Swine flu vaccination finally starts

October 6, 2009

  Swine flu vaccination is under way in the US, although the CDC admits it is a bumpy start .

 The World Health Organization is worried that people may believe rumors about the safety of the vaccine and avoid it .  What could happen with H1N1 anyway?

  All this is great news for  vaccine makers



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If you are a Jew and catch the swine flu, are you unclean?

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Does anyone seriously think that the CDC and congress the is still interested in the welfare of the average American ? If so, I’d like to interest you in some gold bricks I have on sale …..cheap just to you ..

In the meantime, wash your hands, eat lots of raw parsley, drink a lot of water and urinate a lot, and eat at least 2000 units of vitamin D daily, and survive. Survival is the very best “flip off” to the current political and CDC establishment. Do it. Also get at least 50 pounds of dry beans, 50 pounds of fried white rice, and 10 cans of grapeseed or olive oil in
storage. Gold and ammo ? you bet. Grow your own food ? you bet. You and me, as part of we the people, have been tossed under the bus by congress and the administrations. Don’t believe it yet ? Good luck. Let’s all fool these characters and survive.


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Could you please confirm this statement in your recent article: “But at least three Chicago-area hospitals that have received the nasal spray vaccine said they would not be using it to immunize hospital staff because it is made from a weakened version of a live virus…”

I am troubled by the word “because” and would like confirmation on the veracity of that statement. It seems from reading other articles, and some that quote Dr. Segreti, that he might be simply prioritizing the administration of the vaccine given its scarcity. The CDC states: “Priority should be given to persons in the subset of the five target groups only if initial vaccine availability is not sufficient to meet demand for all persons in the five target groups.” Both children and healthcare workers are in the five target groups.

Are you sure it’s “because”?

Posted by Lindsay Graham | Report as abusive

Why are doctors tellng mothers to give asprin to children with 104 degree temperature?? Could it be the doctors feel less risk to child health than H1N1 vaccine?

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

My three-year old son was hospitalized with pneumonia twice last winter, and consequently developed asthma. He was a 32 week preemie, who had RSV at 8 months old. No one would argue that my son is not “high risk” within what the CDC has already catagorized as a “high risk group.” However, I have yet to find a single government official who can arrange for my son to receive the injectable form of the h1n1 virus. As an asthma sufferer, he cannot have the live vaccine in FluMist.

Almost every website tells parents to ask their child’s pediatrician for more information on the vaccine. However, in CT, where my child’s pediatric practice is located, many doctors, including our practice, for some unfathomable reason, have chosen NOT to order the h1n1 vaccine. We are left to find clinics on our own, even for high risk children. Our local hospital in Stamford, CT, will only give FluMist to children in my son’s age group. My son’s medical history rules out FluMist as an appropriate choice. However, they will only give the intectable to children under 36 months. My son is three and a half.

I have spoken to representatives at the CT CDC, the CT Dept of Health, and Governor Rell’s office. No one could or would help us. Since we live on the CT border and are actually residents of NYS, I also tried the NYS CDC, the NYS Dept of Health, and the NYC Dept of Health. They were slightly more helpful, but still could not find us a vaccine. In addition, we could not find a single pediatrician who had the vaccine who was willing to take on a new patient looking for the vaccine.

In the end, a friend new a doctor and told him our story. He had a good heart, and vaccinated my son. We were lucky that I had the time as a SAHM to advocate for my son on a daily basis for a period of weeks, and had friends in the medical profession. In the end, however, it came down to who you know. No state or federal agency prioritized my child, despite his medical history. He fell through the cracks, despite the fact that he is treated by a pediatric pulmonologist (who also couldn’t help us). I can’t help but wonder what happens to other children with respiratory conditions and parents who did not have the luxury of time or connections to insure their children’s health. Who is advocating for them?

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