Gaza breakfast turns to horror

December 27, 2008

Saturday is my day off from being Reuters correspondent in Gaza and I usually sleep until noon.  This Saturday things didn’t go to plan.

My 7-year-old son Abdel-Rahman and his sister Dalia, who is 12, came home early from school, as they have been doing their mid-term exams, to wake me up and ask me to take them for breakfast at a seafront restaurant not far from Gaza’s port.

We got in the car, and for some reason I didn’t take the usual coast road. The decision probably saved our lives.

We had barely taken our table overlooking the sea when we heard one explosion, then another, then a third.

Abdel-Rahman began to cry and Dalia covered her ears with her hands.

I rushed to the front to have a look and saw smoke pouring from the area of the port, and a series of explosions. I figured it was air strikes. Then I heard the roar of Israeli jets.

I radioed my colleagues in television and pictures and told them what I had seen. I tried to phone Reuters’ Jerusalem office — but the mobile phone signal died.

I went to the restaurant’s reception and called the office, but I had to keep running back to my children and wife, were, to calm them down.

“Dad, don’t leave us,” cried Abdel-Rahman. Dalia wept. “Dad, I am afraid. Why? Why did that happen? Do they want to kill us?”

I had no answer as the explosions continued to rock the place that is our home.

I was getting reports by radio about locations that had been hit, including the main police headquarters and another security compound near our house.

What later emerged was that more than 225 people had been killed in dozens of air strikes against the Hamas-ruled strip. Israel said the attacks were in response to daily rocket fire by Gaza militants, which intensified after Hamas ended a six-month ceasefire. On Saturday, one Israeli man was killed by a rocket after the Israeli strikes began.

My wife tried to call her friends in the house, but couldn’t get a signal. Then one of her friends got through to her and told her that there was shattered glass everywhere and the sky overhead was thick with smoke.

So we had to stay put in the restaurant and I had to struggle between coping with the tears of my children and the need to get to my office in Gaza.

Colleagues warned me against driving as my car could be hit if I unwittingly drove near any of the security compounds that the Israelis were attacking.

Then there was a lull in the bombings, and I put my family in the car. I took back roads, and drove as fast as I dared with hundreds of people milling around the streets.

“Dad, be careful,” Dalia said.

We arrived home to see that the adjacent Hamas security compound had indeed been bombed, and there were crowds in the street.

“I saw body parts and some people had their heads cut off,” one man said. “It was a real massacre, Israel has started a war,” said another.

In the compound, ambulance workers were still carrying out the injured as bodies, uniformed and in plain clothes, lay on the ground. Women wept and children huddled in the arms of their mothers and fathers.


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You should be happy living in a strict Islamic society
Forget that Hamas has been bombing Israel on a daily basis
If the situation was reversed and Hamas has the fate of Jews in its hands as the Jews have the fate of the Palestinians hamas would murder every man woman child and babu and you know its true

Posted by Alfred | Report as abusive

1. IDF gave plenty of warning ahead of time asking to cease rocket attack. HAMAS refused.
2. HAMAS rockets also deadly but Israel shield own citizens providing shelters and warning system so few Israeli are killed. HAMAS locates military facility in populas areas effectively using own people as human shield. But Reuters “correspondent” doesn’t blame HAMAS for putting his life in danger.
3. I just wondering how Reuters could count on “correspondent” who lives next to HAMAS compound as reliable source.
4. Even if some people can justify HAMAS attacks. I am wondering how they justify that HAMAS atack Israel without any means to protect own civilians and even worse, HAMAS hides among them exposing them using as human shield.

Posted by Sergey | Report as abusive

Hey Nidal,
What you went through, Israeli citizens in Sderot go thorough every day. Not pleasant is it?

Posted by Gary | Report as abusive

Gary has a point, Nidal. Israel left Gaza. What did it get in return? Daily rocket attacks. Tell your leaders to stop the rocket attacks and you will live in peace. You cannot expect Israel to keep taking this, can you? Your people are wasting millions on rockets. It should go for food and medicine instead.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Really balanced news, I see. Shame on you!

Posted by Gary | Report as abusive

Many unarmed people, woman and children died there but they are only “collateral damage”, right? Well no, it’s not true that all Palestinians are the same, many of them dislike Hamas but they are dead now, too. Hamas are terrorists, but it doesn’t mean Israel is good. Israel is punishing everyone from Gaza because of group of terrorists. That’s not right.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Well, you guys have to meke the choice either to live with the current situation and get killed like animals or find a solution so you can live in peace. If you claim that the land is yours,then why not in the name of hell can 3 million people make a 3 million man-march to claim thier land? you are going to get killed anyway why not got killed trying get what belong to you, if there are a billion out there who support you,why not some one hundred million man and women make a peaceful march on the holly land to help you get your freedom and rights to better life, any thing else is such a dirty wash?.

