NASA finally admits…

July 16, 2009

NASA officials admit that Hollywood really is behind the video images of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepping onto the surface of the moon 40 years ago this month. Well, the new video, that is. The new, and improved, digitally-enhanced-so-that-you-can-actually-see-something video. The old video — well, they lost that. Erased it to save money. But it’s OK because the new images are way better.

Click here to see the videos.

There is also some cool audio:

1. As the crew members complete their first orbit of Earth after launch, they talk about the beauty of the planet below [Play]

2. The crew members debate the color of the moon before, and after, they fire Columbia\’s engines to enter lunar orbit [Play]

3. After entering lunar orbit, the crew members are amazed at the lunar terrain as they fly 60 miles above the back side of the moon and await Earthrise and to resume communications with Mission Control [Play]


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When are they going to send someone to walk on the moon again? It’s been 40 years!

Posted by Tech | Report as abusive

The current mission to the space station will be the Shuttles last. They are all being decommissioned. No more manned space flight in U.S. space ships for at least five years. When we want to send astronauts to the space station and back it will be in Russian spacecraft.

Posted by Anubis | Report as abusive

this only confirms it was a hoax. NASA has fooled us all.

Posted by Jaime | Report as abusive

considering the size of NASA i’m baffled that preserving a small footage could cause budgetary problems. i mean this is not just any ordinary video, its perhaps the most authentic telling evidence that men actually landed on the moon!!

Posted by mato | Report as abusive