Big Bang experiment – the end of the world as we know it?

September 10, 2008

Scientists said they simply didn’t know what surprises might emerge when they started up the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s biggest and most complex machine which until Wednesday lay benignly in its underground home on the outskirts of Geneva. 
                                                    Scientists look at a computer screen at the control centre of the CERN in Geneva September 10, 2008. Scientists at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) started up a huge particle-smashing machine on Wednesday, aiming to re-enact the conditions of the “Big Bang” that created the universe. REUTERS/Fabrice Coffrini/Pool (SWITZERLAND)                                                        
Perhaps crashing together millions of particles at close to the speed of light would replicate the conditions just after the Big Bang that created the universe.           

Perhaps the high-energy collisions, which will generate temperatures more than 100,000 times than the heart
of the sun, would lay to rest an unproven theory of physics.

And maybe, just maybe, the largest scientific experiment in human history would produce some anti-matter, or miniature black holes that would quickly disappear

“The most exciting result would be something we don’t expect,” British physicist Stephen Hawking said on the eve of the tightly sealed machine’s start-up, echoing his scientific peers who bubbled over with enthusiasm about the prospect of finally cracking more of the universe’s mysteries once data starts spewing from the physics playground at CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.  

But not everyone likes surprises.                                

In this artist’s impression provided by the journal Science, swirling clouds of hydrogen and helium gases are illuminated by the first starlight to shine in the universe after the Big Bang.For non-scientists, the scale and ambition of the 10-billion Swiss franc ($9 billion) project seem unnerving.  The possibility of creating black holes simply sound scary.   

Many people allow themselves to ask, are there limits to what science should seek to find out?  Will this experiment result in the end of the world as we know it, or even bring about the end of the world?   

Millions of people — myself included — were first introduced to CERN reading “Angels and Demons,” the prequel to “The Da Vinci Code,” in which bad guys try to steal anti-matter from the ultra-modern research centre to destroy the Vatican. 

But the start-up of the Large Hadron Collider on Wednesday proceeded without the drama or adrenaline of a Dan Brown novel.  Project director Lyn Evans even wore jeans and running shoes  for the occasion.  In this artist’s impression provided by the journal Science, swirling clouds of hydrogen and helium gases are illuminated by the first starlight to shine in the universe after the Big Bang.

So without a Big Bang of a start, we all may have to sit back with another book and wait to see what mysteries particle physics eventually beholds.  


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I was just going throw the comments. What I realized that every one is happy with his own world no one wants to risk their world, to know the other world. They r happy with what god has given to them.I say what is the need to stay related to this world why not our country , or rather say why not our city o no city is also to big just stay in our own room.Fine now throw out each and every thing u have not made,throw out each and every thing which is man has made because in making those things lots of people have risked their life. we say we should live happly with what god has given to us but have we ever met god what is god how has he given those things,we say why should we risk life but what is life ,what is soul. Many people can live with these questions unanswered but some cannot THEY ARE REAL HUMAN THE MOST INTELEGENT BEING ON THIS PLANET. HAT’S OFF TO THOSE WHO ARE CONDUCTING THIS EXPERIMENT JUST ONLY TO KEEP THE SPIRIT OF HUMAN ALIVE. EVERY THING HAS A RISK BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE SHOULD STOP DOING OUR WORK

Posted by Aneesh | Report as abusive

guys i really don’t see the point of the big bang experiment – if it doesn’t work the world doesn’t die and scientists wast 6 billion dollars.

if it does work we all die and still nothing happens cause were all dead. So what’s the point!

