Zimbabwe sinking fast

December 2, 2008

From a distance it is always hard to picture just how hard life is in Zimbabwe and to imagine how much worse it can get. For so long we have been writing about economic collapse, inflation statistics beyond comprehension, the fact that at least a quarter of the country has fled to seek work abroad and that life expectancy has tumbled.

Commentators have long spoken of the dangers of a possible ‘meltdown’. The signs of what that might look like have grown stronger this week.

The death toll from the worst cholera epidemic in recent records is near 500 – and possibly double – with shortages of water in Harare and elsewhere and a health system hopelessly ill equipped to cope. Not so long ago, one of the region’s more prosperous countries would probably have been able to prevent an outbreak of cholera and would certainly have been able to treat it.

Unprecedented clashes on Monday between what the army described as “indisciplined” soldiers and Zimbabweans have added to fears the situation could get out of hand. The army understandably said it was worried by the troubles, put down by police. As too many other African countries have found out, angry soldiers can prove a danger to everyone.

Banks are so short of cash that queuing for almost worthless notes has become a full time occupation for some of those lucky enough to – in theory at least – have jobs. But the amount of cash the banks can give out each day is often not enough to buy a loaf of bread.

President Robert Mugabe’s government says the health system and economy are foundering because of sanctions imposed by Western powers it says are trying to oust him for seizing thousands of white-owned farms and redistributing the land to black Zimbabweans.

Mugabe’s critics, such as opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, say it is his policies that have ruined Zimbabwe.

But no matter who is to blame, the situation looks dangerously as though it could get beyond anyone’s control.

Should the crisis force Tsvangirai to join Mugabe in the power-sharing government they had agreed to – even if he doesn’t get all the posts that he wanted? Should Mugabe give way to the opposition leader’s demands? Tsvangirai’s MDC said talks between the parties on the unity government would resume in two weeks. Is that soon enough? Does Zimbabwe have any choice but a deal between the two old rivals?


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The short-term health situation is more important than long-term political goals. If aid for the sick somehow requires an immediate deal between the MDC and Zanu-PF, it should go ahead.

Posted by Keith Harrison | Report as abusive

A government of national unity is not going to be the magic wand that solves all the problems of poor, beautiful Zimbabawe.
The last time we had a government of national unity, the people of Matebeleland thought they would get equal representation in the Mugabe government.
Fast forward 21 years later, and Matebeleland has seen little to none of the rewards. The people are still as marginalised as ever, and politicians from the areas have very little influence in the present day government.
A govenrmet of national unity is not going to get rid of the rot that has incapacitated this once beautiful and prosperous nation.
Tsvangirai should stick to his guns. This is just a short term solution that will lead to the assimilation of MDC into Zanu PF ranks.
Zanu PF cronies have taken the country for all it is worth. What we need is to rid the country of these parasites who have enriched themselves all in the name of liberation.

Posted by Tapiwa | Report as abusive

It seems that ever since the evil Empires of Britain France germany etc lost control of African Countries things have gone from good to much, much worse. No-one comments on this for fear of seeming racist…but it’s TRUE!

For the superficial and unspecified reasons, Western governments condemned Zimbabwe or isolated this african country. Today Zimbabwe is suffering from this unjust isolation. It is strange to see that the same countries that isolated Zimbabwe to access to international trade, they seem to cry about social and economic crisis that kills the peacefull people of Zimbabwe. As Free Humanitarians and Protector of minority people, we condemn this ambivalent attitude ( behavior ) of Western governments.

Posted by payne | Report as abusive

African leaders like to blame their corruption and incompetence on western governments…They seem to have lots of cash for wars but none for the people…

Posted by old ewok | Report as abusive

Is there no Southern Africa leader who cares enough to take the bull by the horns. If only there was a Julius Nyerere who would go into Zimbabwe and rid it of Mugabe and his vermin like Nyerere did when he ousted Idi Amin in Uganda. Come on, Botswana, Zambia, S. Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania and Namibia. You could solve the whole problem within 24 hours. No Zimbabwean is going to try and stop you, in fact they will support you all the way to Harare. The Zimbabwean people all supported you once, it is time for payback. Unfortunately, you have stood back and let an aging lunatic rape a whole country. Your shame is being observed by all Africans and the rest of the World – act now!

