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from Reuters Editors:

Back in Baghdad, the differences abound

February 14, 2008

US military helicopter flys over the Baghdad Green Zone The last time I flew into Baghdad airport was in January 1991. It was just before the cruise missile attacks on the city at the start of the operation to retake Kuwait from Saddam Hussein's occupying forces. I came by commercial flight again this week, but to a different Iraq. It's an Iraq where Saddam-era tyranny has been decentralised, messianic U.S. policy experimentation has fallen flat on its face and violence, crime and hardship are the bedrock of ordinary existence.

from Pakistan: Now or Never?:

Pakistan poll and the voice from the past

February 13, 2008

Posters of Benazir BhuttoThe Pakistan election campaign has been so muted until now that from the outside it can be hard to believe it's really happening. So plaudits to Pakistan Politics  for posting the TV ads of the main political parties. The Pakistan Policy Blog  provides a summary of the ads, though you don't need to understand the language to get the drift.

Iraq haunts U.S. in Munich

February 10, 2008

At the Munich Conference on Security Policy back in 2003, Joschka Fischer stared down Donald Rumsfeld and told him what he thought about Washington’s case for invading Iraq.

U.S. General uses soccer to sell Afghan mission to Europeans

February 10, 2008

Gen. John Craddock, NATO’s supreme allied commander, Europe, surprised American reporters by using soccer to explain his problems in Afghanistan.

Beer, sausages … and defence

February 10, 2008

It is ironic that one of the world’s foremost gatherings on defence and diplomacy takes place in the city linked to one of the most colossal gaffes in the history of statesmanship.