Germans have to live with Nazi past a bit longer

May 12, 2009

More than six decades after World War Two and the Holocaust, and just when it is starting to take a more assertive role on the world stage, Germany has been confronted by its Nazi past – again.

Retired U.S. auto worker John Demjanjuk, 89, has been deported to Germany and prosecutors in Munich want to put him on trial for assisting to murder at least 29,000 Jews at the Sobibor extermination camp in 1943. With most Nazi criminals dead, it is likely to be the last big Nazi war crime trial in Germany.

The case raises a number of questions which affect the way Germans look at themselves and relate to the world around them. The deafening silence from politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, says a lot about how intent Germans are on viewing the case as a purely legal matter.

Demjanjuk’s health poses one problem. While his family says he is is too frail to stand trial, some Germans argue it will not do their justice system any good to have a sick old man in the dock and that he could even end up winning sympathy – a potentially embarrassing outcome.

Others simply ask what purpose his trial would serve. Born in Ukraine, Demjanjuk was a prisoner of war who, his defenders say, was forced to become a death camp guard. He played his part in the enormous horror of the Holocaust but many Germans are all too aware that other major war criminals have escaped justice. Some fled to live in exile and others received light sentences.

It is surprisingly difficult to pin down figures of the number of Germans tried or convicted of war crimes since 1945 but most experts agree with the Simon Wiesenthal Center that the number of criminals brought to justice is way below the total of those involved in the Holocaust.   

Some reports say that of an estimated 200,000 Germans and Austrians involved in the Holocaust, about 106,000 were investigated by German prosecutors and of those, only 6,500 were convicted.

Although a series of war crimes did take place, thousands of war criminals either escaped prosecution or got away with light sentences and a 1968 law made it easier for defendants to argue that they had only been following orders.

Nazi hunters in Ludwigsburg are still looking for war criminals and Germans have done a good deal more than other countries, especially Austria, to confront its past but many experts say it is the knowledge of the failure to punish Nazis soon after 1945 that has led to cases like Demjanjuk drawing so much attention now.

To survivors and their families, it is a matter of principle that people like Demjanjuk are brought to justice, however old they are. Germany’s Central Council of Jews spelled this out, saying all living Nazi war criminals can have no mercy, regardless of their age.

In many ways, Germany has moved on from its past.  It has sent soldiers on combat missions abroad and is getting more involved in world diplomacy. Young people here want to be part of a more self-confident state at the heart of Europe. There is relatively little public debate about the Demjanjuk case, just a weary resignation that it is happening.

But while people like Demjanjuk live, there will be no escape from the past forGermans.


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Sure, commit the most horrible of crimes and expect it to never come up. Such a dreamland can only exist in the minds of murderers, and does not bode well for the future.

Posted by jacob | Report as abusive

I think its foolish to try this guy… especially since he moved to the us and has been a tax paying citizen of our country for the past 60 years. I’m not opposed to having the key figures prosecuted but come on now… he was 20 years old or so. I hope Germany moves through this and dismisses the case.. Its time to move on, the holocaust is in the past and this is drudging up ghosts. Enough Jewish Payback.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

My heart and prayers go out to Mr. Demjanuk and his entire family. He is the unfortunate victim of a senseless witch hunt which is being funded with U.S. taxpayer money. Who gave the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the OSI the right to turn upside down the basic U.S. tenet of innocent until proven guilty?They will get theirs in the end.

Posted by fbi | Report as abusive

As the son of a Ukrainian father and a German mother who lived through WWII, could someone explain to me how Germany — Germany! — gets to prosecute Demjanjuk? Even if he committed the crimes he’s accused of, wouldn’t he have committed them on behalf of the German government?

Posted by Stepan | Report as abusive

It will not be the Jews that judge ohn Demjanjuk but the ultimate arbiter in this case will be God. So this trial will be a mute point at this stage of his life.

