U.S. Hispanics riled over immigrants’ healthcare exclusion

September 18, 2009

By Tim Gaynor

President Barack Obama’s signature battle to overhaul the United States’ $2.5 trillion healthcare industry to extend coverage and lower costs for Americans has met fierce opposition from Republicans.

But a move by Democrat backers to exclude 12 million illegal immigrants from buying health coverage and restrict the participation of authorized migrants has drawn the ire of U.S. Hispanics — a bloc that overwhelmingly turned out to vote for Obama in last year’s election.

Hispanic lawmakers and activists are riled by the bill pushed in the U.S. Senate by Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, a Montana Democrat, which denies illegal immigrants the option to buy health insurance and places a five-year wait period on legal immigrants before they can access health benefits.

“When we effectively bar the immigrant community from buying private insurance, we force them further into the shadows of our society, and we relegate them to emergency room care ­at the highest cost to taxpayers,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez, an Illinois Democrat, told a conference call with reporters this week.

Obama has so far been popular with U.S. Hispanics. His backing for comprehensive immigration reform, which seeks to allow millions of illegal immigrants in good standing a chance to pay fines and become citizens, helped win him two-thirds of the Latino vote in last November’s election.

But activists say the push to exclude undocumented workers from paying for healthcare — even for their U.S. born children — is testing support for Obama among Latinos, who make up 15 percent of the population and 9 percent of the electorate.

“The Latino vote was based on promises that a new administration would lead us out of the darkness and finally bring about immigration reform,” said Lorena Colin of the Mexican American Coalition for Immigration Reform, a Chicago-based pro-immigrant grassroots group.

“Instead, we are seeing the administration allowing undocumented immigrants to become scapegoats and the targets of widespread derision and hate in the healthcare debate,” she added.

Reverend Luis Cortés, Jr., meanwhile, the president of a prominent Hispanic evangelical network Esperanza said he was disillusioned with the Democrats, and warned that Hispanics voters would punish lawmakers who denied immigrants care in the midterm Congressional elections in 2010.

“All we can do at this point is look at each local election, one by one, and punish those individuals-regardless of their party-who deny rights to legal immigrants and children, as well as the poorest in our nation, the undocumented,” he said.


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the catch phrase is “illegal immigrant”. an illegal immigrant will be better served if he/she isn’t allowed access to health care lest he/she gets outed and then gets deported.

Posted by Joey | Report as abusive

Let’s include immagrants, legal and illegal into our health care system, to include emergency room care. How do we do this? Easy. Charge all hispanics $3800 per year to cover the expense of their care. Tell, me why I, a born American must pay for their care?

Posted by Born American | Report as abusive

It is what it is!..Illegal Hispanics are not American citizens, they are not authorized to be here and the only reform that I can see happening, in the not so distant future, is a American revival to purge illegals from this country. The days of special interests are over, if Hispanics are offended so be it, go back to Mexico and reform your own country…I guess that makes me a racist eh?

Posted by Keith Hart | Report as abusive

I am alway curious who the press is referring to when they speak about the Hispanic community or the catch all phrase US Hispanic (et al). I am an American with Hispanic roots; I do not, nor do the Hispanics I know, share their sentiment and rarely do. Most Hispanics are hard working, self reliant, and adaptable. The policies of these special interest groups and politicians serve to enable their own existence not to help the Hispanic population. This country was founded on hard working, self reliant and American loving individuals. The continued polarization of our county make us weaker not stronger.

Posted by Sergio | Report as abusive

Fellow Americans-please let logic prevail; to grant healthcare to illegal immigrants will come from the pockets of a generation yet to be born. Why should we burden our children with this bill? America was built on the labor of immigrants, yes, and our forefathers took pride in paying their own way. Altruism is a commendable virtue but hard work and endurance are too; those of us who sacrifice everyday for our families will hurt the most.

Posted by Trish | Report as abusive

It doesn’t make sense to exclude illegal aliens from buying insurance. They get free care at the ER anyway. Since we don’t seem to have the gonads necessary to demand citizenship papers before treatment we should treat first then deduct the cost from the foreign aid we give their country of origin. Then deport them. Doesn’t every central american country have socialized medicine anyway? Shouldn’t that cover their citizens? Making it illegal for illegals to buy insurance doesn’t make sense which is probably why it seems so American (sorry, Norte American)

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

The problem is that when an illegal goes to the emergency room they are NOT deported. They continue to go to the Las Vegas hospitals for expensive dialisis repeatedly, breaking the hospital budget. They should be perhaps given the life threatening treatment once, then deported, and not provided treatment when/if they illegally return.

