Big Bang experiment – the end of the world as we know it?

September 10, 2008

Scientists said they simply didn’t know what surprises might emerge when they started up the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s biggest and most complex machine which until Wednesday lay benignly in its underground home on the outskirts of Geneva. 
                                                    Scientists look at a computer screen at the control centre of the CERN in Geneva September 10, 2008. Scientists at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) started up a huge particle-smashing machine on Wednesday, aiming to re-enact the conditions of the “Big Bang” that created the universe. REUTERS/Fabrice Coffrini/Pool (SWITZERLAND)                                                        
Perhaps crashing together millions of particles at close to the speed of light would replicate the conditions just after the Big Bang that created the universe.           

Perhaps the high-energy collisions, which will generate temperatures more than 100,000 times than the heart
of the sun, would lay to rest an unproven theory of physics.

And maybe, just maybe, the largest scientific experiment in human history would produce some anti-matter, or miniature black holes that would quickly disappear

“The most exciting result would be something we don’t expect,” British physicist Stephen Hawking said on the eve of the tightly sealed machine’s start-up, echoing his scientific peers who bubbled over with enthusiasm about the prospect of finally cracking more of the universe’s mysteries once data starts spewing from the physics playground at CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.  

But not everyone likes surprises.                                

In this artist’s impression provided by the journal Science, swirling clouds of hydrogen and helium gases are illuminated by the first starlight to shine in the universe after the Big Bang.For non-scientists, the scale and ambition of the 10-billion Swiss franc ($9 billion) project seem unnerving.  The possibility of creating black holes simply sound scary.   

Many people allow themselves to ask, are there limits to what science should seek to find out?  Will this experiment result in the end of the world as we know it, or even bring about the end of the world?   

Millions of people — myself included — were first introduced to CERN reading “Angels and Demons,” the prequel to “The Da Vinci Code,” in which bad guys try to steal anti-matter from the ultra-modern research centre to destroy the Vatican. 

But the start-up of the Large Hadron Collider on Wednesday proceeded without the drama or adrenaline of a Dan Brown novel.  Project director Lyn Evans even wore jeans and running shoes  for the occasion.  In this artist’s impression provided by the journal Science, swirling clouds of hydrogen and helium gases are illuminated by the first starlight to shine in the universe after the Big Bang.

So without a Big Bang of a start, we all may have to sit back with another book and wait to see what mysteries particle physics eventually beholds.  


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I am happy at the prospect to find out how the universe began but at the same time i also wonder what could be the benefits of finding it out. Are we humans trying to create a world in the future, which is a rare possiblity. could someone care to explain the benefits to the current human life on earth. if not then otherwise its a huge waste of tax payers money and knowledge of so many scientists who could have helped in a better way to serve humanity

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since last 2-3 weeks it was been rumured that the LHD will create small black holes and will unreviel the secret of big bang theory. but today on Wednesday, when the machine was switched on, it had no effect on anyone. but what i was unable to know is that what were the results of the experiment?

Posted by kashish | Report as abusive

What a load of RUBBISH

Posted by Daisy-Abigail | Report as abusive

very great experiment but iam asking question is naturally big bang is happen so now scientists are doing this un naturally so they get the result nothing because this is difference between natural and un natural like natural birth and test tube baby birth so scientis get only test tube baby about big bang experiment

Posted by ramakrishna | Report as abusive

i want to know that when will the black hole appear to suck in the universe because i really dont want to die i love my family a lot. please please reply and give me as much as information as you can of if we will live or die?

Posted by kuljit kaur | Report as abusive

were all going to die and the end of the world machine should be turned off asap

Posted by derek | Report as abusive

Its help to improve the study of science.

Posted by pavankumar | Report as abusive

why do whey d it it useles it just crazy

Posted by louis chambers | Report as abusive

This money could have been better spent. This kind of “science” is too risky for surprises and possible reactions. Why cant we focus on our planet here and now and leave the “secrets” of the Universe alone? People and the planet we live on are suffering enough why take unnessassary chances? Who needs to know? I dont, and Im sure if you took a global pole more than a large percentage of the worlds population don’t care either!! They just want food, shelter, education a safe place to live, employment and a healthy planet to do this on. Selfish scientists! and I can just guess that the governing powers really just want a better weapon, wasnt the A-bomb enough? We really are a self destructive species, this makes me and many others I’m sure, very sad indeed.

Posted by Sheryl | Report as abusive

Its helps to improve the study of science. We have to know about our mother(earth) when it’s born. This is the good step in a right time. I am so excited about this operation. We have to celebrate a human achievement.

Posted by pavankumar | Report as abusive

it is not in God’s nature to have us opened into a new universe and sucked into a black hole. he didnt write in revelations that the end of the world that were going to have to be sucked in a black hole and die from anit gravity. its wrong what their doing. nothing is broken. do not fix something that isnt broken i say. its upsetting and it could lead to massive choas. personally i think it is dangerous to be fooling around with mother nature and her teritory. and even if thier little and all that a lot of little things make a big thing.

Posted by sonya | Report as abusive

This is garbage. It sounds like Star Trek. Ridiculous.

Posted by Fal | Report as abusive

I personaly dont think we’re all gonna die today. Anyone who knows their Bible would tell you that this is not how we are going to die. It is not right to be messing around with mother nature. Who really cares about the big bang? I do beleive there was a big bang when God created the earth…Him being God and all. I just dont think we are gonna die so I would stop stresseing! Espiacialy the grade 8’s of The Wykeham Collegiate! Please guys get real!

Posted by Jimmy | Report as abusive

I can not say with complete certainty that when I turn on my toaster this morning it will not destroy the entire universe!

What a non-story. All they said was that they were hoping to discover something unknown in the experiment, that’s the point of any experiment.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

I heard that we wouldn’t hear or see on know if it had created a Blackhole to next or later on this year,But so far we’re still here!

Posted by JinxMadness | Report as abusive

What were the results!!

Posted by Colin Redpath | Report as abusive

its pointless to be honest risking everyones lifes for the past we should be concintrating on the future i dnt care about the past

Posted by jeff | Report as abusive

this is absolutely ridiculous its just a waste of money !!!

Posted by anonomous | Report as abusive

im only 13 and heard this morning what is happenin im scared

Posted by Angel | Report as abusive

what on earth are they thinking?
what gives them the rite to decide for every soul on this planet, whay should everyone take this risk its absoulutley obsurd.
I think they need to relise the impact of rumors let alone the world actully ending, there’s going to too much chaos.
Thank you scientist’s for taking an unnessecery risk on behalf of us all and maybe dooming us all, just thanks

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

i think it really is a load of rubbish. what difference will it make. people are starving in africa but they can spend billions of dollars on some stupid experiment. shame on them.

Posted by timbukto | Report as abusive

the worlds still here were not in a black hole WHOOO!!!!

Posted by Kirsty | Report as abusive

i would like to tell all the best to all scientists who contributed in this exeperiment.we should know the secrets of our univers.otehrwise we canot tell how many years our univers will be.some people are unnecerly fearing about it.i am very eger to know about the results.

Posted by nagendra prasad | Report as abusive

yeah its not right to play mother nature like this but this could save r kids lifes in the furture!

Posted by Kirsty | Report as abusive

I am a student who is studying physics at the moment. This matter of the ‘Big Bang’ really intersested me. Why try to create the ‘Big Bang’ again? I find science really interesting but i am against this matter.
one reason: Poverty, Why waste that much money when peope are starving, dieing, have disease? etc
Second reason: A lot of people would start to go crazy if they found out that god didnt create the world, If it was a scince explanation lots of people would loose their hope. Scientists have been saying that the world will end soon (They have been saying it for th past 30-40 years! Can you imagine what could happen to our solar system if a ‘Big Bang’ happened? The scientists didn’t think of the concequences. Do you think we should have a choice if we live or die? The end of the world as weknow it? Whos making it worse? little experiments add up to big changes!

