UPDATE-De facto Honduran leader asks God to enlighten critics

July 29, 2009

TEGUCIGALPA – Shortly after we wrote about the “Day of Prayer” in Honduras today, the de facto president, Roberto Micheletti, made a live appearance on state television to lead the people in prayer.

He thanked Christians, both Catholic and Evangelical, for their support.

“I ask for forgiveness from those who for one reason or another do not agree with us, and I ask God to show them the light so they realize it is more important to live in peace,” Micheletti said.

“I am here not because men put me here, I am here because God put me here,” he said.

“I want the best for my country,” Micheletti said. “I believe that up to this moment, I have no reason to be humbled before any man, but before God permanently, because I have acted correctly in my life.”


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I have been shocked that my country will not support Hondurans in their efforts to preserve their constitution and their democracy.

Zelaya violated their constitution – he was warned – yet he persisted. The majority of the Hondurans want to move forward, they do not want Zelaya back.

When I heard of their day of prayer, I pledged to pray for them too, here in the USA.

The Hondurans are strong and courageous people. I stand with them.

Posted by Lily | Report as abusive

“I am here not because men put me here, I am here because God put me here,”

It is sickening to see how this phrase is not new as many throughout history have made extensive demagogical use of it to fool the mass (Hitler, Bush, etc).

Who has just abused it again? Roberto Micheletti.

At least we now know who carried out the coup !?.

Posted by Rafael Rivas | Report as abusive

I’m praying with them, too. I agree with Lily.

Posted by Jill | Report as abusive

May God bless this praying government. I wish our government were doing the same thing.

Posted by Kim | Report as abusive

Micheletti reveals his humility of heart and sincere spirit with his words as well as his deeds. “I am here not because men put me here, I am here because God put me here”… also he offered to resign his position if Zelaya would do likewise, we see how that has played out. Zelaya has run out of time-“By their fruit you will KNOW them”..
This whole charade illustrates the leftist disdain for constitutional (republic) government that places limits on elected office holder power(consent of the governed).

It is quickly becoming THE issue here in USA as well.

The elitist’s are using leftist ideology globally to further solidify their power. Can you say Gov-Care or Cap and Trade (TAX)? Democrats have used government for decades to grow their party which has in turn grown government which has… etc. They care not about people,
this is purely power play. Those who love liberty are resisting and awakening others from consumerisims coma.

Posted by Folklight | Report as abusive

“God put me here”.. what an arrogant statement!!..

Posted by pperez | Report as abusive

God does not mandate death squads. Micheletti has chosen a criminal of the ’80’s Dirty Wars in Honduras as his top security agent. The man, Billy Joya was a key player in Death Squad Batallion 3-16, and was exiled for his participation in that evil death squad. Anyone who recalls the rape and masacre of the four US Church women in 1980 and the later 6 Jesuits and their housekeeper in El Salvador can read thru this “employment ” choice by Micheletti!! Death Squads are the tools of cowards.
” Micheletti!!! heed the call from the grave of Archbishp Oscar Romero to cease your unlawdful actions! Armed forces of Honduras: Heed the Call from the Grave of your brother Archvishop Oscar Romero ” Soldiers lay down your arms— In the Name of GOD stop killing your brothers and sisters”!!

Posted by E.F. MCCarthy | Report as abusive

E.F. MCCarthy,
I think you are mixing the names, it was Zelaya’s father who participated in the masacre of US catholic and Jesuits women and prists at the end of the 70’s. Yes I agree with you Zelaya is a criminal.

Posted by Gigi | Report as abusive

No, Gigi, President Mel Zelaya is not the criminal. The criminals are those who carried out an unlawful coup against the legitimately elected President, Zelaya, and then further violated the constitution of their country by forcibly removing him from Honduras.

No, the criminals are those who refuse the peace terms offered by Pres. Arias of Costa Rica. Zelaya has agreed to every one of the negotiatiated terms. Micleletti et. al. refuse. They are the law breakers and the criminals. The whole world knows it.

Posted by E.F. McCarthy | Report as abusive

It is hard to look at this as a tradition coup. The Honduran legislature, military and courts all see Zelaya as overstepping his constitutional authority and seeking unrestricted power. If we believe that Latin American nations have a right to sovereignity it seem we should respect the right of their governments to determine and administer their laws. If the U.S. impeached an official we would resent other American countries from not recogniting the new leader. Zelaya was becoming a power hungry ruler that would have ignored Honduran law and was removed by an overwhelming majority of the elected government officials. We should not cut off aid so fast and see where this government is going before we condemn a government that seeks to not be ruled by a dictatorial regime.

Posted by wci | Report as abusive

I have spent some time studying in Honduras, and now work for a justice organization based there. We have recently put up a website that is following this political crisis. It provides a detailed timeline of events leading up to the coup and since the coup. It also has numerous links to quality articles that represent all opinions. I think you will find it helpful in making sense of what is really going on in Honduras.

Check it out at http://www.ajs-us.org/honduras_political _crisis.htm

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