Does Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

October 9, 2009

U.S. President Barack Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. The Norwegian Nobel Committee said Obama had been awarded the prize for his calls to reduce the world’s stockpiles of nuclear weapons and work towards restarting the stalled Middle East peace process.

The committee praised Obama for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

“Very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.”

The laureate wins a gold medal, a diploma and 10 million Swedish crowns (1.4 million dollars or 878,000 pounds).

Obama was one of a record 205 nominees for this year’s prize and the decision has come as a surprise to many. Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, had been tipped as one of the favourites.

Despite his ambitious international agenda, Obama is yet to make a significant breakthrough in the Middle East or effectively deal with the threat of Iran’s nuclear programme and his country is currently fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Has Obama done enough to justify winning the Nobel Peace Prize? If not, who do you think should have won?


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you must be kidding

Posted by R Hotchkiss | Report as abusive

As I commented on Twitter, they should at least wait for him to drop the frankly ludicrous sanctions on Cuba.

I also suggested that it might be a MAJOR PR coup for him to turn it down on the grounds that he hasn’t done enough yet.

Having said that, with Henry Kissinger having won it in the past, they could quite justifiably give it to an inept wannabe serial killer for not being good enough at murder, safe in the knowledge that it would make more sense than Henry’s prize.

Posted by Steve Lawson | Report as abusive

How strange- nominated 2 weeks after taking office- hmm- something is incredibly wrong here- what has he done? zip nada

Posted by say what | Report as abusive

something is very wonrg- what has he done? there are others so much more worrthy with a lifetime of work-not a nomination 2 weeks after becomng president

Posted by zipper | Report as abusive

But he didn’t do anything yet…

Posted by Solanasaurus | Report as abusive

This a resounding slap on the faces of the bushies, the neocons and the Israelis. A dumb president like Bush was easy to manipulate for the neocons and the Israelis. Their leaders brazenly announced the control they had over the bushies and the congress for eight years. Obama seems to be the exact opposite and they seem to hit the wall with every trick up their sleeve. Obama will be remembered if he can bring the paraiah nation Israel in to the international fold.

Posted by Gerard | Report as abusive

U.S. President Barack Obama deserves the committee award from little which can be seen in much better way. The fact remains, his courage, readiness and spirit of Carrying-Others-Along to meet with other world leaders are something recommendable for such an award. Not only that, from his leadership skills on both domestic and foreign issues as affects the world, the truth is, seating with people others regarded as adversary is the most worst limitation to ones success but his is determine to take all along in making the world a peaceful place for us. Such award in my only opinion shouldn’t be given to people that lead a right political straggle where hundreds and thousands of his/her innocent citizens dead at the expense of him been in office. Barack Obama deserves the award and some extra gifts for job well done. I hereby say Congratulation Mr. President!
Mone T.K
Athens Greece

Posted by Mone T.K. | Report as abusive

Obama inspires. We are only seeing the very beginnings of what he will accomplish.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

I voted for the guy, and I think he’ll do well — but I can’t make sense of this!!

Posted by gjergji | Report as abusive

I feel that Sri Lankan president Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse is the more appropriate person to be given the prize as he was instrumental in eliminating the LTTE which was the worst terror group in the world. They were not only responsible for many atrocities in Sri Lanka but many terrorist acitivities around the world. Compared to that, President Obama has not contributed much to peace.

Posted by Radha | Report as abusive

I guess they’ll give a Nobel Peace Prize to just about anyone now a days. Maybe because he’s the first black president of America?

Posted by J.J. | Report as abusive

Has Obama actually done anything? I think not. What a joke!

Posted by john | Report as abusive

The BBC reports that the last sitting US President to receive the award was Woodrow Wilson. While his heart may have been in the right place when creating the League of Nations (though after reading Keynes’ “The Economic Consequences of the Peace” I’m not even sure of that any more), a lot went wrong with it later on. Like WWII,

Awarding the prize to anyone younger than say 80, seems pretty bizarre, and if the prize committee really wanted to be taken seriously, they should probably stick to dead people.

Posted by Ian Kemmish | Report as abusive

A scandalous nomination. Mr. Obama not done anything yet outside out flying the world quite a lot. In addition, we are yet to find a country with as imperialistic a behavior as the US….

Posted by beatrice | Report as abusive

Obviously NO!
He has done NOTHING…NOTHING…And he’s advocated the Afgan war as a “rightous war”. This story should be retitled “JOKE OF THE WEEK”!

Posted by cleverdave | Report as abusive

This is insane. His first year in office isn’t even over yet. What possible justification could there be for this? What possible motivation? I didn’t know that campaign rhetoric was enough to deserve the highest honor in civil rights….

I can’t believe there isn’t someone else out there in the world who didn’t deserve this more. And quite frankly, if I were Obama I’d probably be horrified by this because imagine the effect that this will have on his administration’s future ability to negotiate any sort of understanding between hostile parties… on one hand you have Country X whom everyone hates, on the other you have President Obama, who apparently walks on water, saves baby animals, and wins peace prizes for campaign slogans.

Seriously, bad form, Nobel Committee, bad form.

Posted by MP | Report as abusive

its tooo early to award him. with this very short time of presidentship, what did he do significantly for the world???

now i am thinking its not soo crazy even if judges award some nobel prize even to Bin Laden

Posted by Ramesh | Report as abusive

There was a time in my life when I thought the people behind the Nobel Peace prize were credible. That was yesterday.

Obama not only doesn’t deserve any prize, except for “best supporting actor”, but he should be forcibly removed as president. And it WILL happen. Our military is already planning it. Tyranny will fail in America.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

All for show. Rhetoric! Rhetoric! Rhetoric! But no actions to show for.

Posted by See | Report as abusive

I think he just speak tooooooooooo… there are too many individuals who deserve it than Mr. Obama. i.e. Sri-Lankam Prime minister…i think in future Nobel committee will be a question?????????

He speaks too much in media about peace in US but when he is on the field he changes his speeches in different way…. so that people in that places will not hurt…. he said in his first speech about stopping aid to Pakistan …did he?? he knows that the aid from US was misused and will be misused … still he is doing that this Americans have only personal interest…

In short i will say change has came in America but not in American President….

Posted by dk | Report as abusive

I do not believe that he has made any sort of difference!
Yes, agreed that he must have come as a breath of fresh air after Bush but I’m sure there are more deserving people out there!

Posted by Anjana | Report as abusive

Obama winning Nobel raises questions on the very authenticity of the activity. Obama is undoubtedly the most promising politician today. He has inspired people around the globe, however there is very little to speak for what has he achieved. I wonder whether Obama himself would agree that he has done enough!! I won’t be surprised if Obama refuses to accept the award.

Posted by sandeep | Report as abusive

Wow. Well, it was Gore and now Obama, who is a popularity contest winner at most (with due respect to democracy). Is anyone blind to the politically charged motives of the Nobel Committee?

I’m giving him some benefit of the doubt, even though he is scary left-wing, but I’m not proud of this award at all. Meaningless. Basically they’re giving him an award because he talks pretty.

Posted by Chandler | Report as abusive

Normally the cart goes behind the horse.
Hopefully he succeeds in fulfilling the role of what might be reasonably expected of a Nobel Peace Prize winner… but then again maybe the prize has just made itself irrelevant. Mind you that might have happened following the award to Arafat, Rabin and Peres.

Posted by Peter H | Report as abusive

Congratulations, President Obama! This is a great day for America. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Posted by Molly P. | Report as abusive

CCongrats Mr. President…when the World needed Gandhi, he was there. Our planet needs Barack Obama & more like him. Mr. Obama, like Mahatma Gandhi sincerely believes that “Peace between countries must rest on the solid foundation of love between individuals”.

I say he keep his Gold Medal & Diploma, but use the monies to put into motion and organize a Global Youth Jamboree – to instil in our youth the notion of compassion and understanding and remove the barriers of hate & prejudice.

Posted by Rakesh Kochhar | Report as abusive

This is amazing. The scenic may say it’s all rhetoric and nothing concrete has been achieved by Obama.
But they miss one important point: the hope Obama brought to billions of people around the world. Hope is an incredibly powerful tool in achieving peace. And this hope engendered by Obama has calmed the nerves of the downtrodden around the world, send shockwaves perpetrators of atrocities, and brought down global tensions.
Is it just coincidental that within just 9 months America’s image around the world has so dramatically improved? Once again America is the most admired country in the world. Once again the world is at peace with America!

Posted by Hamis | Report as abusive

All talk and NO action so far. Appears to be a nice bloke though! Overall it is undeserved.

Posted by Emilio | Report as abusive

I was the first person to congratulate Mr.Obama,my twitter friend,by sweet writing in New York Times.
I have been observing,watching of his actions towards world,endless problems.
He has an attractive pull to any subjects.
He is a man of present,real speeches to world leaders and world viewers.
I have strongly supported his new health care plans by writings to Reuters and to many leading world news channels and in world well known social websites.
I think that, He will create,work, and mingle with world leaders,groups,sects on different paths for great,good results for better man kind.
Best wishes to him and to Americans.
All the Best to others.

Posted by krishnamurthi ramachandran | Report as abusive


Let’s all get on the bandwagon and repeat phrases that we’ve heard in the news recently; if we do this verbatim then it makes for easier reading. Without any research, intelligence, or commitment to being fully informed.

I do not presume to know the inner machinations of the presidency, the Nobel Committee, or how well or not disarmament and peace negotiations are going especially based on popular news reporting.

Perhaps some in depth reading is required before posting an opinion on Obama’s Prize.

Posted by linbo | Report as abusive

Another example of an international organisation like the UN that has shown te be an organisation of no substance.

Posted by M de jong | Report as abusive

An egregious example of hope over experience

Posted by Johnson Revnik | Report as abusive

I thought it was a joke when i saw the headlines…there were organizations and people who have dedicated their lives to one cause or another to bring peace on earth and who walks away with the prize?? Obama???!!!??? Id understand if he would have been awarded the prize once he’s done with his second term and has dedicated his life to improving the life of the black kids or something like that….its all a political propoganda of the US Govt. since Obama’s charms were waning in the eyes of the world they had to do something to notch it up…..and what better than to authenticate his actions by naming him the latest messiah of peace….honestly….i agree with some one before me who commented on the US Govt becoming Imperialistic…the neo brit empire…..and seriously u think the Nobel isnt rigged honestly!!!!

Posted by NMD | Report as abusive

you mean you get to wage/prolong/escalate a war (Afghanistan) AND you get the NPP?


Posted by jo | Report as abusive

I think its more of political leverage which he needed at this time.He hasnt been able to do much about the crisis.Also the failed bid for Chicago’s Hosting the Olympics.He needs a facelift.This is just back door manoeuvring.

Posted by Shivam Goel | Report as abusive

He does not deserve this. He has done absolutely nothing. This is sooo pathetic. He needs to decline it. So many other derserving people.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

You’ve got to be kidding me

Posted by J | Report as abusive

I agree with all of your highly esteemed opinions, but I think your myopic view of his speaking ability blinds you from seeing what it is that his mere speeches have done.

Obama’s rhetoric has inspired an entire generation, the world’s peoples are dreaming of “world peace” again. The planet is abuzz with the possibility, the idea of international co-operation. The world has remembered how to believe.

You and I cannot meassure today, the effect that his gift has on tomorrow.

Today Mein Kampf is still feared as pure evil expressed in black and white. The man’s body of work will inspire has and will continue to inspire HOPE for those who consume it.

Congratulations. Mr Obama.

Posted by andilekakuzwayo | Report as abusive

While it is rather obvious that the Nobel Peace prize has not been awarded for “outcome” this year…then Is the award given to “Support” Obama’s peace efforts? More like a means to the end – than a recognition for the end!

Posted by AJ | Report as abusive

This is pathetic.
These guys should resign for discrediting this institution, and Obama should decline this (now dubious) honor.
It’s a slap in the face of all those who’ve actually achieved something, done something, or risked something for peace and human rights.

Posted by yr | Report as abusive

This is a completely inexplicable award, indeed quite an unbelievable one. For me, it has irreparably damaged the Nobel “brand”.

Posted by Matthew | Report as abusive

Did Barack pay full price for this year’s peace prize or did he get it at a discount rate? It doesn’t matter anyway, it’s worth was diminished significantly when Al Gore won it for his farce. It will be a lonely, but nice decoration hanging in his “Hall of Accomplishments” at his presidential library after 2012. I wonder if we can get one for Muammar al-Gaddafi for next year?

Posted by Don Graf | Report as abusive

Obama does not deserve the award and the fact that he received it just turned the Nobel Peace Prize into the Cracker Jack Prize there is now no difference. I wonder if this was payment for the 40k troops going into war…?!?

Completely lost all respect for that award. It is nothing more than politics.

Posted by Theserf | Report as abusive

The joke just keeps getting better.
First a nobody gets elected president.
Then after nine months of demonstrating how
true this is, they give him the peace prize?

Posted by M Fisher | Report as abusive

Completely lost my respect for the award.

Posted by Vitor | Report as abusive

The Nobel prizes have become an institutionalized farce. Mr Obama deserves to receive a lot of praise for his work, but a Nobel Peace Prize is a little excessive – especially since his presidency is not even a year old… Looking back at the list of high profile individuals who’ve received this prize, one can tell that it’s not exactly a life achievement reward that is worth anything… Thank you Mr. Nobel for your ‘explosive’ contribution to humanity, and thanks to your torch-bearers for such a worthless display of hypocrisy.

Posted by p.s. | Report as abusive

The Peace Prize has often been political in character, in the best
sense of the word in effecting policy.

Getting the prize will give Obama a better position in dealing
with Iran. The reduction in nuclear armement is important
and it will help that. His getting out of Afghanistan
will not be easy and the prize will not help that.

Generally the award should have a positive effect but not
long lasting. It will displease the anti-Obama crowd
so much gnashing of teeth will be heard. Badmouthing
will go on, and little constructive analysis will
be coming from America’s political right. They are
permanently grumpy

Posted by Earl Evleth | Report as abusive

NOBEL is no more nobel. Its for Sale!!!. The distributers of the prize and taker all are from the same party(politics).

Peace prize is given to a person after ACHIEVING IT, NOT for just efforts!!!

We people might be dreaming of world peace bcoz of Obama’s. But that does not mean peace is prevailing. PRIZE is awarded after achieving… What a JOKE!!!

There is no meaning to NOBEL PRIZE.

Posted by Surya Shelar | Report as abusive


Posted by Oemissions | Report as abusive

At the outset let me say that I voted for Obama. But this is the most absurd judgment since the jury voted OJ Simpson not guilty.

What’s next? Sainthood for Madonna?

When I first heard the news I thought they said “Osama” won the award — I was only slightly less surprised to learn it was “Obama.