Posted by Jessica Smith | Report as abusive

why is that people who can’t even form a proper sentence feel fit to comment on a complicated physics experiment? and i’ll bet these are the same people, who if told that they weren’t who they believed they were, would immediately embark on a i’ve-got-to-find-out-who-i-am journey. shut up and get back to your pointless lives. if a bunch of eggheads want to find out what created the universe and they believe they can do something useful with that information, then let them! at least they’re doing putting what your “god” gave them to good use – their brains.

Posted by abhiram | Report as abusive

shame on them.

Posted by timbukto | Report as abusive

Kashish, no one ever said that turning the machine on and running some test runs would create black holes. If there is any truth to what the critics are saying it can only happens when they actually collide the protons. They are saying that some time in the next few days or weeks we will see some low energy collisions but it will be awhile until we see full scale high energy collisions. Who know what will happen, even the scientist at CERN are not 100% sure, but they don’t believe anything disasterious will happen. I am not so sure. There are some scientist with just as much training and knowledge as the ones running this experiement who have there concerns. For this reason, the experiement should never have been allowed.

Posted by Luke | Report as abusive

are we gonna die???

Posted by will plimmer | Report as abusive

i think that the money could ov been spend in a better way than making the hole world love me family to much so please give me some feed back asap if we are gona die or live please

Posted by kristopher | Report as abusive

In response to sonja’s post above, I’d much rather follow along with the advancement of science than quiver fearfully behind old religious tomes that tell us to wait for hellfire to kill the unbelievers (lethal black holes, even if remotely possible, would be so much cooler to die by anyways than this “second coming” of a selfish God figure who is suppose to indirectly kill off most of the world anyways). I’m sure people were as fearful of horses when they were first ridden. Many people will always be fearful of that which they do not know, but that is why I am grateful that there are these quote “selfish scientists” to boldly take steps to advance our technology and understanding of the universe in which we live.

Posted by Brittany | Report as abusive

the big bang theory explains that the sudden explotion occured that cause by chance about 120 million years ago. I mean to say whenever there is explotion occured it is not happened by chance so far our experience go.Any creation imply the purpose of created thing.Just like the creation of aeroplane implies the purpose of it is being created.So for creation of aeroplane we need scientist, engineer etc. It is not that the raw material come together by chance and automatically combined to form aeroplane. So any complicated thing behind all this a scientif brain is there.Earth being a complicated mass of bodies having hydrogen, oxygen, helium, carbo,iron and many more wonderful thing behind all this I thing there must be the brain of superior scientist.So I thing it is necessary to know who has created the earth For what purpose.
Thank you

Posted by Sachi Sha | Report as abusive

i dont want 2 die what havewe done wrong 2 deserve 2 die just because scienctist want 2 fine our something

Posted by kieran | Report as abusive

nobody will die, only through teir own stupidity or natural causes, speaking of natural causes we should let the world do what it does its been arould for millions of years and survived…the chance of us getting sucked into a big blacl hole is 1-500,00000. do you really think that one chance is possible? it is but your forgeting about the 500,00000.

Posted by Jessica Smith | Report as abusive

At least they are having a go, who cares if its tax payers money, i would rather pay for that then more immigrants! And if the world did get sucked into a black hole, you wouldnt even know it, you would be dead, as would we all…stop moaning about it and just enjoy life!

Posted by Scott Jones | Report as abusive

If any one had read “The Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown this would look like something very similar ,I think the author would have done a lot of study on this big bang.
2000 scientists around the world are trying out this experiment ,definitely they would have thought of the pros and cons of this experiment and i hope nothing big as the end of the world happens..but then there is one above and we may not know..what his plans are always.I just pray that nothing bad happens.

Posted by Aarthi Devaprasad | Report as abusive

Funny thing is, there is a possibility of finding out some information about ‘after’ the big bang but that does not take us any further in their quest to find out about how the universe started – of course gases mixed together will cause a bang somewhere – not rocket science, its who put the gases there that is the real question – it won’t tell us anything about ‘us’ just ‘oh right, thats how they banged together – so why? God is the answer!! It’s not hard! Also, the not so funny thing is – millions of people are starving and dieing today, kids are suffering in abusive homes, homeless are being turned down because there is not enough funding… and you just spent 5bn on an experiment that may show nothing…. well done!

Posted by lisa | Report as abusive

I am from scotland and I reckon that this is all a load of shit and its not going to happen these scientists are hypercondracts and are saying this to get the talk of the news and fame and to scare everyone!!!!
dont worry their only trying to save the world
…….. all though im sitting here scared to death…..

Posted by Samantha Thomson | Report as abusive

we think this is a pile of crap the worlds not going to end they should stop scaring people its not going to happen there just doing it for the publicity i would stop wasting money on keeping that machine going and use it for something else!!!!!!!!

Posted by rebecca and rojin | Report as abusive

This is one great leap in human kinds exploration which can unravel the mysteries of the universe.Which will help us to know more about the universe.
Knowing more is always help full in showing new opportunities and threats to man kind.
If Experiments on nuclear physics where not carried out we would never got a new power source(Atomic Power Stations)

Posted by Sabarish | Report as abusive

We are still here! Bit disappointing to be honest! May have been exciting! either that or we wouldnt know anything about it and be vaporised, no one would suffer so whats all the fuss about!!

Posted by Jem | Report as abusive

I Think That This BIG BANG Black Hole Is Really Stupid.
I Know The World Didnt End Today
But Its The Fact That Everyone Was Scared And I Dont See The Point Off These People Doing This Black Hole Thing Dont They Relise They Put Family And Friends At Risk And What About There Family I Mean If I Was Them I Wouldent Press That Button Coz Off My Family… I Think Its Really Pathetic And I Think They Should STOP IT….

Posted by Lauren | Report as abusive

When I Heard The Story I Was Quite Spooked!
To Be Honest It Sounds Like An Episode Of Doctor Who!
Why Would A Scientist Want To See If It Was The End Of The World If It Is No One Will Like Them Did They Ever Think Of That. I Dont Want The World To End! :(

Posted by Aimee xx | Report as abusive

There was a time when people criticized experiments on electricity too saying, “What possible use could it have?”

Posted by BC | Report as abusive

cood sumone at least tell me the chance of us dying lol

Posted by merkz | Report as abusive

I Luv Big Black Holes!!!!!!

Posted by lou sassle | Report as abusive

when my friends told me about it this morning i was really scared and we spent all day talking about it and preparing ourselves 3.30 pm went still didnt happen just wait and see if it happens later im still scared but it might be exciting u never know and did anyone else hear the bangs earlier @ school we did and we were really sacred and we were like what was that was it the end of the world bang and are we dead and dont know it anyway stay happy
hope we all enjoy our last few hours if it happens x
ps – why are the scientists doing it ???

Posted by charlotte keys x | Report as abusive

if a atom is the smalist thing in the world then how can it make such a big bang ??????

and how do u no its the smallest thing

at one time didnt the gratest minds at the time thinks that the world was flat whats to say that the gratest minds of this day are correct

Posted by steven | Report as abusive

hey people. im 12 and im really scared if it will mke a black hole. i dont want to die. why are they doing it anyway? i think its a bit wierd. we were talking about it a school today, and my friends dont want to die either. i still wonder what will happen though. will we live?

