Does Karadzic detention give Bashir cause for concern?

July 30, 2008

  An armed policeman stands guard as Karadzic is brought to The Hague                                                                                                                               

      The extradition of former Bosnian Serb
leader Radovan Karadzic on Wednesday to
face genocide charges in The Hague sends
a signal that the international community
means business in bringing fugitives to
    Reinforcing the same message, 
Serge Brammertz, chief prosecutor
of the International Criminal Tribunal
for the former Yugoslavia, called again
for the arrest of Bosnian Serb wartime
commander Ratko Mladic. Like Karadzic,
Mladic is accused of  genocide over the
43-month siege of Sarajevo and the 1995
massacre of some 8,000 Muslims at

    This ought to ring alarm bells for Sudan’s president, Omar
Hassan al-Bashir
, who is also accused of war crimes. But world
leaders are also sending other signals which may ease any
concerns he has that he may soon be arrested.
    Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the International Criminal Court’s (ICC)
prosecutor, has charged Bashir with masterminding a campaign of
genocide in Darfur, killing 35,000 people and persecuting 2.5
million. But the U.N. Security Council is divided over his calls
for an arrest warrant against Bashir. Some countries hope the
ICC will halt any genocide indictment in the interests of peace,
fearing any attempt to arrest him could cause more bloodshed.
    Dumisani Kumalo, South Africa’s ambassador to the United
Nations, made this clear on Tuesday as the U.N Security Council
prepared to consider a South African and Libyan proposal that it
call on the ICC’s judges to refrain from taking any action.
    “We are not saying ‘stop doing it’ to the prosecutor of the
ICC,” the ambassador said. 
    “We are saying, give peace a chance, can you just give it a
year, let’s see UNAMID deployed,” Kumalo said, referring to the
U.N.-African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur.
    UNAMID’s mandate expires on Thursday and Britain has drafted
a resolution on extending the mandate until July 31, 2009. But
South Africa and Libya want to insert a paragraph calling for a
suspension of any ICC moves. Such moves suggest Bashir, who
denies the charges against him, is unlikely to be arrested any
time soon. 

Sudan’s President Bashir waves to supporters on a tour of East Darfur on July 24 

   If arrested, Bashir would follow prominent figures such as Karadzic,
late Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, former Liberian President
Charles Taylor and Congolese former rebel warlord and vice-president
Jean-Pierre Bemba into the dock.
    Taylor is accused by the U.N. -backed Special Court for Sierra
Leone of orchestrating rebel atrocities during Sierra Leone’s
1991-2002 conflict. Milosevic died in detention in 2006 before a
verdict was reached in his trial on genocide charges. Bemba is
accused by the ICC of leading Congolese rebels in a campaign
of rape and torture in the Central African Republic in 2002 and
    The chances of Karadzic or Milosevic being arrested and
brought to trial initially seemed slim, but political changes in
Serbia — namely the appointment of a Western-leaning government
keen to join the European Union — helped secure his arrest.
    Bashir’s arrest is more complicated as he is a sitting head
of state. It also appears to depend heavily on political will
and political change — but are there any signs of this? Should 
Karadzic’s arrest and detention give Bashir any real cause for


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Karadzic, Bashir, Taylor,…. ?Mugabe? what have made these men so desperate to do their own killings in the name of the Almighty. Hasn’t MONSTERS been created out of convictions nurtured by the GREAT BOOKS or cultured by the GREAT BOOKS. Millions have been sacrificed through history even to destroy the advanced cultures of the old world and making them extinct. The world was presumed to be made safer either by being westernized or “arabitised” or else considered untamed or pagans. Has the world been safer when in certain areas human bombs are ready to explode anywhere in the world because religious philosophies have been hijacked by the few who can convince those individuals that heavenly rewards are available in abundance, if they were to sacrifice themselves in the name of their religion?

To ensure peace and a better future, can we learn from the lessons of the past and stop being so dogmatic and righteous about one’s religion. Karadzic must have been a victim of his own belief that SERBIA would be better place without the Muslims. But how many more Karadzic who are practicing the same conviction making miseries through the world coming genocide without a trace. How many attempts at ethnic cleansing which are done daily in the name of the GOD or ALLAH? The world are getting poorer now because of the death of many cultures and ethnic groups who are now either westernized or “arabitised”.

UN should be more concerned about sustaining and promoting the diversity of cultures and ethnic groups living their way of life by helping them to know their original cultures and way of life. The personal battle for GOD must be discussed and discouraged.

Any penalty to KARADZIC, who have been paying for his actions by not being able to live in his real identity for over ten years, will satisfy those who have suffered because of his past actions but it will not be the end of sufferings of many more by current and future KARADZIC alike who are doing their bit to make their own people suffer in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. DARFUR will not be last as long as RIGHTEOUSNESS remain the property any leader.

