identified more than a billion euros ($1.1 billion) of
businesses whose future it would consider during 2016, which
would be a year of transition, and beyond.

Bilfinger, which in its heyday built the Sydney Opera House
and Munich Olympic stadium, acquired hundreds of businesses
during a growth spree.

Oct 6, 2015

Schrems: the law student who brought down a transatlantic data pact

BRUSSELS/FRANKFURT (Reuters) – From Vienna cafes to the
European Union’s highest court, an Austrian law student’s
two-year battle against Facebook and mass U.S.
surveillance culminated on Tuesday in a landmark ruling that has
rippled across the business world.

Max Schrems, a 28-year-old Facebook user finishing his Ph.D
in law at Vienna University, took an interest in the subject of
privacy while studying for a semester abroad at Santa Clara
University in California.

Sep 8, 2015

Struggling Germany urges neighbours to do more to ease refugee crisis

BERLIN/MUNICH, Sept 7 (Reuters) – Germany told its European
partners they must take in more refugees on Monday as it
struggles to cope with record numbers of asylum seekers and as
police in Hungary used pepper spray on migrants who broke out of
a reception centre at the border.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking after a weekend in which
20,000 migrants entered Germany from Hungary by train, bus and
on foot, described the influx as “breathtaking” and tried to
reassure the country the crisis was manageable.

Sep 7, 2015

Hit by new wave of refugees, Germany warns EU partners

BERLIN/MUNICH (Reuters) – Struggling to cope with a record influx of asylum seekers, Germany told its European partners on Monday they must take in more refugees too, saying the burden could not fall on just a few countries.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking after a weekend in which some 20,000 migrants made their way to Germany from Hungary by train, bus and on foot, described the events of the past days as “breathtaking” and tried to reassure German citizens that the crisis was manageable.

Sep 7, 2015

Pressure on Merkel grows as flow of refugees continues

MUNICH (Reuters) – Thousands more refugees were expected to arrive in Germany on Monday after 20,000 came in over the weekend, piling pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel whose open-door policy has made the country a magnet for people fleeing civil war in Syria.

Christoph Hillenbrand, a senior official in Bavaria, where migrants have been arriving by the train-load from Hungary via Austria, told reporters that 2,500 new asylum seekers were likely to arrive in Germany by early afternoon.

Sep 7, 2015

Austria to lift measures that let migrants cross from Hungary

VIENNA/MUNICH (Reuters) – Austria said on Sunday it planned to end emergency measures that have allowed thousands of refugees stranded in Hungary to stream into Austria and Germany since Saturday morning.

Austria had suspended its random border checks after photographs of a Syrian toddler lying dead on a Turkish beach showed Europeans the horror faced by those desperate enough to travel illegally into the heart of Europe, which is deeply divided over how to cope.

Sep 6, 2015

After G7, Pope and World Cup, Munich takes on refugee crisis

MUNICH, Germany, Sept 6 (Reuters) – Munich has cranked up a
formidable administrative machine to meet a tidal wave of
refugees, taking in 18,000 exhausted human souls at its central
station and getting most of them to shelter this weekend while
still keeping the trains running on time.

But the region said on Sunday night that migrants were
arriving faster than it could find new accommodation. It had
asked the German railway operator to give it a train for them to
sleep in, as well as putting up new beds elsewhere.

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