Posted by Zahra | Report as abusive

Why does this matter to people? I really don’t understand why this would matter to many people, if you are of any faith, you no the world won’t end in a black hole. Christian, Muslim, or Jewish, known of the major “3” believe in such an end. So, all of this project, 9 billion dollars (US) of it, is a waste.

Posted by tg55 | Report as abusive

i was told that we could all die in the next 5 days or today but thats a load ov rubbish and no man can tell the earth oly god knows when they are goin to die or when the earth is going to and jen evry one will suffer and think about us you and the babys that are yet to come and the babys that havent got 2 live their lives don’t think about yourselfs think about evry one espicially gordan brown and the scientists your acting like idiots!!!…

Posted by jenny | Report as abusive

science might have helped us in the past to understand things that needed questions, but no human can know every thing about every thing , we humans search and search for these answers of life ,and science, but sooner or later we have to come to the point of realising we cant know every little detail of what is before us. All this greed for knowledge is stopping people from surviving in some countrys .In stead of using up presious money for some thing that in life does not NEED to be descovered we should be using that money on the things we already no about like all the straving people in africa , and the poor people that dont have a home in the world or the people with disabilitys. Yet we stil strive for some thing that is impossiable for human kind knowledge of every thing !

Posted by taylor | Report as abusive

Yeah…. I love the way they can find billons upon billons of money to spend on weapons and pointless big bang expriments, I mean yes they may find something that will give them some very vague clue to the beginning of the universe but thats not going to tell them how it was caused in the first place, is it now? Then there’s that money issue again. What about spending it on something werth while, something that will benifit everyone, like to use all that fancie teachnoigly on globel warming… or… try feeding the hungry contries more…Oh and maybe they could invent something that made vilent people peaceful :) Now that would be awesome, or maybe they should just sort there stupid flipping little boring moron brains out… along with alot of other people… I mean come on… when will someone with a bit of sence come into power? never… and if they did they’d probably get shoot. at this rate… world peace will never happen :( i’m only 14 and i’m already fed up with the way things are run. I know this has nothing to do with the crappy little “big bang” But… don’t smoke! don’t drink(alchol)! don’t do drugs! NEVRE EVER JUDGE PEOPLE! and most of all. be your own person, don’t follow other people like mindless sheep(No offence to sheep, sheep are awesome ^_^) Oh and don’t be a fudge brained moron ^^ Thank you. x

Posted by Holly | Report as abusive

The scientefic appproch and quest to explore universe is the aim of the big bang experiment.It is the biginning of the man’s sincere effort and in coming days very strange inferences are on the card. I congratulate the team of scientist who dare to perform such a big experiment under the cantrol condtions. narrowminded person need not to comment upon the fact sucess and failour are the two side of the coin. I also congratulate the indian scientist and the indian government to participate in performing such a noble cause in true sprit.

Posted by avtar singh Scientist | Report as abusive

This experiment is completely violating the right to life! As much as the scientists wanted to know how the world began, why did the risk ending man kind over this? Theres a possiblity things could of got better through carrying this out perhaps. But there is also a chance of it going terribly wrong and causing destruction to our universe! I applaue the effort and hope that it has not done any damage to the universe or in the future to come.
I also want to know who gave the scientists permission to do this? Dont nobody else on the earths opinions matter? Or just the people in power, we all live on this planet and they should have not put our lives in danger like that! I am infuriated that this experiment was carried out, but now its done I guess all we can do is see the outcome of what millions of pounds have been spent on.

Posted by Vanessa | Report as abusive

The people doing the experiment are idiots- messing with nature and risking everyones lives- a complete and utter waste of money that could go towards wells in Africa or something WORTHWHILE.

Now I know that nothing has happened, they’ve wasted 10 billion on a piece of junk metal- Great.

Posted by Anonymous | Report as abusive

what’s all this stuff why the hell do u wanna waste ur time,money and energy in all such stuff.when we have a beautiful world created by god what else do you want

Posted by jenny | Report as abusive

bah, people are shiting there self for something that people have miss read. i just think it is a load of crap.

Posted by conorjay | Report as abusive

when the particles collide in a few month it is rumored that it will create small black holes. Isnt it true that black holes grow by sucking up matter? so how is it possible to know that these black holes wont grow and eventually lead to the whole universe to be sucked up.

Posted by richard | Report as abusive

hey , it sounds intresting , BUT MIND ONE THING , WAT has been created is done by god ! no matter wat until and unless god tells u , no one , no matter wat we do , we will not come to know abt it with out god;s will !

Posted by jasper | Report as abusive

i am a mother of two and very paranoid when it coes to things like this i believe the scientists have been very very selfish caring only for their curiosities, what about normal people, and how they feel? i have heard a lot of rumours today and i think even if something did happen we wouldnt get to know till it was too late well thank you very much!

Posted by leanne | Report as abusive

Risking everybodys life to get some useful information is abit overt he top.Though knowing how the earth bagan and crap would be good.

Posted by Bob Morgan | Report as abusive

if Ask me I think there all crazy theres Only One way the earth was made and its Was bY GOD

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

What if, by doing these experiments, new theories will emerge which will allow us creating tiny (mobile) powerful sources of clean energy, freeing the mankind from this exhausting oil addiction and energy resources dominancy wars. I think it has more meaning than any other EU attempt in recent 10 years…
You know well that majority of Reuters Global News are about situations caused by nations in theys struggle for energy. Even global warming is it’s result from greater part.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

If they do know how the big bang thoire (thing) is true or not either no-one will have to learn RE or all the religions will change to say there was a big bang and then god formed earth from some old burnt rock or they say how do you know this is really the same as the big bang?!!

Posted by DAlek | Report as abusive

its mental they could kill us all and if it went wrong ouchhh

Posted by kris | Report as abusive

Oh yeah also the chance of us dying or black hole or planet into goo is 7% or 7% of the world will be destroyed and then i heard that the black holes will just dissapear buy if you put your finger in it what will it feel like. Aparently its all contained in magnetic fields so its safe.

Posted by Dalek | Report as abusive

also i am NOT religious and if you are soz about he religian part but it is true isn’t it. I dont want to harm someones feelings via religian. so sorry if i did.

Posted by Dalek | Report as abusive

There was oviosly a very low percent that it would go wrong or where would scientist get the recommendations to allow it.
All my friends at school thought it was in the atmoshere idiots

Posted by david | Report as abusive

murk my post has the chances 2 or 3 above

Posted by Dalek | Report as abusive

i think this experiment is completely a waste of time and money since god created the universe theirs no meaning of the big bang theory infact it sound stupid and very non-fictionaist.

Posted by muslim | Report as abusive

I don’t believe this experiment because the high-energy collisions, which will generate temperatures more than 100,000 times than the heart
of the sun, so what about metal which they are using for this experiment???

Posted by keith | Report as abusive

hm….yaa i do agree dat this is the ultimate advancement in science…finding the unrevealed truths behind the formation of universe is a challenge and it involves lot of risk and it is the most tedious task to carryout….we shud be proud of our scientist’s gr8 minds..but one thing i dont understand is ,wat for they are doing this, as they already know dat some risk is involved in this experiment….do they really need to spend lots of money on this?…..ok,lets think dat the experiment is successful..then it is wel and gud and dat creates history in human era..but if it fails?….within fraction of seconds everything will come to a drastic end unimaginable end,blackholes will swalow everything within fraction of seconds…do we need dat really?…..hmmmmm horrible….at the same time an ultimate wonder….as the experiement is already strted we r helpless now ..hmm lets see wat happens[:)] and pray to god for the sucess of the experiment…..