Posted by citizen of the world | Report as abusive

I am shocked to see any support for Israel. The Jews now act against the Palastinians as the Nazi’s once acted against them. I see one ignorant fool has suggested that the palastinian people in Gaza should spend money on food and medicine. HOW. ISRAEL CONTROLS WHAT GETS INTO THE COUNTRY. These people effectively live in a prison!! Do you not realise what security blockade means? Nothing comes or goes without Israel say so. Please, please, please people, even if it is just one person who reads this. Check for yourself what is happening. DIG for information. DO NOT RELY on mainstream reports. LOOK CLOSELY. I beg of you. I am not trying to suggest Hamas is right, only that the Israeli Goverment is so so wrong. Look on a map at the area of country that 1.5 million people live in. Look at the borders. The port is controlled by Israel. People have been living on the aid that is allowed through by Israel for years. It is currently the biggest prison in the world. Forget “Escape from New York”, forget “Escape from L.A.”, this situation is happening for real in our world.

Posted by murch | Report as abusive

a joke. how many israelis have been killed so far by hamas’s rockets. out of 230 dead kids, how many are hamas militants?? maybe 1?? Of course we can’t expect our U.S government to put and end to this, Israel is our puppy and we are just letting them use the toys we give them. figures my other fellow americans would react in favor of israel, considering, what israel does to the palestinians we have done to native americans, african americans, latin americans, and iraqis. so no wonder america and israel have such a close bond. we both have nothing but tyranny, murder, oppresion and persecution in our history. so go ahead, lets go and excuse israel for thier war crimes, we excuse ourselves all the time. 230 today, let’s see if they can double that tommorow. I guess next time tel-aviv, NewYork, or london has a terrorist attack, we’ll know why. Happy Hannukha

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

It’s a courageous thing, to be a journalist in a wartorn region. Perhaps it would be wise to relocate your wife and children, however. Hamas is not defensible as a moral authority. Any group that would select and train its own young people to act as suicide bombers has lost sight of the sanctity of human life and should be dismantled. The mighty firepower of Israel, however, is best used with great humanitarian restraint. The people of Gaza have been victimized by both sides. They are helpless pawns in a regional game of Realpolitik, continually and carelessly sacrificed by Saudis, Iraqis, and other players intent on maintaining regional instability and conflict. The international community must step in and help protect Palestinians from those who do not truly care for their well-being. Schools, hospitals. work opportunities, a good quality of life must be reintroduced into Gaza. That is the proper road to peace, not ceaseless warfare.

Posted by Trystan G. Dean | Report as abusive

Until moderate muslims find the will to confront the extremists, there will be no innocent muslims. Just as all jews are responsible to some degree for their brother jews, so too are muslims responsible for each other. Whether we like it or not, we are all our brother’s keepers.

Posted by Denver | Report as abusive

The hypocrisy of the state of Israel is as follow. Open the blockade in gaza, then bombard the city. Kill 200 people and tell me they are Hamas. In a war the palestinians have something going for them, they know who they shooting at. The israelis, a wild guess. To help the israelis making the wright choice, the palestinians will do what the germans did to the jews, mark themselves. If you are a Hamas have an H, if you are not have an NH.By the way when the US going to use Israel for other purposes than killing palestinians. We armed that country to its teeth, for what. Or, lets armed the palestinians with the same weaponary that israel have, and let them go at each other. That will be a fair fight.

Posted by Joe Fattal | Report as abusive

when you live under hamas rule…and your children are killed in an israeli airstrike…come and give a lecture on how israel acted in self-defense…

Posted by Natasha Choufani | Report as abusive

israel – ghetto state, ghetto mentality. ghetto future

Posted by basho | Report as abusive

Don’t make fools of us! Israel is bombing the objects of severe terror. And it’s not their fault that the HAMAS cowards build their objects and set their arming in the very middle of the city, where their own citizens have been suffering from their own bloody terror for years< not only Sderot and other Israelis. Only HAMAS, Hizbollah, Islamic Jihad and others are to be blamed for what is happening.
No radical islam in the world, no terror.

Posted by ira | Report as abusive

Refreshing to see the world, just a day or two out from Christmas, enjoy the battering that the Israelis have given the Palistenians. No rembering why the Pals are fiering these rockets. It’could not be the continuing of the settelments being built, or that the Pals won a Democratic election , under the most un ballanced guides, with the Americans pouring millions into Fatha.
With blockade in place what a lovely festive season the Pals enjopyed.Wonder when the rules changed that you cant fire rockets and missels at civilian areas. Only two countries do that.

