Afghan President gets unintentional laugh on Palin meeting

September 24, 2008


Afghan President Hamid Karzai got an unexpected laugh on Tuesday for his straight-man reaction to a question about Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Karzai was speaking at the Asia Society on topics ranging from security to relations with Pakistan and the United States in a conversation with former Viacom CEO Tom Freston. The audience perked up when Karzai mentioned Palin, following their meeting earlier in the day. The McCain campaign drew protests from reporters after they were barred from a picture-taking session at the beginning of the meeting.

“You’re probably the only person in the room who has met Governor Palin,” Freston remarked.

“I’m happy about that,” Karzai said. “Very good.”

He proceeded to praise Palin: I found her quite a capable woman, she asked the right questions on Afghanistan, she was concerned, and she said how she can help, so I’m very pleased with that meeting.”

Click here to listen to the exchange.


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What a joke! This is all we need, a VP or potential President who needs a crash course in world affairs. Heaven help us if we fall for this again and put yet another moron in the White House!

Why won’t she answer questions from the press or even from the public who come to hear her speak? The answer is obvious. She can’t answer questions without letting on that she is clueless– so she must stick to a script.

How can anyone support yet another candidate (Palin) who believes they do not have to answer to the public. It is reminiscent of the secrecy of Cheney, Harriet Myers and other Bush administration officials hiding evidence, “losing” thousands of e-mails, and refusing to appear before Congress, even when subpoenaed.

Usually, elected officials refuse to answer questions AFTER being elected when they are put on the spot over some issue. It is very scary when they hide from the public before the election, and the public still votes for them. Wake up folks! We’ve had 8 years of this. Enough is enough!

Everyone should write the national news media demanding action and coverage.

Posted by Word Star | Report as abusive

What a surprise that the media is miffed that Gov, Palin is refusing interviews with the media after they went so viciously after her children. Most people do not understand that the lies they are printing are just that – lies. Try verifying the rumours about Sarah on The Obama supporters are madly running around with fear that people may actually like her like her constituents in Alaska – who approve of her by over 80%. The Obama supporters are pulling out all stops to beat Palin – even though more than half of what they say are lies. It is no surprise that they are doing this. They will do anything to win.

Posted by Anita Lee | Report as abusive

PATHETIC, that’s all that comes to mind.

Posted by rafael1 | Report as abusive

This morning I saw an ad in the vacancies section which said …
“This is to inform everyone that the United States of America is still accepting applications for the post of the PRESIDENT. On-job-training will be provided …”

Posted by enoughisenough | Report as abusive

I am a citizen and a voter. I have the right to question Gov. Palin. It has nothing to do with bias, the media, or Obama. If one puts one’s self forward as a candidate, they must allow scrutiny, period.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Lets not forget that Obama, the Democratic nominee for President, had not met many world leaders either. Everyone so quickly forgets Obama’s great summer adventure…a huge media frenzy as he met and greeted world leaders. It was a trip about Obama than about the USA. I would give Palin bonus points. At least she’s meeting world leaders on our own home turf not flying around the world spewing carbon emissions. Palin is just as capable as Obama. Actually, she has more executive experience than Obama and Biden put together. It’s actually refreshing, in this over hyped media age, to have someone who answers to the people directly not the media tycoons! Sarah Palin, a small town gal who knows what it’s all about, goes to Washington. It’s about time!

Posted by MM | Report as abusive

Their own turf you say? Are you joking? To my recollection, the woman has never been off the North American continent. These meetings were at the UN…. duh! New York City!

Posted by S.Cole | Report as abusive

Everyone seems to forget that Barack Hussein Obama was a community organizer and only has 173 days of experience. He was elected into office after he snuffed one of his friends in Chicago and won on a technicality.

Might I mention that Chicago, Barack Hussein Obama’s home has the highest debt in the country of any City!

When will America wake up and realize this man is a phony, a friend to the media, and will say what ever you want to hear to get elected!? Barack Hussein Obama has no experience!

Posted by James IV | Report as abusive

I liked Palin initially and still support McCain. However, his selection of her may, in the end, prove to be a big mistake. The reasons are obvious, tabloid stories of her kids & in-laws sound like a reality show gone bad. The public isn’t stupid and will forgive gaffs – but to insulate her from the press only turns the media against her. Big mistake. Same w/ McCain – the Straight Talk Express has turned into a silent, overly managed, PR concept. I fear that McCain will lose this election because he is running his campaign like the Clintons or Bushes – too much worrying about what he’ll say. Palin & McCain are slipping in the polls. OPEN YOUR MOUTHS – the people want straight talk – not wordspeak.

Posted by Nick | Report as abusive

WordStar, every governor who has ever made it to the white house has needed on the job training on world affairs. Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and if elected Obama would too. Let’s review the lies the media has spread about Gov. Palin. That Trig was not her son. That cut funding for special needs children in Alaska when she in fact came close to tripling it. The media made a huge issue out of Todd Palin’s DUI was happened over 20 years ago, but apparently doesn’t care about the fact that Obama was doing cocaine at about the same time. Not one media person has ever pressed him hard about why he hasn’t helped his impoverished half brother in Kenya or his relationship to former terrorists. Obama is nothing more than the generic product of the corrupt Daley machine. Unlike Sarah Palin, Obama has not challenged a member of his own party once. He’s all talk an no action.

Posted by Mark E. | Report as abusive