Clearly this is the “thank you for not being George W. Bush” award. That is a low threshold.

In a single stroke, the Nobel committee has rendered its award a joke.

Maybe there will be something positive to come out of this. Perhaps the embarrassment of winning an award for doing nothing will inspire Obama to actually grow a backbone and force Israel to build bargaining tables rather than obstacles to peace in the Middle East.

Posted by Ollie | Report as abusive

Regardless of the medias persistance that everything the president does is an angle for political gain, I still stand firm in the belief that the man actually intended and intends still to use his mind talents and influence to help this country solve its problems and to get us on the track of a success that has longevity and not a bubble that will burst eventually. That we have a genuine president who gives a damn about this country and the outcome of our future. So yes I believe he does deserve the prize. I am surprised it came so soon. However its my perception that i am not alone in my perception and that there are others around the world like me who think this man has the long term forsight to make hard decisions that will eventually protect not only this country but bring comfort and security to others as well. Not only must his decisions bring about security for this country but also direct things in a way that persuades the rest of the world in a direction of a civilized form of democracy. The best persuader is action and showing that voting for quality capable leadership will reap the rewards of a safe place to live without fear of goverment and war between factions. That those beautiful little children can be children instead of warriors and they can look forward to going to school and worrying about dressing for the school dance instead of worrying about dressing in a bomb vest on a suicide mission. Leadership that not only moves a nation as a whole but hits the individuals core values and dreams. Indeed for his sincerity and obvious constant efforts from the moment hes stepped in office he deserves recognition.

Posted by Mr New | Report as abusive

I like imagining things, like the outcome of a general election or who will be in the cabinet etc. Two months ago I was thinking who will be the right person to win this year’s Nobel Prize for Peace? President Obama came to my mind first. I think he deserve it. He has achieved a lot beyond the imagination of anyone who lived in my life time. I am sure he can also achieve what he is thinking of achieving. Congratulations President Obama. God bless you.

Posted by Nassar | Report as abusive

A P E A C E award for a president controlling two wars? You’ve got to be kidding! This award has lost any credibility.

Posted by LG | Report as abusive

I dont think his words or plitical orientation is the simple reason to have unanimous decision by 5 Nobel judges :

As an europien I see the folloing :
1. Nuclear treaty he signed
2. War on Terror and related subjects; although he is having pushes and pulls from several sides … he is doing what all he can to support the people’s will …
3. See what all he is doing to get people around engaged
including searching for bipartisan support for anything he is doing in your own country (without looking for the political risk he might have)

Its very rare : A person in such a position doing such jobs; which is logically matching to the vision of having peaceful world …

He earned it ; sure this will be a great push for him to succeed for the world !!!

Posted by kala6795 | Report as abusive

No…. I did not see any good outcome yet. I only witness and see good speeches and nice words. If that is the requirement to win a Nobel prize…. well he deserved it.

Posted by Maria | Report as abusive

If Obama is truly a humble chap, he will not accept this award. As for the Nobel committee folks, its time to prepare for retirement, enjoy their Norwegian winter, wait for the summer warmth to set in and revisit the nominee list!!

Posted by Rajeev | Report as abusive

Unbelievable! What a croc! The nominations closed two weeks after he took office!!!! This is all based on campaign rhetoric! Who is the force behind this guy??

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

yes yes yes – republicans are turning over in there graves you can tell the republicans from the democrats in this blog the world can see who is trying to bring peace and who starts wars

Posted by jj | Report as abusive

This is very disappointing. In one to two years, if his talk becomes a reality with results, he could be considered, but this award makes me reconsider the entire Nobel program

Posted by M | Report as abusive

Just a little surprising to say the least…
Maybe they gave it to him to inspire him to do more because he certainly hasn’t done much with the NNPT which the USA has been in violation of for decades by supporting and financing an illegal nuclear power (Israel) which is prohibited under the treaty among other obligations they have failed, or with the middle-east peace process which he has been as ineffective as his predecessors at mediating.. for the same reason, US support of the Israeli regime.
In fact it seems hard to imagine a US head of state being able to win such an award seeing as they are and always have been the prime threat to peace in the middle-east and the worst offender in terms of weapons of mass destruction in the history of the world.
A little premature? this is almost as bad as that 60 minutes reporter who won an emmy for his scandelously edited interview with the Iranian president. Whats next a Pulitzer for Fox??

Posted by brian | Report as abusive

Absolutely not–he is caving in to Israel and providing cover for its war crimes. He and the US Congress denounced the Goldstone report. He let G.W. off the hook for torture. What a sham!

Posted by JC | Report as abusive

He deserves the Nobel Prize for Rhetoric. Period.

Posted by JCon | Report as abusive

Obama first become international celebrity when he became the president.His contribution towards peace,from my point of view is not so so big that he should be awarded Noble prize. World has no shortage of people who really working for peace.Mahatma Gandhi was not awarded Nobel. I think there is some force behind it and I do not like it.

Posted by debanjan | Report as abusive

This has just brought the value of the Nobel prize to absolute zero. He has done nothing to promote anything except record deficit spending and unemployment. This certainly makes the top 10 ten stupid presidential list.

Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

I am not a republican or democrat, but what a sham! Didn’t Arafat win this also? Good company! The Obamanists must be reveling in the streets. As for me I’ll wait to see what this president’s record looks like at the end of his presidency! Will he redistribute his prize to the 9.8% unemployed Americans or 47+ million uninsured he is so concerned about? Or maybe he’ll loan some to Iran to help Fuel their nuclear arsenal.

Posted by Harry | Report as abusive

Fact: we don’t know what the judges debated between themselves prior to their decisions. But since Obama’s only been in office for a short time, it would seem that they must have considered his activities prior to the presidency and noted some considerable degree of continuity. Without objective, detailed review, criticism or support of their decision is of little value.

Posted by rudabaga | Report as abusive

What has Obama done to deserve this (so-called) honor? (Nobel is fast losing its creditability and distinction). What does he do, he shows up-everywhere.
Effective? He couldn’t convince the Olympic Committee he was going to give a good show, he couldn’t make nice at the picnic table between the Harvard professor and the Boston police officer. But, he won over a country looking for a feel good story and change and has not delivered on a single promise.
Why not look to those who have real courage and faith to seek peace, democracy and CHANGE, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who risked his life in the Iranian elections against Ahmadinejad and we know how that ended. This would be a perfect time to have the world support justice and democracy and woman’s rights, by naming Mousavi to a Nobel Prize. That has real meaning, not giving to the most popular boy
(that’s from high school).

Posted by nancy Paladino | Report as abusive

Frank is right. This shows that winning the Nobel Peace Prize means nothing. Really, how can you compare the accomplishments? of Obama with the accomplishments of Mother Teresa? They aren’t even in the same class, yet they won the same prize? What nonsense. The Nobel people have lost all credibility with this award.

Posted by JP | Report as abusive

What did he “do”? I’ve heard him say a lot, but what did he actually “do” to deserve this?

In the words of a Toby Keith song, how about “a little less talk and a lot more action”.

I shudder to think of what will happen next…

Posted by Suzie Q | Report as abusive

It is terribly sad the narrow view of some people and their prejudices toward anyone who tries to change the world we live in for the better. It’s also sad how most Americans are afraid of their own shadows and afraid to take the chance at something different that could make their lives better. I love America but I’m ashamed to be lumped in with those cowards who no longer wish to fight for their freedom and a better life and are content to sit on their computers, hiding behind a veil of secrecy, complaining and trying discredit someone that has done more for this country, and the world, in a few months than anyone has in 45 years, no matter how you deny it.

Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for trying, for the fact that he is actually attempting to make the world better, even with all of the armchair, and true, ignorant politicians trying to hold him back. He has inspired most of the world to change, though some portions may take longer than others. You are essentially expecting him to have changed everything in the world for the better in 9 months when others in government have done nothing in their many, many years. That is not only irrational, it is an unintelligent thing to do. What have YOU done in the past 9 months to make the world a better place? Why haven’t YOU completely have fixed all of America’s problems by now? If you think you deserve the right to judge what he has done, you surely must have done at least as much and maybe you deserve the Nobel Prize.

I guess some people are so caught up in their political factions that they can’t remain neutral for even one second to see through their hate of the opposing faction and see the good being done. It’s really sad that a majority of the rest of the world supports our President more than we do, because of the infighting of political parties, it’s as bad as the Shiite’s and Muslims. Get over yourselves and look at the bigger picture. I am neither Republican nor Democrat for that reason, the parties have become nothing more than a pack of fighting dogs. I can actually stand back and look at the good that Obama has done for the world, which is something most others apparently can’t do while screaming at each other so loudly that they don’t realize the bus has left them behind. Obama is trying for world peace, and though it is highly improbable that never truly be total peace on this planet, he’s doing his best, what kind of monster are you to say that is a bad thing by saying he doesn’t deserve a PEACE prize for it? Why deny him something that could only furthur his goals for peace by him getting it?

You may think I’m angry after you read this post, and you would be right. When people try to work against or destroy a better future for my son, and anyone else on the planet, how could I not be? I do not mean to offend, but if you match the descriptions I’ve made in this post, and are angry, I feel sorry for you and your view of life, and hope only that your life may change for the better in the future that awaits us.

Posted by Charles Townsend | Report as abusive

He completely deserves it! Why are we even asking this question?

Posted by Rebecca Lake | Report as abusive

You have got to be kidding…

What did Obama DO?

Did he stop any wars? Did he bring a ceasefire between conflict zones? Has he contributed to a peace process? Has he negotiated any treaties? Has he acted as a mediator? Has he investigated any warzones? Has he acted in any humanitarian capacity? Has he helped the refugees from war situations? Has he assisted in peace keeping operations? Has he attempted to stop resource conflicts in Africa? Has he actually REDUCED the level of nuclear weapons?

No. He just called for nuclear weapons to be rolled back. Like most American presidents do. Not that it required any practical effort from him.

He talks about peace and happy days. But we have seen nothing practical from him. And that is no basis to give someone the award reserved for the highest recognition of peace work.

Face facts, Democrats. Obama only got this award because Europe loves him.

And in the process, irrepairable damage has been done to the Nobel Peace Prize as a result. The whole thing has become a populist joke and will never be taken seriously again.

If anyone could actually say WHAT he did to get this award, I would appreciate it. For the life of me, I can’t think what it could be.

Posted by Anon | Report as abusive

I think he deserves it just as much as Al Gore! What are these people thinking? At one time I thought the Nobel prize ment something , but I found out this too is an illusion. What a sad word of affairs we’re in. God, please help us. Oh , I’m sorry, I can’t ask for his help because that would violate the perverted view of separation of church and state.

Posted by C R Cantner | Report as abusive

I guess if Al Gore and Jimmy Carter can win for doing nothing, Barack Obama should be a slam dunk.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

President Kennedy refused to support the Bay of Pigs invasion with US military support, and ended missiles with nuclear weapons in Cuba with a peaceful naval blockade instead of invasion, but no Nobel Peace Prize. President Nixon signed the first nuclear test ban treaty, ended the Vietnam war, and opened relations with China, but no Nobel Peace Prize. President Carter based US policy on the human rights policies of other nations, and tried to pull all US forces out of Korea, but no Nobel Peace Prize (while president). President Reagan was responsible for dismantling the communist block, re-uniting the two Germanies, and greatly reducing the nuclear arsenals on both sides, but no Nobel Peace Prize. The first President Bush rescued Kuwait from the invader, and then ended all warlike activities once it was freed, but no Nobel Peace Prize. President Clinton ordered all US peacekeeping forces out of Somalia after dead US soldiers were dragged naked through the streets rather than to risk a war, but no Nobel Peace Prize. President Obama is the first black US President, and two weeks after being sworn in is nominated and wins the Nobel Peace Prize, apparently based on his campaign promises and announced intentions, NONE of which have yet been realized. Amazing! Inexplicable! Depressing!

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

Absolutely. He has changed the direction of American policy from confrontation to cooperation, from false pride to humility, from forcing people to become good to motivating them to be good. Even if Obama were assassinated to morrow he will have changes the attitudes in America from Americans to Americans and from other world citizens towards America in the direction the America people deserve.

Posted by laurens van den Muyzenberg | Report as abusive

It will be interesting to see Obama’s personal reaction to this news. If I were him, I would reject the prize as winning this award this early in his presidency is surely political homicide; at least on the international level. He has enough problems to deal with domestically without the added weight of “not living up to the standard” set by winning this award. Besides, shouldn’t awards be granted based on what we’ve done rather than what we may potentially do?

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

This award indicates that an important element of the international community has gotten over their hatred of the policies of the former administration. Whether you agree or not, the policies of the previous administration were despised by many people in many other countries. Whether you agree with it or not, the US does need the cooperation of the international community, and since the end of the cold war that cooperation is no longer certain. A prestigeous international organization has choosen to signal their willingness to forget the past by honoring our national leader. It is a shame that many americans cannot accet this graciously.

Posted by J | Report as abusive

What a ridiculous choice.

So far, Obama’s only accomplishment is to be the first black president of the United States.

Obama hasn’t given me any hope for a better future. If anything, I’m increasingly concerned over the demise of the United States under his Administration.

Awarding Obama a Nobel on grounds that he has given “the world hope for a better future” throws the credibility of the entire Nobel program into serious doubt.

Such nonsense…

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Well..he is now on the same list with Arafat, Perez Esquivel, Rigoberta Menchú. ¿Is that an honor?

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obama was elected unproven and has yet to prove himself. i feel like his success today should be credited to excellent publicity as should his presidency. many before him have called upon a WMD free world and better environmental policy. speaking of a WMD free world, not only does the u.s. have the largest arsenal, and obama recently agreed to keep israel’s arsenal a ‘secret’, and going after iran that does not have a proven or ready nuclear weapon, the united states continues to completely ignore north korea, a sworn enemy of the united states by leadership, after its recent NUCLEAR tests and missile tests. no one seems to look at the actual pressing issue. if iran tested a nuclear device tomorrow i think there would be a u.s. invasion and bombing that very day. speaking of environmental policy, the u.s. is not a participating member of the kyoto protocol and obama has not mentioned any intention of doing so. domestically, his healthcare plan is far from implementation and work on the u.s. economy is something that would have been done out of need under any president leading the united states. he has no personal input on the strategy to tackle the economic problem. just as any other president would do, he’s hiring the ‘right people’. he has been made famous by huge media attention and effective and intelligent marketing. i hope he will be able to make a difference in the future however it is too early in his career to award him such a ‘prestigious’ prize.

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I think James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles who brought down ACORN with a cheap video, and stopped them from getting billions of our taxpayer dollars, James and Hannah should have won the Nobel Peace Prize for saving this country from more corruption by this organization.