Posted by Bennie | Report as abusive

Tapiwa – spot on, Mugabage is disillusioned and far beyond any personal capability to govern Zimbabwe. He continues to blame the West, paranoid about them stealing the country, removing him from power and as a result loses his grip on all that money he and his Generals embezzle everyday!

I read an article stating that the people of Zim are cowards for not standing up to Mugabe & the people who are creating such a desolate future for them. I was, being an expat, quite offended by the article and then realised that maybe the people (me included) are a little cowardly or maybe they are frogs, been in the pot of water(zim situation)too long with is being heated ever so slowly creating a situation where one gets used to the heat and not doing anything to avoid the situation they’re in. For something to happen in Zimbabwe i.e. a revolt or drastic change the water must either get too hot to handle and the frog becomes depserate, doing anything to survive, revolts in other words or the water runs out and the frog ‘fries’ without any chance of survival as he loses his chance to jump out the deep pot of turmoil. How long will it be before the Zimbabwean people stop adjusting to the temperature (making a plan) and deal with their situation before their water runs out and they lose all opportunity to adjust and die en masse!

Bugger it’s happening already! External pressure from surrounding African countries is the only way! Take the pot off the fire and frog outa the water SADC!

Posted by Cowardly Zimbabweans? | Report as abusive

The whites of Rhodesia predicted this outcome, and were written off as racist fascists.
South Africa is on the same path.
Is that a racist fascist comment?
Check back in 10, 20 and 30 years from now.

Posted by graeme andersson | Report as abusive

Robert Mugabe, if you have any sense of decency left, for the sake of your people and country, leave and take your cronies with you.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

” two old rivals ” is the wrong way to characterize the two principals.
One is a long term, incompetent, tyranical, ruling thug, the other is the person the people of Zimbabwe have chosen to replace him.
Either Mugabe goes voluntarily, or he must be forced out; tomorrow ?

Posted by D, Stevens | Report as abusive

For the latest update from Harare: “Zimbabwe police charge protestors, cholera spreads” http://africa.reuters.com/top/news/usnJO E4B208I.html

Posted by Matthew Tostevin | Report as abusive

That’s what hapens when MMf, WB, USA, UK and other “Holly democracy alliance” players bring up a wall of isolation over a country. It also shows what a strugle Cuba had to go through to survive the same type of isolation for 50 yrs.

Posted by one world one dream | Report as abusive

One world dream
your rationale is most interesting
perhaps you can explain why south africa is going the same way? is it because south africa is isolated? no? then i guess u will tell us its americas fault, right?

Posted by graeme anderson | Report as abusive

The west must stay out because they are blamed for everything, right, one world.

The sad thing is I have friends in Zimbabwe who are professionals but are suffering dramatically in all areas including health. They want help and don’t care from where but realize the west can’t help because Mugabe won’t allow it without his total control of who can receive it.

So, what can you do but wait for African nations to solve the situation.

Posted by buffalojump | Report as abusive

All assets frozen by the western countries should be immediately confiscated and used to defray costs re: help for the cholera outbreak.

It struck me really hard in the heart when I read the article branding Zimbabweans cowards. Why don’t those people who think that, talk to those who have lost their loved ones during the election violence, try tell them their sons and daughters are cowards.

A revolution will only be followed by a counter revolution – this is what history has taught us. Zimbabwe has had enough revolutions, diplomacy should be given every chance to work. Every effort should be made to stop the country falling into anarchy and that means ZANU-PF and MDC need to work together now. Both parties have significant support from the electorate, so it is now their reponsibility to deliver a better Zimbabwe. They should also act before our neighbours are forced to intervene in a non diplomatic way as one african leader has already suggested.

Posted by Zedza | Report as abusive

Africa has a VERY long way to go. GREED is hurting Africa more than ever before! If African leaders will worry about their people, Africa’s problems will eventually be solved!

Posted by T. | Report as abusive

Racist Rhodesians shedding crocodile tears.

Lift the economic sanctions so that ordinary people can buy medicines.

A blog on Zimbabwe every two weeks but nothing saidd about Africans dying in Congo, Somalia, Sudan; famine in Ethiopia… Why? Because the author of the blog and his news organization are part of the cabal promoting the Rhodesian agenda…

100 people demonstrate in Zimbabwe, it makes headlines all over the Anglo-Saxon media. 300 people killed in clashes in Nigeria, nobody hears anything. Why? because Nigeria is not part of the Rhodesian agenda.

