What should the world do about Somalia?

November 17, 2008

Islamist militants imposing a strict form of Islamic law are knocking on the doors of Somalia’s capital, the country’s president fears his government could collapse — and now pirates have seized a super-tanker laden with crude oil heading to the United States from Saudi Arabia.

Chaos, conflict and humanitarian crises in Somalia are hardly new. It’s a poor, dry nation where a million people live as refugees and 10,000 civilians have been killed in the Islamist-led insurgency of the last two years. A fledgling peace process looks fragile. Any hopes an international peacekeeping force will soon come to the rescue of a country that has become the epitome of anarchic violence are optimistic, at best.

But besides causing instability in the Horn of Africa, the turmoil onshore is spilling into the busy waters of the Gulf of Aden. The European Union and NATO have beefed up patrols of this key trade route linking Asia to Europe via the Suez Canal as more and more ships fall prey to piracy. Attacks off the coast of east Africa also threaten vital food aid deliveries to Somalia.

As insurance premiums for ships rocket and carriers start taking the long route from Asia to Europe around the Cape of Good Hope to avoid attack, the cost of manufactured goods and commodities such as oil is likely to rise — all at a time of global economic uncertainty and looming recession in major industrialised countries.

Yet many diplomats and analysts agree there can be no lasting solution to piracy unless there is an enduring political peace on the ground in Somalia. The hijackers are coining millions of dollars in ransoms and analysts fear the money may find its way into international terrorist networks.

What should the world do next?


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Why does the world wait so long to do something? Black Hawk Down, its not like they haven’t known.

Posted by LDC | Report as abusive

Unfortunately, this situation has escalated while other issues have absorbed our strategic attention. Today, we should begin viewing this area as a strategic “front”…the grey area between commercial interests and national interests. Note the number of nation states with deployed naval forces in the region. This is unprecedented in the modern age. Many “actors” have a stake in this…and there is no nation state or commercial company with a credible position of leadership…

Posted by Tom Ryan | Report as abusive

The world needs to work with the moderate islamists and marginalize the extremist al shabab and mujahidin.
The UN will have to look at top-down approach by circling the islamists using pro-west regions like Puntland and Baidoa after recognizing Republic of Somaliland’s independence. A diplomatic and economic sanction of islamist regime, together with slow block-by-block restoration of government control can work. it is important to stop the islamist qaida expansion and bring US embassy bombers to justice.

Posted by Jackson | Report as abusive

i don’t think that by looking only at the interests of the united states of america we can all be well. it’s just a matter of fact that when they ruled, the islamistskept the peace on the ground and the citizens are more than glad to see them return now, regardless of the sharia law they want to impose.

Posted by vlad dumitrescu | Report as abusive

Islamists keeping the peace..I dont think, they are the ones killing any one that doesnt conform, especially those that dont even believe in islam

Posted by frek | Report as abusive

This is a complete false information of what really happened in somalia.

In 2006 somalia has peace under the Islamic courts which had ousted the hated warlords out of the capital city and brought six months of peace and stability in somalia.

By the end of 2006, the bush admin for whatever reason without no proof called the new popular islmaic government of somalia as terrorist that were linked to the group that had blown up US embassies in east africa.

The Bush admin financed and armed the ethiopian military to invade somalia, who then ousted the Popular Islamic courts and displaced 1.5 million from the capital city who they viewed were sympathetic to the Islmaic courts.

Since then and until now the ethiopian army has killed over 25, 0000 somalis, committed mass genocide against whole towns, they have raped women and tortured many people.

The people of somalia are fighting for there freedom against the brutal ethiopian occupation, there is no somali governmnet in somalia but a group of warlords who are puppets of ethiopia.

Ethiopia and somalia have had two major wars in 1964 and 1977.
Ethiopia does not want a peaceful stable somalia.

Posted by Abdi from somalia | Report as abusive

This is a complete false information of what really happened in somalia.

In 2006 somalia has peace under the Islamic courts which had ousted the hated warlords out of the capital city and brought six months of peace and stability in somalia.

By the end of 2006, the bush admin for whatever reason without no proof called the new popular islmaic government of somalia as terrorist that were linked to the group that had blown up US embassies in east africa.