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An award is usually given after winning an event. From that perspective, surely Obama, does not deserve the award since he has not had any singnificant contribution to peace yet.
But, if it were an advance award for accomplishing future global peace initiaves (or even encourages to do so), it is worthwihle to try this new approach.

Since, Obama’s stock has been falling both domestically and internationally, I hope this will provide him much needed weight/influence and give him some boost to stand his own ground.

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For all the nay sayers and haters. On January 20 2009 this country turned it’s back on the policies and philosophy of G W Bush. The world recognizes this and is hopeful that Obama can make a difference in a positive direction as much as Bush led us in a negative one.
There are others who deserve this award more, Aung San Suu Kyi from Myanmar for one. However I think the awarding of the prize speaks volumes about how the international community feels about Obama’s policies and the optimism toward how the US will interact with the rest of the world from here on in.
So hate if you want to, that’s what the people opposed to Obama do best.

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Obama is on the right track in cleaning-up the US record on human rights and peace. But this award is years and years premature. First and formost, Obama has taken ownership of our occupation of Afghanistan. And all of the actions that eventually earn Nobel Peace Prizes, are just in the proposal stage right now.

Obama is an overly-cautious leader, who still has not learned that that you can’t make everyone like you. I feel you need to take more risks to earn the Peace Prize. Suu Kyi. George Mitchell. Jimmy Carter. Yitzhak Rabin. Those people stopped wars and some put their lives on the line (and some paid a heavy price). Obama is nowhere near that league yet.

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Why not give the award to Kim Jong Ill?

I mean, Kim hasn’t done anything practical to create world peace. So logically he deserves this award as much as Obama does.

At least according to the Nobel Committee’s new non-existant standards for winning the prize.

Or how about Mugabe? I hear he stopped killing and torturing people recently. Why not give the prize to him?

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And the Grammy Award goes to Jethro Tull…

The Nobel Committee is nakedly showing its political preferences, more than its desire fore peace. Carter in 2002(who at least had the Camp David Accords), Gore in 2007 (who like Obama has done nothing to further world peace), and now Obama in 2009, all chosen as a repudiation of George W. Bush, rather then on their merits, as Committee Chairman Berge said in 2002, the prize “must be interpreted as a ‘criticism of the present U.S. administration.’”

How does it feel knowing you’ve turned one of the most solemn awards in the world into a joke? President Obama should apologize to Doctors Without Borders, Elie Wiesel, Lech Walesa, Nelson Mandela, Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres, and Yitzhak Rabin for cheapening their recognition, give it back, and work overtime to actually earn some of the accolades he keeps getting for free.

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There are many candidates, many worthy ones, but only one can win that prize. And Obama is definitely among the worthy ones.

So why don’t the professional haters take a few days off, get some fresh air, when you return, the same professional hate machines will be there earning money off your adulation and waving Vicks vapos in their eyes to pretend they are really crying.

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To all the Obama supporters who say something like

“Yes Obama didn’t do anything…but the awarding of this prize shows how optimistic Europe feels towards America and ….”


He DIDN’T do anything. And that’s the ONLY thing that is relevent here, for an award that is supposed to be for recognition of ACTUAL WORK!

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Now, that is a stimulus… I believe it’s too early for that award. However, Obama will have to strive now as ever to make peace in the MIddle East, win the war in Afghanistan and fix the U.S. economy. If he manages to do even one of those three huge challenges. By all means, he deserves it.

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Mr. Obama has done something for world peace. For instance he has not started any new war…yet, like his predecessors did. He only wages the ‘old’ ones.

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He did have a beer with that Harvard professor and Cambridge cop, didn’t he?!

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It seems to be either a sincere and desperate attempt to spread World Peace or a set-up, either way it is a compliment

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Amazing…..absolutely not. He is in the process of attempting to get a health care package through, which, in its current form, cannot pass muster. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not improving nor is he keeping his promise to take the boys home. Something we knew he could not accomplish. He has not achieved any of the goals in his campaign and what could possibly be the motivation for giving him a “peace” prize…..I don’t know.

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Charles Townsend – Glad to see you are neither a Republican nor Democrat. So I guess your recommendation would be to give everyone who shows up that Olympics a Gold medal, because they all tried. No National Championships in Baseball, Football or Basketball – everyone’s a winner because everyone tries! When you stand back and look at the good Mr. Obama has done maybe you can clue the rest of us in. Sounds like there is a lot of hatred in your heart partner -let it all out and maybe you too can get a medal. Not everyone hates the man, but not everyone agrees with what he has done -which is nothing. I wonder if you had the same magnanimous heart to our previous president.

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The only sane thing for Mr. Obama to do is to turn this down. He has shown a knack for turning perceptions around, and right now Obama’s opponents have a very clear edge in public discourse. Accepting this award will galvanize his opponents in ways I fear we cannot even begin to imagine. Declining it will fluster them so thoroughly that he will have the opportunity to regain control of the public “debate” here in the US. Moreover, declining this award is absolutely the right thing to do given that thus far, he has accomplished nothing.

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I see that Al Gore, Jimmy Carter and Kofi Annan have also won Nobel Peace Prizes in the past.

So, it’s not surprising that Obama could win it as well.

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Too early. I’m sure there are people out there that are much more qualified and deserve it more. He is hasn’t done anything yet that qualifies him as a Nobel prize winner…! And they say that the Nobel prize has no politics involved, sure!!!

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Am I still in a dream? – How could Nobel Prize be given to Obama. Even in the dream I wouldn’t accord such honor to Obama.

His contribution to the ‘International Diplomacy’ started just 10 months ago. As I understand it was not given for the books he wrote, or for running political campaign for US Presidency. He is a new kid on the block as it comes to World Peace and International Diplomacy.

When Bill Clinton and Tony Blair can’t cut the deal – for their service for the last 10+ years, how could Norwegian Nobel Committee accord this to Obama?

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Historically this award has been given to people’ like Mother Theresa, for actual achievements. Obama has been in office for less than a year and apart from flowery speeches, has achieved little or nothing.

Giving him this award cheapens the memory of previous recipients who devoted lifetimes to serving their fellow men.

I used to feel the Nobel Peace Prize had signinifcance. Now it has become little more than a tool of a group of people wishing to influence public opinion.

Obama did not deserve this award. If he’d an ounce of integrity, he’d decline the award in favor of other nominees who are more deserving.

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President Obama has inspired our nation and the world. He has in 10 months helped to heal what President Bush had destroyed.

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This is premature, Obama is being used as a tool by the Europeans who are putting Obama on the spot, so he has to live up to European expectations for his foreign policy behaviour and performance, not American expectations. Obama is full of lofty rhetoric, his words though have not been folllowed up by any real actions. What more proof does anyone need to see that the Nobel Peace Prize is the European Liberal Political Prize, nothing more. Europeans will now smear the American people if Obama is voted out of office in 2012, clever white people, are they not, these Europeans, our colonial forebearers? Divide and conquer in the colonies, the European way.

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This proves only one thing: Obama has a good speech writer.

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any one who is powerful or have loads of money deserve Noble price or any other prise in the world.

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How about a little optimism, hope and confidence here….what you think – not who you are or what you have. – will largely determine your and the world’s future – if you have negative thoughts it is impossible to proceed toward a positive outcome. I beleive in President Obama’s integrity, his beliefs, thoughts and actions regarding peace for the entire world. Let’s quit the mean spirited negativism and move toward peace in ourselves and the world.

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A president accepting an award, even though he hasn’t done anything to deserve it.

And you know what is worse?

His supporters knowing he did nothing to deserve it, but they still think he should get the award anyway. Because all that matters is that it is Obama getting it.

God. This feels terrible. We have just seen the nobel peace prize die in front of our eyes, just so Europe can feel good about how much it likes Obama.

And Obama has become historic as the first person to receive the peace prize without actually doing anything. A terrible moment in his legacy.

And even if he rejects the prize (fat chance) it doesn’t change the fact that he got awarded it.

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The blatant racism and vitriolic hatred being spewed here only goes to show that peace – as well as equality and civil rights – still has a long, arduous road ahead.

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President Obama embodies peace. He, with every action, breaks down the seeming walls of opposition. He is an example to us of getting past the idea that only through inflicting pain on others we can we acchieve solidarity.

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Proving to the world that America really is the land of hope, trust and optimism instead of the land of greedy, self-interested unilateral warmongers is worth the award. When will we learn that being the sole superpower carries ‘projection of responsibility’, not projection of power? The person who can wield great power with great responsibility is worthy of a Nobel prize.

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Sadly, the Nobel Peace Price description has been stretched many times. President Obama does not deserve the award. This is not at all a put down on his efforts in international politics, but as many people have commented, there are no clear results.

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Imagine that, 3 US top officials and no Republicans, what a joke. First Carter, Gore and now Obama; the 3 stooges for the obsesive-elite-left which live for the power to control others.

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This is well deserved.Obama is the only one in years that has the courage to confront issue that have not been working in American government and has the energy perspective and intelligence to do this. He is torn down for everything he does and does not do. Go for it Obama

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I think the only positive attribute for Obama is that he has not started a war as yet!. The nobel committee has again shown their corrupt and bias.
People who work on micro-peace initiatives – like settling small disputes at villages, state and inter country level by doing ground work – should be even considered.

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Nominations Deadline for Nobel Peace Prize = February 1st 2009

Barack Obama at this point had been President for 13 days!

Can anyone seriously try and argue that someone deserves a Nobel prize after 13 days in office???

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which is less peaceful: A. starting a new war by invading Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons, or B. doing nothing and allowing Iran to drop a nuclear bomb on Israel to wipe it off the face of the earth as Ahmadinejad has threatened?

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The Nobel Peace Prize is becoming a joke. I do not mean anything against President Obama who deserves it. But look at the nominees. Dissident Hu Jia is nominated but not President Hu Jintao of China. Yet, President Hu Jintao has contributed much to lifting the standard of living of hundreds of millions of Chinese, preventing the collapse of the world economy through an audacious stimulus package, defusing the tension involving North Korea and providing aid and trade to most African, Asian, American and European countries.

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This is pure politics. Obama now has to be a dove for the remainder of his presidency. How can a Nobel Prize winner attack Iran’s nuclear sites? How can he remain in Afghanistan killing all of those precious Taliban people? This cements his lame duck status not even 1 year into his presidency. Brilliant move by the Nobel committee who we all recognize as a bogus politically motivated organization.

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In Nobel Peace Prize list, there’re more “for their efforts” than “for their works” if you notice it.

I think Obama deserves the prize.

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Help. Institutionalised stupidity is overwhelming and is causing me great dismay and distraction. Losing faith in sanity and logic. Have I fallen into the Rabbit’s Hole? What to do… that to do…

Posted by CC Pony | Report as abusive

Reaction has been swift, and overwhelmingly less than enthusiastic. And the British press calls the award “absurd” That may be overly kind. Oh, and be sure to watch the television coverage from Russia: M0&feature=player_embedded

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I always believed the Nobel Prize was serious, but this time I’m utterly disaponted ever since Obama is leading at least two bloody and hideous wars where the sharing of the world in favour of multinationals is at stake

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Of course he has done something. He has apologized all over the world for how bad America has been. His getting this award nauseates me.

Posted by Lois Waldron-Konzelman | Report as abusive

If Mohandas Gandhi was never “deserving” of the Nobel Peace Prize, though being nominated 5 times, how on earth is Obama even nominated ?

What a devaluing of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Posted by Denny | Report as abusive

Check UK’s take on this “Nobel Peace Prize” rld/us_and_americas/article6867711.ece

Nuff said!

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Republicans havent learned the lesson from the goverment of President Bush. Unilateralism lead the US to a desaster in Irak. Billions of dolars wasted and countless civilians casualties for what?. Nothing. Problems of the US are in fact international. The US need today more than ever the colaboration of the rest of the world. Obama reflects that very simple fact that the stuburn minds of the conservative republicans doesnt seem to understand. In bringing back the US to the international comunitie, Obama deserves the nobel peace price.

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The way Obama has been able to turn a total lifetime lack of accomplishment into a successful run for the Presidency and now a $1.4 million Nobel Peace Prize is so amazing I’m almost tempted to start believing in some “Manchurian Candidate” global conspiracy. Years from now, assuming freedom of expression survives the coming dark ages, Obamamania will be added to the list of extraordinary popular delusions.

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The pre-emptive Nobel Peace Prize! Right from the international diplomacy playbook of George W. Bush.

I heard the Swedish twit from the Nobel Comm. on the radio this morning discussing the choice of Obama. It is their intention to make the award more interactive with the current political process to promote and encourage peace. So the Nobel Committee are now community organizers. They feel that they have taken a risk in awarding Obama, but that they feel he’s currently the best hope for promoting their ideals of global peace. What a crock of s**t! The way I see it, this is their second whack at Bush. First was the award to Carter, and now Obama. I guess they had to give it to Obama before things feel apart in Afghanistan, Iran, NKorea, Israel, etc. That would make this the first pre-emptive Nobel Peace Prize.

Posted by The Bobfather | Report as abusive

Obama “reached out to Muslim nations” by claiming that every invention created before the time of Mohammed was done by Muslims. So far he has made enemies of every friend of the USA and has not made any friends among those to whom he is pandering.

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With the deadline for nomination only 10 days after he took office, this award only proves that the whole idea of the peace prize is flawed. It has become, sometime ago, a political tool. Not what Nobel truly wanted.

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

It may be a ploy to get obama not to send in troups to Afganistan.
If Obama were smart, he’s refuse the award and give it to the 1000’s of people more rewarding than he. It could turn it into a gracious publicity stunt.
right now he looks like a laughing stock

Posted by jonny | Report as abusive

Well its official…the Nobel Peace Prize is now worthless…because you can do nothing and get it. They [committee spokespersons] state things like Obama has given ‘hope’…and changed the ‘mood’ around the world. Incredible. So much for the prestige of this prize.

Posted by robertegn | Report as abusive

Another European lovefest…of course they love a weakening of the United States, dragged down to their left-wing political correctness, apologizing for nothing, abrogatting deals with staunch allies in eastern Europe, negotiating with terrorists, bankrupting the USA, trying to open the doors to millions of illegal aliens…..I hope he uses the money to move to Sweden!

Posted by D Dolan | Report as abusive

So, this was awarded in the “hope” that what Obama has said he wants to accomplish will happen ?

I “hope” to write and star in a movie someday, and I want it to be the best movie of all time !

I will be awaiting the call that my Oscar is on the way.

People, this award is nothing more of a joke than that. Be realistic…….

Posted by DJS | Report as abusive

At least Carter deserved his. Say what you will, Republicans, but Jimmy Carter actually made peace. Dick, Ronnie, Ford, and both Bushes were quite adpt at making war, either directly or by proxy. Republicans simply cannot win this award.

But this year’s award is a sad joke.