Posted by Mythili.k | Report as abusive

omg who wood beleave dis load of rubbish nobody knows when the world is gunna end.

ppl ar such neeks (da scientist)

Posted by nora | Report as abusive

There’s so much dis-information in these comments, its rather sad. The full experiment at CERN won’t begin until sometime in 2009. Right now they’re just calibrating the system, making sure it can work and then will begin to increase the power usage.

There have been many many particle accelerators in the world. Right now its just the biggest. The critical difference is just the sheer magnitude of this project and the amount of power they will use to accelerate these particles. For now, its nothing new. In ’09, that’s when the fun begins.

For all those people scared of the black hole idea: We’re talking about smashing two atoms together, which have hardly any mass to speak of, albiet at really fast speeds. Would you really be scared if I said that a grain of sand would be shot at the earth at the speed of light? Probably not. And would you be really scared to know that there are cosmic particles that pass through your body every single day? But you’re still alive?

These scientists cannot rule out for certaint that the earth will not get sucked up by a black hole no more than they can say that a giant purple green dragon won’t be created either. There’s always a chance, however slim it might be.

These people are the brightest in the world, they’re not going to blow us up. Its the politicians that do that…

Posted by tom | Report as abusive

load of rubbish
come on how is some stuff crashing togeter gonna make life
oh and im still alive in the uk

Posted by izaak | Report as abusive

Has anyone read this article. This is a subject which would require a writer with knowledge of the subject and therefor smart. This pained me to read because of written and how it jumps around in the story. Fire this writer.

Posted by Smart guy | Report as abusive

eveyone should calm down..
my dads a scientist and the chances are very very small that a black hole may emerge and suck the earth in.
But everyone think of this.. is there not a chance you’ll get hit by a car or have a car accident when you leave the house? Is there not a chance to catch cancer? Is there not a chance for you to be a victim of a crime? I could go on..
We should give some things a chance.. I know it sounds very scary but EVERYTHING on this earth has a small chance of something going wrong. Even if something goes wrong we won’t be able to aknoledge that we are existant anymore..
Finding out how we were created and what we are and where we came from is very worthwhile…
hope i calmed everyone down lol

Posted by helen | Report as abusive

All these Billion doller investment are rubbish. Instead of the Big Bang these pupil can worked on Bio Gas, Bio Diesel or Something like… that which are useful to the present days.

Posted by Prasanna | Report as abusive

It didn’t risk anyone or anything. People get too caught up in media news hype and b.s. There was never any chance that this was going to destroy anything. Whats wrong with all you people? are you serious? or just gullible!

Posted by Chuck Hoskins | Report as abusive

no doubt we all are devided into various countries.Everyone has their rights to do any type of experiments .some of them are rich countries if they r really very serious abt research dan there are various things to discover to help the mankind.As god has created a beautiful thing and gifted us to live in his created earth.instead of taking proper care of it we r rappidly damaging it for selfishness of a limited number of people.
If this thing what we r doing to damage ourselves is science which can make life ending in this beautiful earth then why we need this thing..
when we r able to live a very good life in this earth why we r searching life else where…?????

Posted by pramod agrawal | Report as abusive

i was in class today and 9 15 came and went and everyone was like its a different time
there was one girl that was al like “im not dieing today or getting sucked in to a black hole. Its not even the weekend i cant die today. if i can survie getting basically beaten up then i can survie a black hole and walk out of that thing”
there was one girl that was like really scared.
why dont tghe scientists just leave nature alone
their karma is now gonna seriously be messed up and somthing bad will happen to them you dont PLAY WITH NATURE

Posted by gemma | Report as abusive

The world has not ended and will not end!!!!!!!

Silly people

Posted by Cheeky Monkey 30495 | Report as abusive

The CERN project is an admission that physicists have hit a wall. So soon, little ones? You’ve only be at it a few centuries.

Nine billion dollars will be well spent if it rids us of the numerous, utterly preposterous hypotheses that have been proposed in the last few decades. My big question is: What happens to all the physicists who will see their lives’ work go down the toilet in the coming months?

Perhaps twenty-first century physics will less resemble a juvenile science fiction novel and restore some practical grounding to the field. I am hopeful.

Posted by bkp | Report as abusive

Although we have been told by the scientists that this LHC machine is completely safe … Is that true?
Can they really say, safely, that the world will itself will not so much as batter an eyelid at this experiment? Or are there strong possibilities that the earth will end if the experiment continues?

Posted by Tracey | Report as abusive

the universe WILL NOT be sucked into a black hole because the energy used for the machine (though powerful) hasn’t enough energy to make a black hole or effect us in any way. STOP WORRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Toye hawking (aka- stephens brother) | Report as abusive

In response to Jessica Smith;

Ask for your tuition back!

I am a student who is studying physics at the moment. This matter of the ‘Big Bang’ really intersested me. Why try to create the ‘Big Bang’ again? I find science really interesting but i am against this matter.
one reason: Poverty, Why waste that much money when peope are starving, dieing, have disease? etc
Second reason: A lot of people would start to go crazy if they found out that god didnt create the world, If it was a scince explanation lots of people would loose their hope. Scientists have been saying that the world will end soon (They have been saying it for th past 30-40 years! Can you imagine what could happen to our solar system if a ‘Big Bang’ happened? The scientists didn’t think of the concequences. Do you think we should have a choice if we live or die? The end of the world as weknow it? Whos making it worse? little experiments add up to big changes!

– Posted by Jessica Smith

Posted by big banger | Report as abusive

Wow, this must be a favorite site of the evangelical crowd. I never understood how the fundamentalists deny that scientists know what they’re talking about when the same principles at work in the big bang theory are at work in countless modern technology’s that we all use. This is money very well spent. In fact, I think that pushing the envelope of science is the single most impotent thing the human race can do. First of all, 9 billion is really that much in the gig scheme of things, especially when you consider that CERN is an international orginization, with i believe 30 countries involved. And this is ‘star trek stuff!” Thats why its so exciting! I don’t understand how people refuse to see the value in better understanding the basic principles of the universe. These experiments aren’t just being done for fun. The lessons learned will be applied to an unimaginable number of things. The implications are far reaching and could change all of todays technology for the better. Someone was actually ignorant enough to post that the money would have been better spent on education. This is education!! Stop kicking and screaming while these scientists drag you into a better tomorrow.

Posted by chris H. | Report as abusive

Tbh Im REALLY Scared All The Girls Were Talkin About In In School And We Were Like In Tears And Can The Sciencetist Turn The Mashiene Off .
Fair Play They Want 2 But We Dont And We Havent Lived Our Lives Yet But They Have Soo Pleaseee Turnn It Off Im Only 12 Andd It Spooky The Black Hole Havent Come 2 Us ( Yet ) Hopeully It Wont Workk .

Posted by Chelsiee | Report as abusive

i think it wold be rather intreasting to find out how this all works and how cleaver everthing is. but i also think that there is a god. but i dont belive he crated the earth. or th universe. if he did there wouldent be all these secreats.

Posted by emily hodges | Report as abusive

All i am going to say is…..STARVING CHILDREN…..get your priorities right you pathetic men in power!

Posted by Carla | Report as abusive

Ambitious, but not likely to generate the energy of the ‘big bang’. Just a big atom smasher with the means to record the results. Interesting science but no where near to what critics are claiming are the dangers.

Posted by Wryon | Report as abusive

I dont realy think that the world whoud not end,even all my mates told me that it might end, what woud happen if this dose not work, woud global warming incrice.

Posted by kieren R | Report as abusive

Are we on the new universe yet ?