Posted by Melvin | Report as abusive

Germany’s Operation Barbarossa of June 1941 streams across Ukraine’s western border and on to the Dnipro river and the capital, Kyiv, by September. A principal killing field was in and around Ternopil where thousands of Ukrainian conscripts into the Soviet Army(Western Ukraine was only occupied by the USSR/Moscow/Russia in late 1939)were decimated by crack German troops. John Demjanuk, now 21, is lucky to be alive, though now a prisoner under threat of death. He is removed from his homeland and forced to serve the Nazi death mill.The “case” that is on trial here is that the German people sanctioned their political and military leaders to abduct a young man in defense of his homeland and take him behind their lines and serve as a tool of their atrocity. Nice Germans! Convoluted don’t you think?Meanwhile, another 90 year old, Lazar Kaganovich died peacefully in his penthouse on Red Square in Moscow.Responsible for 6+ million Ukrainian deaths by faminine-genocide as Stalin’s right-hand – known as the “Butcher of Ukraine”, and ironically, a Jew.

Posted by Iryna S. | Report as abusive

Never forgive. Never forget. Germany must face it’s national shame forever.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

“In many ways, Germany has moved on from its past. It has sent soldiers on combat missions abroad and is getting more involved in world diplomacy.”This is a contradiction. Many people over here in Germany feel that sending soldiers on combat missions abroad and getting involved in world diplomacy is a step back towards the past, not away from it. Airy use of military power by e.g. the Bush administration is what we oppose these days.Hollywood movies and the GOP may tell you otherwise, but today our society, at its core, has a strong pacifist streak. Other people may not learn much from mistakes, but we do.

Posted by aloha | Report as abusive

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Posted by Germans have to live with Nazi past a bit longer – Reuters | News From America | Report as abusive

>>”But while people like Demjanjuk live, there will be no escape from the past for Germans.”Nor should there ever be. It is heartening that Germany has done so much to not only come to grips with its horrible, and not so distant past, but to also prevent its recurrence via vigorous prosecution of neo-Nazi activity. But there can never be a point in Germany’s future at which they can say “It is finished, let’s move on”.Just as America still debates and atones for slavery more than 140 years after its abolishment, so too must Germany continue to honestly confront and vigorously atone for its central role in history’s worst example of “man’s inhumanity to man”.

Posted by joe public | Report as abusive

I think he should be left alone. he is an old man and the US taxpayer should not have spent one cent on this. Leave the guy alone. Time for the Nazi hunters to move on, no one cares about these issues anymore it is 2009.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

The Germans and Austrians got away with mass murder all the say in there defence is that they were obeying orders pity the war in Europe could not have dragged on for a few months longer so the yanks could have nuked them and eye for an eye

Posted by terence brazil | Report as abusive

I just find it interesting how the Nazi past is such an issue when no one ever discusses the discrimination of African-American people in the U.S. (centuries after slavery was outlawed in most other countries), the imprisonment of Japanese-Americans during WWII, etc. Germany isn’t the only country with a “horrible and not so distant past”… or are we forgetting, in our blind accusations?

Posted by Krista | Report as abusive

How many concentration camps were there? How many guards in each? Has Germany prosecuted all of them yet? BTW – who exactly started WWII? Whose army went through Ukraine burning, hanging, killing anyone that opposed them? How many Ukrainian political prisoners were burned, executed, or barely survived the camps? They did not even have the “priviledge” of being identified as Ukrainian. W. Ukrainian – “P” for Polish citizen, or OST for Soviet Ukraine. Germany should cleanse its own soul and conscience first. Hell, even the Israeli courts found him not guilty. And you all know how reliable Soviet evidence has been – and still is.

Posted by Uliana | Report as abusive

While the Nazis’ actions were appalling and undoubtedly deserving of punishment, I’m not sure how much anyone is accomplishing in pursuit of “justice” in this case. The man had to be taken from his home in an ambulance so that he can what? Spend the few years, if that, he has left in a prison hospital unit? Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying that he deserves to be “let go” or pardoned, but I am questioning whether sentencing this man actually brings justice to what happened.

Posted by Kellie | Report as abusive

What about the Jews that were given the jobs of police in the death camps and slums run by the Nazis? How many of the Jews that were forced to help round up and control their own people have been prosecuted? How are they any different then the POWs that were forced to do the same or die?The Holocaust is the absolute worst period in human history and the single greatest example of the evil humans are capable of displaying, but not the only example. The treatment of the Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli government right now is eerily similar to how the Germans treated the Jews in WWII. Hate is hate!

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

Humans have committed atrocities similar to this over many times through out history. Stalins Russia? Korea? As the worlds finances lay shredded by an industry run by whom? It’s interesting that the atrocities against a certain race continue and continue to get media coverage, because they have the FINANCES to do it.