Posted by African | Report as abusive

The model that charasterises post-colonial Africa is a negative downward spiral that seems to be heading to the unreachable depths of infinity. The darkness that describes the outlook for the damned continent is so thick that it can literally be felt by the sense of touch, and oh gosh, what a rough feeling it is to the hand…whether it was by mother nature’s design or otherwise, but whoever gave Africa the sort of demoniac leadership that it has in the form of Robert Mugabe and Thabo Mbeki, please have mercy.

African leaders are a very idiotic and abrasive lot who after being assigned responsibilities to lead nations rather opt to personalise their countries and imagine themselves as demi-gods. Mugabe is one such idiot, a disgrace to humankind and a shame to the gods. His track record of cruelty says it all: his devious and bloody rise to power, the Matebeleland massacres in the 1980s, rampant and openly-conducted corruption and looting of the little nothing to nothing that is left in the country which should be rather termed ZANULAND.

You see the same in South Africa, Thabo Mbeki depriving his population of HIV treatment, corrupt tendencies of shielding political allies from prosecution after they harbour international criminals on the Interpol-wanted list, sending Chinese arms of war to Zimbabwe at the height of post-election violence perpetrated by his bed-mate, the demoniac and monstrous Robert Mugabe, suppression of reports in 2002 of election fraud….and worst of all, running to the U.N. to block resolutions on Zimbabwe and Sudan.

Mbeki shall also be remembered of writing a letter to the American President, George W. Bush and foolishly ranting: “leave Africa to me, it is mine.” What a complete and disgraceful idiot. The Sudan genocide will go down in history as the perpetuation of Mbeki by his diabolic attempt to be King of Africa by running to the U.N. and blocking a resolution against the equally atrocious Omar al Bashir.

It is the complete and pathetic leadership failure that has led to the collapse of the continent. African leaders seem to have one goal in mind: to fight the West in every respect, even in Science and Technology they are all so ill-informed of…someone like Mugabe will talk of the internet being used as a tool of colonialism….and when they do that, it’s often at the expense of their people. And all they do instead of looking for amicable solutions to address the decay that has afflicted the continent, they waste time ranting about Pan Africanism, “African solutions to African problems” and other expletives not suitable for publishing on the Reuters site.

Tsvangirai should stick to his guns and like Raila Odinga, bring about change in the damned continent by fighting despotism with democracy and introduce civilisation to this pathetic and sickening place.

The government of national unity is a repeat of what happened to the Matabele people and as such is just cheap ****.

The people of Zimbabwe rejected Mugabe through elections which he failed to rig and declared: “They think a mere ballot paper can remove me from power, what’s more powerful, a pen or a gun?” Mugabe lost the election and that’s what that idiot called Mbeki needs to understand and as such does not have the upperhand to call the shots he as he is trying to do.

When one looks at the current African leadership and their ideologies, they can’t help but shudder and be forced to conclude: African leaders are nothing but savages: Mengistu, Mugabe, Mbeki, al Bashir etc.

Lord hear us out!

Posted by Sabhuku | Report as abusive

When Mugabe finally is brought to justice before a court of law for the murder, rape and other crimes against humanity he has perpetrated on the people of Zimbabwe, his co-accused in the dock should be Mbeki for his complicity in propping up an evil dictator against the expressed wishes of the people. We can add the South African AIDS death toll to his list of crimes.

Nkosi sikalele iAfrika, how can you let lunatics like this run amok?

Posted by Limnothrissa | Report as abusive

It is unfortunate that a lot of bad things are said about africans, and Robert Mugabe in particular. The people who claim the goings on in Zimbabwe had been predicted long ago are just enough proof that Africans have to fight all their life if they are to be respected. Because after the ceasefire in 1980, the white racists did not accept reconciliation, instead they embarked on a new form of war. The racists are always trying to glorify colonialism by telling us Africans were better off under downpression. That is wrong. And for as long as we have the anglo-saxon world interfering in Africans’ history then blacks will always suffer, irrespective of whether they are in Africa, Australia, America, Britian, France, or in Quebec, or even in South Africa.