Posted by Born American | Report as abusive

To ALL immigrates, not yet naturalized; you are not U.S. citizens. So what is the issue? What country in the world, Mexico is included, supports freely all people coming in, people that legally enter or illegally sneek in? If you do not like what the U.S. is doing to you personally, WHY are you here? WHY do you stay? Loving parents keep their children close; if you are illegally here shouldn’t you take care of your children and go to YOUR home country with your children? Doesn’t your country have some provisions to help you and your family? If not why can’t you go to YOUR country and use your political voice to get those benefits for all YOUR people. That is what U.S. citizens are trying to do here; asking our U.S. Government to remove ALL people that are here illegally!

Posted by bob meitzen | Report as abusive

Two ideas:

1) Let anybody into the USA if they consent to be sterilized, and if they sneak in, sterilize them involuntarily and let them stay.

2)Ignore the whole non-issue. Every few years, we get more immigration “reform,’ which always seems to involve letting the present crop of illegals stay permanently. So illegals living in this country are never a problem, because soon they won’t be illegal.

Posted by Custard's Last Stand | Report as abusive

Sadly if we allow free medical treatment for illegals then the amount of people coming here for free treatment would explode.I worked for company in CA and at one time 35% of their employees were illegal and the IRS knew about it and in fact gave them false social security numbers to pay taxes, perhaps this is were acorn got their business model? These guys use to travel back and forth to mexico,the border was insignificant.Yes these are hard working and wonderful people ,but CA is broke if they have a work permit of some description and pay taxes only on that basis ,but not lots of none working dependents.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

To the “Born American”, how do I know you are a “born American” and not just a mere fake to push crazy agendas in this forum. I, for one, am Latino. I am proud of it. I do not deny it and never will. The problem, however, with the whole discourse behind health care is that you keep blaming “immigrants” for the stupidity of our government” wars, deficits, corruption, etc. If Congressmen and Senators do not like the public option,make them give up their health coverage.

About immigrants and their role in this: well, if a law is implemented about health care, let it apply to legal residents of the US,citizens or permanent residents. However, if someone shows with an almost dying kid at an emergency room and they have no evidence of status, would you let that kid die? It is that simple… It is not about money, it is about morality and ethics, be they Christian, non-Christian, etc. Obama, in my view (and I voted for him) is showing a great degree is denial in these issues…. He is bending over backwards to the very people who hate him and sacrificing the ones who support him. I do not believe he is going to be reelected if he does not go back to the message that got him elected in the first place. And then, you will get what you want: a Repulican who will really drive this country effectively ito ghe ground…. (for ever).

Posted by Alex Taylor | Report as abusive

So, let me get this straight…

They’re getting riled up because we won’t give them benefits for sneaking in and breaking the law. And they are threatening to vote in 2010?

Doesn’t this sound a little self-absorbed to begin with?

Posted by Psyllicon | Report as abusive

An illegal alien is just that no matter where they come from.

Health and Accident Coverage
While traveling inside the United States, most personal health insurance policies are effective. But, is the client covered while traveling outside the United States? In about 99 percent of the cases the travel is not covered, not even by Medicare, unless he or she has purchased a special rider, which is added to his personal
health insurance policy. Many U.S. corporations purchase this coverage for their employees who frequently travel international. However the vast majority of travelers have no health insurance once outside the United States. Almost all countries of the world have socialized medicine, where health care is
free or available at a nominal cost to citizens of that country. There are usually reciprocal agreements between countries that have socialized medicine: that is, on country agrees to treat citizens of the other country, and vice versa. Because the United States does not have socialized medicine, the United States cannot have reciprocal agreements with other countries. This means that legally, a U.S. citizen traveling abroad must pay for health care. However, as a gesture of good will, the country being visted may care for a U.S. citizen at no cost, but the government of that country is not legally bound to do so.

So, if you do not have health insurance and you are here illegally you should get patched up / stabilzed and sent back to your country of origin for further care.