Posted by robert | Report as abusive

Is this world never to see the end of bad deeds past? Is is not the American people who cry for hunting down Nazi war criminals. There is only one group that has taken on that cause and they are Israelis who seem bent on causing trouble where ever they locate. Very sad indeed.

Posted by Tom Warner | Report as abusive

eye for an eye…hmmm, how easy to forget the rest of the teachings:17 ”‘Do not hate your brother in your heart. Rebuke your neighbor frankly so you will not share in his guilt. 18 ”‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD. (Leviticus 19:17-18 NIV)

Posted by mtc | Report as abusive

I have to agree this is a witch hunt… “First, he was thought to be the guard known as “Ivan the Terrible” at the Treblinka extermination camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. In 1987, he was extradited to Israel, which at first convicted him and sentenced him to die. After seven years in custody, an appeals court there acquitted him.His US citizenship was restored in 1998. But a year later, the Justice Department opened a new case against him. In 2002, a federal judge ruled that Demjanjuk had been a guard instead at Sobibor, in what is far eastern Poland today. He has been awaiting – and fighting – deportation since 2005. Last week, he failed to convince the Supreme Court to consider his appeal. “sounds like a case of If at first you don’t succeed try, try him again (with something completely different)

Posted by borscht | Report as abusive

As long as there are neo nazis in the world, from Europe to Russia to the Americas, then Nazi hunts need to continue.

Posted by J | Report as abusive

The Israeli’s already had him and let him go after deciding that he was the wrong guy. If hes good with them he should be good with the Germans. But hey nothing like a waste of money right?

Posted by Tyler | Report as abusive

He sure looks like the picture on the ID card I saw. Could care less how old he is. Besides I have heard him interviewed and strange he never denies he ever killed anyone. Just how he is a victim.I for one do not believe it.For the other bigoted comments…get an education

Posted by Ian | Report as abusive

The righteous again go on the warpath. Can anyone name a country that has not committed atrocities when it was at war in a land other than its own? The United States did have slavery, as did many other nations, and tried to rid its appropriated land of American Indians, never mind the Phillipines. For those unaware, the United States also protected many of those nasty Nazis for its own ends. Russia murdered more of her own people than any other nation that I am aware of and included other nationalities to enhance those numbers. Maybe someone can tell me how many people were murdered in the name of Christianity in witch hunts and in spreading the gospel to the horrible demon infested non-believers in the Muslim countries. How many have been murdered now by Israel in defending itself outside its borders and how many inside its borders have been murdered by wackos with body bombs? I suppose, with the continued use of propaganda for selfish means, we will never get past good old fashioned retribution. Let’s keep up the good work; by always reminding others of their wrongs, we never have to admit our own.

Posted by Jimmy Gilliam | Report as abusive

At least the Germans are willing to admit and punish the guilty.The Japanese will NOT even own up to the fact that they have mass-murdered Koreans, Chinese, Taiwanese, and many other Asian nationalities just about 60+ years ago.The Japanese have conducted extensive medical research (bacteria, organ removal, poison injection, etc.) on live human beings, against their will, to add to their medical knowledge.The Japanese have captured and forced thousands of teenage Korean girls to be sex-slaves for the Japanese soldiers.Yet, the Japanese government denies these FACTS in their courts, their school text books, nor on any public stages.Tens of thousands of raped, murdered, and buried souls cry out for justice.

Posted by chung | Report as abusive

“history’s worst example of “man’s inhumanity to man”.” Read up on Stalin. You may reconsider your opinion on this matter. The victor rights history, period. The truth is actually somewhere in the middle.

Posted by Samuel Goldstein | Report as abusive

No court can bring justice for the atrocities. Germany,the German people and the Europeans will answer to God for their crimes.

Posted by charles buckley | Report as abusive

writes history! It’s too early over here…

Posted by Samuel Goldstein | Report as abusive

A lot of you don’t understand why we JEWS,feel about bringing these people to justice. try to understand how we feel, we are the ones who lived and feel shame for being alive.

Posted by american Israeli | Report as abusive

Are we ready to move on in society? Are we really that vindictive that we cannot forgive an 89 year old guard? What about the Israeli army that ravages through Gaza and Palestine? Will this justice be awarded to the Arab people as well? I am tired of these stupid vengeful hunters going around, ransacking foreign nations for mere soldiers that chose to keep their own life. These Nazis killed those who refused them. I don’t see why German soldiers should have given their lives for others, there becomes limitation where giving becomes too much.