Posted by Willom | Report as abusive

I see a lot of posts here from readers who see Zimbabwe as a symbol of African decline. It is interesting to note, though, that in economic terms at least, Zimbabwe is the exception rather than the rule. Many of its neighbours have been enjoying their fastest growth in decades in recent years and living standards have on the whole been improving. The financial crisis is certainly now starting to bite, but not only in Africa. There have been some other elections in Africa this year marred by violence and cheating too, but Ghana’s election this weekend has the chance to set an example for others. http://blogs.reuters.com/global/2008/12/ 04/ghana%e2%80%99s-elections-dare-africa -hope/
Meanwhile, what do you think of Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s very strong comments on Zimbabwe? The Nobel Peace Prize winner appears to have given his backing to the use of force to remove Mugabe.
http://africa.reuters.com/top/news/usnJO E4B400X.html

Posted by Matthew Tostevin | Report as abusive

Mr. Tostevin

How much are you paid to spread this Rhodesian propaganda every 2-3 weeks while tens of thousands or millions of Africans are dying elsewhere? You sound like an old Rhodesian or a white South African wishing for a return to the apartheid regime.

Please, give us a balanced view of the situation or let real Africans write the African blog.

How about a blog on the real economic sanctions that are killing BLACK Zimbabweans rather than the so-called targeted sanctions? How about ZIDERA?

Posted by African | Report as abusive

Tostevin said: “I see a lot of posts here from readers who see Zimbabwe as a symbol of African decline”

Rubbish. Africans do not see I see Zimbabwe “as a symbol of African decline.” Only the Western media, journalists with an agenda, Rhodesians, and disgruntled Afrikaners see Zimbabwe (and South Africa) in this way.

In the general scale of things, Zimbabwe is just one of several countries where there are problems, but it is not even close to being the worst.

The situation in Zimbabwe is not worse than Equatirial Guinea, Somalia, Congo, Darfur, Ogaden, etc. It is journalists like Mr. Tostevin who are obsessed with Zimbabwe because white farmers lost the land they stole from Zimbabweans. Mr. Tostevin and his brothers at the BBC and Reuters are simply protecting the interests of their white kith and kin while they ignore the plight of black Africans.

Personally, I think Mugabe should retire and let us see how Tsvangirai will take back the land from black people and give it back to the so-called white farmers, who include members of the British parliament.

SADC leaders can see through this charade. That is why they have no time for Tsvangirai and unprincipled “journalists.”

Posted by Vincent | Report as abusive

I wonder if African is proud when hundreds of people are dying of cholera and hunger. You are not a Zimbabwean and if you are then you are benefiting from the status quo. This is not about race but a leader ging mad.

Posted by lucia | Report as abusive

I find it incredible that people are still believing that Robert Mugabe is some kind of saint. He is living proof that power corrupts.

I find it pathetic that people like “African” post this inane drivel about anyone that stands in opposition to Mugabe as being in support of UDI,Aparthied and any other regieme that he arbitarily disapproves of.

The views of the poster”African” are about as contemptable and idiotic as those of the right-wing facists that inhabit the fringes of UK/EU/US politics. It is nothing but hate-speech and frankly if he would like to live under Mugabe then I’m sure the cholera would show no respect to you either.

Posted by Andrew Harries | Report as abusive

With the sad events that are unfolding in Zimbabwe, one thing has now become cristal clear – for any African country to have a semblance of nomalcy, it must pander to the whims of the West, otherwise you will go the same route as Zimbabwe has gone, appearing as if colonisation was even better.

For the African, it is indeed “Not yet Uhuru”. Political independence without economic independence is useless – even the economies of the darlings of the West such as Botswana are not in the hands of Batswana. To all Africans, liberate yourselves from mental slavery first, only then will you be able to pull in the same direction – once again divide and rule has triumphed over principled resistance. See you next time.

Posted by Luckson Maromo | Report as abusive

Lucia and Harries.

Nobody is saying that Mugabe should not be criticized. Criticize by all means. But the notion that we should criticize Mugabe and call for him to resign while ignoring the economic embargo on Zimbabwe is ridiculous.

It is obvious that the Western media have an agenda. The BBC has been doing “special programs” on Zimbabwe every week for the past 2-3 years. Reuters does an “African blog” on Zimbabwe every 2-3 weeks and the conclusion is always the same: Zimbabwe is collapsing because Mugabe has not resigned, there are no medicines in hospitals because white farmers lost the land they stole, Zimbabwe is the symbol of decline in Africa, etc.