Posted by bob | Report as abusive

CERN Fiasco – the end of the world is nigh revisited

It appears that the Media has frightened the people to death with the notion that yesterday the world might have ended. I had numerous calls over the last week from family and contacts asking what will happen on Wednesday 10th Sept. I told them absolutely nothing. In fact some people who I had considered previously level-headed were literally unhinged about the whole matter.
But the worst part of this media hype is that the collision of protons does not actually happen until around the start of October. Therefore in their quest to sell newspapers they have literally conned the people with misinformation, as yesterday was no more than switching on the electrical systems and testing if protons would travel the 17 miles long system at CERN with no hiccups.
When October comes, the Media will again most likely frighten everyone to death again, just in the quest to sell their goods. Isn’t it time therefore that the Media got their facts right and apologized to the people who they have conned through misinformation – their readers. Indeed one guy had a letter posted in the Guardian stating that it was their last publication. Therefore one has to ask, has the Guardian also lost its marbles?
Unfortunately one tragic outcome of all this that has emerged is a young woman in India committed suicide convinced that the world would end on Wednesday. Although her father tried his best she poisoned herself in the early hours of the same day. One life is too much. The Media should learn and not have the deaths of any person on their hands. But the question has to be asked, how many more actually took their lives through this blatant misinformation – unfortunately probably hundreds at least taking into account people with depressive conditions throughout the world. I don’t think that the Media will be looking into publishing these figures but where there again, they may think that they can sell even more of their papers. Unfortunately, it is a very sad world that we live in presently and where money counts above human life itself.

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation Charity (WIFC)
Bern, Switzerland

If you look at this reasonably, many great advances could come from the experiments that will be performed. The space exploration programs could be advanced by hundreds of years from research on this. Medical advances could come from this.
There are so many positive things that could spawn out of the LHC experiments.

Most of the worry is coming from individuals who have absolutely zero knowledge in quantum physics and mechanics. That and religious zealots.

To me it’s the religious nuts that crack me up. God this and God that, it’s comical how naive some people can be. Let the scientists further mankind and we will see more improvement than if we had just let our fates up to a mythical “God”.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

i cant believe this! how selfish to spend that much money on something that might kill us all, when doctors are telling cancer patiengts that they cant have the drugs that would help them because they are to expensive!!!!
and i know that the scientists say it would only be little black holes, but a lot of little ones could make one big hole… they should have asked the public what they wanted before they went ahead with this, they should never have switched that machine on, never mind going ahead with the experiment!!!

Posted by suzy | Report as abusive

Oh come on people! Calm down…the world is not going to end this way. Read the Bible and you’ll see what happens. This experiment will not destroy us all.

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

Note to physicists: Find a new line of work.
Wait a minute–play?
Who knows what in hell you do, other than trying
to out-argue each other about which one of you is right.
And thanks for making the decision for everyone else in
the world who are too dumb to know whether they want to
take the risk.
Oh yeah, nobody forget that these billions spent on this
toy will help some guy sometime(if he can afford it).
Gee, maybe what will become of this, is some physicist
will get a big grant to study making some machine
that will keep future physicists busy, so they can keep
telling everybody else how dumb they are.

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I think this is stupid! They’re mocking the real creator of this whole universe!!!! I don’t like it. They spent $18.6 BILLION. We could be using that money for a bunch of other things beside some stupid science project.

Posted by rebelgirl116 | Report as abusive

well im pretty sure that any advancement in mankind would not be a good thing, considering that we’re already trying to make ourselves indestructable gods as the world that we touch falls apart ie: trees, animals… Sure there are starving people in Africa, sure you would love to know what really started the world (i dont…), but humans matter only as much as every other living being on earth, so the money shouldve been used to further technology in saving the planet, not learning about it. And the fact that scientists can perform an experiment with even the smallest risk of an apocalypse is ridiculous. They only have their own consent. They havent polled the world, if the world ends, therell be billions of beings destroyed by the suicidal greed of mankind. we were better off as cavemen.

Posted by generalginger | Report as abusive

Universe means No beginning, no end.
As far as the component of Universe is considered nothing is greater and nothing is smaller.

Big bang seems to be as just to integrate the nations for the differentiation.

The whole big-bang exercise is the outcome of biochemical interactions (humans) and it’s a usual behavior… nothing else!!!

Posted by annaiah ramesh | Report as abusive

This experiment seems to be the most jeopardous one in the history of science.Even if this experiment is gonna be successful,in what way is it gonna improve the living conditions on earth????As such there are so many threats for the persistence of life on this planet!!!! Is it necessary to conduct such hazardous experiments and threaten the life on earth further???

Posted by Nikky Michale | Report as abusive

what a waste of money,think of all the starving people in the world.god created earth and he has a plan.

Posted by luke burgess | Report as abusive

Great experiment being performed…hope it would bring some good results…

Posted by Digant | Report as abusive

what a shame on these world wide organisations, who are supposed to watch over our world, like ecology wars hunger, sickneses terrorists ipedemics etc, and spend billions on something that puts our lives in danger! did they ask the world if they could make an experment like that! where was the world comunity to stop them, because I am sure the mojority of the world is against such crazy experements, what is this world is coming too.