Posted by Dhalgren | Report as abusive

Anyone but Obama should have won. He is going to need a wheel barrel to carry his head around

Posted by JOyce | Report as abusive

I voted for the President, but I will say that there are far more worthy people in this world who have brought real and lasting peace and joy to the world. The president is a platitude who has done nothing. This is a disgrace to the committee, and the defenders of the award should be ashamed.

Posted by Guillermo, Tuscon, AZ | Report as abusive

Unlike the other Nobel Prizes, which are awarded by Swedish institutions, the peace prize is given out by a five-member committee elected by the Norwegian Parliament. Like the Parliament, the committee has a leftist slant, with three members elected by left-of-center parties.

Posted by RDBYRNE | Report as abusive

Astonishing and utterly sad that a person can be nominated and then chosen for such an honor based solely on words that have come from their mouth. Many notable people speak or have spoken the same words and phrases that the Committee cites but are they even considered? Deplorable decision.

Posted by Neil | Report as abusive

I stand corrected. Henry Kissinger got the Prize in 1973 for his destruction of Veitnam. So Republicans did win one undeserved award. Obama is the undeserved award on the Deomocratic side, but at least he didn’t oversee the death of 2 Million.

Posted by Dhalgren | Report as abusive

While I commend on President Obama’s effort to-date, the Nobel Prize has been awarded on actual accomplishments. In that context, this award is premature and controversial at best.

Posted by Noel | Report as abusive

Deserve it? You decide. According to Nobel’s will, the Peace Prize should be awarded “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.” Did Obama do any of this in his first 2 weeks of office which was the deadline for nominees? Most certainly not.

Posted by Abdul | Report as abusive

This prize is now officially a joke. Gore and now Obama? Obama was given this award for what he has accomplished so far… the distruction of the United States as a World Power. The committee knows that his policies will remove the supremacy of the US on the world stage and relegate the United States to third-world status. So you see it he has accomplished quite a lot in the world’s eyes. Besides everyone knows no one ever wins in Afganistan. Remember the Russians in Afganistan? We are repeating their every move and it will cripple us too. So thank you Mr President, for my children and all my descendants we thank you, where external attacks had failed, we thank you for destroying our country from the inside. Praise Be Obama. Let all bless the holy-O

Posted by Don the Cynic | Report as abusive

America has become so politically correct it’s pathetic. People want racism to end yet those same groups (all nationalities) will pull a race card instead of taking constructive critisim or being challenged. It’s pretty sad when groups or individuals cannot speak their mind or share their opinions because it will be deemed as racist remarks when it’s far from the truth. People who are true to themselves and others can see through the cr#p. People need to stop taking the easy way out and stand up for themselves/others.

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It was obviously an error in “judgement” that 1938 British prime minister Neville Chamberlain did not receive the Nobel Peace Prize when he orchestrated the signing of the Munich Peace Accord with Adolf Hilter prior to WWII. I am glad that the Nobel committee now has its priorities and “judgement” corrected in 2009! Appeasement=Peace in the eyes of the Nobel judges. Remember the statement, “Peace in our time”—Neville Chamberlain(1938).

Posted by gary | Report as abusive

Obama won (again) because he is an icon, not because he is actually accomplished (at least not yet). It is embarassing when you consider the peace credentials of other nominees, named because of courageous acts on behalf of others in the face of grave personal danger.

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To the Committee:
I have never felt the need to correspond with the Nobel Prize Committee before, but your recent choice of Barack Obama as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize compels me to write.

I had thought that your previous award of the Peace Prize to Jimmy Carter was degradation enough of the Prize – a cheap shot aimed at interjecting your political views and America-phobic outlook into US policy matters. And, of course, it allowed you to get in a cheap shot at President George Bush. It diminished the prestige of the Prize in the eyes of just about everyone in the world who can think.

Then you awarded the Peace prize to Mohamed El Baradei and the International Atomic Energy Agency for their “efforts to prevent nuclear energy from being used for military purposes….” Another great choice – was the Committee the only body on the planet that didn’t recognize that the IAEA and El Baradei did everything possible to allow the development of nuclear weapons by Iran so that they could “wipe Israel off the map”? Apparently so (to be fair, the Committee wasn’t the only group of individuals who were so blind).

Then, your award of the prize to Al Gore further degraded the prestige of the Nobel Peace Prize. Another cheap shot at George Bush. I know the temptation must have been impossible to resist. You, of course, recognized that Mr. Gore’s actions did nothing to further the cause of peace in the world, but I understand that the temptation to insult President Bush must have been impossible to resist. This was the first time I realized just how petty the Committee could be.

But none of the above awards can compare to the outright insult that is the current award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama. Those of us in America who have watched Mr. Obama go overseas time and time again to “apologize” for the past actions of the United States wonder what actions in particular he speaks of: Saving Europe in World War II? Paying to rebuild it? Rebuilding Japan after WWII? Saving Berlin in the Berlin Airlift? Coming to the rescue of South Korea in the Korean War, even when the rest of the world was content to let the Communist thugs take over the peninsula and destroy the lives of millions? Or was it when we tried to save the South Vietnamese from a similar fate – decades of imprisonment behind their own Rice Curtain, beaten into submission by the communist criminals who eventually took over their country? I recall much of the rest of the world could not give a damn about the people of that country. Perhaps he was apologizing for America being one of the few countries in the world willing to help free the Iraqi people from decades of bondage, torture and fear under Saddam Hussein? Or maybe for the way we are now trying to save the Afghanis from a life of torture under the thumb of the primitive, cruel Taliban, who believe that throwing acid in the face of little girls is a rational response to the prospect of their learning how to read. I can’t recall how many young American lives were sacrificed in these hideous American actions, but thank god we now have Barack Obama to thank for apologizing for all of that arrogance.

And apologizing is pretty much all the Committee can point to as a real “accomplishment” of this President thus far in pursuit of your feckless conception of “world peace.” But perhaps you awarded the Prize in anticipation of his obviously inevitable accomplishments in the future? Yes, that must be it. Now we can look forward to a nuclear-armed Iran thanks to President Obama’s effective diplomacy. And a revival of Russian aggression certainly seems to be more likely now that Mr. Obama is on the world stage. Taiwan should begin building up its armed forces quickly as well, since Mr. Obama probably won’t want to threaten world peace by defending them from an invasion by the Chinese army. The people of Iran should forget about any hope of democracy and freedom in their country, as Mr. Obama has already shown himself too timid to defend their dreams. Of course, Israel can finally be wiped off the map now that Mr. Obama has given Iran the green light to develop their nuclear weapons. And, finally, the world can look forward to America’s abandonment of Israel and the eventual termination of the bloodshed that the evil Israelis have perpetrated in the “occupied territories.” Mr. Obama’s influence in the world will allow the “peaceful” Palestinians, led by Hamas, to spread their version of “peace” across the Middle East – provided they can manage not to kill each other first.

Mr. Obama is a disgrace. He is weak, he is anti-American and he lacks the courage to defend our allies and confront our enemies. Far from fostering “peace” in the world, his presence on the world stage has unleashed a new era of aggression by every rogue state that wishes to do so. And we are just at the beginning of this new awakening of tyrants and dictators, who see an invitation to once again begin their barbaric ways in the rise of the this feckless American President. The Sudanese Janjaweed must be very proud of your choice for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. Perhaps now they can resume their genocide in “peace.” At least there won’t be any UN soldiers in the way of their slaughter, now that there will be “peace” in the world.

Of course, it’s not as if you don’t realize that Obama’s influence will lead to new tyrants and new slaughters – I assume everyone on the Committee is able to read and think, at least enough to recognize that reality. But, the temptation to take yet another, tiresome slap at the US must have been just too much for the Committee to pass by. Another diminishment of the stature of your Prize was evidently not too high a price to pay. After today, the Peace Prize will be seen as nothing but an opportunity to make petty political statements about America.

There were hundreds of others you apparently considered for this Prize. Others who risk their lives every day for real peace, and for protection of their people. Yet you felt the need to aggrandize a man who threatens the lives of these same individuals by taking the side of the dictators and tyrants who threaten the lives of the people they try to protect. You have added to the assurance these tyrants now have that they will have nothing to fear from the US. I can only wonder what your conception of “peace” is.

Your concept of “peace” disgusts me. It is Chamberlain’s “peace.” A “peace” in which dictators can crush their people at will, while the rest of world averts their eyes. No actions will be planned to stop the dictators or their slaughter. No defense will be mounted to protect the defenseless. No, instead, there will be “peace.” Or, at least there will be a Norwegian “Nobel Peace,” drenched in blood that we do not see or want to see, a world where the “at peace” can put on their blinders and cover their ears so that those unfortunate not to be at peace will not disturb them.

Congratulations, Nobel Committee. The world now understands your conception of “peace.” God help us all if we accept it.

An American

Posted by BenjaminX | Report as abusive

This a complete embarrassment for the Nobel committee; it not only cheapens the award, but also all of those who have (deservingly) received it in the past.

An award for future behavior only means one thing: political manipulation.

Posted by barry | Report as abusive

I believe I’ve seen it commented on another article online, but it must be said again: The Nobel Peace Prize has jumped the shark. It means nothing now.

Obama has done nothing good for the world or peace in general. We are still in Iraq and now set to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan. How is this progress for peace?

The only thing that can be said for sure about his presidency so far, is that he has raised the national debt considerably. That’s about it.

Posted by Aaron | Report as abusive

Why don’t they just rename it the Obama Peace Prize and just give it to him every year? All that promise and hope for the future, who else could possibly win?

Posted by The Bobfather | Report as abusive

This was disappointing to hear this morning. I do not feel he has done anything of note, yet.

“for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”

What a bunch of fluff.

Posted by Nikki | Report as abusive

As i understod till now, awards are given for acheievements. This guy was 13 days into office when he was nominated, before that hardly any one known him, forget abt doing anythign for world peace.
So obviously he was given the award for his ‘vision’, ‘hope’ and ‘change’. What a mockery.
Its a disgrace to greats like Nelson Mandela, Mother theresa who worked decades and decades for piece and was awarded the prize for their true achievements! It makes those great souls looks small.
I dont trust this Peace prize any more. Its not a peace prize, its an appease prize (to appease Obama)

Posted by Sujith | Report as abusive

Who oversaw the death of 2 million? Oh .. must have been Kennedy and Johnson. Two democrats. Nixon and Ford, both republicans ended the fiasco. I guess you can tell the mentality and education of Obama supporters by reading these blogs. Who with a straight face can say Obama deserves this honor (bogus, but still an honor in the warped world’s eyes).

Posted by Derek | Report as abusive

Give me a break! What has this man accomplihsed in his lifetime? Unbelievable…What has this man done to be bestowed an honor of a life’s work! I cannot believe it, I am totally stunned. Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm This makes a mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize..Nothing accomplished except make him a diety which he is not. Now it makes it laughable..and if I were Obama I would not go to accept it..How embarrassing..

Posted by tressa | Report as abusive

What a charming egalitarian gesture, this prize! What’s next? A Nobel Law Enforcement Prize to Barney Fife?

Let’s see if he takes it. Turning it down would be sensible; accepting it will prove that he’s an egotistical buffoon.

Posted by jmbreland | Report as abusive

The criteria for the Nobel Peace Prize:
“awarded to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”

That’s the criteria.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

It is a political prize, it has nothing to do with peace… wish they has waiting to see what Obama would accomplish before rushing to give him the prize…

Posted by Vimala | Report as abusive

He absolutely deserves the prize. He’s a forward thinking man with an optimistic and realistic view of the world. One very public blogger had to go to islamofascists to find any criticism. Get behind the man and help him change the world for the better!

Posted by romicra | Report as abusive

He did make peace with Hillary, didn’t he?

Posted by joker | Report as abusive

Without a doubt this diminishes the Nobel Prize, what a joke! The prize is now only a liberal political statement – but it has been moving in that direction for a while.

Who cares, now, what the Nobel Prize is for or who wins it.

Posted by Curt | Report as abusive

Its kinds of surprising news, but it not hard to imagine that people need a inspirational example. And indeed Obama did various extraordinary movements to accelerate the world peace and international order, so i guess he deserve it…

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

I have two words for this: “George Mitchell”

I have two more words: “Wesley Clark” (for his participation in the Dayton Peace Accords in December 1995 and his helping to stop the atrocities in Bosnia

Posted by Dhalgren | Report as abusive

Now get this. He was nominated in February, after 1 month in office. So basically, he was nominated based on his campaign promises, which he is, ummm not following through on. This is a sad confirmation that this prize is a sham.

Posted by Deidrick | Report as abusive

Along with all the other things that have changed for the worse in the last year, I have now lost all respect for the Nobel Peace Prize and it’s commitee members. They should now rename it the, “Nobel Pizza Prize”. and just give Obama a pizza, as that’s all it’s now worth.

Posted by WilsonSpaulding | Report as abusive

Yes. And I deserve to win the Lotto because I have talked about it for months and I hope to win it. I haven’t bought a ticket, but Obama has given me hope.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

“Very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.” /Norwegian Nobel Committee

You who are saying that Obama hasn’t accomplished anything yet, you are so wrong, sorry.. It doesn’t matter how little or much you like or dislike Obama. You are still wrong.
Inspiring people is something, especially when you get your word out to large parts of the world (even if they’re your speechwriters’). The ideas are what counts and will help this world to a brighter future. That IS something worthy of recognition.
Who can say that because for instance Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe has stood up for democracy he has brought more peace to the world in the long run? That he has affected more peoples lives? I personally think Morgan Tsvangirai is a real hero and would have well deserved the prize, but so has Obama. I only hope he will be able to make even more (“actual”) achievments as well, thus deserving the prize again.

Posted by Carl | Report as abusive

Searching for reasons why our distinguished leader should be considered for this prestigious award, the only thing coming to mind would be his fearless stance vis a vis our ally Israel whom he castigated boldly for defending their own existence, supporting the wonderful position adopted by the U.N.over the years…..
No doubt this decision will cheapen all the awards handed out in the past years and confirms the position of the Nobel committee as another misguided political entity.

Posted by William Bachmann | Report as abusive

Tsvangirai would have been a more deserving winner. The Nobel Prize should be awarded on actual accomplishments. This award is controversial because Obama has taken no bold action, nor done anything to warrant such recognition. My hope is that the award may actually inspire Obama to earn it.

Posted by Reed | Report as abusive

Although he has certainly talked a good game, his performance of any real accomplishments isn’t being seen. Maybe some day, he will actually achieve something noteworthy to be given the Nobel Peace Prize, but at this time, I just don’t see it.

Posted by Carl | Report as abusive

In performance management, we seek to recognize results over simply “effort”. It is even more absurd to recognize “goal setting” as opposed to actual results or even effort…..