Nobody ever bothers to ask questions about the economic embargo that is causing these problems. Mugabe may be bad and incompetent, but he cannot be worse than places like Congo and Somalia where there are virtually no governments or institutions. Even these countries do not have 1,000% inflation rates.

When you look at elections, they may be bad in Zimbabwe but they are far more transparent than elections in places like Uganda, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Egypt, Morocco, etc. Why don’t we get the same focus on elections in these countries? Because no white farmers have been told to give back what they stole.

Essentially, the white farmers and their allies in the West are attempting to starve 11 million black Zimbabweans into forcing Mugabe out.

Yes, Mugabe should step down, but not because the West is starving black Zimbabweans into forcing him out. It has to be a democratic decision made freely.

Everywhere I look in the Western media this week, it is Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe because 500 people died of cholera. What about the 5000 killed in religious clashes in Nigeria in the same week, what about 500-1,000 slaughtered in Somalia every week in the name of the War on Terror, what about the 1 million displaced in Congo (according to UN data released this week)…

Mbeki negotiated a peace deal but Tsvangirai does not accept Mugabe’s offer. Tsvangirai invites Mbeki to break the deadlock but Tsvangirai rejects Mbeki’s proposed resolution. Tsvangirai asks the SADC to break the deadlock, but he again rejects the SADC’s resolution. Yet, somehow it is Mugabe’s fault that the deadlock cannot be broken so he must resign. How about someone asking Tsvangirai to accept the decisions of Mbeki and the SADC?

Real Africans (as opposed to Rhodesians and Afrikaners) feel the pain of people suffering all over Africa, where Zimbabwe is only one of more than 50 countries. Where are the Reuters blogs to highlight these? It seems Reuters loves Zimbabweans more than other Africans :)

This naked fixation on Zimbabwe should stop. Where is journalistic integrity and decency when you need it?

Posted by African | Report as abusive

Zimbabwe under siege from Rhodesians and the kith and kin in the West and the Western mass media:

http://www.swans.com/library/art8/elich0 04.html

Posted by African | Report as abusive


A lot has gone on since Mbeki started his mediation efforts but that has taken Zimbabwe to the road to nowhere. Things are even worse than before Mbeki began his negotiation efforts. I have seen it fit to look at why ZANU PF must fall for Zimbabwe to have a new beginning.

All that Mbeki has managed to achieve in his role as broker is to prolong the suffering of Zimbabweans. The problem with Mbeki is that he was not and he still is not an honest broker, hence the circus we continue to witness up to now.

It’s unfortunate that the MDC had hoped that the problems bedevilling Zimbabwe would have led to ZANU PF changing tact for the benefit of its citizens. ZANU PF is not concerned about the ordinary people except those in its hierarchy and they are only a few people who are causing the suffering of so many people. It is the gullible few who hope to make hay while the sun is still shining, but it is now too late because the sun is in the twilight.

Mugabe and Mbeki cannot control the external environment. All they can do is delay the inevitable. In the very near future, Zimbabwe will be free from the tyrant. Zimbabwe will be a champion of democracy and will never give rise to another Mugabe. No leader must be allowed to lead his people to ruin and destruction.

If MDC cannot get a fair share of power now, the best course of action is to completely pull of out of the Government of National Unit. The external environment dictates that ZANU PF cannot withstand the winds of changes and change will be forced on Mugabe and his party.

MDC can help Zimbabweans by dissociating itself from ZANU PF and Mugabe who have innocent blood on their hands. There is no way ZANU PF can continue preying on innocent blood. Only when MDC allows itself to be used then we will continue to see the suffering of the masses.

ZANU PF must see an end to its reign for Zimbabwe to have a new beginning. Any new era with ZANU PF is a curse to the fair minded Zimbabwean. The future of Zimbabwe must be a new era in which ZANU PF will be confined to the dustbin of history.

MDC is a party of the future and must be forwarding looking and forget about any association with ZANU PF. ZANU PF is in intensive care and it is a matter of time before we say Rest in Peace to Mugabe and his ZANU PF.