Posted by MICK | Report as abusive

Israel has been forcefully encroaching on Palestinian land ever since borders were drawn in 1967. Israel has just been rebuked almost unanimously by the UN council for cutting off all food, medical supplies, and power to Gaza. They were provoking these people and now have an excuse to harm over 1000 and counting Palestinians…and then has the nerve to say they are trying to encourage peace? Even the newsmedia is showing all the pictures of the dead women and children. Israel has total disregard for the Geneva Conventions or the welfare of anyone but themselves.

Posted by Stephen | Report as abusive

The problem with Hamas is that they are too ‘honest’ and too open in their words and deeds, too straightforward. When Israel lately, just before the end of the truce, killed one of their militants, they did not perceive that this was an intended trap. A few rockets were launched.
The Israeli rightly guessed that Hamas would not continue the truce. For Hamas, the problem was that this was the only thing they could do as the Israeli had not kept it.
And Israel rightly guessed that after another few killings by the IDF, this would provoke Hamas into firing more rockets.
Ergo, the IDF could than provide to the world the justification to start this offensive. This clearly is not an spontaneous action, it had been planned long in advance.
Hamas should try to find spin-doctors for their dealings on truces or other agreements with the Israeli and a few good political chess-players.
By now, it should be clear that a frew (even a few hundred) death do not matter. The point is how to tell it the world, the PR.

Posted by Hein | Report as abusive

Wow…Reuters pulls my statement of facts on the 1967 borders and Israel’s human rights violations against Palestine (cutting off food and medical) which recently was a major topic of criticism by the UN, and my comment gets moderated and deleted…it was posted before.

Reuters, it is obvious you are filtering these comments for editorial purposes and you have just lost a customer.

Posted by Stephen | Report as abusive

It’s intereting to see how Israel and the U.S blame this WHOLE massacre on hamas. Hamas a weak and hapless organization which was already losing support amongst the palestinians armed with fircrackers which have killed exactly what maybe one israeli. How many Hamas “militants” they exactly kill in this massacre. Of course our U.S governemnt is a just an israeli stooge,capable of accomplishing nothin (as we see in this current economic meltdown)This is just another example of how the zionist regime is the cause for all turmoil in the middle east. they have given the extremist 280 reasons to carry out more of their pathethic suicide now more cities from islamabad, mumbai, tel-aviv, London, Paris, and who knows back to new york and washington innocent people will be killed because of regimes trying to fulfil their own agenda. this is not a religious fight between muslims and jews, because I am jewish and to see that these atrocities are taking place during Hannukha and with christmas just passing us by, it is an outrage.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

I guess the objectivity of this reporter and this story flew out the window the same time he decided to live next to a Hamas headquarters. About as objective as MSNBC.
Where are all the so-called peaceful muslims? When the media says Jews and Christians are violent, they just ignore it and go on with life.
When the pope made a quote about muslims and violence, what do they do– they prove the pope wrong by bombing synagogues… Or would that be proving the pope right? Gaza is getting a little taste of what Israeli children and civilians have been getting for say several hundred years.
What about all the peaceful muslims marching collectively to denounce Hamas, and report these terrorists, and every headquarters that the cowards open in civilian neighborhoods. Also, what about the so-called brotherhood of muslims? Why don’t any of the muslim countries in the region give their peaceful brothers some of their land?

Hey, here’s a novel idea. Why not all the peaceful muslims move out of Gaza, and then all the terrorists would be in one place in the world.

Posted by Piotr | Report as abusive

Gaza has been effectively isolated for months. A cease fire under such terms with no movement by the people is essentially internment. Waiting hours a day in line to go to work ( on the rare occasion that is possible ) is absurd. The Israelies know it is untenable for a society to carry on this way.
More Palestinian children will have died by the end of this one action than Isreali children during the 60 years of conflict. The numbers of non-combatant Palestinian dead exceeds that if the Isrealis by a staggering ratio.
Of course this will happen when people are taken from their long term residences and relocated to ultra high density housing.
Perhaps it is time to reassess the US position and reallocate the massive amounts of aid that go directly to the Isreali armed forces. We are one of the only nations in the world that supports this activity. Now is the time we should look at spending that money on education and health care domestically. Better than spending it to look bad in the eyes of other developed nations by supporting a nation that does not embrace our values. Our alliance with the Isreali nation serves a more questionable purpose as time marches on.
My analysis is based stricly on economics, the mounting cries of the developed world to end a system that amounts to apartiad, the casualty lists, and the needs of America.

Posted by elk b | Report as abusive

Reuters shoud convert to islam openly for the sake of democracy and human rights.

Posted by Janina Nowicka | Report as abusive

Dear Reuters, please don’t pretend you apply “moderation”. It’s pure and sheer censorship. I have been living in communist Poland for almost 50 years and I can assure you, I know what I am writing about. I only have some problems to understand your hatred to the Euro-Atlantic civilisation.

