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Mar 3, 2011

Food, fuel outlooks stoke inflation fears

LONDON (Reuters) – Forecasts to 2015 for both food and oil prices have gone a step higher in the past four months, responding to Arab unrest and rising rising supply fears, a Reuters poll of analysts showed on Thursday.

Rising inflation driven in part by food and energy prices has threatened to shackle a global economic recovery.

Mar 2, 2011

Slim pickings in “dead” carbon market

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Carbon trading was once hailed the next trillion-dollar market, but risks of another criminal scandal, plus falling demand following recession and new watchdog limits threaten the once darling industry.

Carbon markets are intended to cut the cost of fighting climate change by giving companies the flexibility either to reduce their own greenhouse gases or buy emissions permits.

Mar 1, 2011

Carbon market puts brave face on headwinds

AMSTERDAM, March 1 (Reuters) – Carbon trading firms remain
optimistic about a European market, after a 50 million euros
cyberattack, but have given up hope on a U.S. cap and trade
scheme, they told an industry conference on Tuesday.

Perhaps indicative of the problems facing carbon markets,
attendance was well down on previous years at the Point Carbon
conference, at nearly 800, compared with 1,700 in 2008.

Feb 25, 2011

EU industry CO2 emissions edge up in 2010: analysts

LONDON (Reuters) – European Union industrial carbon emissions rose by up to 4 percent last year, analysts estimate, still far below 2008 levels and leaving the bloc on course to beat its 2020 climate target.

The EU emissions trading scheme (ETS) caps the emissions of about 12,600 installations, including power plants, factories and oil refiners, and the European Commission publishes emissions data in April of each year.

Feb 22, 2011

Camco reports 2010 profit, targets Asia, U.S.

LONDON, Feb 22 (Reuters) – British low-carbon project
developer Camco International Ltd (CAMIN.L: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) swung to full-year
profit and lifted sales ahead of turning its focus to clean
energy opportunities in east Asia and the United States.

The company reported a profit of 10.1 million euros ($13.8
million) for the year, compared with a loss of 10.9 million
euros last year. Revenue was up 8 percent to 30 million euros.

Feb 22, 2011

Arab uprisings foreshadow climate havoc-UK diplomat

LONDON (Reuters) – A string of Arab uprisings are giving a foretaste of the likely havoc that climate change will cause without greater effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions, a British foreign ministry official warned.

Soaring food prices, stoked by Russia’s drought last year and subsequent ban on wheat exports, were an additional trigger in the popular revolts across North Africa and the Middle East mostly blamed on public frustration with autocratic rule.

Feb 18, 2011

Saudi Arabia seeks share of $100 billion climate aid fund

OSLO/LONDON (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia is a special case in need of climate aid if the world shifts to clean energy, the world’s top oil exporter told the United Nations ahead of a Monday deadline for proposals about slowing global warming.

Almost 200 nations agreed in Mexico in December to a package of measures including a new fund to help poor nations, due to be worth $100 billion annually from 2020, find ways to adapt to climate change and protect tropical forests.

Feb 16, 2011

Floods linked to manmade climate change: studies

LONDON (Reuters) – Man-made greenhouse gas emissions are linked to more frequent heavy rainfall, two studies published found on Wednesday, portraying a clearer human fingerprint after a spate of floods around the world.

Scientists agree that greenhouse gas emissions are warming the world and expect that in turn would lead in the future to more evaporation of water, more moist air and heavier rainfall.

Feb 15, 2011

Analysis: Lower wind and solar prices to usher speedier adoption

LONDON (Reuters) – Rapid recent solar and wind price falls are likely to bring new markets and mass adoption a step closer over the next decade and raise the prospects of mergers.

The financial crisis coupled with a ramp-up in China, which now leads the world wind and solar manufacturing, have led to over-capacity and pressured prices in the past three years.

Feb 8, 2011

Analysis: Greenland of 1770s gives clues to chill winters

OSLO/LONDON (Reuters) – The icy winters suffered by Europe and North America for the last two years contrast with unusually mild weather in the Arctic, in a pattern first noted by a Danish missionary in Greenland in the 1770s.

Some scientists suggest climate change may be intensifying a natural oscillation. Others say that verdict would be premature and the pattern appears to be the same old natural one.

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