So can we ask all leaders and nations to allow GOD to do his own killings? Can we ask all nations to grow roses or any other flowers and exchange these instead of GUNS, BOMBS and other implements of DEATH and DESTRUCTION. CAN we ask THE JEWS AND THE ARABS of the MIDEAST to start to stop the killings which have been started since time immemorial, ?since ABRAHAM… or is it since Abel and Cain story. Can we ask IRAN to use the oil money to recreate the GARDEN of Paradise in the Mideast instead of the Arabian desert and potential nuclear war…. Where have all the poplar trees gone….

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Africa must support Bashir’s indictment

Nkwazi Nkuzi Mhango
St. John’s NL

It’s an open secret. At last, Sudanese strong man, Omar Bashir faces indictment from the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

This is but a fare-thee-well move aiming at saving Africa from sinking into dictatorship and massacres committed by hooligans in power.

He becomes a first African sitting president to face the music thanks to genocide he heinously perpetrated-and he still doing- against innocent people in Darfur.

And this move has come late so far. For, it’s the same Bashir that killed millions of people in southern Sudan that he occupied and ruined for long time before SPLA emancipated it after defeating him.

Given that the victims of this mania are black African, African countries south of Sahara have all reasons to fully support this noble and broad move.

While this is anxiously waited by peace lovers and makers the world over, however, some African countries have already blindly opposed the presentment! Tanzania, already, has formerly condemned this go at Bashir. Shame on her and all those contemplating to abet with a killer!

It seems. Many African potentates, under the banner of pseudo brotherhood, are making a grave mistake. Yeah. They’re making a serious offence by teaming up with killers and dictators simply because they’re ruling African countries. Such countries should be told to the face. African dictators have hijacked the citizens of the countries they brutally ruin in the name of ruling. They’ve been using their paid and predatory armies to remain in powers as opposed by democratic means.

This myopia of a black sheep is a sheep, nonetheless, is likely to taint and cost Africa a lot.

Like it’s been the case with Zimbabwean tyrant who’s regarded as championing the rights of blacks, our rulers, once gain, goofed. Anyway, most of them lack moral authority.

Drat it. They’re the very products of gimmicks and undemocratic means. So this makes point number two for this criminal solidarity. More than a half of African rulers are in power undemocratically and illegally altogether.

Thus, they fear their commonalities and similarities may surface. And the same can happen to them especially if embezzlement of public funds is categorized as a crime against humanity. It kills many Africans so to speak. Many pray that this became an offence internationally as the means of saving many poor Africans.

Another reason why African must support ICC is the fact that when this move was announced, Bashir did not bother to consult with AU. Instead, he prayed Arab League to convene an ad hoc conference to look into how to help him out of this imbroglio.

Like Libyan tin-pot dictator whom he shares dictatorial bent, a lot, AU makes sense when he has his nonsense to air against his unreal foes. It is a good shoptalk venue but not in serious matters like this.

I know. African countries will blindly issue a statement condemning this move thanks for the chairmanship of Jakaya Kikwete whose government’s pre-emptive stance speaks volumes. They’re easily fobbed and manipulated by being given empty promises of drops of oil and other cheap baksheeshes by these carbuncular Afro-Arab mélange.

Though it pains to find that lank African straight-edges have become such nugatory so as to be tried outside Africa, it still is a fact: shall they not put their houses in order let this happen time and again.

Forget not. This move, if anything, if it succeeds, will knock sense into the heads of other African dictators and thieves hidden under the crown.

We still, painfully and with indignation, remember how Ugandan dictator, Yoweri Museveni in conjunction with Rwandese one, Paul Kagame invaded DRC where they killed people and stole many minerals and other priceless resources.

Shall ICC avoid hypocrisy; it’s high time for Museveni and Kagame to face the same thanks to the crimes they committed in DRC.

And indeed, Africa needs to avoid double standard and pretending. Those thinking that this is a colonial plot against African freedom as some people are contending, they should remember that Slobodan Milosevic died in The Hague facing the same.

If Bashir be submitted to The Hague, he’ll become a second African dictator to be indicted there after former Liberia killer, Charles Taylor who is still waiting for justice to be done.

It’ll also make more sense shall dictators like Robert Mugabe and Amani Karume of Zanzibar been added to the list of in capacious African mumbo jumbos to be indicted resulting from the crime against humanity.

I thus fully support the indictment of Bashir. For it’ll act as a wake up call for those still at large

Off the cuffs: Rwandan autocratic regime has passed the law to ban prosecuting ex-leaders! But why should this be done after her former president, Pasteur Bizimungu rot in the prison? Hypocrisy hypocrisy ad infinitum. .

Posted by Nkwazi Nkuzi Mhango | Report as abusive