Posted by Janina Nowicka | Report as abusive

Israel – Democratic state, Democratic mentality, Democratic future.

Posted by Jack Mazafi | Report as abusive

This is a disgusting biased one sided article. I am sick and tired of people reading of casualty numbers. yes very few people are actually physically injured in the rocket attacks that have plagued Israel for the last couple of years but that is a pointless number used by the Palestinians to justify terrorism. In truth 95% of children living in towns adjacent to the Gaza strip have Post Traumatic stress disorder, the same thing that battle hardened soldiers experience. How is that not a casualty of war? It is unfortunate that the Palestinians suffer as a result of their “governments” actions but no western country would tolerate the rockets for as long as Israel has. Collateral damage is a fact of war, if Hamas really cared about the well being of the Palestinian people they would not have invited the inevitable Israeli reprisal down on the heads of their own sons. The blood of the innocent is on the Palestinian leadership.

Posted by Ari Krauss | Report as abusive

Not at one point have I heard any of you mention that both parties to this conflict are living in fear for the wellbeing of their children.

Who cares about the adults, adults have the choice to beleive, follow and make their own decisions whereas children dont.

Blaming each other will never work.

The only way anything will ever change is if the majority of a population stands as one and defends itself against the moral ambiguitys of the minority.

Self Pride, Self Preservation and no matter what religion you practice or by what name you claim as your god, death and killing is never EVER sanctioned or premitted.

As Sir Edmund Barton once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. Good men, at the heart of it everyone just wants to raise their family in peace and give them all the oppurtunitys and happiness life can provide.

Everyone needs to act on this and make a better life for themselves.. Thats all that is required.

Posted by Nathan | Report as abusive

Where was all the outrage when Isreal was being bombed and rocketed on a daily basis? Isreal asked for the rockets to stop and they did not. Isreal asked the UN to stop the rockets and they did not. Now Isreal is not asking anymore and they will stop.

Posted by Rjick | Report as abusive

its funny to see how some of you try and justify the killing of these innocent people. how did u justify killing 1200 people in Lebanon and then ran out of there as fast as you can as soon as they felt a tiny bit of resistance. now because the IDF is too scared to go back to lebanon and too afraid of iran so i guess they had to use the toys that the U.S gives them on someone. israelis you act as if you have been in that land for centuries, yet your own torah states you are the people with no land. you’ve only been there for a few years so don’t act like you own anything. if it wasn’t for a U.S sponosored UN mandate that even allowed you to have something that does not belong to u. Its because you are the U.S stooge that you have anything at all, so its not as if you have anything to offer to the world. you are the biggest violaters of human rights in the world. so what is it that you have to brag about??

Posted by james | Report as abusive

This is a shame.This is the modern day civilization that we live in. Humans killing humans over what exactly? using weapons of mass destruction in effort to accomplish what? is this supposed to stop attacks and surpress the hatred? how is the israeli military different then hamas? both have killed innocent people. both spread the haterd amongst their own people. to read some of the comments i have read is sickening and disgusting and its from both sides. this dispute has the potential to start a world war 3 if it is not resolved, and so if that is what you seek, so than be it. accept the consequences, accept the death, the violence, the destruction and accept your faith.

Posted by david | Report as abusive

U and your Hamas buddies mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Posted by j | Report as abusive

1. Put international peace keepers in place. Peace should not be left to the whim of the radicals of either Israel or Hamas.

2. Permit and encourage an economic and political future for the Palestinian people. Give them a stake in peace via job-creation, solid infrastructure, and education at all levels incl university–all within a Palestinian state

Costly? Not as costly as the status quo.

Posted by Maribago | Report as abusive

It looks like the Warsaw ghetto

Posted by joe gil | Report as abusive

The Gaza breakfast turns to horror show is a true sentiment….

Posted by DENNIS | Report as abusive

Nidal al-Mughrabi: Thanks for the post; What happen, did you get thru to the Reuters bureaux in Jerusalem to notify them of the breaking news story…

Posted by DENNIS | Report as abusive

now israel has proved that it is not more then a more organised and good looking (can say clean shaved)terrorists. if hamas is terrorist (that everyone knows)group …on innocent death counts israel is a bigger terrorist organisation then hamas. for the death of 2jews by some terrorists they are killing thousand muslims. its the same the power game. its the same person both side trying to kill each other, powerfull is winning.time knows what will be the future. but peace can never come from blood.

Posted by ankur | Report as abusive

This is what the West want to teach the Muslim world, they are peace loving people. All the Jews or Jew sympthisers saying there was the UN when Israel was asking Hamas to stop firing rockets.