Posted by Jay | Report as abusive

Illegals get out of my pocket and go home – no excuses – illegals quit screwing me, my kids and my grandkids, ILLEGALS, GO HOME

Posted by Jack Kennedy | Report as abusive

Let me get this straight…illegals sneak into our country, get fake ID’s and Social Security cards, take jobs from Americans, demand that we give them free insurance AND if we don’t, they are going to VOTE out those that don’t comply with them in the next election! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Since when can an illegal vote in this country anyway….ohhhhhhhhh I forgot….since ACORN has been involved with the Democratic party and voter fraud! AMERICA STAND UP and TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK!

Posted by KC | Report as abusive

Exclude illegal immigrants from purchasing healthcare coverage…Why? Either way they can access public assistance and medical now because they come to the US with nothing….as I was told by a social worker at welfare department. I was trying to get assistance just for a month because I was waiting for my medical to kick in. I even told them I would it pay back and I still was denied. Bad enough I had to resort this low to try to get help and didn’t get any. Born in the US, Pay taxes = No Help. Go figure our system.

Posted by Citizen Choice | Report as abusive

Some of the comments here are borderline racist.
America spends more on health care than any other industrialised nation (16% GDP) and still can’t provide health care for the lucky to be born in America. And the lucky to be born American are blaming the illegal’s?
Stop blaming the Mexicans for plain old American greed. The problem was created by those born in America!
In Canada we spent only 10.5% of our GDP and everyone is covered. And yes we even help the illegal’s. Some of which are Americans who can’t afford their medication, like your seniors. We have morals and smarter people running our system.
Maybe some of the legal’s in America should lose some weight.

Posted by Dutch | Report as abusive

oh well I’ll stick with the ER it’s FREE

Posted by jose | Report as abusive

Obama wants to give them amnesty so his health care plan will cover them…the only trouble I see if they become citizens they will not want to work for $7 an hour when they can collect welfare and get $750 for each child they have,collect subsidizing housing,food stamps and free medical care…they are not stupid people…Obama wants their votes because they are the fastest growing minority….but we will become a third world country.We are in trouble now ..How on earth can we pay for 20,000,000 more people on the welfare row?

Posted by Karin | Report as abusive

We should deny coverage to all fat, cigarette smoking Americans. That will help cut the cost of health care. And if the fat, smoking Americans think illegals are taking their jobs, I invite them to stand on the street corners of Anytown USA and wait to be hired for day-wage work in the fields or trimming those suburban lawns. They can take all those low-wage jobs out in the hot sun that they think illegals “take away from them.”

What a load of hooey.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

If you are not paying into the system then you shouldn’t get anything out of the system.
It’s as easy as that. Not paying taxes no government programs.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Why would the US health-care reform plan choose to exclude illegals from being able to purchase insurance??? This makes no sense!!! If the illegals need medical care—- they simply find their way to the ER and get treated. If they paid for insurance, they would visit the doctor and pay the same as everyone else. Duh!!!! This is simply dumb—-as usual.

I recently went to Spain on vacation and ended up in an ER because of kidney stones. I was treated, never asked for any identification, although they new very well I was a US citizen because I volunteered the info. I was treated at no charge, sent on my way along with some Rx’s which I filled at the local pharmacy for nearly nothing.

I rec’d the same treatment as a Spanish citizen.

Posted by Filipe | Report as abusive

Illegal means illegal. I don’t want them to get care at emergency rooms either without proof of citizenship.

Go home – is the message. No more squatting on this side of the border to give birth either.

We cannot implement a national single payer system that includes the entire western hemisphere – if they race north.

Mexico and Latin America need to heal thyself. Throw out your bums and rethink your own democracies.

We’ve had a snoutful of your corrupt politics.

Posted by Jack Trent | Report as abusive

Eric. That’s one thing we agree on. Anyone who doesn’t pay taxes in this country, no “government programs”.

People need to work hard and pay their own way to “earn” the privilege of health care. It is not a right legal or illegal…

Hey, we agree on something. There is hope.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Illegal immigrants living in the US have become essential to the economy as they fill low-wage jobs that many of us legal folks aren’t willing to do. Regardless of their status they are still consumers so their purchases are subject to sales tax and they still pay for many services, such as insurance, rent etc.,

Unlike the picture that many have painted in these posts, undocumented persons are not parasitic elements intent on dismantling the fabric of American communities. Instead they are a vital part of it and as long as corruption continues to permeate many Latin American countries they will continue to come. Considering their contributions, perhaps including them in the misguided health care plan would be the right thing to do.