Posted by doug | Report as abusive

If there was any doubt before that the Nobel Peace Prize is primarily a political instrument of a short-sighted group of elitists, the choice of Barack Obama for this year’s award should erase it.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

In response to Dhalgren:

You actually believe Jimmy Carter deserved his award? and that a Republican will never get the award because they make war? Jimmy Carter did nothing to promote peace throughout the world. He simply did nothing to protect America from enemies abroad. He was weak leading to the Iran Hostage Crisis and escalation of the Cold War. Reagan had to clean up that mess, and clean up he did. The hostages were released as soon as he came into office and he single handedly forced a collapse of the Soviet Union ending the Cold War. Did either Bush start a war? No. Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, an ally, and we responded to force him out. That war never ended, it was only postponed through UN resolutions that Saddam continued to defy. Clinton, just like Carter did nothing but launch a few cruise missiles at empty tents and aspirin factories. Bush 41, after 911, decided that Saddam had to be dealt with once and for all. Clinton also made us appear weak on the world stage leading to the first WTC bombing, attacks of US Embassies, and the USS Cole reaching a pinnacle with 911. Once again a Republican, Bush, had to clean up the mess. Did the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan go perfectly well, of course not, but we have not been attacked since. Then comes Obama who once again makes us look weak by apologizing for America all over the world and cozying up to despots and dictators. Its only a matter of time before we are hit again. Recently, there were several arrests made around the country that stopped many bomb plots. We got lucky this time, but maybe not the next. I expect that a good Conservative will have to come along and clean up the mess Obama is making around the world, and within our own borders. I’m looking forward to 2010 and 2012.

Posted by Robert_A | Report as abusive

I am actually shocked. I was hoping that my conspiracy thoughts were just irrational. I was hoping that the obvious blinding of the american people was localized but now see that the obamsizsing has spread to other countries. Sometimes I thinking there has been widespread mindwashing that only a few of us are immune to. What a country, what a world I am raising my kids in.

Posted by Lara | Report as abusive

While I think it is a nice gesture, Obama should decline the award. He should decline it on the fact that it is premature. As a peacemaker, he does not have tangible criteria to justify such a worthy honor. I would rather award it to President Bill Clinton, who has accomplished more as a peacemaker in and out of office.

I am shocked and do not understand how someone is nominated after only being in office two weeks. His campaign rhetoric should not be a nominating factor. His short stint as a senator pales in comparison to Bill Clinton’s peace making afforts in the past 9 years. Perhaps in 4 years, the nominating group can revisit his soon-to-be-determined accomplishments. BUT NOT NOW!

Posted by Rosie | Report as abusive

In a word. No. Who should have won. George Mitchell. He’s been working at achieving peace around the world longer than Barack Obama has been in politics.

Posted by Gary | Report as abusive

What a joke! Long ago the Nobel Peace Prize has lost its credibility as a tribute to deserving persons. Obama has done nothing!! The Prize was predetermined when he was nominated for it two weeks into his Presidency. There are a lot of people who have “potential” but go on to disappoint. This President has sure disappointed the American people so far and I fear it will only get worse.

Posted by Georgia | Report as abusive

If the committee is looking for a idiot , a hyocrite and a person who is immorral they found the right person. He has done more damage to the U.S.A. than any president we have ever had.

Posted by wampascat | Report as abusive

I will never defend this Socialist, but it is clear to me that Obama has to make nice with the rest of the world. The rest of the world less likely to buy our debt if we are beligerent. Face it, folks…America is dead broke, so much so that we have to go hat in hand to the Chinese to fund our government spending. The days of US projection of economic power are over…its difficult to do when you carry $12 T of debt. Former economic basket-cases China and Russia now scold us about our monetary and fiscal policy. This is a really bitter pill for us boomers to swallow.

Posted by CodeWarrior | Report as abusive

Inspirational vision is where change begins! President Obama is not ultimately responsible for the failures in the Middle East or any other country. He is simply trying to mediate peace for the betterment of the world! Those other countries need to take responsibility! On the one hand, they do not want America involved in their countries, except, when it is to their advantageous interests! CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA for winning the Nobel Peace Prize!

Posted by BLPC | Report as abusive

I believe that this could be Europe’s way of soothing the Obamas for not getting their Chicago Olympics. Plus, a very tangible way of proving that Europeans definitely are not racists!

Posted by gary | Report as abusive

Well. Congratulations Mr. President. I guess.

Posted by eco_delsol | Report as abusive

Shocked is the only response I had on seeing the news. I had no idea that you could be awarded the Nobel Peace prize based on your hopes and dreams, rather than some tangible action.

Posted by Charles Lindsay Griffin | Report as abusive

I felt physically sick when I heard this. Obama has done NOTHING but “speak” about peace. He’s climbed to the top solely based on his appearance and smooth speech that are completely lacking in substance. There are so many more deserving folks who have put their lives on the line, who have worked for YEARS to bring peace about. No wonder he sat on Gordon Brown and Sarkozy and prevented them from addressing the real issue of eminent nuclear danger from Iran at the UN.

What narcissism. He made the whole thing all about him! Wouldn’t want reality to rain on his parade–would we? This type of self-serving behavior in our leaders has ALWAYS lead to death and destruction for the population they are supposed to serve. He is a young man yet, and there are many years for his ego to grow, and grow and grow. God help us, and God help the world–our ignorant population that apparently did not study history in school has placed him as leader of the free world.

How many American boys died this week–last week–last month because Obama just couldn’t send troops into Afghanistan one week and accept the Nobel Peace Prize the next? How long will he let them continue to die so he can look the peacemaker? WE need to apologize to our troops for electing him.

Do you really think the “whites” are setting him up for failure by giving him a prize–Zach? I don’t think so. His refusal to recognize that this ISN’T ALL ABOUT HIM, is our biggest danger right now.

Our only hope as long as he’s president is that the Chinese will step into Afghanistan and Iran and kick butt to protect the country they just bought.

Buy stock in Rosetta Stone cause it’s going to fly off the shelves as we struggle to communicate with our new bosses.

Posted by Jane | Report as abusive

Incredible. I wonder how much longer this O’Bama guy is going to rack up points simply for not being George W Bush. I can understand pent-up global and domestic rage to a certain extent, but while the world vents its spleen at a by-gone administration, look at the actual damage this other guy is causing! I hope the temper tantrum burns out soon. We’re running out of body parts to shoot ourselves in. We should be past getting even, because meanwhile we’re just hurting ourselves.

Posted by Al Chinchar | Report as abusive

I was unaware, until this morning, that ACORN had an office in Oslo,Norway. How else could an atrocity like this happen. The man was nominated only two weeks after being elected President. Prior to being elected President he was just words, nine and a half months later he is still just words. He has accomplished nothing. It has now become clear to me why he has let General McChrystals 66 page report, requesting 40,000 more troops,lay on his desk for over 40 days. You can’t send 40,000 troops into battle and expect to win the Nobel Peace Prize a month later.

Posted by Glenn | Report as abusive

Really?… Really?

I understand he might be a better president than others, but people really need to stop crushing on this guy so much. This world needs a slap to the face.

Posted by Rick | Report as abusive

I predicted in June that President Obama would win the Nobel Peace Prize :)
See here – 08/obama-for-nobel-peace-prize/

My congratulations to President Obama on winning it !

Posted by Rahul Nanda | Report as abusive

Defently deserved prize. An inspiration for the entire world. Congratulation for this citizen of the world.

Posted by Carlos | Report as abusive

You people are crazy! You all hate it so bad that you could explode. If George Bush had not been such a profound screw-up, the country would not need to be put back on course. Bush destroyed the infrastructure of the United States. Where were you people then.

Posted by Payton | Report as abusive

Absolutely not. To be nominated a dozen days after he enters office is just ridiculous. The Nobel Prize commitee has proven once again that the award is entirely about politics and nothing more. Its worthless apparently.

Posted by Ted | Report as abusive

I am excited and pleased that our new president, and our election of him, has moved world opinion favorably. We show our own provinciality–and ignorance–when we greet his award with skepticism. Yes, he has moved the US many major steps forward in connecting with the rest of the world, in takign up the mantle of diplomacy as opposed to the neglect or worse–belligerent postures and words. Surely there is no more important topic than peace and cooperation in a time of nuclear proliferation. I applaud President Obama for his efforts and support the decision of the Nobel Committee. He has changed the international debate. We should throw our support behind this, rather than whittling away at this success by pointing out peace has not yet been achieved. That will depend on the efforts of many others. Obama can’t do it alone.

Posted by suzette | Report as abusive

I think it is wonderful. All the praise that the U.S. can get internationally can only help us. We are not regarded very highly thanks to the Bush Administration. And for him to be our President makes it even more wonderful. I wasn’t for him in the election. I was a Hillary follower but I think his heart is in the right place. We are all different, and we all have a right to be different. As long as we try to do the right thing, we should feel good. Congratulations, President Obama and thanks for trying.

Posted by Sporter | Report as abusive

“Did Obama do any of this in his first 2 weeks of office which was the deadline for nominees?”

WHAT? This guy gets one and a half million dollars for his performance after two weeks on the job? THIS IS LUDICROUS!!

Obama is leading America down the road to socialism and financial ruin.

Posted by Roger Agness | Report as abusive

Heck no. What for just because he still basically campaigning by shelling out big bucks to those companies that have big executive bonuses to pay. I can say let’s reduce nuclear weapons and have peace talks, Can i have a award too. If i can have the Peace Prize i could use the 1.4 million to stimulate my cities.

Posted by Jeff stewart | Report as abusive

At this point I would say Micky Mouse has done more for peace.

Posted by Roy | Report as abusive

It’s a joke. He’d been in office less than two weeks when his name was proposed. It’s really a prize for being the one whose actions promise to chasten the USA by promoting the neo-communist agenda of his mentors.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

I think the Rasberry award is better fitting, I no longer respect this award. Even if you like him, the selection was made in February, just two weeks in office. It makes no sense, like the Oscars, “oh we have a 100 to give out, quick find somebody”!

Posted by Cyrus | Report as abusive

Yes he does.

Young yes, relatively short time as president, yes, but has outstripped all in working for PEACE across the world – between nations, between nationalies, and between religioous groups in his quest for a world at peace with and within itself.

If not President Barack Obama then who?

Posted by Horace L. Morancie | Report as abusive

The world loves Obama since he is ruining America and they see that as equalizing all the countries of the world. What a sad day for our country.

Posted by Mimi | Report as abusive

May be the Nobel Peace Prize committee members see something in Obama as messiah of peace which most other people are unable to see. May be they have done that through portents of coming time in his life through his horoscope reading which they are embarassed to admit and disclose. May be someone knowing the esoteric science of astrology will reveal what the mandarins of Nobel Peace Committee have kept under the wraps.

Posted by R C Khanna | Report as abusive

In a nutshell:

“Very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.” /Norwegian Nobel Committee

You who are saying that Obama hasn’t accomplished anything yet, you are so wrong, sorry.. It doesn’t matter how little or much you like or dislike Obama. You are still wrong.
Inspiring people is something, especially when you get your word out to large parts of the world (even if they’re your speechwriters’). The ideas are what counts and will help this world to a brighter future. That IS something worthy of recognition.
Who can say that because for instance Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe has stood up for democracy he has brought more peace to the world in the long run? That he has affected more peoples lives? I personally think Morgan Tsvangirai is a real hero and would have well deserved the prize, but so has Obama. I only hope he will be able to make even more (”actual”) achievments as well, thus deserving the prize again.

– Posted by Carl

Posted by Cameron | Report as abusive

Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize?

What a truly pathetic joke and embarrassment. If he had any self respect and honor, which he doesn’t, he would decline the award.

Posted by John Thompson | Report as abusive

Shocked, is an understatement. He does not deserve it. Accepting when he has done nothing, will tarnish the image of the award. Regardless of my personal feelings about the man, he has accomplished nothing. He talks a good talk, but there is no substance or action behind the talk. Obama should decline the award, that would be the right thing to do.

Posted by Sue | Report as abusive

He received the prize not because he deserved it, but because the comity wanted to make a statement.

Posted by Paul Whorton | Report as abusive

Me thinks we need an offset for the nobel peace prize award. Something like the Dingbat award. Considering some of the winners of the Nobel prize. It could be used to offset the crazy selections made by the nobel comittee. Make Obummer the first to win both awards and put him one up on Jimma.

Posted by Ezyduce | Report as abusive

Come on….

Some of these posts would be laughable if not for the fact that they scare the heck out of me to think people actually believe what they are writing….

“Forward Thinker”

They are NOT criteria for awarding the NPP. Go look it up before you post a thumbs up for him. He has to have DONE something.

Talking is not doing!

Posted by Colorado | Report as abusive

President Obama has have much more sincere efforts in world peace than other American Presidents, however, I don’t think he deserves the Nobel yet. Has Bob Geldof received it yet for orchestrating Live Aid and try to end famine in africa?

Posted by HK | Report as abusive

The more internationalists and liberals try to prop this guy up, the more obvious it becomes how weak, unprepared, and underserving Obama is. He joins 2 other weak Presidents – Carter and Wilson – who tried to be liked by the World at the expense of America’s interest. History has not treated either kindly …

Posted by Emma S | Report as abusive

$1.4 million dollars awarded after just 2 weeks in office. Our “Pay Czar” should have something to say about this.

Posted by American Independent | Report as abusive

you hateful devils need to stop before you start a civil war.let the man do his job.the world don’t just belong the white man any longer.

Posted by sean lipscomb | Report as abusive

A magician isn’t entitled to applause until AFTER he pulls the rabbit from the hat. Until that happens, the magician is just swagger and banter.

To date, President Obama has been big on promises and rhetoric, but may yet prove worthy of a prize that was awarded prematurely. Meanwhile the Nobel Peace Prize Committee’s credibility must take a hit.

Posted by waltonr | Report as abusive

I am so disgusted that all I can say is

The Nobel Prize has losts its true meaning today.

Posted by Linda | Report as abusive

Mr.Obama must be thinking with what grace he will walk up and receive this award. He said he is “humbled”, I would like to hear whether he feels “deserved”. Would be wise for him to skip visiting Oslo and save another embarassment.

The Nobel Committee must be seeing egg on its face after seeing the public reactions…

Posted by Dina | Report as abusive

He definitely deserves it as he is rebuilding the tarnished image of our nation. I cried with joy when I saw the announcement!

Posted by Lynne | Report as abusive

Apparently, most of the posts don’t realize the hope President Obama has brought to the world. It’s ashame that so many people just hate this man for his efforts in healing the world. It appears that the rest of the world is willing to embrace is vision and work towards world peace, but the citizens of this country constantly rejects everything this man tries to accomplish. I’m ashamed that all you haters can’t be proud that our president is viewed and has been chosen to receive such a honor. God Bless you all….truly ashame.