My answer to you agressors, muderers of inncocent babies, children n mothers. You think by killing inncocent people you are proving to the world how powerful your milatry is. Why not pick on your own size then we will see and fight without your mudrere masters backing we will see. As you have predicted you will be defeated how long will USA protect you when they have enough on their plate. Every empire falls then what will happen whenthat hapens we will teaxch Israelis a lesson even Hitler would be ashamed of.

Israel is occupier, gaza is the biggest open prison on the planet and i dont see any civilised world leaders ocndemning that. Infact you are promoting whta Israel is doing. The reason they are attacking is because you control everything in their life from water to who gets out of the hell hole and who comes in. Under constant oocuption so palestinians have right to defend their land. As sson as Israel withdraws to 1965 borders and they still have rockets pounding them then they have a argument. Or else you Jews have no room to talk.

Jews are the biggest culprits cause of of all the mischiefs in the world. The question is how long it will last. I ll tell you when the true Muslims wake up the Jews would not know where to run to even with your nuclear weapons.

Posted by ALI786 | Report as abusive

great reporting. we here in the U.S do not see the truth about what is really happening over there. Our Media here in the U.S is just a product of zionists corporation. most people here in the U.S are ignorant of the world’s affairs and not aware of the atrocities carried out by israel. when Russia invaded Georiga the U.S, israel and others were squealing loud about that type of action is unacceptable; well now that israel has even surpassed russia, our politicians and news corporations are keeping their beaks shut. typical. keep doing what you are doing, expose the truth about the murders. god speed.

Posted by Derrick | Report as abusive

As a Jewish American, I am ashamed at the actions of Israeli government. For those who think this a Jewish vs. Muslim war, that is not the case. There are many Jews who are against these horrifying actions by the Israeli government. This is not the Jewish way. This is not what the torah teaches us. Like Islam has its problems with extremist, we have ours and it is form the Zionists Israeli government. This problem did not just happen 3 days ago. This has been ongoing problem from cutting off food and medical supplies, to creating check points, and creating unauthorized settlements. These acts of human rights violations need to stop. This is any outrage.

Posted by levi | Report as abusive

Reuters is a skilled propagandist. It gives the appearance of balance by allowing a small number of comments from “horrified” people who condemn both sides of the conflict, but deletes comments which contain awkward truths about the Palestinians and don’t fit the Reuters version of events. Goebbels would approve.

I would no more believe a “news” story from Reuters than I would believe a story from the Mugabe Public Information Agency.

Posted by Peter H | Report as abusive

I like how the topic shifts from hamas launcing rockets and being the cause of this genocide to the way reuters does its reporting. how about shifting the focus to how even before this genocide began, israel was cutting off food and supplies to palestine and buidling settlements that does not belong to them, not to mention violating every human right in the world. its not the reporting that’s the problem,its who is being reported that is the problem to all of this. If there is a 3 world war, israel will be the reason and for their mistakes, thousands of lives will be lost. that is a shame. my son is in the marines and i’ll be damed if he goes to war because of them.

Posted by lindsey | Report as abusive

“Hammas is a terrorist puppet with strings attached to its Iranian masters” this is a fact. Now, you and I can write million comments against Reuters, CNN, ABC,….etc, and the way the media reports the news, but the fact of the matter is that most of us don’t see who the real winner of this chaos is, the Iranians. Two years ago, they won a war with Israel through their servants, Hezbollah, currently they are the sole beneficiary of the Iraq war, and now they are trying to create a new war far away from their borders to keep the threat of their regime change at bay.

In his speech three months ago, Ahmadinejad said that the US will have to fight Iran in the streets of Baghdad and at the borders of Israel. The Godfather of terrorism needs to be dealt with; we need to support the Iranian opposition (get info here: in its path to demolish the Mullahs theocracy and defeat the Islamic fascism in the Middle East, this is the only solution we all have.

Posted by I&#8217;ve been there | Report as abusive

i never relised how unjust the world is untill today. let us not look at the race or religion but look at the situation when is it right to kill over 300 innocent lives most of them being little babies. i can care less if 50,000 soldiers died but little kids who dont know wrong from right are the ones that are suffering. Im not blaming anyone and im not taking sides but after reading all these comments all i have to say is its a sad world and shame on all of those who think justice is being served.

Posted by murray | Report as abusive

Israel = Terrorist State
USA = Sponsors of terror states

Posted by Ali786 | Report as abusive

This “Holy War” is perpetuated by the USA just as it is being waged in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These are innocent human beings being killed by the Isrealis which is sponsored by the, to steal a phrase from, -Posted by I’ve been there, the “Godfather of terrorism”. Only the Godfather is US. Our hands are all the more bloody to allow this incursion by Israel to go on. Bush has no shame or conscience in killing Islamic believers.

If and when Islamic countries rise up, my sons or daughters will not fight and die to save Israel. They have are perpetrating a HALOCAUST against the Palestanians. SHAME ON ISRAEL!!!