Posted by Mandingo | Report as abusive

The majority of Africans suffers from following DNA syndromes;
1) ” IwanteverythingforfreeasIamtodamnlazytow ork”
2) ” Makeasmanychildreninaperiodshortaspossib le”
3) ” Wefuckitupandblameapartheidforit”
Do not only look at Zim. look at the bigger picture Africa. Show/name one prospereous Africa country where the Africans has themselves build the infrastucture and the economy, and I will shut up.I am NOT a rasist, and can proof it; I’m a realist and can proof it.For starters; by getting rid of most of the white people in the RSA government and the white boere from their farms, (same as in Zim) and the whole infrastructure and economy goes down the sewer. I lost my job through black empowerment. I started my own little company, I make thousands more than before. The SA government want to by my product…only if I have a Black Business Pardner, i refuse..they don’t buy…I export, and make thousands more. The sick, lame, lazy and polititians are to get rid of their TICK-syndrome, like thousands of blacks already did,(they are thriving), and start again working hand in hand with the whities still left in the RSA (those highly qualified scientists abroad will also come back) and ZIM. and within 10 years from now Zim and RSA will again be the two top countries in Africa.
Lastly; Stop the the unrecorded systematic Genocide of whites in the RSA, it’s going to back-fire.

Posted by Retneva | Report as abusive

Mugabe and all his fellow African leaders barring Zuma, Ozinga and a hand few are a bunch of retards, how can any sane person sit down in silence while Mugabe and his gang of nonentities destroy a beautiful country and its people, i feel sick to the stomach, dissapointed and angry. Sanctions must be lifted immediately and Mugabe must be given an ultimatum to stand down or else he must be brought down by force.Zimbabwe has no oil so i can understand the reluctance of some to go and rescue democracy but were is the sense of humanity, the UN must act immediately

Posted by Nduka Tolefe | Report as abusive

Viva Zimbabwe. Africans should stand-up against the racists’ patronising us. Stand up and be counted. Mwana wevhu!

Posted by Willom | Report as abusive

When will the black Africans start to see for themselves that some Leaders are useless idiots that have no regard serving their country. They think they become gods when in power.
There is not one white person that I know who want to have a return to the old colonial day. The issue is the total breakdown of infrastructure and systems that should generate prosperity for all are in shambles.
The Black mans Burden is that they dont seem to understand how to create infrastructure and using it seem to be far beyond their capabilities!

Forget “land reform,” forget “ESAP,” forget all of what you think the real reason for this crisis may be. The crisis in Zimbabwe is first and foremost the lack of caring on the part of the government for its people. It is obvious to the entire world that Mugabe cares more about power and not giving in than he does feeding his people. There are hundreds of countries that will send aid at a moment’s notice if he will just allow them into the country. He refuses to give even the slightest regard for the well-being of his country and that is why he must be stopped. I don’t care if no white person is ever allowed to own land or rule or even live in Zimbabwe. Racism is not a new idea. But allow aid to come in to feed the people of Zimbabwe. Why will no one allow Zimbabwe to be free?

Posted by Caleb | Report as abusive

If you’re going to criticise ‘African’, criticise his comments and not attack his person. You can’t because, deep down, you know he is right. The fixation on Zimbabwe is frightening, but not puzzling because we all know the reason. Removing Robert Mugabe from the equation is only to facilitate the wider agenda that ‘African’ alludes to, and this SADC and AU have wised up to. That is why all sorts of tricks are being tried including – horror of horrors – suggestions that troops must be sent to Zimbabwe because of a cholera outbreak! Goodness gracious me, how silly and stupid can you get! Send medicines, not troops and come off your high horses if you really care. Of course, we know you care as much as Nazis offering to help the very same Jews they were trying to obliterate…

Another African, in Zimbabwe

Posted by ray chola | Report as abusive

I doubt that any country will have the guts to adequately intervene. Britain, America and the USA collaborated to get Mugabe in, despite warnings about exactly this sort of outcome which is what always happens in African countries when so-called full democracy is orchestrated. They must be laughing to hear plans for an African party wanting to intervene as it lets them off the hook of sorting out the mess they orchestrated.