Posted by Johann | Report as abusive

When stationed in Germany I was shocked to learn from German friends how little they knew about their past!!!!Yes, they need to be told. So do the Japanese, they do not teach about the atrocities they committed either.

Posted by LTC RET | Report as abusive

The Jews tried him in the 1990’s in Israel, and his case was thrown out for lack of proof. If the Jews didn’t want him dead, why do the German’s? 2009, 64 years since the end of the war, and we allow Germany to stage this trial? How about the tens of thousands of Nazi’s left in Germany? How many shot, rifle butted, burnt, or assaulted a Jew in the 30’s and 40’s? Why not just take out 100,000 Germans? That would be an equitable solution. Line up for the train ride on those modern mag trains, and off you go to “camp!” Speedy, and we could probably speed up the burning and gassing with 21st century technology. Germany is so full of itself. This trial will prove to be more than it can handle. I can’t wait to see the witnesses. How old are they, 100? And they remember him? Meanwhile, his 4 children and his wife will be deprived of his last days on earth. If he is guilty, let him hang. But make sure he is whom you say he is. And how will that be done? The world will certainly be safer without John Demjanjuk around! I used to avoid Seven Hills just so he couldn’t attack me.

Posted by Masso Winkler | Report as abusive

Most people wouldn’t argue that the Nazi party was a bad thing; however, prosecuting a person who has been peacefully doing his own, non-Nazi, thing for 65ish years is silly.In most legal systems, there is a precedent in place that basically states that any time served counts towards a sentence. So, if a person were jailed for two years, sentences to five years, they would immediately serve three years after their sentencing — 2+3=5. Though he is not in the setting of a prison, this man has (unless other evidence appears) completely reformed. There is no need to sentence him. The accusations of what he might have done clearly set him straight, or they didn’t happen. Of course, if it’s uncovered that he’s still pushing a Nazi agenda, his trial will be brought to court.Historically speaking, this man was probably levied by the German army during the blitz. This man is no more a criminal than any other soldier similar to the Northern States prosecuting a Confederate black soldier for forcing slavery on other people.The key word here is LEVY. This man was levied, if you don’t want to look it up, it means forced labor. And it wasn’t the kind of levy where you get sent a draft card; it’s the kind of levy where you serve or you are killed. Seeing as after his forced labor ended and there’s no evidence to support he actually wanted to do such things, this man should be, and probably will be acquitted.Oh yeah, for Christ’s sake — the man was a guard. This man probably wasn’t some sort of overlording, manipulating, murderer — he was most likely just as scared as his prisoners. Because whether you like to think about it or not, if his old prisoners had a chance to kill him and escape with their lives, they would have taken it. If he had disobeyed his warden or overlord, he probably would have been made an example of.

Posted by AJS | Report as abusive

Germans, Americans, Russians, Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, etc… The majority of us today had nothing to do with the horrors of WWII, Slavery or the eradication of the Native Americans.Fine, someone’s ancestors went through hell – so what, why should the people of today’s society be forced to pay for the ignorance of the past?Many of our ancestors survived the black plague or the Spanish Inquisition and as a result our society progressed forward.Learn from the past and learn to let it go as well.

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

You know what’s funny is all the people who applaud what we’re doing to this old man claim to be christian and all about forgiveness, that’s nothing more than lying through their teeth and this type of scenario proves it.Will society be any safer with him behind bars? NoWill a country be better off with him dying in a cell bed than in his bed at home? NoWhether he’s guilty or not (and i lean towards not, sounds just like another political ploy to gain good favor) this trial and whatever follow up is a joke. If he’s found innocent and I were the family, I’d spend the rest of my life sueing every agency that had a hand in this because their name, their children’s name, and their grandchildren’s name will have to forever live with this scorn.

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive

This man was not punished in Israel because he was tried on the charge of being someone else.And what is to be made of the comment – quoted exactly – “The key word here is LEVY”? The message suggests that some of the sympathy is not merely because the guy got away with his lies until he was old.He is charged, with substantial backing, of actively forcibly killing thousands of his co-citizens who were deemed to be vermin, less than human and therefore fit for cremation.Genocide nowadays seems to too much of the public to be more a nuisance than a central concern for the immediacy of human attention.