What is wrong with helping those who are sick,hungry and homeless.It dosn’t matter if they are brown,black,yellow,red or white.This country was blessed by God with power,wealth and abundant food sources.We are to protect and nourish the strangers,widows and fatherless in this world.This earth does not belong to us.we are all “illegal”.Be kind,generous and compassionate to others.Treat the “illegal” as you would treat your family.For one day we may be “illegals” also.Do not let your dislike of others lead to injustice and inhumane deeds.We are all God’s children.

There is a reason they are called illegals? They are not here with a pass port legally as to the man Filpe who went to Spain who I am sure he was there legally or he would have been Jailed.
What does this word illegal mean to the people of the United States??? My Family has worked hard for there heritage. I am so sick of paying for people who are not legally in the US. We talk about National security and how many people have come into the US illegally? How did they get here?
We have many serious issues that have had a domino effect on our Country.
People need to do the research and look back in our history to why America use to be The Greatest Country. What our Father’s of this great Country said. They were brilliant.
I agree with Jack Trent !

The baloney about illegals taking jobs that American citizens is just that, baloney. I have been out of work for a long time. I am 59 years old with advanced degrees. Giving up on jobs in my field, I applied for custodial positions. I never got a call. Why should an employer hire someone who might file worker’s comp claims on injuries or unemployment claims when they can hire an illegal alien? It’s about greed, both on the part of the employer and the illegal alien. Bloom where your planted. If your country is broken, stay home and fix it! My ancestor fought with General Greene against the Brits in the Carolinas to make his home a better place. Go liberate Guatemala!

Posted by blakemankansas | Report as abusive

They shouldn’t be riled this easily since well, most of them entered the states illegally. They weren’t born there, and giving birth to their children in the states is just a cheap method of trying to stay. Yes immigrants, birthing your children in the U.S. just to gain monetary leeching is super cheap and just downright lazy.

Sorry guys, but we need a tight leash on the illegal immigrant leeches of society who think sucking off of government money is all they need to live. Come on, most of them haven’t even tried applying for naturalization/citizenship… they deserve to be cut off from benefits and care for trying to take shortcuts over hard working people.

Give this a thought before you start spouting “they’re just people too/God loves everyone babble” nonsense: Who’s paying for their easy2leech money? TAXPAYERS. THE ENTIRE LOT OF UNITED STATES CITIZENS.

We get taxed for their easy money they get.

“Mexico and Latin America need to heal thyself. Throw out your bums and rethink your own democracies.

We’ve had a snoutful of your corrupt politics.”

^ This, by Jack Trent.

Surely illegal immigrants can do the same as Americans and try to change their countries? Nope… LEECHING IS THE WAY 2 GO. LEECH LEECH LEECH.

Posted by Spazix | Report as abusive

Do not let corrupt politicians run your health care. Keep government out of health care!!!!!! Illegals or no illegals, the federal government has overstepped their bounds and needs to be put in place. Demand NO government controlled healthcare!!!!!!

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

If you are an active or ex-military member from the US, you can recall anytime you were injured during your time serving. They took us in, got us care, (care that worked) and fixed us and sent us back out to work FAST. That is a government run health care system, and it is currently up and running and obviously works well.

It is a system I would like to see our country implement for everyone in the world to have, but I would settle with within our borders to start with. Tax me all you want as long as this is the result.

Posted by Shannon | Report as abusive

What had held this country together is LAW. Our constitution, Bill of Rights are the laws of the land. In other words this country is based on law and the LEGAL rights of individuals. If we continue to allow millions of people who have no regard for law. Who want their way whether it’s legal or not we are going against our foundation. We live by the law of the land in America not lawlessness like in some of our neighboring countries. Because these people come here with no respect for the law they will inevitably bring social problems with them. Their attitude is basis for concern and a need to curtail the mass violations of our system…..which includes speaking English and having legal rights to our services and benefits.

If they were the strong, educated with a love for their country they would stay home and fight just like many American have done. African Americans didn’t flee to Mexico because they were mistreated. They endured hangings in trees, being bitten by dogs, hosed, jailed, beaten and murdered in order to obtain a decent life in what had become their home.