Please can you help with a campaign to free Zimbabwe. We need one million signatures to pressure the the SADC, AU and UN to force Mugabe to resign. If Mugabe does not go willingly, he should be removed by force. In this letter we urge the powerful nations of the USA, UK, France, Russia etc to take action against Mugabe’s dictactorship. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

We are campaigning to highlight the human suffering in Zimbabwe which is being inflicted on the Zimabwean population by one man, Robert Mugabe. All systems have broken down, there is no health, education, transport, economy, employment etc. Yet the world is watching helpless as the events equivalent to a genocide are unfolding in Zimbabwe. How can the whole world watch when one man is systematically denying his people food, health, education and all fundamentals of human survival. Why can’t the world say enough is enough to Mugabe, we can’t watch while you are committing attrocities to your own people. The people of Zimbabwe voted for change and this old man has clung to power irrespective of being rejected by the people. Mugabe has single-handedly destroyed the life of Zimbabweans and the world should not let this continue. Let powerful nations take out this dictator. The people of Zimbabwe deserve a better life. Please sign this letter pass it on.


Posted by Oscar Chita | Report as abusive

Zimbabweans are very pathetic people (for heavens sake, somebody must just INVADE Mugabe fiefdom to help them, otherwise they won’t do it by themselves!)…look at some posts above! Complete madness…what use is ‘sovereighty’ when the masses are hungry, destitude and dying because of a reckless smelly-ass tyrant and his vampirish court of carrion-feasting komodo dragons. Most of those who talk of sovereinghty are living in foreign countries having escaped from the same ass-svereighty they claim must be protected. It scares me: Shona people (especailly the so-called Zezuru tribe from hell…Mugabe’s own!!) are unbelievable…if Mugabe was to live another 80 or so years they would still kneel and worship him (or lick his ass, whatever!) no matter how much he f***s them the wrong way!! They would rather flee the hardships of their fiefdom and then worship him from the comfort of other countries…

I support Raila Odinga’s call for military intervention. If the region feels unconfortable, Botswana’s idea of a blockade is a good one, it however needs to be augmented by further EU sanctions!! Otherwise, if all fails, zimbo’s neighbouring countries who have been inconvenienced by what’s going on there must just tore it apart between themselves, convert it to some giant waste disposal land-mass or may be even sublet it to Western countries or Chinese looking for nuclear waste disposal sites.

Posted by Burayachete | Report as abusive

The conspiracy theorists who still see white Rhodesians hiding in every corner need to step back, get a grip on reality, and face the facts: The economy of Zimbabwe is a shambles because Mugabe is an incompetent, cruel, and corrupt megalomaniac. It’s not Western countries that are printing Zimabwean currency in billion-dollar denominations, that’s literally worth less than the paper it’s printed on. Things may well be worse in hellholes like Darfur and Congo, but they were never thriving, successful economies, as Zimbabwe was for many years (even, for a while, under Mugabe.)
The military is first in line for every resource and every (non-Zibwabean) dollar, and only when they find themselves severely pinched will they take the necessary action. Mugabe will find himself jailed soon enough, or dead from very, very acute lead poisoning.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

There are so many dictators in africa why is Mugabe the only one they seek for.
They are france best freinds.
europians don’t have enough blood on there hands

you don’t like black but you like what he have.
stop steeling.

europians have no kind of pride.
i don’t where they came from.

send that to BBC.

the problems of a country like any organisation should lie squarely on the shoulders of its leader. the african countries cannot influence changes in zimbabwe due to lack of will for various reasons ,the west and the east also cannot influnce change due accusations of racial influence.Change in ecomomy will only come when the leaders of zimbabwe start thinking about improving the life of other zimbabweans rather than giving excuses of problems that have happened while they been in positions of power.Ask the millions of young zimbabweans that have left the country what they think of the current goverment

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Vincent & African

Disgruntled you may be the attention Zimbabwe is getting – it has not been on the news for years, each country you have mentioned is already past the stage Zim is at and that is why people are intrigued. Zimbabwe is heading down the same track as Somalia, Uganda etc.
Get over it, Zimbabwe is and should be a country of concern as it has the highest inflation rate in history bar Hungary, starvation of millions, etc. etc. etc. Another tragic case of another African nation down the googler!

Just because the country is not at a full scale war does not mean it should be ommitted from the news. The country and it’s people are probably worse off than if there was a war as they have no hope left. When at war there’s always hope. They are being starved and left to die. Zimbabwe’s war is a quiet on, where the real stories are not shown till after the end!