The Bush admin financed and armed the ethiopian military to invade somalia, who then ousted the Popular Islamic courts and displaced 1.5 million from the capital city who they viewed were sympathetic to the Islmaic courts.

Since then and until now the ethiopian army has killed over 25, 0000 somalis, committed mass genocide against whole towns, they have raped women and tortured many people.

The people of somalia are fighting for there freedom against the brutal ethiopian occupation, there is no somali government in somalia but a group of warlords who are puppets of ethiopia.

Ethiopia and somalia have had two major wars in 1964 and 1977.
Ethiopia does not want a peaceful stable somalia.

Posted by Abdi from somalia | Report as abusive

The question should be – What should Africa do?

or ask – where is the UN who represent all nations?

Posted by buffalojump | Report as abusive

There are lot more dry nations in the world and the Islamic insurgents are only seen by the west as terrorists because of the word Islamists but anyone else would view them as freedom fighters and liberators. With Ethiopia on Somali soil there will never be peace and the Somali (TFG) puppets that they protect are a punch of thieves.
The Islamists in the 6 months they ruled stopped piracy, fixed the public infrastructure, dismantled road blocks so forgive the Somalis for wanting them back as since when they were ousted there is been 10s of thousands of civilian deaths mainly in the hands of Ethiopians and their indiscriminate use of heavy weapons and millions of refugees!

Posted by Mukhtar | Report as abusive

I think the solution is there! The world power should stop interfering in the somalia’s internal affairs. Since Independence somalia always had outside influence imposed. Somali’s should be given the chance to make their own government. Not replicate someone else’s!

Thank You (:-)

Posted by Mahad | Report as abusive

Why should the UN or any other nation care what goes on in Somalia and Africa? Let the governments there solve it. If they think they can solve it with out our help then let them. Seems to me that Africa is more violent than ever without European colonialism/control. After all they are free, they don’t need Europe’s or America’s help anymore. Why is it that African countries are always fighting amongst themselves or that someone is always in revolt? You don’t see that among European countries. If they can’t control their own pple then they don’t deserve to be in power. Bring back European power and control, maybe with some foreigners to blame their problems on they will stop fighting amongst themselves.

Posted by HannibalBarca | Report as abusive

Ethipia should leave immediately, and all inclusive transitional govt should be formed. Otherwise force is not the solution

Posted by eisa | Report as abusive

High Tech air patrol – control small baot traffic into/out of somalia. Define RESTRICTED zones (Shipping Lanes) enforce with agressive termination by air. Mandate and enforce severe penalties for survivors (Death works) enforce penalities within thirty (30) days publically.

Posted by alex | Report as abusive

George Bush and his bogus war on terrorism is to blame for all these nonsense, i don’t know why people who live miles away and know nothing about the culture or the peoples should be playing high and mighty. The Islamist government is what Somalia needs, the country needs strong leaders and not no democratic farce. The USA must stop interfering in people’s affairs, Somalia and Somalians are not Americans, they don’t share the same history. Bring back the hardline Islamist government in order to check mate these bandits.

Posted by Nduka Tolefe | Report as abusive

The African countries should take the lead in resolving this matter and the United States should be only in a support role……..someday the U.S. will understand that they are not the international policeman………

Posted by Security | Report as abusive

Perhaps the question that should be raised is who is profiting by selling weapons to both parties, who profits from the current instability.
I feel convinced that the vast majority of the countries inhabitants, victimized by the present situation, only hope for an alternative leadership allowing a return of peace, tolerance and social justice, as does most observing foreign nations, but for as long as the financial return of the arms industry profit a handful of ruthless and greedy individuals, with no interest in such a solution, an end to the conflict is compromised.

Posted by decency | Report as abusive

Sounds like pre-invasion Iraq all over again. What should the world do about Saddam, now Somalia? I’ll tell you what the United States should NOT do, invade. I say drill here and drill now and get completely off Middle East oil then get out and stay out of the Middle East and let the Muslim radicals have it.

Posted by Larry Cumbie | Report as abusive

either man each ship with a private security team, create an international pirate task force with heilo support and anti ship weapons, destroy their ships and support bases, or do what did not work the last time in the mog…..