Posted by Lucy Cabbage | Report as abusive

i really do find this pthetic i mean like say so the world was going to end what were you going to get out of it? coz at the end of it they put there own and our lives in to risk its just STUPID basicly it isnt going to get you ANYWHERE!!!!! , i say god created the world so just live your lifee !!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ikkle One | Report as abusive

they dont start crashing particles until the 21st of this month so not much will happen until then.why do people have to always bring god into the picture.he didnt create the big bang.and there was no mention of him at all before christ.if god created earth then who created the rest of the galaxys and damn sure he didnt create the dinousaurs either.

Posted by graham | Report as abusive

the mayans predicted the world would end in 2012 so why did they all get wiped out way before then.

Posted by graham | Report as abusive

What if our universe was created by someone doing the exact same experiment in a previous universe.

Posted by Jay Rees | Report as abusive

im a child and im looking about this because i am very interested about the big bang. i really dont want to die and go in a black hole :-( i dont wanna die im not at 10 yet :-( and thats in 11 days:-( please say we can make it until then… and even further i really dont want to only live for 9 years and thats it i want to live like normal people until 80-90 year old. i hope they will get the experiment right and not wrong (obviously) but i really hope the sweedish people will pass this or in other words get it right or just dont fail it well i dont realy get it but i just know tat we might go in to a black hole… bye im scared

Posted by nicole | Report as abusive

A waste of our hard earn $$$$$. This is why america is in debt. Radical spending on projects that make no sense. Typical right-winged nut job way to make money off the american’s grand kids money.

Posted by tommy | Report as abusive

how can they actually do this and why isnt no one stopping them because like, why would they want the world to end they would be killing themselves and also would we actully no what was happening to us whilst getting sucked into the black hole?

Posted by beth | Report as abusive

even if something serious did happen like the scietist are gna spit it out and yea the black holes are in space not down in earth

Posted by safa | Report as abusive

jay your right, because what if that actually did happen, no one knows tbh and they are plain damn stupid and nicole dont worry your going live till your birthday, am only young too 😀 and also i have my birthday in 2 weeks so i dont want to die either :( my friend was counting down the seconds this moring LMAO she is kl though (Y) lu sophie ! x

Posted by beth | Report as abusive

To Chris H.(above)…………Sir , sitting in an AC office/bedroom its easy to say that they are pursuing education……when even they don’t know what is the objective of their experiment………..They have faintly described it saying that they need to find more about Big Bang theory……..please come to Africa and get to know what these 10 Billion dollar could have done to these people whom we are trying to help through our Red Cross …..The same physicist could have tried to devise out means to make cheaper sources of power than the solar/crude …….we here are toiling day n night and these educated bastards are splurging on our hard earned income……….and u say stop cribbing……….u stop advising and come here and work your ass off !!

Posted by Amey | Report as abusive

Well today i was really scared about the switch on. To be honest what is the point at putting everyones lives at risk to find a cure for cancer and stuff. We already have enough technology as it is aswell so stop being so bloody greedy. Everyones happy in the world!

I went to school today and as i walk past people in the corridors i hear the words “Die” “Black hole” “i Dont want to die” and stuff like that. why did you scientists have to do this. Its pathetic!

Posted by Chloe | Report as abusive

Ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to clarify some of your fears.

1.) Even if a black hole were created by this machine, it would be impossible for said black hole to consume the Earth. This is a matter of simple physics (the mass of the black hole would not be great enough to sustain itself for more than a billionth of a millisecond, much less consume the earth).

2.) Learning about the Big Bang and the events after it will help us to understand basic ideas of physics and space travel. This will help us in endeavors of reaching and colonizing other planets; which, in the end, are very necessary to the survival of life and humans as a species (whether or not pollution, global warming, or war kills us off – having all humans on one planet is too dangerous. One random meteor could destroy this entire planet in the blink of an eye – think all your eggs in one basket).

3. Whether you are religious or not, proving what happened AFTER the big bang is different than what CAUSED the big bang. There is still no evidence anywhere to prove or disprove God, and I believe (as a man of science and religion) that there almost certainly never will be. Whether this is all chance, or God created it, has no real effect on figuring HOW it happened.

4. Space travel helps us learn many more lessons than just those applicable in space; we are learning how to grow crystals in space (stronger materials), and new things about hydroponics (agriculture, or growth of food).

Please; do not fear the growth and natural curiosity of humankind. This is necessary to our development and growth as a species. Imagine humanity as one big group of adolescents. We have gone from children to teenagers; and soon we must move on to adults. Do not stunt our growth with fear; instead, sustain our growth with learning and encouragement.

Posted by A. R. C. | Report as abusive

Can’t be small minded about such things. As humanity pushes the boundaries of the planet we must also be pushing the boundaries of science. We must evolve new technology to survive, so in my opinion tests like this are absolutely necessery.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

if there is even a 1 in a million chance in this big bang killing us all wat gives these people the right to take that chance

Posted by ryan | Report as abusive

So smashing atoms is better then splitting atoms? I thought splitting atoms was bad, wouldn’t smashing them be worse? I’m glad their is a ocean between us…because you know…science is always right, and accidents never happen…

Posted by Robb | Report as abusive

I agree with below comment…God will not let the earth destroy till his purpose is done:

I personaly dont think we’re all gonna die today. Anyone who knows their Bible would tell you that this is not how we are going to die. It is not right to be messing around with mother nature. Who really cares about the big bang? I do beleive there was a big bang when God created the earth…Him being God and all. I just dont think we are gonna die so I would stop stresseing! Espiacialy the grade 8’s of The Wykeham Collegiate! Please guys get real!

– Posted by Jimmy

Posted by Kris | Report as abusive

i honestly can not believe that those scientists are willing to waste/risk our lives just to find out how the world began. i am a 12 year old girl who is scared of going to sleep tonight and not waking up tomorrow morning.
i also don’t really see the point in doing this big bang experiment because what if it does create a black hole and we ALL do die then it would be a waste of time them finding out information and then not being able to share it with all of us. i think that it is really out of order. they are not god so why should they be in charge of what does/doesn’t happen to this world. it isn’t just their world we live here to you know. i feel sorry for all of the other kids out there who have been told this because i know how i feel right now and believe me it isn’t hippy and happy, i am kind of angry but petrified at the same time. if anything does happen tonight then i want to say sorry to all of the people who have got kids and family that they care about. i hope you all understand how i am feeling right now.

Posted by renee moran | Report as abusive

I agree with Jimmy below comment…God will not let the earth destroy till his purpose is done:

Posted by Kris | Report as abusive


Posted by BILL | Report as abusive


Posted by BILL | Report as abusive

Very good to know that we might be able to recreate the world before G. W . Bush manages to destroy it completely .

Posted by Dinopiaui | Report as abusive

this has scared many people, families have been scared, the world citterzons should have been informed, instead of this french guy taking over our decisions and lives, its a un-natural birth of the big bang, it should never have been invented, if its a natural cause the world wouldnt be so agry, but because of a few frnech guys, the world aint impressed! i love scince, dont get me wrong but this is wrong, scaring people, my friends child was bricking it!!!! this is unfair and cruels, feeed back on the toopic asap!!!

Posted by jessie | Report as abusive

Anyone who reads decent newspapers, not the crappy tabloid bollocks, will also know that if this experiment goes to plan, it could also lead to breakthroughs in cancer care, maybe even a cure for cancer, and a way to end global warming. The chances of everyone dying are non existent and have been subject to an incredible amount of media hype. Stop worrying and look forward to some discoveries that could change our lives for the better! =)

Posted by Robin | Report as abusive

I don’t believe in God, but this is defiantly messing around with some stuff we don’t need to know. I’m glad all scientist want to know everything about everything, but I’m sorry it’s not possible. So why don’t we start with something small, huh?
I’m not afraid of the world ending and no one should be, ok? It’s just a silly little experiment that may not even work. It’s /not/ a big deal.
And all this bible stuff about the world ending, please just, no. Alright, the world will end when /it/ feels like it or when the sun goes super nova. Not because God made it go away. /That’s/ what aggravates me so much.
All stop, but seriously the world most likely wont end, the experiment is pointless, and so is my rantings because no one cares about what I say…
Oh one more thing. If the world does end, you probably wont feel a thing. =3

Posted by Lizzy | Report as abusive

They only shot the photons in one direction to test the cameras and monitoring equipment. They haven’t done the collision test yet at least it hasn’t been reported yet. While I usually support the advance of science, we have to ask ourselves, has anyone ever blown themselves up during an experiment. I’m almost positive those people didn’t plan on that being a possible outcome.