I say GO HOME! If you are truly a person that could be a benefit to this country come as a tourist….bring money.

Posted by Helena | Report as abusive

I can’t believe what I just read. We need more understanding about our global (World Wide) living process. We are human families where to be Black, White, Latino, Asian or any other, “do not make any difference”. Be legal or illegal we still deserve an opportunity to live as a family. Family meaning “breaks so many lines already dictated in each portion of land”. Think about your happiness and as well for others. Make dreams come true and forget all evil feeling.
Hope you got the idea!
Work together!

Posted by Omar | Report as abusive

Let’s be frank with each other. IF you don’t garee with the rule of law and that braling the law is criminal that we will NEVER agree. The ILLIGALS are here AGAINST THE LAW. PERIOD. DISCUSSION ENDED.

Posted by Captain Moroni | Report as abusive

But a move by Democrat backers to exclude 12 million illegal immigrants from buying health coverage and restrict the participation of authorized migrants has drawn the ire of U.S. Hispanics — a bloc that overwhelmingly turned out to vote for Obama in last year’s election.
======================================== =
I haven’t seen the Mexican American Community saying that at all. I have seen Mexican National Organizations galore telling us they wouldn’t vote for the President again. They are not supposed to vote, but we all know the various State Governments are slack with enforcement hoping they will be popular with the illegal aliens.

But the story, and the idea, is actually only popular with the illegal aliens, and is told and retold on the Spanish Language Radio. And, they inflate their numbers as much as they can to achieve their goal which is to maintain the umbilical cord into the welfare system in the United States.

Sad. True.

Posted by Joel Wischkaemper | Report as abusive

People! Here’s how our system works:
An illegal can and does walk into any ER and gets care. I walk into a clinic with no health insurance and I have to come up with $50 before I’m even seen. A year ago I fell, damaging the tendons in both shoulders. At the clinic the doctor wanted to do an MRI and x-rays. “I have no insurance”. Doctor, “then I’ll get you a sling and would you like a prescription for pain pills?” And that cost me $127. Over a year later my shoulders still hurt and I’ve lost mobility.
My Advair now costs $220 per month. And to be put on my husband’s insurance would cost an additional $402 per month.
ILLEGALS can probably AFFORD insurance because for one thing they do not lose is 1/3 of their wages to withholdings and do not pay taxes.

Posted by cricket | Report as abusive

to whom may it concern:

im american. im mexican. i speak english and spanish. granted my grammar is not proper. im sure everyone has preconceived idead too what im like, just for being mexican-american. anyways, i always read reuters because the news is awesome. my mother was born in mexico, and now shes a teacher with a masters degree. her sisters worked hard as seamstresses all their lives in downtown los angeles. all i wanted to say is they work hard for their familys, and although “health care” may not be given to them… its 100 times worse in mexico, where there siblings died of flu. be advised, were very thankful people. i dont know where im going with this, but truly, were not illegal “aliens” society just alienates us. multi-cultural people have it hard. its something i believe alot of these readers cant understand. yes, you parents grandparents have gone through it… but are YOU currently going through what we have to go through?

Posted by omar herrera | Report as abusive

HAR!HAR!HAR! I love it when these clowns start demanding things on behalf of illegal aliens. Lou Dobb’s couldn’t make this stuff up!

Posted by Eddie Brown | Report as abusive

If the US had Norway’s oil billions, our politicians with their fake, power-hungry concern could afford to hand out other citizens’ tax money right and left for the health care of illegal aliens, who break our laws by entering our country illegally.

But we don’t. And I don’t want my hard-earned tax dollars to provide free health care for the illegal aliens who brutally mugged my nephew at gunpoint a few months ago.

Posted by FedUp Taxpayer | Report as abusive

I was on vacation in Redding, CA and what did I see? White and black folks doing the jobs Hispanics say no one wants. I did not see one illegal alien cleaning the hotel rooms. Nope, old white ladies. At the tiny mall, the cleaners were white and black people. So I don’t buy that argument. Americans will do any job at the right price.