Posted by r morris | Report as abusive

I do not understand how these groups can hijack a cargo ship and sail it home. How can they sell the cruid oil? Who funds these pirates? It is very sad that things have been allowed to get this bad. The wealthier African states need to put a force together for at least a basic level of security.

Posted by Aron Gyorgy | Report as abusive

Bush this and Bush that – blaming Bush for Somalia’s everlasting struggle with self-governance is as tiresome as the day is long. Piracy is an old-line business.

These people are criminals and terrorists – pure and simple. Commercial shipping in the area is under attack like Atlantic cargo resupply ships were in WWII by German U-Boats.

The simple solution is escort security – shipping export nations should pitch in a pay for heavily armed escorts to guard ships as they pass through the most pirated regions near the “horn of Africa.” All suspect pirate boats that approach tankers/cargo ships should be summarily destroyed.

Posted by Dreadnought | Report as abusive

Now that the Somali’s have finally got the world’s attention, this long drawn-out conflict may finally see a resolution. Once again, the Bush administration has proven how disastrous its foreign policy has been. To the Bush government, anything Islamist is equivalent to terrorist. They cannot see anything beyond this narrow perspective and would willingly support brutal, totalitarian regimes for as long as they are pro-US. It’s time the Somalis determine for themselves the type of government that is right for them. An unpopular government without credibility will not solve the problem of stability on the ground. Without stability on land, piracy on the seas will be impossible to stop.

Posted by Ben Hilario | Report as abusive

just because this country is a lawless nation does not mean that they do not have to abide by international law.
allowing the incomprohensible actions of piracy to go unpunished only sends a message to the rest of the international community that this behavior is tolerable.
I am appalled that this has not been resolved, and that the governments of the world have not sent a clear message powerful enough to stop this behavior. stealing is against the law in any country and should be dealt with accordingly. if we do nothing, we are only inviting more piracy……..

Posted by jp | Report as abusive

Piracy in International water easy to fix. Blow them out off the water. Piracy was always dealt with strictly. I am sure a yard arm equivalent could be found on modern ships. Let Somalia sort out its own problems, keep out off their territorial waters and have armed response in the International waters. The only problem here is that a certain amount of political balls is required to actually make a decision on action to be taken. And there is nobody around these days with such determination.

Posted by Thomas | Report as abusive

What the world should do ?? Everybody should just do what Indian navy did..shoot them at sight !!

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

mr jp u r contradicting ur self. everybody knows that stealing is illegal in every country. but u just know how to accuse the pirates.. have u ever thought abt the billions of dollars stolen by the shipping companies in the form of fishing and degrading the coral reeves… i suggest u think twice before u speak of ur mind….

Posted by abdul | Report as abusive

It was on Bill Clintons watch that the US Embassy was bombed in Nairobi and US helicopters were shot down in Somalia. He failed to reign in the anarchy then as he personnally was too busy with his secretary and left Goerge Bush to deal with the rise of unpunished crimes.
Now there is a real problem and the only way this can be resolved is for Somalia to be re-colonised and the pirates to be dealt with on dry land as they and their famillies can’t remain at sea indefinitly.
Who colonises Somalia the Islamists or other? is the question.

Posted by Johann Braunstein | Report as abusive

The world needs to ask Somalians what they want and respect their choice. If it’s an Islamic government then so be it, this government can work with the world based on real cooperation and not on dictations.

Posted by Nduka Tolefe | Report as abusive

The pirates shouldve been around when the European pirates were looting and pilaging Somalia in the late 1800’s.

Posted by Kong | Report as abusive

In early 90s thousands of UN peacekeepers were deployed in Somalia along with US forces. Two incidents around that time in 1993/94 are notable that of killing of 24 Pakistani UN peacekeepers and a following assault on Mogadishu by US special forces that went wrong and resulted in casualties(famous blackhawk down incident). I guess the resolve of international community weakened and UN mandate was roll-backed.
Now the international community needs to send a very strong UN peacekeeping contingent. Somalia needs serious nation-building efforts backed by international community. Notable muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt all have to play their role. UAE and Gulf and Malaysia can help with finance required for welfare projects. Somalia needs a stable government functioning in Mogadishu. Pakistan and other militaries could help train a Somali armed forces element comprising of Army , Navy and air force that could defend Somalia. The war lords need to be dealt with strictly. Somalia has to come back from a failed state to one of a proper functioning country. Nothing less will achieve the stability and security of the horn of Africa.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

al shabab group they have no solution the country they are tyring to capture all the country and impose thier wrong administration

Posted by Adan Dahir | Report as abusive

I agree with “OM”. If all the navies did what the Indian navy did, the problem would dissolve fairly rapidly. The world hasn’t tolerated piracy in the past. Why should we start now?