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

Just like the American press to make it look like they (those evil EU people) will blow up the world with this thing…lol Why don’t we stop outsourcing technology and science, as everyone else in the world expands farther than us. Do you really think this will blow up the world? Drama, drama, drama.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

This is very stupid. Scientists shouldn’t try to recreate the world. It is God’s job to determine when the world should end. God is the one who created the Earth and scientists should not bother that. The Earth was made the way it was for a reason. Who wants to get sucked in a black hole? Shouldn’t the scientists let us vote before they do this ridiculous experiment? Everyone doesn’t like this…

Posted by ellie | Report as abusive

The last guy who wanted to see what happend
immediately following the “big bang” obviously
never lived to tell us about it! Bye,bye world!

Posted by steve | Report as abusive

this is a terrible experiment
we’re all gonna die

Posted by unknown | Report as abusive

Seriously … What is the point of this experiment?? the universe created itself …. why do we need to recreate it with the possibility of black holes ending the whole human race??

Nature is the way it is! why try to start again! BULL

Posted by carl ratchford | Report as abusive

Can someone invent a machine that tell us what is going to happen tomorrow rather than what happened 14 billion years ago? Can someone invent a machine that protects the world from the scum of those nuclear weapons that each country is trying to develop as a challenge who destroys the world faster? Can someone invite a machine that feeds hungry people? Can someone invite a machine that deletes what we call “Cancer”? I think we can only invent what destroys and not what develops. Think about it and for the first time, i am seeing things negatively, sorry for that.

Posted by Nadim Attieh | Report as abusive

I’m sure the scientists who are involved
in this believe that the scale of the collisions
are so small that nothing bad can happen.
Correct me if wrong, but isn’t a singularity
by definition an infinitely small, infinitely
dense whatever. How are they so sure size matters?

Posted by steve | Report as abusive

NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can re-create the world. It says in the Bible “In the beginning was GOD!!” God created the whole universe. Instead of spending millions and into the billions of dollars on a machine that will not prove a thing (as we are all still here!!!), why not just go back to the Bible that costs no more than buying a new pair of jeans and read in Genesis how the world was created. As said earlier by some others, the world will not come to an end this way, as it does not say this in the Bible. At the end of it all, God will have the final say on when the world ends. It is NOT up to man but up to the DIVINE ALMIGHTY, the KING of KINGS and the LORD OF LORDS! No one will know when the Lord returns to earth. It will happen when no one will expect. That is why we have to live our lives as if the Lord could return at any second. 1 Thessalonians 4 verse 16 – 18 says, “For the Lord Himself shall decend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God, the dead in Christ will rise first and we who are living and remain shall be caught up together in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord. So comfort one another with these words.” Also read 1 Thessalonians 5 verse 1 – 11, “Now, brothers, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, for you know very well that the day of the Lord will ocme like a thief in the night. While people are saying “Peace and safety, destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. But you, brothers, are not in darkness, so that this day whould surprise you like a thief. You are all sons of the light and sons of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness. So then, let us not be like others who are asleep, but let us be alert and self-controlled. For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, get drunk at night. But since we belong to the day, let us be self-controlled, putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet. For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath, but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. He died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with Him. Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

And remember that “Salvation belongs to GOD FOREVER!!!”

Posted by Raelene | Report as abusive

yea im supper scared im 14 and im really scared of whats goign to happen im getting like a panic attack why does it matter risking everyones lives for this =[

Posted by bianca | Report as abusive

first of all can all you people saying are we going to die shut up! it they said you where going to die in 2 hours would it make any difference? you would panic more, just enjoy life crist. even though i dont agree with scientist spending so much on a machine that might not even show result and studing way to much in a relam that shouldn’t really be meddled in they dont know that much about it really, i am a little excited of what the result might be. the money could of been spend on a better use and we should have had a say in it, but its done know and we have to live with it. if you that bothered by the world ending, instead of wasting your time live each day as if it was your last, because even if you was told that you where going to die would it make any difference? i would rather not know as it would be a split second thing i woud imaging and you prob wouldnt even know that it had happened if you get me. in all fairness am 17 and prob dont know that much about whats going on but either way what can be do about it? Nothing. and what do our views obviously count for? again nothing so just sit back relax and live each day as it is and wait for results :) Have a lovely day and i hope you enjoyed my essay =)

Posted by beth | Report as abusive

What’s really frightening to me are the comments I have read. The majority of those that have written seem to be completely illiterate in terms of science or have a fundamentalist view of the world. Ahh medieval life!

Posted by Martin | Report as abusive

Lets be realistic here. This machine can not replicate the exact conditions that were assumed to have existed during the start of the universe. This type of machine has been in fictional books since the time of the movie “Back To The Future” , staring David Fox. Though the ideas and priciples that govern this particle accelerater are considered somewhat concrete, E=MC2 which basicly means that energy = mass x (the speed of light)squared, one of Albert Einsteins famous formulas will, will be tested and just confirmed again. What happens when a atomic bomb goes off is when particles coillide with other particles releasing there total energy into the environment a process that is exergerinic in the lab, but non-existant in nature. By using the accelerator you try to push the limits increasing the likihood that particles will coillide at high rates of speed and break apart into even smaller units that scientist believe exist but have not been able to prove. This experiment might reveal that sub-atomic quantoms and photons , electrons, neutrons, protons , are still macro in scale to what could be the the new micro or nano bits to come. Lets see where this goes. As far as a black hole goes, — don’t give them that much credit- creating a black hole would require many more which I don’t have time to discuss.

Posted by Nabil | Report as abusive

this is to kuljit kaur. Man i feel you, but i found out that if black hole are recreated, they wotn be big enought to destroy earth. a real black hole is made from the sun and is huge. these ones would dissapear pretty quickly so theres nothing to fear. god didnt write in the bible wed die this way

Posted by Matthew | Report as abusive

What a load. If they did recreate something, it would have a mass effect on the world. Religion would be screwed over, mass suicides, all hell would break loose. These scientists need to think before conducting things like this.

Posted by Aurelia | Report as abusive

Laura MacInnis should have her journalistic credentials removed for reporting so poorly on this. I understand this is a “blog” post.. but the obvious use of catchy title to produce hype and more hits, and then not even report full the facts correct is a gross abuse of her position of a journalist. The facts are that the world is not ending and that the experiments that will be produced in this collider are no more worse than those that occur frequently in space already. The collisions in fact are only about 7x stronger than those already being produced in similar colliders, which have been in use for many years. She twisted the sound bytes from the scientists to make it sound like they do not know what they are doing, when actually they do, and have been working on this project for over 9 years. The only uncertainty is in what new things they expect to learn from this new tool, not whether the thing is going to not work correctly and end the world. I would argue that if the scientists were actually presented with such a question any one of those scientists would fight to hold back laughing, and then with great certainty say “NO, the world is not going to end because of the LHC”. That is where Laura MacInnis fails to actually report and do her duty, since she does not even answer her own fear monging question, which results in driving much fear and uncertainty for people that obviously do not know any better than to get their scientific news from a news “blog”..which is news garbage..