Posted by Marrine | Report as abusive

Appeasement is just surrender on the installment plan.

Bush may have hacked off a large part of the rest of the world, but when your country’s been attacked once the idea is to make everyone else think twice about doing it again. He didn’t have a choice. As unpleasant as it was to a lot of people, Bush did his job.

Obama, on the other hand, is apologizing for most of what our country stands for and just wants to be friends with everyone. That’s why he’s getting the Nobel Prize.

But the people who wanted to kill us back in 2001 will always want to kill us. That’s something Obama can’t change, and it will be a disaster for the United States.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

This is bizarre. He is escalating the war in Afghanistan and hasn’t ended the war in Iraq. I don’t see how he could deserve this at all. He could have stopped those wars completely with his nearly limitless power as President.

He doesn’t want to stop the drug war, domestically, and the war in Afghanistan expanded to Pakistan. Maybe that’s just part of getting rid of Islamic extremism, but it sure isn’t peace.

Posted by variable | Report as abusive

So please tell me, all you Obama-worshipers, how it is that President Obama is more deserving of this prize than the other people nominated in the same category? Do you even know who they are or what they have done with their lives and for the world? Nope. It’s just all about Obama, 24/7. Tell me how President Obama (who sat in previous Congresses who passed budgets now conveniently blamed on Bush and condemned by the Libs) is more worthy than Dr Seema Semar who is a female Activist in Afghanistan and has spent her entire LIFE championing for the rights of women there. Let’s ask her how much more ‘hopeful’ her ladies are (esp since they are 70% of the population there). She founded a hospital and works to make their hellish lives better under the duress of that oppressive and war-torn society. Please, please, enlighten all of us, how it is that Obama is so much more deserving of this than her. And, that’s just one candidate he beat out. Nevermind, the worshipers are not interested.

Posted by Lady C | Report as abusive

I agree it’s too early to award the prize to him. However, it might just be to encourage him to act. Let’s see how the president responds, give him a some time and let’s see if the prize bears any fruit at all…

Posted by Daryl | Report as abusive

We are in 2 wars!!! A peace award to a man who sent 21,000 extra troops to Afghanistan?? Not one but two wars!! He has the power to bring the troops home but doesn’t do it and he receives a peace award?? The world is a fraud.

Posted by Detroit Al | Report as abusive

Morgan Tsvangirai has almost paid with his life in opposing the idiotic communist regime in Zimbabwe. Now that is deservant of serious recognition. History will show how wasteful this award was.

Posted by Deon vdM | Report as abusive

I believe that this is a wonderful accomplishment that reflects positively not just on Obama, but also on the United States. Obama has been a stalwart for peace even before becoming president. He has campaigned for an end to the unjustified War in Iraq, pushed for nuclear reform and promised to engage in diplomacy first. Upon taking office Obama has remained true to his word. He has engaged in talks with those who disagree with the U.S, significantly improved relationships with Cuba and continues to push diplomacy and negotiation before military action. Obama has also stopped the use of enhanced interrogation techniques(torture)and is working towards closing Guantanomo Bay and other CIA black sites. Ironically, while Obama was pushing for these changes,(a radical difference from the previous administration) conservatives were belittling his foreign policy as weak and naive. Thankfully, it seems that the world disagrees preferring negotiation and non violent solutions to the status quo. Congratulations Obama, this is a proud day for America!

Posted by Dominic | Report as abusive

Let’s see what Obama achieves in the next few years and see how his “vision” and multilateral policies take shape in the future. If we see a Utopian harmony amongst the nations and a world where there is no nuclear ambitions and everyone is working together, than the Nobel Committee will be remembered as seers with keen insight into Obama’s potential. If we see things take a turn for the worse, then we can conclude that the Nobel Committee is nothing more than a bunch of ideologues with no sense of reality.

Posted by Rob Gianserra | Report as abusive

Well, I think Mr. Obama is the first person who has earned this prestigious prize just by talking and not by doing anything.
This is the insult of all past Nobel laureates as well as the nominees who deserved to be rewarded other than Mr.Obama.

Posted by Parth | Report as abusive

It is not how long an individual has in office but what impact he has made. He deserves it. He touched on many things/issues that others are not ready to talk about.
All these nonsense talks about what for is uncalled for.

Posted by John Joseph | Report as abusive

I wonder if he’ll be challenged to put his money where the Nobel committee’s mouths are?

Hopefully Reuters will urge him to do so, by asking challenging questions. 10/09/war-is-peace/

Posted by Daniel Simpson | Report as abusive

This award is grotesque.

But I must wonder if Obama will **finally** honor his pledge to rebuild a school named for him in his family’s Kenyan village—by donating the peace prize to them? Would that not be utterly amazing and inspirational? Here’s the link to the story published last year regarding his “historic” visit to them in 2006. (Of course, we did not hear of this in our own media): rticle-23520981-barack-obamas-broken-pro

And here’s his promise to “assist” the village, pasted (in indented paragraphs) from paragraphs three, four, and five:

… this bucolic scene in his father’s village of Kogelo near the Equator in western Kenya conceals a troubling reality that, until now, has never been spoken about. Barack Obama, the Evening Standard can reveal, after we went to the village earlier this month, has failed to honour the pledges of assistance that he made to a school named in his honour when he visited here amid great fanfare two years ago.

At that historic homecoming in August 2006 Obama was greeted as a hero with thousands lining the dirt streets of Kogelo. He visited the Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School built on land donated by his paternal grandfather. After addressing the pupils, a third of whom are orphans, and dancing with them as they sang songs in his honour, he was shown a school with four dilapidated classrooms that lacked even basic resources such as water, sanitation and electricity.

He told the assembled press, local politicians (who included current Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga), and students: “Hopefully I can provide some assistance in the future to this school and all that it can be.” He then turned to the school’s principal, Yuanita Obiero, and assured her and her teachers: “I know you are working very hard and struggling to bring up this school, but I have said I will assist the school and I will do so.”


Read it; it’s interesting. As far as I know, he has not yet “assisted” the people of the village to date “to bring up this school.” I’m sure they could use a million dollars.

Posted by PrePublished | Report as abusive

No he doesn’t deserve it. Who does? I don’t know. not him – he hasn’t done anything but trash our country all around the world, befriend dictators, destroy our capitalist system and hopes to raise taxes on every bit of electricity we use. Not to mention he has no respect for the constitution and is doing everything in his power to destroy it.

Posted by Jon | Report as abusive

I am dumbfounded. He has yet to do anything! To date, it is all talk. An honor such as this should go to someone who has already walked the walk instead of just given pretty words and ambitions!!!

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

I applaud President Obama for bringing hope for the future to people of the world. He is attempting to make this world a better place for more people. He is advocating for equity in health care,and quality of life. He is not catering to the wealthy or the corrupt.He has extended his hand to all leaders and is asking for their help in creating world peace. Instead of criticizing him, we all need to join with him in love and trust and support.

Posted by Loyal American | Report as abusive

In my opinion, Mr. Obama has yet to have the kind of achievements that would merit this honor. While I most certainly hope that he will, eventually, this seems very premature to me.

Posted by Sandra | Report as abusive

Obama isn’t the first undeserved winner of the Nobel Prize… I can’t understand why some people still take this Nobel thing seriously?

“Yes He Can”

Posted by Steven | Report as abusive

Carter deserved the Nobel Peace Prize for enabling the historic peace agreement between Egypt and Israel.
Kissinger deserved the Nobel Peace Prize for ending the Vietnam War.
Al Gore made a movie, and possibly deserved an Oscar for the best documentary, but not a Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama? This is not even a debatable question.
I’m sorry to say that the Nobel Prize Committee has totally discredited itself, as well as the Nobel Peace Prize. They should all resign.

I feel sorry for all the good people who’ve sacrificed their lives, health, happiness, carriers and fortune for peace and human rights.
I can only wonder what they think about this indecent decision.

Posted by bizda | Report as abusive

This supposed “American Reaction” to the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize is fueled by the constant far right wing presence on the internet. Please wait until there is a reaction from the citizens who are now at work!!

President Obama was elected by 60% of the vote. The majority included those who sought HOPE and wanted CHANGE. The actions of our President in reaching out to countries all over the world and seaking PEACE startle the right wing Republicans. With Peace, how can the right wing mighty war industries make money?

Please wait for the reactions of all Americans!!!

Posted by Joyce | Report as abusive

I think the fact that the question seems plausible to ask “Does Obama deserve the award” answers the question. Was that question asked when Mandela, George Marshall, Mother Theresa, or Elie Wiesel won? Come on, of course he doesn’t deserve it. Can you imagine what his collegues in the Illinois State Legislature are know, the folks that were with him for 8 years…I can hear it now…”you mean that punk has won what’?

Posted by larry | Report as abusive

Wow. This just shows how dumb some people can be. Obama has yet to do anything for this country and there is no way in heck that he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

I was a liaison to both the Israeli and Egyptian Air Defense commands when Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize. What they never told anyone was that the reason Israel and Egypt signed the Camp David Accords was that Carter gave them both hundreds of millions of FMS (Foreign Military Sales) credits to sign the document. In other words, he received the Nobel Peace Prize by arming both sides with a lot of sophisticated weaponry.

I guess some of us new that the Peace Prize was a joke back then.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Nobel Peace Prize winner chooses to postpone meeting with the Dalai Lamma in favor of cozying up further to China. What are these people thinking?

Posted by David | Report as abusive

The President can’t even bring peace to the streets of Chicago, his adopted ‘hometown’. Is there any tangible proof there is even more ‘hope’ there, in that one limited place? No. You cheerleaders kill me with the ‘the U.S. will be more liked now; it’s a positive message; our country can be proud’ and all that garbage. When you can BACK UP what you are saying, let us all know. When NATO sends more troops to help our guys out, let us know, when the dollar stabilizes in the world, let us know, when something actually PEACEFUL happens as a result of this grand gesture, point it out. Every poll and index taken in this country in the last few months shows a LESSENING of hope. This is not high school and this is not a vote for prom king. Some of you are so stuck on issues of PRIDE and that’s all you’ve got. When this actually manifests into something GOOD for the country with results that it has actually done something for the people, then I will believe. Until then, our debt keeps climbing, our troops are still strung out to unGodly limits and Capital Hill looks like a bunch of fat, rich lazy elitists milking the American people. This prize means NOTHING in the real world. Only in the media-drunk political world will it show up, and only then, it will show up as royal a$$ kissing. Get back to us when something REAL comes of it.

Posted by Lady C | Report as abusive

Let’s not forget that Nobel Prize is funded with dynamite (i.e. blood) money. While I am definitely not a conservative, I can’t help but wonder what were these presumably intelligent people involved in choosing the award recipient thinking? It’s like giving the physics prize to someone who just got a PhD but is only in the process of writing his first paper that nobody has yet seen (although there might be reasons to expect that it will be a great paper).

My suggestion to president is to turn the Nobel Prize down with thanks. If he doesn’t, this will simply confirm what those of us capable of critical thinking already know – that he is just another politician with overblown ego.

Posted by firebug | Report as abusive

I’m kind of amazed at this strand, even the title of the article: Does Obama Deserve a Noble Prize?. Is it common practice to second guess these prizes by running a lead article that questions the decision and by its very nature, elicits the worst kind of comments from people who wouldn’t like Obama even if he hung the moon?

Posted by suzette | Report as abusive

Sharing ideas that inspire hope and actions aimed at peace — of course he deserves the honor. And, though I don’t believe it’s the award committee’s intention, being a Nobel Peace Prize recipient will make him even more effective in becoming our greatest president in a generation.

Posted by Todd Wilson | Report as abusive

Everyone knows that the Nobel peace prize committee is a bunch of leftist hacks anyway.

Whoever can get Iran to stop developing nuclear weapons should get the prize. Obama certainly hasn’t done anything about that. He hasn’t stopped the war in Afghanistan. He hasn’t closed Guantanamo or brought ALL the troops home from Iraq. He hasn’t really done anything substantial that I can see.

Americans are going to see right through this. Europeans love Obama — fabulous. You can have him!

Posted by J Cline | Report as abusive

President Ronald Reagan tears down the Berlin Wall and puts and end to the cold war and does not win the Nobel Peace Prize. President Obama has been in office for a mere nine months and while he has outlined his hopes for broader peace in the world, he has clearly not yet achieved a single material outcome to date on the geopolitical landscape. Without a doubt, this significantly diminishes the credibility of the Nobel Peace Prize and what it should ultimately recognize.

Posted by Chris Ackerley | Report as abusive

What Obama has done so far, by defending the ideals of Liberty and Justice might seem something trivial to many, but not to those who have no hope of finding these “privileges” anytime soon in many points of the world. He instills in people the confidence that these ideals are achievable and worth fighting for. The changes that come as an indirect effect of that are tremendous. You might not notice them in America, but the world is noticing. It’s no wonder that he’s approval rate is better in the world than in America…

Posted by Marc Viers | Report as abusive

You know I like Obama. I was thrilled when he came into office. He seems very genuine. He’s smart. He’s inspirational. But does he deserve a Nobel Prize?

I say, “No”.

Maybe one day he will. Maybe he will be the one to bring peace to Afghanistan. Maybe he will broker a peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Maybe he will start dismantling nuclear weapons programs.

It’s nice to think that he could achieve even just one of those – but he hasn’t yet, nor even taken any real steps towards it.

I remain hopeful. I’m still a big fan of the “O” man, but this is unbelievably premature.

Posted by Jon | Report as abusive

I have no respect for the process, in which the Nobel Peace Prize was just awarded to Mr. Obama, completely ashamed.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

As Americans, let us pull together and stop trashing the President. It is an honor, one he did not ask for, and let us celebrate with him because he represents all of us in the world, let us show our children you can have difference of opinion but still respect a person. Let us start thinking positive, and stop all the negative comments and just congratulate hime as we would any other President who has won this award and not pick apart the reasons.

Posted by rcagle | Report as abusive

Seriously. This is a joke, right?

Posted by Randall | Report as abusive

Unbelieveable! I’m not sure the voters for this award have been watching the town hall meetings. Obama may talk a good game, but he has done nothing but bring unrest to America. He has not told us the truth about Obamacare and he is stealing our freedoms.

Posted by JK Sager | Report as abusive

It would be nice if a regular person like myself got prizes for just being popular.

Posted by cline | Report as abusive

This is just like Ripley’s Believe It or Not, he has done nothing yet except to move our country closer to Socialism than our forefathers would have ever dreamt of.

Posted by quasssi | Report as abusive


And to all of you saying this is a great achievement, you need to recalibrate your lives.

Get a raise at your job for your goals but not accomplishing any of them

Win a little league championship for having the best pre-season practices but not winning a game

Win the lottery for simply having the best intentions on where to spend the money…never mind that you don’t have the right number

Date the prettiest girl in school for having the best pick-up line…never mind that she hasn’t said yes yet

On and on….