Posted by Drid Williams | Report as abusive

The piracy issue is real simple to deal with. You start shooting these guys out of the water with our different world Navy’s like French, Russia, U.S, etc. and those guys won’t have any more gun boats to use to attack defenseless cargo ships. Also, You put hidden assault teams onboard these ships. A small team of tactically trained and equipped guys could end this type of terrorism with a real surprise. Take the Navy’s and march into those ports where they have the other dozen ships they pirated to shore and get those ships back. Then its time to do a large scale hostage rescue! All governments around the world should support this mission financially not just a few. This is a world problem and those samolians are just a part of the problem. Radical extremism (using religion as there excuse not to mention ransom money )is the real threat. Time to end there terror!

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

There is no need to do anything about Somalia. The people there are perfectly free to misgovern themselves. The problem is their pirating of shipping. The solution would appear to be the Russian one of continual raids on the land bases. Of course the nerve gas and napalm it would be necessary to drench them with during the preliminary bombardment would be totally unacceptable to today’s do-gooders. While humanitarian scruples prevail, we’ll never solve this one. The raids will undoubtedly continue to spread, and to grow more bloody.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

How about just putting some armed guards on board and at least make it difficult and harmful to board. What there is now, is no defense at all. Every ship ought to have some defenses and security personal. And as for a big ship like the oil tanker, it should have a helicopter and attendant defense boat at its side.
It seems that the pirates sometimes have a mother ship with speed boats in tow which they get in and then race at the target with the aim of boarding.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

why does the world media never report on the issues on Somali soil in a fully transparent manner. I am feed up of hearing about Somali pirates when no one asks WHY?.

Does no one believe it is wrong for western governments to dump their lethal toxic waste on the coast of Somalia. if you do your research you will find that Somalia’s coast line has been truly bombard with toxic waste since the 1990s.

Somali Pirates are in the eyes of some freedom fighters. So, If the so called international community cant stand a Islamic government in Somalia and will do anything to stop the Islamic courts then you will suffer the results of this. If Somalia’s want Islam governing them what the hell is wrong with that.

To all the people who think they know about the good of Somalia they need to reconsider their facts. Somalia’s don’t need the world to help them they just need the world to leave them and not miss report stupid threats of terrorism.

After all Somalia’s are Muslims and have the right for a Islamic state.

Posted by Ayanna | Report as abusive

it’s hard to see why private shipping companies can’t keep their own heavy munitions on-board to kill the pirates before they can get close. Failing that, I would agree that nations’ navies should have little trouble blowing the pirates out of the water. Let the Somalis deal with the problems on the land, if they need our help, they will ask in the proper way. But for goodness’ sake – keep international waters clear.

Posted by da6d | Report as abusive

Remove the pirates total assurance that he will not lose his head as he climbs over the rail of a foreign ship. Sea Marshals?

Posted by Bob Arkansas | Report as abusive

The pirates off the Somali coast: if they can get away with these ransoms, then so can ‘terrorists’ to fund their activities. Has anyone thought about this?

They need to be ‘blown out of the water’! Any of them captured at sea should be ‘shot’ on the spot by firing squads and the episode ‘filmed’ and broadcast globally. I think that after consistently doing this, the pirates would finally get the message!!

