Israel goes to the polls via the internet

January 30, 2009

Its election time in Israel which, despite the weighty issues at stake, is always something of a let-down for people who like a bit of U.S. style political pageantry.

There are few, if any, stump speeches, rallies, debates. There is, however, blanket campaigning in the traditional media and of course on the internet as well. Here are a few campaign ads from the internet kicking off with Ehud Barak and his Labour Party.

Like all the major candidates Barak has his own website from where you can link to dedicated pages on YouTube, Facebook, Flickr et al.

Tzipi Livni’s Kadima Party are no new-media slouches either and have used every trick in the video editing manual to depict opponent Benjamin Netanyahu as a man prone to panic.

Right-wing party Yisrael Beytenu has seen its standings improve in recent polls and goes with a fairly straight-forward approach on one of its big election themes, demanding something be done about Israeli Arab lawmakers whose loyalty to a Jewish State of Israel is open to question.

Last and by no means least are the campaign ads from front-runner Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu’s Likud Party which all endon a picture of Kadima leader Tzipi Livni with her head buried in her hands. This ad uses a basic visual ploy — non-Likud politicians hiding behind a ‘Bibi’ mask when they espouse his popular policies, although eventually all get unmasked as not being the real deal.

Follow all the Israeli election news on If our extensive coverage is not enough to sate your appetite, Israel’s Haaretz news site has even more coverage on a special elections page as does the website of Israel’s leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.


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The reality is that any person who can support the Israeli Government’s behaviour toward Gaza has no business trying to pretend to be of Jewish faith as such people have effectively defecated all over the ethics of the Jewish Religion. So the question is: Do you want to follow the Laws of Judaism or are you nothing more than a totally evil barbarian capable of justifying an obscenity of savagery?

Posted by Rosemary Watson | Report as abusive

Ms. Watson, the US and the UK killed 40,000 civilians in Iraq and 7,000 civilians in Afghanistan.Fighting in extremely difficult urban territory, against Hamas, which was AGGRESSIVELY using human shields at every opportunity, firing from broadcasting centers and schools, hiding weapons in mosques, booby-trapping houses, hiding armed men in hospitals, hijacking aid trucks for supplies and hijacking ambulances at gunpoint to serve as troop transports (all of this info comes from Palestinians, NOT Israel), Israeli soldiers STILL managed to keep civilian casualties down in the HUNDREDS, a tiny fraction of the civilians killed by the “leaders of the free world.” Why? The IDF phoned ahead to tell people to get out of many of the target buildings, they used specialized expensive weapons to minimize damage to buildings surrounding many targets, they declared a DAILY hours-long ceasefire so that humanitarian aid could reach civilians. Sure. Sometimes they made mistakes, usually while being fired upon by gunmen. When it happens, it’s a tragedy. But it happens in war. The UK dropped 2 bombs in Falujah and killed 300 civilians in a market and on a bridge.War is awful. Many innocent Gazans died, and that’s a tragedy.But if Israel had wanted to kill a lot of Palestinians, if Israel had wanted to hurt Palestinian civilians, it has the firepower to kill 10,000s of Palestinians. And it simply didn’t do that.And you need to blame Hamas for deciding where the booby trapped neighborhoods were, where the rockets were stored and where the bombs were manufactured. You can blame Hamas for deciding which areas to use as ambush points and which buildings to use when firing rockets, forcing Israel to attack those points. The fact that Hamas militarized civilian houses, schools, foreign broadcast studios and clinics is the direct cause of the damage that occurred in Gaza. The fact that Hamas INSISTED on using civilians as human shields – whether these were non-aligned civilians, or members of the opposition Fatah party, or their own kids, or just people whose deaths would draw the most sympathy, Hamas had no compunction about hiding its gunmen behind the skirts of women and the innocence of children.That’s the real war crime that occurred in Gaza.Israel can’t be happy with the deaths in Gaza, but its leaders are safe in the knowledge that any other army in the world would have killed a lot more Gazan civilians.

Posted by Zvi | Report as abusive

Rosemary, on the contrary, the Hebrews/Jews/Israelis are the ones with the scriptures telling them to put their enemies to the sword, man, woman and child, for four generations.Even if that weren’t the case, the Israelis have used unprecedented restraint. Their Moslem neighbors are lucky I’m not the Israeli leader, ’cause I’d take all the land, up to and including Cairo, Damascus, Beirut and Aman, and use the land in between for a buffer zone/impact area/combined arms field training sites!

Posted by A. Non Imus | Report as abusive