Get over yourself and stop blaming the farmers. They did not steal land they bought it from the Government (Rhodesian and Zimbabwean) and when Rhodesia became Zim the poms gave Mugabe money to compensate the white farmers for their land but he stole that money. No compensation! You people who pass judgement without fact make me sick and should get things straight before you start throwing wild acusations about. Which country do you come from African and vincent? Whites are also Africans and so are coloured etc…why the classifications? If the world is to become a better place we need to get rid of racial discrimination. Blacks, whites coloured are getting smashed by mugabe every day write about Zimbabweans not blacks or whites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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May I ask where you reside at this time?

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Who are you trying to deceive? The lies are obvious for everone to see, maybe except people like you.

This blaket coverage of Zimbabwe is not because Britain loves Zimbabwe but because a few white farmers (like yourself?) were forced to give up stolen land.

If all of you screaming on thios board (incidentally with European/Rhodesian names) loved the black population of Zimbabwe so much you should be rushing medicines and food to Zimbabwe to prevent the starvation and cholera that you claim to be concerned about.

Instead of flooding the country with medicine, you are calling for an invasion of the country to topple Mugabe. Why? Because that is your main concern and not the people of Zimbabwe. It is your hypocrisy, lies, and cruelty that I object to. That is becaMugabeleas the blanket lhy

You guys even go as far as claiming that SADC must act because the problem in Zimbabwe is affecting neighboring countries. How come you all know better than the leaders and peoples of the neighboring countries?

You said that you bought the land from Rhodesia and the people who stiole it. Well, you know what happens when you buy stolen property… The Lancaster House agreement gave you 20 years of grace after which you could willingly sell part of the land so that the landless blacks could also share the land with you. But you were too greedy. Now, you will be left with nothing.

You say Whites are also Africans. Fair enough, but why then did you impose apartheid on your fellow Africans and treated them like shit? Why are you orchestrating economic sanctions that are starving your fellow Africans who happen to be black? Why did you not accept their generous offer to share the land even though you stole it from them? How can you claim to be Africans when you have no regard for fellow Africans because your skin color is lighter?

If you are real Africans you should be working for a peace settlement in Zimbabwe instead of this selfish propaganda. You should be calling for the sanctions to be lifted because the victims are fellow Africans and not Mugabe or Tsvangirai.

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PLEASE people. Just remember that the harshest sanctions ever where put in place against Rhodesia’s white regime in the 70′s. Under those sanctions the Zim dollar was almost as strong as the GBP and the economy never collapsed at all. Now there are some targeted personal sanctions against the corrupt Zanu officials and they use this as a fig leaf to explain their willful destruction of the Zim economy. Sorry, but Mugabe proved years ago that he has no idea how to run a country. AK47 wielding Freedom fighter is what he is good for. Go back to the bush and stay there.

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Lyn and co

Why are you all focusing on “African.” He spoke the truth and you know it?
The truth is bitter.

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Judging by the comments posted on this site, I think that the scary “West” should leave Africa to spontaneously combust as it will eventually do, and what more proof could you ever need to prove the point that it is neither racism, colonialism nor imperialism that will ultimately kill Africa, but blind, unadulterated foolishness……..

mugabe should read the hand writing on the wall and step down.

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Throughout the African people’s history of fighting for liberation and human dignity, each gain and breakthrough we have made was mainly due to our ability to overcome our enemy’s overt brutality, deceit and manipulation.Because the colonialists and imperialists have actively engaged in both our physical and mental oppression, the web of deception created by their Media and networks is a crucial and deadly weapon .

The manner in which the European and British media have reported how cholera is spreading in Zimbabwe not only reveals they enjoy watching a people whom they cannot intimidate and control suffer, but even, more importantly, it is clearly a masquerade by supposedly compassionate human beings who have nothing to do with the problem.

The Zimbabwean Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Dr David Parirenyatwa, and his staff deserve ultimate praise, not only for their tireless efforts to maintain Zimbabwe’s broken health infrastructure, but for having the courage and integrity to inform the world that the sanctions — and not negligence or bad governance — are the root cause for problems with the country’s health delivery system.

While the cholera problem is tragic and deserves our immediate attention, the British government and its supporters (raila Odinga and Co), obsessed with illegal regime change in Zimbabwe, should be the last ones allowed to pass moral judgment on how President Mugabe and Zanu-PF deal with this matter.