Posted by David | Report as abusive

These pirates even have the nerve to hijack the ships delivering humanitarian aid to THEM – or their neighbors. Oh, well, in our politically correct time they take advantage of us inventing a ton of humanitarian laws and actually obeying them all the way to absurdity, while them remember about the laws only when it suits them. Western navies can board their ship only if there is a “good cause” to suspect the “peaceful fishermen” wielding AK-47s and RPGs that they actually committed piracy. Even then there’s a protocol to follow that subjects the sailors to excessive risk. And then, when – and if – it’s evident beyond any doubt that the suspects are in fact pirates, they must be handed over for a trial to the neighboring country that has the softest laws against the pirates – just to avoid any possible mistreatment of them.
How about reviving the old maritime laws about the piracy? If some guys were given the taste of the Cat O’Nine Tails and then hanged from their own ship’s rigging – that would make everyone else think before taking up the trade. What? Too much graphical violence? Cruel and unusual punishment? If I remember correctly, the US Constitution doesn’t cover the pirates at high seas. But, OK, let’s instead send them for a trial to some country practicing the sharia law, like Saudi Arabia – wasn’t that their tanker hijacked? After all these pirates cooperate with Islamic Courts – or what’s the name of those Islamist thugs that fight to become the gov’t of the whole Somalia – so it’s neither cruel not – for these guys – unusual. And the Saudis are well known for chopping off hands and heads even for lesser crimes.
As for complaints that there’s no way to protect every commercial ship in those waters – that’s bull. Just one carrier group can cover the whole Gulf of Aden (that’s with planes constantly doing overflights) – and give their personnel good training in the process thereof. Let’s see… The US has a handful of those carriers with all the escort ships applicable; England – also a couple; France and Russia – at least one each. That’s not counting smaller naval powers that also can contribute some cruisers, destroyers, and frigates. Should be enough to cover all the areas of pirate activity (East Africa, Molucca Straits, whatever else) The navies need to train anyway – let them combine training (mostly waste of taxpayer’s money for fuel and ammo spent) with something actually useful for world trade and, consequently, economy. The reasons that the naval forces are needed to protect national sea borders and counter foreign naval threats are not valid. If all the world navies are busy patrolling shipping routes and protecting commercial ships from pirates, they can’t threaten anyone except for pirates themselves. Besides, they’ll learn cooperation with other countries’ navies instead of confrontation – an added benefit. And, after all, what naval officer doesn’t dream of using the firepower under his command against a real target in real action, and get decorated and promoted for it?

Posted by Anonymous | Report as abusive

tthe problem of sumali is beeing the problem of the world.The pirates becoming strong.what amezing me the world not give attention for somali’s problem.the reason behind that the word look over ntural resource and plotical binifit that they got from country thats whay they geve attention to DR Conco rather than the worest thing in somali.

Posted by Tarekegn Bululta | Report as abusive

These AK47 totting “fishermen” should be dealt with the same way any violent criminal who’s threatening life is dealt with. Give them a warning and then kill them. Problem solved.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

Thesis + Anti-thesis = Synthesis.

World monetary economy as well as world trade is collapsing as well as the need to institute world corporatist gov’t and regulate whole world result in Creating a supposed crisis (thesis)

Get the necessary dumbed down mindless world minions to cry for help (anti-thesis)

= Synthesis = “new draconian maritime laws” which include among other things need to register, monitor and track in a central repository all worldwide shipping… aah pure synthesis. Works like a charm and never fails…. Past examples, WW1, WW2, Vietnam, 911,

nothing of this type of activity, on this scale is just let to happen, its purposefully allowed and when we howl about it mindlessly as usual.

Just as it was said before, a sick old man in a cave orchestrated 911 attack against the best govt security system in the world using box-cutters. Just as we are being told now, a bunch of decript figures with bibi guns were able to commandeer a petrol tanker with $100 million worth of petroleum onboard.
yeah some still believe in Santa, others believe in truthful media and gov’ts . Wake up pple. why suddenly after 18yrs of anarchy we have had in the last 2 weeks more news about Somalia and the piracy in all Anglophile media, next world crisis here it comes and we were watching it unfold yet we’ll say we didn’t see it coming…….

Posted by An Actual Somali | Report as abusive

Somalis are ‘Muslim’ not ‘Islamists’. There are no terrorists in Somalia. What you have are two Somali groups opposing each other (a continuation of a civil war). I think some people like to forget history and assume that Muslims have a monopoly on killing. The fact is causing indiscriminate fear and killing civilians is not the preserve of some fanatic group claiming to be acting for their Muslim faith. The inquisitions, crusades, colonial exploits in Africa, bombings of large civilian populations in Japan during the second world war, Vietnamese war (including the secret operation in Loas which killed a third of the population) are a few other examples of people being ‘terrorized’ by none jihadis (another term used too often, poorly defined and misunderstood) .