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

Just so I completely understand the process…

What was the deadline for the nominations?
Did the nomination have to spell out why the person was nominated?
Did they actually have to have done what they were nominated for by the time of the deadline?
Who else was he up against, and what had they been nominated for?
And who in the world decides who is awarded this once-prestigious award?

Posted by Shocked Citizen | Report as abusive

How could he ever wage the “war of necessity” now that he will hold the “Peace” prize?????

Posted by Melanie White | Report as abusive

This devalues the nobel peace price. Not to say other recipients are more undeserving, but Obama has not achieved anything thus far. Sure he is trying, and he is working hard, but I am sorry, this is the real world, nobody gets an A for effort, you get an A for results. In a few years, when he actually has something to show for his work, he might be a viable candidate, but this is far to premature.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

I’m a strong, hopeful supporter of Obama, and I think this was a terrible decision. I sincerely hope that Obama has the good sense to politely refuse the award.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

While I support the president and made sure I voted for him. I do not think he deserves the Nobel ( at least not yet ). He has visions of how things should be but has not made any great change that I can see. It seems more political than anything and while the world might be happy that the American 4th Reich has left office, the new administration has not really done anything substantial to help America or the World be a better place.

Posted by Jerry | Report as abusive

I imagine he was given the award because he’s a US president who hasn’t started another war of aggression. That would only entitle him to a Nobel “No New Wars” Prize. That’s something, I guess. He still has a lot of work to earn a Peace Prize.

Posted by CTurner, Durham NC | Report as abusive

Obviously the world and former Noble Peace Prize recipients thinks so.

Why do some Americans think so little of our President? Why do they try to diminish any accomplishment he makes and turn it into a negative?

Be thankful that the world is looking at America in a better light this year.

If you can’t be proud of what the rest of the world thinks of your President, at least have the courtesy of keeping your negative opinions to yourself.

Posted by Greg Schmitt | Report as abusive

I think that this award speaks volumes to how the world views our President Obama. This is a man who is trying as hard as he can to show the world that Americans want peace and that we respect other peoples rights. He can’t perform miracles within our political system, but he can inspire hope that we can work towards a better world if we try peacefully. I, for one, could not be more proud that we have elected a man who has been selected for this honor. I just wish American critics showed some of the same wisdom as the selection committee.

Posted by Katie | Report as abusive

Would someone tell me who nominated Obama just after 2 weeks in office? Is it a joke?

Posted by underspam | Report as abusive

Pres. Obama was nominated 2 weeks after he was elected President. Was the award for
winning the election? If not, what was it for? Making promises?

Posted by pat | Report as abusive

Open Letter to Nobel Peace Prize Committee – Me thinks you are trying to bribe our President with $1.6 million to compromise US Foreign Policy. You are sadly mistaken if you think he’ll fall for this. He will turn your bribe down and tell you to put it where the sun don’t shine.

Furthermore – if anything the prize belongs to the People of The United States and not our elected officials as they derive their powers and authority from us.

Posted by mtweed | Report as abusive

perhaps it is in contrast to the nutbar who was your last president

Posted by Ross Emmans | Report as abusive

the nobel prize has always been a political instrument, wherein they look at the world and try to determine how they can help the cause of peace in the world

in this case the best case for making a better world was catching grief and having trouble implementing his program

they decided to lend him a hand, theyve done it before

the anguished ‘he hasnt done anything’ bleats of the obama haters are a joy to my ears

Posted by arthur flowers | Report as abusive

Kumbaya and pass the Kool-aid.

Posted by Brad | Report as abusive

He has made a lot of people around the world feel like their is some hope for all of us. Has changed some of the far right. I was one and now I realize how stupid I was.

Posted by Ken | Report as abusive

You guys are pessimist. Just because, the Norwegian Nobel Peace prize Committee consists of five members elected by the Norwegian Storting (the Norwegian parliament)[Source:  ], doesn’t mean Norway has some vested interest or is any way looking for favors from USA? Naaah, No way! Right?
Al Gore in 2007 and now Mr. Obama in 2009, and both for “Peace”! They must have done something for sure to deserve it. Right?
I hear the committee is impartial and honorable. And I am sure the voting style for the winner is not American Idol style!!
Come-on guys! Stop being losers and celebrate and congratulate Mr. Obama. I am very optimistic about the fruits his actions and decisions will bear in time. And I commend the August “Body” for decision.
And one more time “No it was not to console American’s for losing the Olympic bid”.

Posted by SB | Report as abusive

This man is marginally qualified to be an assistant manager with no profit responsibilities, in a large company. He got my vote once, never again.

The prize is a lobbying attempt. If he keeps it, there’s a law that needs enforcing. Our citizens and soldier-heroes deserve his loyalty, not this committee.

Posted by alonzodee | Report as abusive

He’s proven nothing. He absolutely DOES NOT DESERVE any prize of any kind.

Posted by JP Sliver | Report as abusive

Whether or not anyone feels he deserves to win is irrelevant — he has won it. The Nobel Prize Commission felt he warranted it. That takes care of it. There are those of you who feel there is nothing he can do that would further the course for domestic or world peace or goodwill, but that doesn’t matter either because he has. President Obama is the first president since Jack Kennedy who has been accepted and applauded by world leaders as a leader who can bring change in this world. He has elevated the opinion of America in the eyes of the world, yet in his own country he is scorned and rebuked by many — gee this sounds familiar — about 2000 years ago, I think it was someone else was viewed in the same light. A prophet is without honor in his own home.

Posted by IndanQueenPF | Report as abusive

Can anyone imagine the Nobel Committee giving the prize to George W Bush? Where are the patriots, the gun-toting, flag-waving rednecks who proclaim “America First, Right or Wrong!!”

Posted by Vince Cardarelli | Report as abusive

Bingo – a I was driving to work and heard the news – my very thought.. “For what??” – this was immediately followed by, “Oh yeah – he’s black AND the president…”

Posted by Jacquelyn Walker | Report as abusive

Can someone refuse to accept the Nobel Peace Prize? If so, Obama ought to say to the laureate committee, “thanks for the endorsement, but get back to me in 8 years when I’ve actually achieved something.”

Posted by Nathan | Report as abusive

Just twelve days in office when his name was submitted for the prize. What did he do in those twelve days!

Clearly this is not deserved and exposes the prize as not credible. President Obama — if truly humble and has any credibility himself to be an example that one should actually earn prizes with actual results — should decline, and the prize should be given to a nominee that has demonstrated as such.

Posted by Cherie | Report as abusive

I neglected to offer my pick for Nobel Peace Prize……Bon Jovi!

Posted by pat | Report as abusive

Even if he had done nothing but bust up the outlaw haven of the Swiss banks he deserved it.
But starting a world-wide movement to eliminate nuclear weapons is the exactly the opposite direction our previous presidents were taking us.
Americans are clueless because we are brainwashed by so many economic dynasties, that we don’t even know it.
Military Industrial Complex, Insurance-Pharmaceutical Cartel, Big Oil, too many to list.

Posted by Darian L. Smith | Report as abusive

Well, so much for putting extra troops in Afghanistan. The Nobel board is a well known left leaning political organization. I think this was an attempt to sway the president’s thinking about the “good war” the left in this country and their Pravda media accolates are so proud of. It’s BALONEY!

Posted by jake | Report as abusive

Well, if Gore can win it, anyone can.

Posted by Cult of Personality | Report as abusive

The Nobel Peace Prize is traditionally awarded to leftist leaning liberals whose ideas and agendas are in keeping with the enemies of the United States. It is no surprise to me that Obama won. Look at some of the other questionable winners of the past. Arafat? Give me a break! I have no respect for this Prize or for the people who win it.

Posted by Ronny Thomason | Report as abusive

Obama should respectfully decline the prize with grace. This prize will not help him achieve his mission one bit. The last thing he needs is hubris.
In declining it, he has an amazing opportunity to state his dedication to achieving his goals in the future. Declining it will garner a huge amount of respect from everyone. Turning down 1.4 million dollars doesn’t happen every day.

Everyone knows it is premature. Give it to him once he has proven himself worthy of it.

Posted by matthew | Report as abusive

As a US citizen that has lived in Europe for the last 20 years, the sea change in US perception is welcome if unjustified. American bashing, and general worldwide western culture disdain, has so colored my personal and my kids experience over here, Obama is very welcome indeed. Yet, I find it unsettling that the fact that hope is triumphant over reality in this award. Obama, as deserving as he may be in the future has certainly done nothing overtly as a leader of peace. In fact he has shown no leadership in anything but fulfilling a worldwide public need for a little hope based on unrealistic promises. I hope, very genuinely, that history will prove that this award was justified. At this time it is at best premature.

Posted by Daryl | Report as abusive

I thought for a moment it was April fools day. He has done nothing to deserve this. Gore was a joke also. This whole give away has become a joke.

Posted by Hiway280z | Report as abusive

Arafat won the peace prize in 1994. Promise not to kill people anymore, win a prize (Too bad he didn’t keep his promise, who could have seen that coming?)

Gore won the peace prize in 2007. Put your name on a joke of a documentary, get a prize — and let’s be honest here, the prize was really for not being Bush.

Obama wins in 2009. Win an election, get a prize — again, basically for not being Bush.

Let’s face it, kids, the peace prize has been a very bad joke for a very long time — as have a number of the Nobel prizes, sadly.

As others have said, if Obama has any honesty or integrity he’d humbly refuse the prize in favor of some of the far more deserving finalists.

I shan’t hold my breath.

Posted by Myria | Report as abusive

Yes – Its a timely reminder to America about what universal values make America great in the eyes of the world and humanity.

Posted by Nathan Derpi | Report as abusive

Uh…No…he does NOT. The Committee should publish a list of the other 204 nominees and their credentials. Then we could see for ourselves if the process has become political or not. It is hard to believe Obama was the best nominee. What has he done to deserve it? It is not a prize to be awarded for what a person MIGHT do. I am embarassed for them.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

The United States is actively involved in two wars. It has the largest number of nuclear warheads and has the world’s largest military budget. It puzzles me how the award committee could even have considered President Obama.

Posted by Michael bunte | Report as abusive

With less than one year into his presidency and two conflicts he hasn’t solved nor any prevented I don’t understand how they came to that conclusion. I feel like this is an attempt to influence U.S. politics. How can he send more troops to Afghanistan or Iraq to end these wars, when he just got a price acknowledging him as the promoter of peace in the world? I think now the door is open to award any leader of any random country who didn’t start a major conflict within their first year of regency.

Posted by trombson | Report as abusive

The facts are clear: He deserved it! Its nomination (after 11 days in office) and awarding of the prize to the greatest leftist who has done nothing to promote peace, except talk about it; done nothing to advance the human condition, except ensure more people don’t have a job….was, well, predictable….
Remember, the leader responsible for ending a 40 year Cold War, assisting in freeing the peoples of Eastern Europe and elsewhere, but also a believer in the greatness of America’s history, strength, and overall contribution to the advancement of the human condition, was bypassed..Go figure? Don’t bother..Accept it. The nobel has become a tool of the vast left wing conspiracy.

Posted by J Cal | Report as abusive

I am not surprised that many in the US do not understand why President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize. This may be because Americans will tend to focus on the domestic work of the current Administration. From an international perspective, it is a fact that President Obama is perceived as having made many gestures to mend fences with other nations as opposed to the Bush administration, which successfully managed to alienate most nations (President Obama’s speech in Cairo was such an example.) President Obama, while continuing to ensure that the security and sovereignty of the US be preserved, made significant gestures to show that the US stood again on the international scene for the values demonstrated by our Founding Fathers: understanding, respect, democracy, leadership by example, etc.

And yes, the Nobel Peace Prize has always had a strong political undertone.

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

Yes he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize based on his extraordinary acheivements to heal this nation and world from their prejudice attitudes towards people in general!

To All haters, you should be ashamed of yourself and recognize that a day of reckoning will come from God above to say why haven’t you accepted your fellowman as I have accepted you? Especially when I created all mankind.

Posted by Darfi | Report as abusive

THIS is a very bad JOKE! America is going through the WORST time in my lifetime because of him and his socialist friends. I was ashamed of America with this election, and lots of voters now have “buyer’s remorse” now that his agenda AGAINST the American people is out there for everyone to see. This award is a JOKE! Just look at the people who have won this in the past. He is in good company with Jimmy Carter, who along with LBJ were the WORST presidents in my lifetime.

Posted by Gail Spencer | Report as abusive

Im a hardcore democrat and even im asking why!?

Posted by JeremyM | Report as abusive

Obama deserves the Nobel Peace prize because he at least intends to create peace in the world. but he doesnt have much powers in USA to deliver.

Posted by Prabhakar | Report as abusive

As a retired U.S. federal government employee who worked in an immigration office that adjudicated political asylum claims, I was very disappointed that the peace prize was not awarded to Morgan Tsvangirai. Mr. Tsvangirai is a person who has suffered incarceration, oppression and physical persecution for his lifetime efforts to reestablish true democracy in Zimbabwe. I personally have favorably adjudicated numerous asylum claims from Zimbabwe based upon the actions of an overtly brutal regime.

Posted by Greg Guckenberger | Report as abusive

No he did not deserve to win it and the best thing he could do is refuse to accept it on the basis that Nobel committee are taking mind altering Drugs.
I think Idi Amin should have won it because at least he died.
What a Joke

Posted by kympalk | Report as abusive

The debasement of the Nobel has finally climaxed. Just more proof that Liberalism is a mental illness.

Posted by Patti O’Riley | Report as abusive

Listen, I love Obama, but he does not deserve a Nobel Peace Prize. Were I him, I’d be pretty upset with the Nobel Committee for creating this mess.

Posted by Pete | Report as abusive

First of all !!!Congratulation to Mr President for getting this big achievement. He seems to have the potential to do something great and I am sure we will see the result of that soon in world politicises. But to hold the honour of being Noble club it is bit early… Now big responsibility on him to prove himself that he deserve that…I am sure he will do…. All the best Mr. President!!!!! Best of Luck!

Posted by Abhishek | Report as abusive

This is now a political award with no merit or basis. Right wing or Left wing isn’t a credible question. This was an award for those that made a change in the world – now it is just another “Hollywood Style Award Show.” So many in the past were well deserving – this years award has tarnished each of their accomplishments and damaged the credibility of the Nobel Foundiation.

Posted by Jeff T. | Report as abusive

This is a dark day for an institution that for my lifetime was reveared as a nonreligous yet almost sacrad award given by man. I feel sorry for ALL previous award winners becase Obamas award will have an * by his.

*= reason unknown

Posted by Rod | Report as abusive

President Obama has not dont anything substantial enougth to warrent such a prestigous award. Not saying that he wont. But for the time being this is a complete and utter farce.