Posted by agnostic | Report as abusive

This is the best way to survive terrorism in this world, and they are fully utilizing it.
Mix up between innocent people, and raise jihad, and project these terrorists are “non-state” actors, by giving them more room to perform their heinous acts.

If Palestine goes and capture the Hamas and take severe action, would Israel had gone for this War?

If Pakistan goes and capture the Terrorist organizations and take severe action, would India suffered Mumbai attacks, would US and allied forces been into Afghan borders?

When ever a civilized society raises its voice, these nations shows denial saying “Even we’re victims of terrorism, and they are non-state actors”.
So whom should we trust? Therefore I completely agree for what Israel is doing with Palestine (HAMAS). Now as far the civilians are concerned, how much are we sure that they are no related to HAMAS?

All I do not understand is when these terrorists kill innocent civilian people, everyone will show condolences and sympathy, did anyone tried to put then under trail? But when some nation takes a strong measures towards these terrorists, we hear many voices raised, protests.
All Bull S**t, this is what terrorists expects and this is what we’re all doing.

Posted by Sali | Report as abusive

Hamas is fighting for the people of Gaza, they have been democratly elected to represt people of Gaza. When democracy produces this why cant the west accept it. People of Gaza strip have been under constant hardship, daily humiliation, target killing Hamas was not firing any rockets.

Israel can do what it likes but but will never achieve its target. Till it does not stop daily occupation and gets out of palestinians land. Why is everone telling hamas to stop their firecrackers, at the same time allowing Israelis to commit muderers acts in Gaza.

Shame on you in the West, this is example of your civilised world. You backing a terrorist state which does not even recognise any UN resulutions but if a UN resultion was passed for Iraq or any other muslim copuntry it is implmented even enforced within hours. But at the same time Israeli is violating all international laws but no one gives a sh..t.

The real Muslim dont have any hope in the current system just like the league of nation was dismantled and noe the credibilty of UN has been in question for some time. It is just a instrument for the US to legalise its occupation in the far Muslim lands.

Posted by Ali786 | Report as abusive

“target killing Hamas was not firing any rockets.”

Isn’t such statements makes some people in Israel annoyed?
When Israel wants a permanent resolution to this reoccurring problem, why isn’t Hamas accepting Israel’s offer, instead they are clearly telling the world that they keep firing rockets into Israel.

When Palestine Hamas kill innocent people of Israel no one raise their voices, why? Where is Human Rights?

When Israel clearly announced that they will retaliate to Hamas, and doing it so, why everyone are raising voices? Is Human Rights here?

Aren’t people of Israel are innocent?

Unless someone in this world don’t take a bold step like Israel did, these groups like Hamas, LeT, Al Qaeda will fully flourish.

We must appreciate Israel for battling such Terrorists since decades, that too in the middle of Arabs.

“For every evil things, there is a good end”

Happy New Year

Posted by Sali | Report as abusive

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the work that Nidal al-Mughrabi does. I have been reading through some of his articles and I commend him for presenting facts in his articles and not writing them in a biased way. As an Israeli it gets rather old hearing facts twisted to make us look bad time after time.

Once again thank you,

Posted by dc | Report as abusive

GO ISRAEL!! It’s ok to use disproportional force against terrorist and their sympathizers. Too many “moderate Muslims and Arabs” fail to denounce the terror of Al-Qaida, Hamas, and Hezbollah. Israel has the right and obligation to protect its citizens. Yes high numbers of Palestinians have been killed in collateral damage. But it is their fault for tolerating and even backing Hamas and the Jihad movement. If there truly are any peaceful Muslims they should help crush the Jihad for the sake of world peace. But many Muslims believe that Islam should be the only religion in the world. The Jihad is not just against the Jews but anyone who does not see Allah as God o’ mighty. There are terrorist cells in the USA, Britain, Russia, Africa, the Philippians, truly every corner of the globe ready to strike. No one can say these or my beliefs because I am a Jew, or a Christian supporting the Jews, because I am an Atheist. Any objective person can see Israel has tried to allow peace. But Israel continues to take non provoked rocket attacks. I don’t think Israel can defeat Hamas without cutting the head off the Dragon, which is Iran. Radical Islam and its sympathizers must be crushed. Radical Islam has infiltrated all societies and posses the world’s number one safety concern. Global warming is not the greatest threat to our survival it is radical Islam and its supporters.
I can not feel sorry for misinformed Arabs. Ignorance has been preached to you since you were three years old. By the clerics that you so cherish very similar to Hitler in their propaganda campaigns. Radical Islam is very similar to Nazi Germany with very similar beliefs. Actually radical Islam had some of its starting tied with the Nazi’s, they were allies in WWII. Radical Muslims helped to recruit for the Nazi’s. They had similar interest in the annihilation of the Jews. Watch Obsession Radical Islam’s War Against the West. The radicals and sympathizers must stand down or be ELIMINATED…
It’s too bad so many media outlets or sympathizers to the terrorist agenda. Only showing one side of the story the Arabs suffering. They make it sound as if the Israelis actions are unjustified, when they are totally justified and should even be expanded before Iran becomes a true nuclear threat.