No one needs to worry about ‘Islamist’ taking over Somalia because anyone who is familiar with Somali history knows they already took over for a brief period in 2006. Those who are hostile to a political system with real Islamic values seem to use the term “Islamists” as a negative and associate it with any political group which claims to be acting according to the Islamic faith and is in power (legitimately or not) across different geographical locations where you find a Muslim population.

The fact is that the all Somalis would describe themselves as followers of Islam. The Muslim faith is one of things Somalis all share. Those who describe the Union of Islamic Courts as a new Somali “Islamist” group are completely out of depth in terms of their understanding of the situation in Somalia.

‘The Union of Islamic Court’ DID bring law and order to Somalia, which was a country in a state of civil war for over 16 years. I do not know if it is because of the fact they are very public about their Islamic beliefs or the fact Somalis were able to find a solution to their own problems. I hope readers do not ascribe to the notion that other countries need to solve the problems of Africa. For whatever reasons, the journalists do not want to recognize this important development in Somali history and as a result the masses in European and America are misinformed (dragging Somalia into their misconstrued notions of Islam).

In fact, when the discussion of the instability in Somali comes up most international journalists seem to glaze over the semblance of law and order brought about in the short terms the Union of Islamic Courts was in power. Well it is not something the Somalis can so easily forget because as soon as the Union of Islamic Courts was forced out of Mogadishu the lawlessness returned. Then news comes today that the Union of Islmaic Courts confirm they could easily deal with the pirates in Somalia. Some might be skeptical that this is possible (hopefully it is not because you believe only an international force can help the Somalis solve a domestic problem – it is in Africa after all).

If anyone has researched the culture of the Somali people, you will know that there is a narcotic (Khat) which has been allowed to persist in Somalia. The import and sale of Khat is depended on my farmers in Kenya and Ethiopia and they have benefited from its increase during the instability in Somali. It was a significant accomplishment of the Union of Islamic Courts to be able to ban outright the sale of Khat and then be able to enforce it in Mogadishu to the point the Kenyan and Ethiopian farmers were protesting. This was a decision they made even though they faced far more internal opposition then they would by ending piracy (the sale of Khat was also very profitable for sellers in Somalia).

The external meddling of the situation in Somalia is the cause of the instability. The Union of The Islamic Courts will regain control because they are able to draw on a shared aspect of Somali culture. Certainly, the tribal and clan based splits have led to support for other groups but as the instability continues, the Somali people will reflect on what was possible with the Union of Islamic Courts and their support base will continue to grow among the population.

The Transitional Federal Government of Somali (which has not been voted on by anyone – so it not the ‘legitimate government of Somali’ as some reports incorrectly state) has been in power since the Union of Islamic Courts were ousted and have been largely ineffectual. The fact they are about to be toppled is due to their own incompetence.

Again, the solution to the problem is to let the Somalis solve their own problems. Somalis are generally self reliant (internal trades continues despite the instability and the economy has been maintained even without a central bank or government). There are a few Muslim aid agencies in the country but before this recent conflict you would not find Oxfam or some other charity making an appeal to save Mohamed for $3/month.

If the Union of Islamic Courts is able to stop the pirates then the rest of the world has to take responsibility for the illegal fishing and dumping of waste into Somali waters. This has provided a justification for the pirates (many of them are fisherman who are no longer able to earn their livelihood due to the plundering of Somali waters by international ships). The UN, NATO and other naval bodies operating near the Somali coast have to do more to combat illegal fishing so that these pirates can have no reason to ransom ships for a living. Of course, they are unwilling to do that because many of the illegal ships come from countries who are party to those organizations. At some point, however, they are going to realize that not stopping their illegal fishing boats puts their commercial vessels at risk.

Sending in troops is only going to be met with resistance. If the Union of Islamic Courts are not resistant to the formation of political parties then a representation government will come from the Somali people (without international interference).

Posted by Rune | Report as abusive

The Indian Navy which has ventured on the saving mission in the Somalian pirated area, but be very vigilant of many anti-navy factors which could be detrimental to the Navy.
a) The Indain Navy must be guarding the frigates including the Aircraft carrier to avert any unmeditated attempt by the pirates to destroy the vessels by the sea suicide squads to place any amunitions under the sea.
b) To be ever vigilant and not to go near to any border from where the pirates might attempt to fire anti-vessel misiles at the Indian vessels.

