Obama on Jerusalem. What did he mean?

June 5, 2008

Barack Obama said in a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee yesterday: “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.”


Compare that remark with this comment by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert published on January 1 in an interview with The Jerusalem Post: “The world that is friendly to Israel… that really supports Israel, when it speaks of the future, it speaks of Israel in terms of the 1967 borders. It speaks of the division of Jerusalem.”
Obama’s comment infuriated Palestinians.
The United States and other international powers do not recognise Israel’s annexation of Arab East Jerusalem following the 1967 war. The future of Jerusalem is one of the most divisive issues facing Israeli and Palestinian peace negotiators as they try to reach a deal before George W Bush leaves office in 2009.
The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank called it a “pandering performance”

In Jerusalem, Israeli officials, speaking privately, made clear they saw it as a bit of domestic electioneering from a candidate who would find it hard to stick to his pledge if elected – “We know how this works,” one told Reuters. “He thinks he might be short on the Jewish vote.”

Did Obama mean it? Was he playing for votes?


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As a native of Chicago and and their machine politics I wouldn’t trust Obama to deliver anything. Chicago can’t even keep their streets clean

Posted by Doug Heyn | Report as abusive

Utter pandering by an eloquent Chicago machine politican who will say/promise anything to get elected–to a position that he is totally unqualified for!! DM

Posted by David Mayer | Report as abusive

He is playing for Votes, when he said, he would meeting with Iran leader without preconditions, Isreli sentiments were hurt badly. Come nomination, come November, all tone changes, he is just saying what would get him votes. Unfortunate to Obama, he forgot, this is a youtube world, all past said things will come and haunt you, unless he has some good grounds to change his mind. Proving again, he is just “ANOTHER POLITICIAN”. We have better politicians around like Hillary and John McCain.

Posted by Jackle | Report as abusive

Here is what we as americans never ask.. we are getting hosed here with high fuel prices, rice ration and sky high gas prices meanwhile this lobby gets 3 Billion in aid money..

Posted by blink234 | Report as abusive

You wish Obama.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Congraturation Mr. Obama! I wish you a good journey to the White House. Let the world recognise you as unquestionably bright politician,never heard in America since the foundation of the continent millions of years ago. All the Best!

Posted by Mdachi | Report as abusive