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Jul 26, 2012

UK natural gas future clouded by CO2: Gerard Wynn

LONDON, July 26 (Reuters) – Natural gas has strong political
support in Britain, shown by a tax break choreographed this week
to balance support for wind power, but it is also on a collision
course with the country’s carbon emissions targets.

That pits the country’s energy and climate change ministry
against the Treasury, and ranges arguments for a green economy
against affordability, splitting the coalition government and
suggesting doubt will continue to cloud the fossil fuel’s

Jul 17, 2012

Finnish delay fresh warning against nuclear: Wynn

LONDON, July 17 (Reuters) – The lesson from the latest delay
to Finland’s planned new nuclear reactor, announced on Monday,
is either build lots of them or don’t build any at all.

It is a general economic principle that costs per plant
decline the bigger a programme.

Jul 5, 2012

Silicon on top in solar technology: Gerard Wynn

LONDON, July 5 (Reuters) – The bankruptcy this week of
United States-based Abound Solar rams home the victory of
silicon-based modules in the latest round of a bitter technology
race that has hurt investors, including the U.S. Department of
Energy, and is far from over.

The two main photovoltaic (PV) technologies are based on
crystalline silicon and thinner (“thin-film”) cadmium-based

Jun 27, 2012

Biofuels caught in price squeeze: Gerard Wynn

LONDON, June 27 (Reuters) – Rising crop costs are squeezing
biofuel margins and may see production fall or stagnate in the
United States for the first time since 1996, adding to
challenges in Brazil and Europe.

A long-run correlation between U.S. corn and crude oil broke
down this month, stemming from new fears for the world economy
coupled with harsh conditions in key corn growing areas.

Jun 21, 2012

The case for scrapping GDP: Gerard Wynn

LONDON, June 21 (Reuters) – The case is growing to widen
conventional measures of human wealth to take account of
degrading natural assets, but the prospect is more remote as
politicians cling to superficially higher GDP values during the
financial crisis.

Business leaders, academics, lawmakers and green groups have
pushed for including social and environmental data in national
accounts at a sustainable development summit in Rio de Janeiro
this week.

Jun 20, 2012

Economy trumps environment in Rio: Gerard Wynn

LONDON, June 20 (Reuters) – The financial crisis has
definitively trumped the environment in a telling conjunction of
G20 and green summits in Mexico and Brazil this week.

The focus of the Mexico meeting, an unfolding drama of a
possible collapse of the euro and return to global financial
crisis, has distracted from an environmental threat that may be
urgent, planetary and irreversible, but less palpable.

Jun 15, 2012

Germany offers energy blueprint: Gerard Wynn

LONDON, June 15 (Reuters) – The shale gas revolution has
allowed the United States to tap vast new reserves of gas and
oil, but last year’s Fukushima nuclear crisis may unleash an
alternative blueprint.

There are conflicting signals for green energy investing.

On the one hand, global non-hydro renewable energy
generation has grown by 10 percent annually over the past two
decades, while investment reached a new record last year, and
banks Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Bank of America
recently endorsed the business case.

Jun 14, 2012

World energy gets dirtier: Gerard Wynn

LONDON, June 14 (Reuters) – Energy consumption among rich
and developing countries got cleaner and dirtier respectively
last year, in a starker than ever trend which reinforces how
global climate action is now in the hands of emerging economies.

Carbon intensity of energy measures the CO2 emissions per
unit of consumption, in other words how polluting energy is in
carbon terms.

Jun 14, 2012

Offshore wind costs must fall faster: Gerard Wynn

LONDON, June 14 (Reuters) – Offshore wind costs must fall
even faster than the ambitious target of a 30 percent cut by
2020, which the British government and industry executives said
on Wednesday was achievable.

Britain is the world leader in offshore wind, betting on the
advantage conferred by its long, windy coastline.

May 30, 2012

Will UK home efficiency plan work?: Gerard Wynn

LONDON, May 30 (Reuters) – Britain’s prospective Green Deal,
meant to drive upgrades in home energy efficiency, faces severe
challenges in cutting risks for investors and in allaying public
concerns about indebtedness and cowboy tradesmen.

The scheme aims to drive energy savings that would cut
national carbon emissions and protect households from future
rises in the price of energy.

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