Posted by n8whit | Report as abusive

I can understand that legislation might restrict non-citizens from getting “free” health insurance, but restricting them from buying PRIVATE insurance? What is the logic behind this? And to the person who said that illegal immigrants should not receive medical attention at an emergency room — that is simply barbaric! Denying humans basic access to emergency medical care is crazy.

Posted by TSki | Report as abusive

Please ask yourself why Americans do not want illeglas here?
They should be excluded. We should pay the ER visit load them on a plane and drop them via parachute over Mexico.
We ought to shot them if they cross the border.

Spain was very nice to you to treat you for nothing, but why should the citizens of Spain pay for you?

Posted by SusanR | Report as abusive

Health care should be inalienable right of all residents. Denying health-care is definitely inhumane irrespective of whether the person is a citizen or not. president Obama would be well-advised to extend coverage to all and keep his election promises as well. He has shown that he is a dynamic humane leader. Now is the time for him to deliver on his promises.

a friend of mine offerd health care to his employees . he has a concrete company and employs mostly illegal aliens in the field.the office people gladly accepted the coverage but his illegals declined coverage due to the fact that a deduction would be taken from thier check depending on # of kids and a office visit co-pay.
basically the group of illegals said “boss,why would we want this when we already get health care for free?”

Posted by big d | Report as abusive

To n8whit. How do you know that those same Black or White people are not illegals? Because they do not look Hispanic, or Mexican? Many illegals here are White or Black. And yes,it is RACIST to assume that all illegals here are only Mexican or Hispnics. FYI,all white people here are immigrants,because they came here and illegally took the country from the native americans.

Posted by klass112 | Report as abusive

The illegal’s protests would be ignored just as we American’s are if,,, and here’s the kicker,,Businessmen with low wages and really cool exploitation schemes in mind would remain silent. The average American worker doesn’t want to compete with someone who is the cheapest worker in town,, But businessmen want to work hell out of a person and send em home with subsistence wages,,if that!

Posted by Unemployed for too long | Report as abusive

Just how will the “hispanic” electorate “punish” anti-amnesty politicians. If they don’t for the Dems how will they punish Obama and the Dems. By voting for the Republcans? Don’t think so. Or how about the Libertarian party and Ralph Nader, or the Green Party or the Partido por de liberacion de Aztlan? Or even boycotting the midterm elections altogether. Empty, silly threats by the advocates and enablers of Amnesty/open borders. Does the term “hubris” mean anything to these people?

Posted by Donald Cho | Report as abusive

I love Donald Chos post. The utter arrogance of these hispanics blows me away. I can’t recall anything like it. Gimee,gimee,gimee,etc. What illegal aliens deserve is a one way ticket south–> to ol Mexico, ON THE FASTEST AND CHEAPEST THING SMOKIN. Who are the people in the U.S. that are still pushing and crying to allow illegal immigration? Easy. Those employers who get enriched by using them but passing the social costs on to the American taxpayer, racist hispanic ethnic interest groups, and PHONY POLITICIANS. That’s about it, as far as who is backing illegal immigration. Hey, I’m just trying to be honest.

Posted by Bobby | Report as abusive

criket, good post. Yes, illegala aliens get it free, Americans have to have at least fifty bucks. So, Criket, the conclusion is what? That Americans are idiots, obviously. No I’m not being facetious, what else should we conclude? Why do we allow,stand for it? By now, every single politician who enables this stuff should be working at McDonalds, not at the Congressional building.

Posted by Bobby | Report as abusive

Does this mean that the “Latino” voters approve of crime? If they continue to aid and abet illegal aliens, then we can draw no other conclusion. If health care is sought for those whose first act was to dishonor our immigration laws, why not just give them the keys to the city? I’m sure Mexico and other countries south of the border would do exactly the same for Americans who sneaked into their countries. No other country on earth is as foolish as we are. We leave our borders wide open and then place all sorts of restrictions on authorities who should be arresting and deporting them. If you get in, we take care of you from birth to death. Just make it in and if you’re born here, you’ve hit the hackpot! You are now eligible to bring all your relaives here. Can the leaders of this country not see that this is not true immigration. It is an invasion with the express idea of turning this once great country into the third worlds they come from. We are doomed unless we realize what confronts us. Look around and start with 2010. Vote out those who aid and abet. Then in 2012, get someone to lead this country who puts our welfare above that of illegal aliens and their supporters.

Posted by June | Report as abusive