Posted by wp | Report as abusive

What is the real political motivation behind this move? That is what we have to ask. Believe it or not, justice has nothing to do with this farce, not this late. All the noise is just to cover up some other agenda or error someone made. That’s my two cents.

Posted by DaMan | Report as abusive

This guy is not a German, not an Italian nor a Japanese (the axis of evil). He is not even a Russian. He is an Ukranian. How could he possibly assist in the Holocaust unless somebody forced him to do it. Everybody knows how ruthless the Germans were and shot people at point blank those who did not comply with their orders. Who would have the guts to stand up and say no. He probably feared for his life and did what he did. Do we fear that if this guy goes unpunished the Jewish community will be upset. Get a life!

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

Justice delayed is justice denied. So much for the justice aspect. What is happening now is probably in part for his own redemption. If he is the right guy, he himself must face the truth of his atrocities, take responsibility, and account for them in some way. It will take many more lifetimes coming back on the karmic wheel as God-knows what, to suffer and to serve, to even begin to expunge such misdeeds.

Posted by carol | Report as abusive

For those who say he is old, it was so long ago, in the past.Well, aren’t all crimes done in the past?So far, we don’t have the technology to prosecute FUTURE crimes, so we must prosecute crimes that occurred in the past.If this guy wanted to do the right thing, he should have spit in the Nazi’s faces–they would have killed him instantly and we wouldn’t be having this conversation today.Instead, he did the cowardly thing and saved his own life by killing thousands of innocents.What religion do you belong to that condones or supports killing thousands–millions–of innocent lives?

Posted by FWIW | Report as abusive

I don’t understand how people are so willing to excuse this man’s extraordinary crimes.Hitler’s plan was the killing of an entire people–why would anyone lessen or make excuses for such Evil? It is not different from the several attempts at genocidein the 20th Century–including most recently in Rwanda, but as a crime, what could be more heinous?I also don’t get the sympathy people feel for him because of his age and condition.How would you honestly feel finding out the nice old man next door who waves and smiles as you go to work admittedly participated in such youthful shenanigans asparticipating in the mass murder of 20,000 people? I believe in giving deference and being polite to older people, and taking age into account for lesser victim-less crimes, but age as an excuse for murder? This is morally absurd.As to his medical condition, has anyone seen this link to a news report and surveillance video that he appears to be faking? -english/world-news/2009/04/24/john-demj anjuk-video-is-extradition-back-on/is-fo rmer-nazi-camp-guard-really-too-ill-to-f ace-court.html

Posted by ben | Report as abusive

Justice delayed is justice denied. For an innocent man, he sure has not been inclined – all these years – to face his accusers. I don’t know if he is guilty or not but there are those who believe him to be a person in need of prosecution. A wrongly accused person should have his day in court to clear his name.

Posted by Mike Arnold | Report as abusive

unfortunately age has nothing to do with truth. It is necessary to remind everyone that severely mistreating one another has strong penalties. I’m of the opinion he must be tried and given some result… for all that believe truth, fairness and the standard of law. Time delay has just been unfortunate.

Posted by rb | Report as abusive

“A lot of you don’t understand why we JEWS,feel about bringing these people to justice. try to understand how we feel, we are the ones who lived and feel shame for being alive. Posted by american Israeli “Tell me how you feel about doing the same thing to the Palestinians as Nazis did to the Jews. Just as the Nazis, Israel in 1948 forced the Palestinians from their land. For the past 61 years all the way till now, Palestinians have been forced to live in Gaza Strip, as the Jews did in 1940 in Warsaw Ghetto. You want to preach to the world that the Holocaust should not be forgotten and repeated but you do the same to others. Hypocrisy?As to John Demjanjuk: Every Jewish person that has commented from Holocaust survivors, scholars, attorneys they all want to seek justices. However, they talk as if was already convicted What about Demjanjuk? The trail in Munchen did not start yet and he has already spent seven years in Israeli prison and now he got what is equal to a life sentence. If he is found not guilty, he will not be allowed to return to his Ohio home where he lived and paid taxes for 50+ years. I would not call that justice. it’s revenge.Peter

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

Think about what your saying people. The holocaust was a sadistic period of mass torture and execution that killed 6 million innocent people. My father a WWII vet who lived through the event can attest to the atrocities he witnessed. These people need to be prosecuted with no regard to the amount of time that has passed. Mass murder is mass murder.John Demjanjuk is an expert on disception. Have you seen the recent videos of this apparently critically ill man up and about walking around getting in and out of an automobile and carrying on conversations with family members. He has been caught in numerous lies in various parts of his testimony that evidence has proved. These criminals need to be hunted down and brought to justice. Just because 60 years has passed in no way lessens the impact of the terrible crimes these people committed. Where were their conscious minds when committing these atrocities.