Posted by Fernandes Louis Mariano | Report as abusive

Now the world is sh!ting their pipp out. They get it when it comes to them ahhh. lol. There is nothing so called pirates problem there, but American made chaos problem. Somalia had seen 6 months very peaceful months but thanks to American and their slaves like Ethiopia, Somalia is on chaos. What do you want to see from poor people if you use their costs taxless? Do you want that they should just smell the chinchin and let you pass away. lol! The west particulary American are eating what they cooked long ago and stop to cry like a child now.
The solution is easy if they really wanted to solve the problem! Leave the Somalis alone and let them manage their internal political differences by theirselves, then they will clean the costs from pirates. Like you see, this will be the only one solution no matter how many wrong policy you fellow.

PS: I said you, because ya´ll just think selfish.

Posted by HIHIhi | Report as abusive

If piracy is a booming profession, surely an insurgence in the anti-piracy will ensue.

I hear Blackwater are already assembling a small fleet to cash in on the current crisis.

Good for the pirates and anti-pirates, I say.

There’s nothing better than entrepreneurship.

Posted by Jack Sparrow | Report as abusive

Somalia is just the worst failed state on this planet,they don’t have the concept of living in peace nor do they want it,best solution to the piracy,annihilate all the coastal “pirate towns”with all the ships and boats,everything that floats, kill as many of those pirates as possible,leave a burned out waste land behind,trust me these guys understand only “that kind of language”not negotiations or diplomacy,coz frankly the world has gotten sick of Somalia PERIOD!!

Posted by Yared Solomon | Report as abusive

it is shame that many being technologically advanced have done nothing to tackle piracy in an area that is next to Iraq. Despite the poverty in Somalia and Ethopia who is supplier of weapons to the Pirates. When food funds are collected through Tv adverts etc.. to feed local people why funding should not be tackled for the weapons falling into the hands of these so called pirates. Surely the Pirate are not using first world war weapons and scaring away those claiming to be super power with satellite technologies and ability to see coins on the earth surface from space. It is joke.

Posted by narinder singh | Report as abusive

fight fire with fire, send whatever it takes to keep safe our lads and goods safe……..

Posted by graham kershaw | Report as abusive

The ship that was blasted out of the water by the Indian navy in the Gulf of Aden last week was not a pirate vessel but a Thai fishing trawler that had been seized by pirates earlier the day, the boat’s owner said Wednesday.

http://www.iht.com/articles/2008/11/26/a sia/26PIRATE.php

Well, this just goes to show that you cannot just go about blow up ships. It makes the Indian Navy look VERY DUMB now.

Posted by Vinny | Report as abusive

This is the kind of behavior that continues to damage people’s perception of Islam. These people pretend to be true followers of Islam yet they continue to show the world everything Islam teaches them about peace has no effect on them.

Posted by Jerose | Report as abusive

That sad life

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As french a french of somali origins, im very saddened to see my homeland without hope and futur, but i realy do believe things will and can only get better, because first somalia is rich in mineral resource and also because somalia is very strategic. all the turmoil and troubles in somalia is fuelled by the west especially america. when there was chaos and anarchy in somalia, nobody cared. when those warlords and criminals were taking somalia on the brink of total instinction, they never tried to help. But the great people of somalia had enough and chose to go back to their roots and use their relegion as the only solution to get out of the hell in which they were living in. the islmaist came to power and cleaned the the whole south somalia in just 6 months, the country was the right track again. But as i said before, the west certainy dont want to see a strong and stable somalia for many reasons. especialy now that the country is chosing islamic conservatism. they would rather support brutal regimes like the one they put in place in ethiopia. The west needs to understand 1 thing, somalia is very different from most african countries. somalia wil never accept the modern colonialism that is imposed on most of our fellow africans. We only accept the destiny that god has for us. They never understood that during the colonial period. somalis are proud people they will never accept washington to meddle in their affairs and control somalia like they do troughout the world.somalia will stand up again and will be as powerfull as they were in the 70’s.

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