This is probably going to sound stupid but just out of curiosity, is it going to create like… a mini kinda universe or something? if they’re replicating the big bang.. wouldn’t that create some kinda universe? and if our universe is (as they say) constantly expanding.. then wont a mini version do just that? maybe im just confused but yer… =/ i dunno.. with all the stuff thats posted on the web about this experiment its hard to sort out the incorrect information from the facts, but thats what i understood from it. Please correct me if I’m wrong though, lol.

Posted by sam | Report as abusive

The chances of the world being destroyed are very small.
The chances of learning anything useful from the experiment are just as small.
The problem with recreating conditions that existed just after Big Bang centre on their being no proof there ever was a Big Bang.
Physicists enthusiasm for their work would be admirable were so much of it not based on theories that are based on theories. The chase for the theoretical sub particle, the Higgs Boson, would be less pointless if the scientists could tell us how they will distinguish it’s manifestation from any other wavy line on an oscilloscope screen.

The previous experiment a few years ago picked up what was thought to be the Higgs Boson. Turned out to be the energy exerted by the moon’s gravity on the surface of Lake Geneva which causes a miniscule tide.

At least that is what they thought it was but others think it was more likely side emissions from the electric cables on a railway track a few kilometers away.

How dare are them who do such things and spend money just to destroy what God has created. How dare are they who think that explosion will bring something good for our world. They need to clarify in their minds the second low of thermodynamic. God have mercy on them!

Posted by Eri | Report as abusive

“Science can only determine what is, but not what shall be, and beyond its realm, value judgements remain indispensable. Religion, on the other hand, is concerned only with evaluating human thought and actions; it is not qualified to speak of real facts and the relationships between them.”

-Albert Einstein

Posted by Maddy | Report as abusive

This experiment absolutely terrifies me. One of the scientists against this experiment said nothing would happen for at least 4 years. 4 YEARS! So none of us will know what actually happened until its too late. Very scary. Also, is anyone familiar with the Mayan prediction for the year 2,012? Uh huh, yeah. 4 years from now…

Posted by Lynn | Report as abusive

Not just the Mayan prediction either. But for all of you who say, “Read the bible, the world wont end this way,” I challenge you to take a closer read. I’ve read the bible, and it is assured that some type of catastrophy will happen. According to the bible the stars are going to fall. How? Maybe a black hole produced by this experiment? What if the whole thing explodes? These scientists are human, not perfect and we all make mistakes — some bigger than others. This experiment shouldnt have been allowed to happen… How dare those scientists take my life, my child’s, your life into their hands. I’m so angry.

Posted by Lynn | Report as abusive

i just don’t know how these people are making decisions like this on our behalf which could then in return kill us??? i mean why can’t we just live and they spend money on cancer research or i don’t know the study of MS?? i just want to know who is deciding yeah lets do that, lets find out we might blow us all up but yeah lets give it a go!!

Posted by sara Reynolds | Report as abusive

At a time when 70% of the world have no food and shelter they spend 9 Billion Dollars on What? Im sure that the starving of the world feel a lot better now they have “answers”

Posted by aeb | Report as abusive

It is not in the hands of the scientists to create a black hole or to destroy our universe. This is in the hands of God; he is the only one who can create universes or destroy them. As a Muslim, I consider this as a waste for the knowledge, money, and efforts.

Posted by sarah | Report as abusive

Human kind needs to be improved! For us to survive we need to grow and move on. I hope this operation is a success so we will have knowledge on space and what we can do for ourselves to further life other than this world. If god is a part he would want us to further ourselves. Btw if it wasn’t a success and we all die nobody would know about it anyways. so theres no stress on that. just not to suffer.=) But i agree we need to focus on this earth but we also need to focus what is out there in the universe for us to grab! I want more, people want more and thats how us humans are going to have to live and get a grasp on!

nice thinking, if eventually i come to pass, will the scietist survive, what has it got to do with the global worming, will it not increase the ozone dipriciation,,,,,

why are they doing this if it could end then world

Posted by jake | Report as abusive

It really rises thousands of questions in our mind regarding the birth of the universe! will these experiment clear all our queries? will it cause any harm to our world? can we relate these impossible things with god?i think some supernatural power is ruling the universe!has universe really taken place?

Posted by ashish | Report as abusive