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Up to now I had been under the impression that Reuters was a non-partisan news organization. That is until I began reading articles by Nidal al-Mughrabi. This reporter doesn’t even make a pretense of reporting both sides of the story. Her biased reporting on behalf of the palestinian cause is so one sided I am amazed that a news organization publishes them.

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If Nidal had a bit more concern for his children he wouldn’t be working and living in Gaza in this capacity. I’d rather be a dishwasher in a place that is not overrun by terrorists.. His articles are all slanted with anti-Israel propaganda.. I know that alot of people think this way, but they don’t think right.. Best of Luck Nidal in getting your family out and finding some other employment.. Shame on reuters for using this man in this way..

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i wish to express my absolute sympathy to those who are loosing family members over absolute political nonsence. There is nothing that any other country can do to protect these people from such evils that war brings. The United States and Canada are now suffering a recession due to our efforts to keep peace. Hammas made a statement regarding the new president elect Obama not providing a statement about the current acts of war towards Gaza. Our countries have exhausted our resorces in trying to solve a problem that really isnt ours to begin with but choose to protect all that we can or in most cases are forced to do. What about the other countries that are on that side of the planet? Why arent they concerned about theyre own surroundings? Thier own neighbours who are struggling who are at war. You actually think our Western Countries would allow this to happen our neighbours? I agree to continue to give our countries as a safe haven for those in need, but there is no reason why our soldiers should be fighting somone elses war. Its disturbing to see children violently murdered because of these careless political leader whom think this will hear say WIN and get the upper hand. I dunno people i could continue but its a large reality that North America is suffering already for aiding others war on the other side of the planet and we dont here that it has any effect on these other contries that surround those that are suffering. Those people need to stand up and protect thier neighbours.

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Why is the world standing by and letting Israel get away with the worst WAR CRIMES since WAR WORLD 2. Israel needs to be stop now before they start WAR WORLD 3..

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I mean all resolution through dialogues will not happen. Some hard core steps must be taken to make sure if any future dialogues happen and those will be a confirmation and merely not just a dialogues.
Therefore I fully support to your raids on Gaza, as far civilian casualties are concerned none of us are sure whether they are Hamas supporting people or really innocent civilians therefore any such news are to be treated as fake, unless some one confirms.
All the best and hope no rockets will fly towards Israel in future.

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It is terrible how Israels are getting away with killing so many civilians and not even allowing the foreign press in.

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I have always been a moderate human being. I abhor violence and cherish liberty and freedom for everyone.
When you drive 1.5 millions people into a corner, deprive them not only of basics like food, water and medical care but also of a future perspective, hope and dignity you are asking for trouble.
You know at the end of the day it’s on which side you happened to be born. One side is the terrorist, the other the resistant. If WW11 hadn’t ended the way it had, we would be learning in history books that Hitler was a great leader and that the resistance were terrorists. Every year we watch documentaries about the jewish Holocaust and remember not to repeat history ever again. Haven’t we learned anything?
Jews get this through your head… the Palestinians have a right to exist and they wont go away. Give them back their lands and leave them live in peace. Palestinains get this through your heads… the Jews have a right to exist and they wont go away. Let them have Israel of 1948 and leave them live in peace. Once you understand that, peace will be a fact. Otherwise you’re both no better than Hitler and the Nazi’s.. keep wiping each other out barbarically. Pathetic to say the least…

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Those of you who are chanting Go Israel…When Moses led the Hebrews to the promised land and asked them to fight for it ..they refused and the Hebrews asked Moses to go fight them with his God … If you only did what God has ordained from you to do you would probably have had your promised land and you would not had to dwell the earth for centuries looking for an opportunity to steal and murder for a place on this planet to call it home.
Enjoy it as it is prophesied it will not last.

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I too call Hammas rockets FIRECRACKERS, they barely make a whole in a wall with smoke.

How many Israelis died? One due to the so called rockets and one soldier due to the latest ground invasion. Wow, I must not know how to count over 500 killed in Gaza and over 1000 injured = 2 or 1 I am not sure !!!