Posted by Dick | Report as abusive

I think the giant contraption which is a waste of time and money in itself, should just be switched off instead of destroying the universe…

Something that bothers me is, since this was turned on.. we’ve had an Earthquake in Iran as well as one near Japan and Indonesia…. Coinsidence???

Posted by Ahmed | Report as abusive

crazy….ull r crazy

Posted by rusty | Report as abusive

Do they really need to do that? What a waste of money! The money should be spent in other branches of science that benefits mankind more! This is a huge ‘ego-project’, I say.

Posted by Ari | Report as abusive

Today’s test was just turning the device on, not the experiment! However, when they do collide the protons weeks from now, the unexpected will occur and the scientists admit they have no clue of the results. Great! At least when we created the atomic bomb, we knew the basic result in advance. Now scientists want to create the GOD particle with the Hadron Collider, to study the emissions of the big bang that created the universe! Great! The scientists have no clue what is going to happen and they wonder why the public is a little nervous.

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

There are obvious reason for people to be scared of ,when they hear something called the BLACK HOLE . The legend of black hole say’s
1. It’ll cosume us all in
2. We die.(for eg. turning into ashes)
The first point is quite obvious from the scientific point of view, intense gravitation shall consume us all in.
The second point is the funniest , because we never know what happens after we get consumed , and cannot conclude that we’re going to die.May be the black hole would act like a time m/c and we will be shifted into a different horizon .

If black hole contains nothing ,then how could it be
death ,which is a part of our lives….

Posted by koustav | Report as abusive

I think that is not cool,there realy should be a limit to what scientist need to know!maybe that stuff is not for people to know!!just leave it alone…messing with stuff like that will kill us made as so it will or has a good chance of killing us!i think that they should turn it off and pay for stuff we realy need.(TO LIVE)!

Posted by jen | Report as abusive

i wonder if we will ever really know in this lifetime what our physicist friends really find out…. however, i find it odd that it may be as long as 4 years before the desired collision takes place… hmmm, that just about places us in direct alignment with the Mayan calendar’s end date in 2012. wheeeee!!

Posted by hitchikers guide | Report as abusive

As religious fundamentalism sweeps the planet and overwhelms reason and humanity at even the highest leadership levels, I hope Hadron will ignite minds to become curious, conscious and expansive again.

Posted by onelli | Report as abusive

I think its an ok idea.. its selfish but atleast u will find out if any kind of religion is fact or fiction.
I dont belive in any religion anyway but I dont want to know what the preists and rabbi’s do when/if they find out god is the biggest lie ever told! it will just bring chaos and possibly quite a few suicide’s..

anyway they wont be smashing hadrons or watever they are called untill october 21st, thats when the real experiment happens..

Posted by paul | Report as abusive

It is being also said that black holes are produced and are destroyed in the millions of fraction of seconds so how it is being destroyed without any of such consequences.

Posted by Anshul Sharma | Report as abusive

Instead of spending billions of money in this unwanted experiment. We should spend money to poor and unhealthy people. We no need to know, how the universe created but we need to know, how should we protect the universe and world.

Posted by j.keerthivashan | Report as abusive

As for Dan Brown, I do not think that he is someone worth mentioning in regards to science, history or religion. He simply mambles in all these fields.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

Great Work! I appreciate all those scientist who r after this experiment for knowledge. Its only due to science we have developed or else v would have been the stone age till today. People should appreciate what they are doing as its only through this experiment many beliefs can come to an end.

Posted by Rajeev Kartha | Report as abusive

excuse me people, but there are millions of people around the world dying of starvation, and here we are wasting billions of dollars to fund an experiment that could potentially have huge effects on the world. Give this money to those poor underprivliged people who can barely get food on the table.

Posted by Ian B | Report as abusive

The fact is, they really don’t know what is going to happen. All they can do is speculate. Just like the person who created gunpowder. They never knew what it would result in and that it would be used to kill people. I bet they didnt know what uranium could do either when they started digging it up.
The truth is, they don’t have a right. They are taking other people’s and other being’s lives into their hands like they own them, they are taking the fate of the world into their hands like its their right to decide what happens to it. That right belongs to God not to scientists.
Scientists and politicians forget that it is not just ‘their’ world that they can do what they like with, it belongs to everyone and we all have a right to live in peace without fear of the repercussions of the stupid actions and decisions of a small minority.
We each have a responsibility to look after one another and the earth.
To act without the FULL wisdom and knowledge to know what the definite consequences will be, is foolish to say the least. Not sure that’s worth a nobel prize?

Posted by Freedomforthepeople | Report as abusive

If any scientists involved in this experiment are interested in what others have to say on the issue around the world and happen to read this website, listen to the children on here – they are scared, they have a right to live in peace. They were born into a world that was created for them to experience peace joy and happiness, they should not be subjected to fear due to selfish exploits of the adults around them. You don’t need a machine to find the mysteries of the world, look in your own backyard, you will find them in front of your eyes.
I already read of one young girl in India who killed herself for fear that the world was going to end as a result of this experiment. The fact that it has affected one person in that way is enough! You have a responsibility to stop. NOW

Posted by Freedomforthepeople | Report as abusive

I was just going throw the comments. What I realized that every one is happy with his own world no one wants to risk their world, to know the other world. They r happy with what god has given to them.I say what is the need to stay related to this world why not our country , or rather say why not our city o no city is also to big just stay in our own room.Fine now throw out each and every thing u have not made,throw out each and every thing which is man has made because in making those things lots of people have risked their life. we say we should live happly with what god has given to us but have we ever met god what is god how has he given those things,we say why should we risk life but what is life ,what is soul. Many people can live with these questions unanswered but some cannot THEY ARE REAL HUMAN THE MOST INTELEGENT BEING ON THIS PLANET. HAT’S OFF TO THOSE WHO ARE CONDUCTING THIS EXPERIMENT JUST ONLY TO KEEP THE SPIRIT OF HUMAN ALIVE. EVERY THING HAS A RISK BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE SHOULD STOP DOING OUR WORK

Posted by Aneesh | Report as abusive

guys i really don’t see the point of the big bang experiment – if it doesn’t work the world doesn’t die and scientists wast 6 billion dollars.

if it does work we all die and still nothing happens cause were all dead. So what’s the point!

Posted by bob | Report as abusive

CERN Fiasco – the end of the world is nigh revisited

It appears that the Media has frightened the people to death with the notion that yesterday the world might have ended. I had numerous calls over the last week from family and contacts asking what will happen on Wednesday 10th Sept. I told them absolutely nothing. In fact some people who I had considered previously level-headed were literally unhinged about the whole matter.
But the worst part of this media hype is that the collision of protons does not actually happen until around the start of October. Therefore in their quest to sell newspapers they have literally conned the people with misinformation, as yesterday was no more than switching on the electrical systems and testing if protons would travel the 17 miles long system at CERN with no hiccups.
When October comes, the Media will again most likely frighten everyone to death again, just in the quest to sell their goods. Isn’t it time therefore that the Media got their facts right and apologized to the people who they have conned through misinformation – their readers. Indeed one guy had a letter posted in the Guardian stating that it was their last publication. Therefore one has to ask, has the Guardian also lost its marbles?
Unfortunately one tragic outcome of all this that has emerged is a young woman in India committed suicide convinced that the world would end on Wednesday. Although her father tried his best she poisoned herself in the early hours of the same day. One life is too much. The Media should learn and not have the deaths of any person on their hands. But the question has to be asked, how many more actually took their lives through this blatant misinformation – unfortunately probably hundreds at least taking into account people with depressive conditions throughout the world. I don’t think that the Media will be looking into publishing these figures but where there again, they may think that they can sell even more of their papers. Unfortunately, it is a very sad world that we live in presently and where money counts above human life itself.