Posted by Gwrace | Report as abusive

“Some reports say that of an estimated 200,000 Germans and Austrians involved in the Holocaust, about 106,000 were investigated by German prosecutors and of those, only 6,500 were convicted.” I dont deny these numbers, german legal system is one of the best in the world but what do they mean ? 6,5 million poeple who died in the holocaust were killed by 6500 ?

Posted by Nepo | Report as abusive

You can run from history, but you can’t hide from it.Whether this man is innocent or guilty of the charge, he will have his day in court. Justice demands no less.

Posted by Anon | Report as abusive

Who’s excusing anything? Is it worth spending millions of taxpayer dollars on a probable charade in order to send a harmless old man to jail?You want your tax dollars to go to an ambulance/doctors/pilots/planes/personne l/lawyers etc for this or to your kids education? Or to repairing a road in your city? Or to the needy?People are just incapable of removing emotion and dealing with reality

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive

And why SHOULD the Germans be allowed to forget their Nazi past? And why should anyone else in Europe WISH to forget.Are its current ambitions markedly different than those that it had in the ’30s? It dominates Europe politically and economically now in the way that it previously sought to dominate militarily.We forget Germany’s past at our peril. Forgiveness and reconciliation is one thing. Choosing to ignore the harsh lessons of history is quite another. That is the way of fools.

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

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Posted by Germans have to live with Nazi past a bit longer « dokumentationsarchiv | Report as abusive

I have always been sympathetic to the holocaust survivors and the pain that was inflicted on the entire race. What I can’t understand is the many individuals out for blood with this man. You want to talk justice? Where was his justice when he was wrongly convicted and wrongly held for a period of time. He will never get that time back. Now you want to condemn him and hang him even before the trial starts. You already had your chance and screwed it up at the trial in Israel. You get one chance and if you blow it, you blow it, I say leave the man alone. He isn’t even German, but Ukrainian who even at worst wasn’t a party member but just surviving, as I hardly believe that he was a nazi. So where is Mr. Demjanjuk’s justice going to be when it shows he is innocent, or even worse, wrongfully convicted again like he was in Israel. He has no more time left to recover from this charade. To all you people throwing stones, GO SUCK A LEMON! You rotten bitter people!

Posted by John | Report as abusive

What is the purpose of punishment? Is it purely revenge or is there some higher goal for the judicial system? I can’t be certain that there is any justifiable reason for the punishment of this man. I believe this man deserves to be punished if guilty, but not for revenge; motive is important. He should be imprisoned (if guilty) because he is the same man who performed those actions years ago, and, as a person, his rational choice must be respected. To ‘forgive and forget’ is not just, but neither is ‘eye for an eye’. This man made a free choice, and justice demands that his choice be honored, even if that mean he be punished for its immorality.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Matt, assisting 29000 murders is not justification enough for this man tos tand trial?

Posted by Damian | Report as abusive

@Peter, ben: More than 2000 years ago, the Jews entered the Palestinian land and annihilated people there (even children) without provocations. That “victory” was enhanced as the proof that God was on the Jews’ side, if you read the Old Testament. To me, it is just the proof of the no-justice tendency of the Jewish people as a whole. The great Law of Karma held good in the Holocaust, unfortunately. Then the Lord offered the same chance for the Jews to correct their behaviour : they were brought back to the Palestinian land again to face the similar ancient situations. If they are not going to change their no-justice habit, they might invoke another Holocaust which no one wants.I thought so, no proof, but I hope you can find that kind of sequence throughout world’s history.

Posted by nguyen | Report as abusive

John Demjanjuk is innocent of all crimes. I think it’s absolutely wrong to prosecute people who were in the Nazi Regime. They had no choice other than to follow orders. Otherwise, they would put their families and themselves in jeopardy of being killed.

Posted by anthony | Report as abusive

“Never forgive. Never forget. Germany must face it’s national shame forever.”

What does a German who has learned from his ancestors’ crimes have to be ashamed of?

Matt: Wouldn’t it be a good idea to think before you post?

Posted by BornInnocent | Report as abusive