Also does Hammas rockets = f16 & f18 bombs = mortar shells from the latest Tanks that took the life of entire families in Gaza..!!! I am flabbergasted about the comparisons I hear

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What a bizar world we live in! In our world there is more than enough of everything we need for everyone. If we all showed love and caring towards one another, we would have heavan on earth. I can’t understand how anyone no matter where they come from, what their religion is or what political affiliations they have, can condone or justify the harming or killing of evan one person. Who cares if its a child a man or a waman who is killed. Everyone should have a right to live and to have a good quality of life. True Hamas is a major pain in the but. Retaliating on the Palistinian people however in such a vicious and drastic manner is disgusting!! How many Palistinions have any ability to control Hamas. The vast majority of people are are defenslies sitting ducks!
I live in Canada, and I happen to be half Jewish.
To be honest I find it amazing how the Jews in Isreal(most likely mostly in the government) can justify the slaughter of the Palistinions. Shouldn’t they know better? Didn’t they learn from the atrocities of the Nazis how important humanity is. How can they justify two wrongs making a right. How can they justify retaliating with such unrestrained aggresion.
Nothing good can come out of this. Only more aggression on both sides. How can they be sooo dumb! Man does it suck!! PS so does my spelling.

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What unintended consequences is Israel’s attack on Gaza likely to have?


A significant consequence of the escalation of armed Israel-Palestinian violence is that events on the ground are able to speak with a startling clarity as to the wider realities of this on-going conflict. Over time both sides have built up an armoury of words with which to battle for justification and control of the historical, legal and humanitarian context of this war. Many of us have drifted in accepting this lexicon of crafted terminology, however it is now looking very exposed indeed.

Perhaps one of the most striking illustrations of actual events is the ratio of 1:100 Israelis to Palestinians killed in the conflict. In this stark light talk of ‘Proportional Response’, ‘Precision Targeting’ and ‘Unfortunate collateral damage’ is very hollow indeed. It has become evident to the majority of observers how the words ‘Proportional’ ‘Unfortunate’ and ‘Precision’ are both miss-leading and not relevant in describing the situation.

This reveals a broader issue for the Israeli military and political establishment as they struggle to find a new global/US friendly narrative with which to align the cause and update their PR lexicon. The ‘War on Terror’ had proved a strong geopolitical narrative to replace the ‘Cold War’ and use in aligning Israel’s interest closely with the US. The ‘War in Terror’ lexicon is now looking pretty barren and suffering from extreme exhaustion courtesy of the Bush administration. So what next?

More of the same mantra of ‘Terror’-

“A necessary war on terror does not end with an agreement. We don’t sign agreements with terror; we fight terror.” (Israeli foreign minister January 2009). Tzipi Livni very succinctly excuses Israeli aggression as defensive, with ‘terror’ as a justification for Israel’s rejection of any form of peace process to end the occupation of Palestinian land.

However events on the ground provide a stark revision of who now owns the word ‘Terror’. If the Palestinians are clearly the more ‘Terrorised’ party, it surely begs the question who are the real ‘Terrorists’. There has been an assumption that ‘Terrorists’ work outside the structure of the nation state, do not come in the form of a disciplined uniformed national army. However the Israeli army’s ‘Terrorising’ of a dense civilian area and its stated strategic aim of using this military action to achieve a long term deterrence effect, does require us to reconsider the Israeli army as one of the best organised, equipped and most powerful ‘Agents of Terror’ in the world. Hamas’ action against the citizens of Sderot, makes them look like home-spun amateurs by comparison.

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[…] bloggers, for the most part it may amount to journalists with mobile tools — like this great accountof the opening of the Israel’s bombing campaign in Gaza by Nidal al-Mughrabi on the Reuters […]

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I am 55 years old and I only really realised the suffering of the Palestinian people after spending 5 years in Saudi Arabia where I worked with some Palestinians. That was 6 years ago.

The pro Israel propaganda is incredibly well prepared and maintained. During my school days in Holland everything and everyone was pro Israel. They made the desert bloom. And they were slaughtered by Hitler.

The holocaust story will be repeated until eternity. The genocides in Cambodia and East Africe have long been forgotten or wiped out. Some genocides, like the one in Indonesia when Suharto came to power with help of the CIA, have never been widely publicised. The current slaughter in Darfur just goes on and on, nobody cares. Palestine, Cambodia and Indonesia do not have the likes of Steven Spielberg to make movies and they don’t have heavily financed propaganda machines.

So it is easy to deceive people in Western countries, especially in the USA where people know nothing about the world.

Add to this the religious fanaticism in the USA (Jesus will come back to Jerusalem when the world ends) and the enormous wealth and influence of the Jewish community in the USA…

Do I need to say more. It is a very sick situation and it will not stop until all Palestinians are either dead or removed.

But that is not genocide of course, that is God’s chosen people living their dream.

And the world leaders quietly look on and do nothing.

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[…] suggested that journalist Nidal al-Mughrabi’s first-person accounts from within Gaza, such as this onein which he describes the horrified reactions of his children during an Israeli raid, disqualify him […]

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