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation Charity (WIFC)
Bern, Switzerland

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If you look at this reasonably, many great advances could come from the experiments that will be performed. The space exploration programs could be advanced by hundreds of years from research on this. Medical advances could come from this.
There are so many positive things that could spawn out of the LHC experiments.

Most of the worry is coming from individuals who have absolutely zero knowledge in quantum physics and mechanics. That and religious zealots.

To me it’s the religious nuts that crack me up. God this and God that, it’s comical how naive some people can be. Let the scientists further mankind and we will see more improvement than if we had just let our fates up to a mythical “God”.

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i cant believe this! how selfish to spend that much money on something that might kill us all, when doctors are telling cancer patiengts that they cant have the drugs that would help them because they are to expensive!!!!
and i know that the scientists say it would only be little black holes, but a lot of little ones could make one big hole… they should have asked the public what they wanted before they went ahead with this, they should never have switched that machine on, never mind going ahead with the experiment!!!

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Oh come on people! Calm down…the world is not going to end this way. Read the Bible and you’ll see what happens. This experiment will not destroy us all.

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Note to physicists: Find a new line of work.
Wait a minute–play?
Who knows what in hell you do, other than trying
to out-argue each other about which one of you is right.
And thanks for making the decision for everyone else in
the world who are too dumb to know whether they want to
take the risk.
Oh yeah, nobody forget that these billions spent on this
toy will help some guy sometime(if he can afford it).
Gee, maybe what will become of this, is some physicist
will get a big grant to study making some machine
that will keep future physicists busy, so they can keep
telling everybody else how dumb they are.

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I think this is stupid! They’re mocking the real creator of this whole universe!!!! I don’t like it. They spent $18.6 BILLION. We could be using that money for a bunch of other things beside some stupid science project.

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well im pretty sure that any advancement in mankind would not be a good thing, considering that we’re already trying to make ourselves indestructable gods as the world that we touch falls apart ie: trees, animals… Sure there are starving people in Africa, sure you would love to know what really started the world (i dont…), but humans matter only as much as every other living being on earth, so the money shouldve been used to further technology in saving the planet, not learning about it. And the fact that scientists can perform an experiment with even the smallest risk of an apocalypse is ridiculous. They only have their own consent. They havent polled the world, if the world ends, therell be billions of beings destroyed by the suicidal greed of mankind. we were better off as cavemen.

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Universe means No beginning, no end.
As far as the component of Universe is considered nothing is greater and nothing is smaller.

Big bang seems to be as just to integrate the nations for the differentiation.

The whole big-bang exercise is the outcome of biochemical interactions (humans) and it’s a usual behavior… nothing else!!!

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This experiment seems to be the most jeopardous one in the history of science.Even if this experiment is gonna be successful,in what way is it gonna improve the living conditions on earth????As such there are so many threats for the persistence of life on this planet!!!! Is it necessary to conduct such hazardous experiments and threaten the life on earth further???

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what a waste of money,think of all the starving people in the world.god created earth and he has a plan.

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Great experiment being performed…hope it would bring some good results…

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what a shame on these world wide organisations, who are supposed to watch over our world, like ecology wars hunger, sickneses terrorists ipedemics etc, and spend billions on something that puts our lives in danger! did they ask the world if they could make an experment like that! where was the world comunity to stop them, because I am sure the mojority of the world is against such crazy experements, what is this world is coming too.

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This is probably going to sound stupid but just out of curiosity, is it going to create like… a mini kinda universe or something? if they’re replicating the big bang.. wouldn’t that create some kinda universe? and if our universe is (as they say) constantly expanding.. then wont a mini version do just that? maybe im just confused but yer… =/ i dunno.. with all the stuff thats posted on the web about this experiment its hard to sort out the incorrect information from the facts, but thats what i understood from it. Please correct me if I’m wrong though, lol.

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The chances of the world being destroyed are very small.
The chances of learning anything useful from the experiment are just as small.
The problem with recreating conditions that existed just after Big Bang centre on their being no proof there ever was a Big Bang.
Physicists enthusiasm for their work would be admirable were so much of it not based on theories that are based on theories. The chase for the theoretical sub particle, the Higgs Boson, would be less pointless if the scientists could tell us how they will distinguish it’s manifestation from any other wavy line on an oscilloscope screen.

The previous experiment a few years ago picked up what was thought to be the Higgs Boson. Turned out to be the energy exerted by the moon’s gravity on the surface of Lake Geneva which causes a miniscule tide.

At least that is what they thought it was but others think it was more likely side emissions from the electric cables on a railway track a few kilometers away.

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How dare are them who do such things and spend money just to destroy what God has created. How dare are they who think that explosion will bring something good for our world. They need to clarify in their minds the second low of thermodynamic. God have mercy on them!

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“Science can only determine what is, but not what shall be, and beyond its realm, value judgements remain indispensable. Religion, on the other hand, is concerned only with evaluating human thought and actions; it is not qualified to speak of real facts and the relationships between them.”

-Albert Einstein

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This experiment absolutely terrifies me. One of the scientists against this experiment said nothing would happen for at least 4 years. 4 YEARS! So none of us will know what actually happened until its too late. Very scary. Also, is anyone familiar with the Mayan prediction for the year 2,012? Uh huh, yeah. 4 years from now…

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Not just the Mayan prediction either. But for all of you who say, “Read the bible, the world wont end this way,” I challenge you to take a closer read. I’ve read the bible, and it is assured that some type of catastrophy will happen. According to the bible the stars are going to fall. How? Maybe a black hole produced by this experiment? What if the whole thing explodes? These scientists are human, not perfect and we all make mistakes — some bigger than others. This experiment shouldnt have been allowed to happen… How dare those scientists take my life, my child’s, your life into their hands. I’m so angry.

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i just don’t know how these people are making decisions like this on our behalf which could then in return kill us??? i mean why can’t we just live and they spend money on cancer research or i don’t know the study of MS?? i just want to know who is deciding yeah lets do that, lets find out we might blow us all up but yeah lets give it a go!!

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At a time when 70% of the world have no food and shelter they spend 9 Billion Dollars on What? Im sure that the starving of the world feel a lot better now they have “answers”

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It is not in the hands of the scientists to create a black hole or to destroy our universe. This is in the hands of God; he is the only one who can create universes or destroy them. As a Muslim, I consider this as a waste for the knowledge, money, and efforts.

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Human kind needs to be improved! For us to survive we need to grow and move on. I hope this operation is a success so we will have knowledge on space and what we can do for ourselves to further life other than this world. If god is a part he would want us to further ourselves. Btw if it wasn’t a success and we all die nobody would know about it anyways. so theres no stress on that. just not to suffer.=) But i agree we need to focus on this earth but we also need to focus what is out there in the universe for us to grab! I want more, people want more and thats how us humans are going to have to live and get a grasp on!

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nice thinking, if eventually i come to pass, will the scietist survive, what has it got to do with the global worming, will it not increase the ozone dipriciation,,,,,

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why are they doing this if it could end then world

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It really rises thousands of questions in our mind regarding the birth of the universe! will these experiment clear all our queries? will it cause any harm to our world? can we relate these impossible things with god?i think some supernatural power is ruling the universe!has universe really taken place?

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[…] took place a year after another bunch of scientists at Cern in Switzerland tried to recreate the Big Bang but instead just blew a fuse, was ostensibly a search for water. At least, this is the excuse NASA […]

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