A foreign policy tell-all from Rice?

September 26, 2008

condi.jpgNEW YORK –  When her eight years in the Bush administration end on Jan. 20, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice plans to write a book about U.S. foreign policy.

Asked in a Reuters interview on Friday if it would be a tell-all memoir and reveal secret meetings in the build-up to the Iraq war, Rice replied: “Tell-all? What’s a tell-all?”

The former Stanford University academic said it would look at America post-Sept. 11, 2001, and how those attacks shaped security issues worldwide.

Rice plans to sprint to the finish in her last months as secretary of state, tackling North Korea and Iran’s nuclear programs and trying to get an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

“There are still quite a few accounts out there that deserve my attention and need my attention and I have to go worry about a couple of them now,” she said, ending the interview.


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Condolezza Rice is an intelligent and remarkable woman, considering her beginnings in the era of segregation in the south. She’s done remarkably well in her life and not on the coat-tails of a man (e.g. Hillary). I would like to see her out from under George Bush and on a ticket with Colin Powell or any number of admired, respected leaders. I think Rice and Powell would make a great team. Okay … back to reality! Despite the negative issues with the Bush administration, there are many qualities I admire about Condie Rice.

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As foreshadowed by Becki above, Rice is probably suitable to many voters as a possible Presidential Candidate should Obama lose to McCain. This newly discovered game of Identity Politics is vital to contemporary efforts of the elites, who recognize an essential weakness of voters; many voters have been brought up to believe ethnicity, gender or sexuality is a master status, even over Class. It is very simple then to fund the Campaign of some perfectly unoriginal politician who happens to possess a racial difference or gender difference that was shunned from tradition 50 years ago, but now is good investment! Unfortunately, this applies only to bourgeois women and the new section of bourgeois Blacks, the working-class Blacks and Women, of course, are in the same sort of situation as working-class white males, and their interests are not represented by any Black man or Woman among the elites. In time this will be obvious, it is a stage half stuck in the formally racist and sexist past and half emergent from it, an opportunity to prop the two-party, half-decade appointee bean count.

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Becki, I am sure that you comment actually meant to read that Condolezza is a buck passing lap dog with no morals and no problem screwing over whoever she is told to.

For someone of principle who has earned it the hard way and had the balls to leave to resign when he disagreed with policy see Colin Powell. Racism in his line of work i.e. the army also meant severe physical as well as meantal agression for the recipient, not just some sad verbal whiplash from the handbag wielding fraternity of society.

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