Posted by D. DrFrancesco | Report as abusive

The award is absolutely not deserved if the criteria is that the recipient must have actually done something. This is merely politicizing what was once an award of substance, and is a shameful statement for a messed up world.

Go home Noble committee, and wallow in your political mire!

Posted by Clear Thinker | Report as abusive

Obama cried “Hope & Change” and then he sits back and votes ‘Present’ whenever a hard decision comes his way.

His is an illusionist nothing up his sleeve not even a plan! Oh, watch the shiny object in his left hand while he picks your pocket with the right!!

You Obamazombies are sad people…..

Posted by Laffing NOT! | Report as abusive

One is remember by what he has achieved not by how many award he has won.

Posted by See | Report as abusive

What a slap in the face to people who have worked decades unpaid and who have actually acomplished a cure or a vaccine and aquired the nobel prize along the way. This completely discredits the Nobel Prize award. What’s next the nobel prize for Mickey Mouse for promoting happiness? What a sham!


Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

What has he done? Just one more of his promises. You have to be kidding…..

Posted by William | Report as abusive

Big deal… They gave it to Jimmy Carter too…. They must be giving the award based on how much damage a leader can inflict on America.

Posted by F Hogan | Report as abusive

The Heritage Foundation says (and I agree) – As fellow Americans we always take pride in the achievements and awards of our compatriots. While we congratulate President Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize today, he should accept the award on behalf of the American people for all our many sacrifices to make the world a better place. Everyone recognizes, however, that the Nobel Committee awarded the prize to President Obama on the basis of hope for the future than achievements of the past. The politicization of this award saddens us when dissident leaders in China, Zimbabwe, Cuba and other dictatorships are passed over despite substantial achievements and not just hope for things to come.
More recently, Former President Jimmy Carter won the award in 2002, and Former Vice President Al Gore won the award in 2007 for his environmental activism. It is clear to everyone that in recent years, the Nobel Prize has taken on a form of a political football that Europeans are able to lob into U.S. domestic politics when they desire to.

President Obama has built high expectations for himself since he began his campaign in 2007. He was going to turn around Afghanistan, the “good war.” He was going to restore America’s leadership role internationally, and deliver global consensus on issues as weighty as a nuclear arms or universal emissions standards. So far, he has been given little time to show results to match this “promise.” While some fellow nations of the world have embraced him, other former allies like Poland, the Czech Republic and others have condemned his policies. While he has spoken of a nuclear free world, French President Nicolas Sarkozy called this vision “naïve.” While he has delivered speeches looking to bridge the Muslim and western worlds, he has also failed to recognize that Muslim women and men are fighting against a Taliban intent on oppression, poverty and terrorism.

The Nobel Peace Prize is not the Nobel Intentions Prize. Past winners have risked life, freedom and their families to deliver world change. Former Polish President Lech Walesa who led the Solidarity movement to free Poland from brutal Russian oppression. Or Mother Theresa who was given the award after decades saving children from famine, or Begin and Al-Sadat in 1978 who made a giant leap forward in Middle East security, bridging the gap between Israel and Egypt.

The Nobel Prize committee should have given President Obama the opportunity to meet these weighty expectations rather than diminish past achievements with a public relations award. However, the Nobel organization is a private one. And they have every right to give this award to whomever they choose. The real measure of success for President Obama will be how well he serves the American people, safeguards our sovereignty and keeps the nation secure, free and prosperous.

Posted by lel2007 | Report as abusive

President Obama should publicly and respectfully decline the peace prize. It may have been some kind of peace promoting idea just to nominate him, but for him to win the prize is totally inappropriate at this time. They should go back to the list of Nominees and start the process over. Perhaps the Nobel committee has forgotten why the awards are given.

Posted by Brad Whitman | Report as abusive

By awarding the Nobel Peace prize to Al Gore and now Obama, the Peace Prize committee has proved that winning the prize is politically influenced and therefore meaningless.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

It is irksome to me to see headlines from Reuters or others that aren’t accurate or fair. I think much more care is taken with comments of UK’S MP’s to reflect whether a position is more from Labor or Conservative quarters. When posting a HEADLINE such as “Americans are are questioning whether Obama deserves the Nobel Prize” or “Does Obama Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize”, it might be more correct to add that “Republicans Are Questioning …” or “Republican Congress Members Seek to Denigrate the Nobel Prize Committee and Their Selection of Obama”.

Unfortunately, trying to suggest that “Americans” question Obama’s selection present the minority as if it is the majority. It isn’t.

Posted by Vince Williams | Report as abusive

On a plane, returning from The Netherlands shortly before the election, the Dutch gentleman next to me on the plane said, “It would be wonderful if Obama won. It would tell the world that United States is still a beacon of hope and that equality is possible, that change is possible.” I tried to be matter of fact, but to hear my country spoken of us a beacon, as a place to which people might look for hope and guidance struck deeply. This is what President Obama has done for the world. And he has used his position to champion a nuclear free world, peace in the middle east, economic development across the globe, a real fight against global warming – which at this moment is putting nations in the Pacific in crisis – and engagement with both allies and enemies. The peace prize for the fight against land mines was not given out when land mines were gone – we still deal with them, the peace prize to Aung Sang Suu Kyi was not given when she attained the presidency and the peace prize for fighting global warming was not given when that battle was won. These are given to help those waging the fight. Amnesty International, Medicin Sans Frontiers, and President Barack Obama. Once again, Americans need to open up and see things through another’s eyes. As the committee said “Very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.”
We are a beacon again, let’s celebrate and more importantly, get down to the hard work of keeping the light ablaze.

Posted by litchik | Report as abusive

Seems like some folks want to disparage anything that requires some abstract thought. Obama’s commitment to bipartisanship, to equity, to affirming the dignity of all human beings is unrivaled in our recent national history. To see America through foreign eyes, one might be able to get a sense of the dramatic improvement in demonstration of civilized intellectual and value-driven leadership evidenced in every move Obama has made. From the beer and peanuts approach to informally resolving a racial run-in, to commitment to strategy over knee-jerk troop deployment in Afghanistan, the President shows a commitment to understanding all the potential variables before making a decision. Shame on you, if you do not celebrate the honor that has been given to the leader of our country.

Posted by Natalie Conner | Report as abusive

YES YES YES !!!!!!
We are overjoyed and aware that racists, the KKK as well as our neighbors with hidden robes on ther hearts will still question if he was born on earth, or if he is indeed some comunist to not be trusted.


Posted by F Razo | Report as abusive

Is it April 1st already. This can’t be real. What has he actually completed, “cash for clunkers” I guess.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

Ironically I just had this discussion with my 12yo son that you actually have to do something before being rewarded for it, but obviously I stand corrected.
What type of example does this set for America’s youth when you can get a $1.4 million dollar prize for making promises? There have been statements like he has inspired the world to believe in change or that he has started negotiations. I agree that he has some magical spell over the world and a great number of Americans but should this put him in the running for a prize with such prestige as the Nobel? At best it is premature and personally I feel undeserved.

Posted by Don | Report as abusive

Any prestige or credibility the Nobel Peace Prize had is now tarnished. This process was started when – two weeks into his infant presidency? The world has gone wonky.

Posted by Jay | Report as abusive

I think this is an absolute joke….I don’t think Obama should have accepted it, I guess his pride would not let him do this…. this all makes the award look like something very small now….this was a very very bad move.

Posted by Wade | Report as abusive

I told my wife, “Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize.” She responded, “Why?” Dido with my son. Great title for the article.

Posted by Charles | Report as abusive

The world including the Nobel committee has finally gone completely madd

Posted by Be | Report as abusive

Obama has done a lot indeed in a relatively short space of time but I seriously don’t think he deserves a Nobel prize (yet), 4 or 5 years from now maybe. Morgan Tsvangirai was probably more deserving he fought almost to death to establish some normalcy in Zimbabwe and so he is probably more deserving.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

This is an embarassment to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, and a travesty to all the other nominees. Let me get this straight, they selected him as a “potential lauerate” the first week of February – only 10 DAYS AFTER BEING SWORN IN AS PRESIDENT!! Up until that time he’d only written two autobiographies, voted present 132 times in the Illinois Senate, and gave speeches and campaigned for two years, and to date he has accomplished not one objective but only talk! Give him a chance, are you crazy – this Prize isn’t to be given for someone’s future intentions or ambitions, so let’s hear some objective concrete facts of what he’s done from you Obama supporters, and not all this “talk, intentions, peace, working towards, and sincere” language? This isn’t about respecting the Office of the President, he’s won an award and received money while using the Office of the Presidency as his platform, sounds like an ethics complaint on what he should do with the money. Let’s not forget that Yassir Arafat received this award also, do your history of his past, then you’ll know this is a politically approving award to be welcomed into the Communist Club!!

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

“Nobody deserve noble peace prize more than Rush limbaugh.”
A republican

Posted by me1212 | Report as abusive

Actually I think if Obama deserves this at all, he should at least acknowledge the contributing role of George W. Bush.

In a normal state of affairs Obama never would have won this. The folks of the Nobel Committee cited his “multilateral diplomacy” among the reasons for bestowing this honor upon him.

“Multilateral diplomacy” should just be the norm, not the exception. Most leaders of civilised countries practice it by default, but when looking at Obama, they see him through a filter muddied by years of the US being run by someone who may be politely refered to as a rogue, gun-toting cowbow.

Politeness aside, George W. Bush should be brought before the Hague for his war crimes, so in comparison Obama does seem somewhat saint-like.

Posted by J B | Report as abusive

It doesn’t matter who won, it’s a joke, they just want to deliver a political statement, they have been doing that for years, anyone coming from these so call western countries can win or someone from the old Eastern Block or China, but they have to deflect to the west and voice against their own country, that is socall Nobel price

Posted by rodney | Report as abusive

Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama has WORKED for Peace and Hope since 1950, when Mr. Obama was 11. Two Prizes for the Dalai Lama would not have been unwarranted.

That Mr. Obama feels it appropriate to snub the Dalai Lama, a true Nobel Laureate, is a repudiation of Mr. Obama’s Prize.

The Nobel committee needs to look at their charge,
“to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”.

The reputation of the Peace Prize has been shattered, the previous Laureates publicly humiliated.

Posted by Cephus Allin, MD | Report as abusive

They will eat their pink shorts after they see the destruction he orchestrates by his actions in the war.
Of course this left-wing committee applauds the destruction of America, our capitalistic society, our family values, our freedom. BO has nuked our country.
Nobel Peace Prize, yes. Americans are waking up though and it might take as long as what it took to recover from Jimmy Carter’s destructive period. Remember the hostage taking episode, the 20% interest rates, inflation off the wall, – we recovered, thanks to Ronald Reagan.

We still have vital signs, courage, strength, to fight this communist campaign

Posted by Grossed outoutout | Report as abusive

I’m supportive of President Obama in his efforts towards peace, and I think anyone who starts cleaning up 8 years of W. Bush’s administration deserves it!!!

Posted by Al | Report as abusive

It is possibly the most useful Nobel Peace Prize that has ever been awarded as it will have the effect of promoting peace in the future (where it is most needed) rather than rewarding past success.

Posted by John O’Hanlon | Report as abusive

It has been said (And most would agree) that ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS. Apparently, the winning of the Nobel Peace Prize is based on words. Now, each and everyone of us has HOPE that we too, can go back to bed, fall asleep (Do nothing) and actually awaken as a winner to the Peace Prize.

Posted by B. Collins | Report as abusive

What is wrong with you people? We finally have a president who believes that we deserve hope and brotherhood and world peace through diplomacy not destruction and the nay sayers conservative public prefer that the world should continue to fear the bullying, fear mongering, “All powerful” UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that has been shoved down the worlds throat for the past 8 years. Instead of honoring a man with the praise of an international community we question whether he desrves it or not. For 8 years we’ve lived under the previous administrations conservative republican’s demands for the support of their president’s and vice president’s acts of intimidation and aggression. Anyone who did not support the executive office was called traitor or un-patriotic. Yet let a peaceful warrior get accolades for his actions and it’s all about “race” or “Socialism” or “showing weakness”.

Posted by Alan | Report as abusive

Other notables Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev and even tried nominating Hitler but thouhgt better of it. Another words its an in house award for building the self esteem of buffoons, communist and terrorists. The awards credibility speaks for itself after all it is given out by a bunch of socialist who rely on hand outs to survive. Who in their right mind would ever want such an award and be associated with tyrants and loonatics…its perfect for Obama.

Posted by David Smith | Report as abusive

Obama has done a lot to deserve the NOBEL peace prize! He went around the world to all the dictators and communists requiems and his apology for the United States of America and all the horrible things we have done in the world. He has bankrupt this country so very soon we will no longer be a superpower that way all the 2-bit dictators and communists run countries can do what they want and we will not be able to stop them anymore. Al Qaeda and the militant Muslim work can run amok and take over. Yes, sir OBAMA really does deserve the NOBEL peace prize.

Posted by Christopher Haney | Report as abusive

We see here the Nobel committee playing at politics. An inherently pacifist nation, Sweden, is using the Nobel award as a vehicle to complicate and damage the posture taken by the president re war footing in Afghanistan. On one hand, if he backs off, he will be seen as false, given his pre election rhetoric of increasing the military commitment to that theatre. Alternatively, if he pursues the hard war course in Afganistan, he will be seen as a hypocrite having accepted the Nobel prize and its obvious implications. He will then be perceived by the world as just another bloody American basher.

Posted by larry | Report as abusive

I guess Miss America is now out of a job, as “world peace” has been achieved by “The Obamasiah”.

Posted by BobTanner | Report as abusive

I guess being young, black, and President is enough for the Committee these days. There are so many people in the US and all around the world who selflessly give of themselves, their wealth, their time to make life better for someone else. This man won’t even give a little of his immense wealth to a destitute relative in Africa…

Posted by Joel | Report as abusive

He gave us hope nationally and globally in a time when we were falling off a cliff econimically and we had been viewed globally as capitalistic fools.

Now the people of the country have a sense of hope going forward with their lives and are becoming more accepting of others as human beings instead of being judged for the stuff they have. Evidence in this is regardless of the downturn in the job and housing market weddings are up.

Globally other government officals actually want to be seen with our American President rather than because they should or have to.
This shows that globally other countries have a new hope for global recovery and it is stemming from us.

Posted by mary Zappa | Report as abusive

I like the man, but no he doesn’t deserve this, he hasn’t done anything for peace yet. In fact, if he doesn’t EXTEND the conflict in Afghanistan we will not be successful there. I’m a Black American man and I really hope he didn’t just win it because he’s our first Black president.

Posted by Chidozie | Report as abusive

If Americans have gotten too dumb to understand the historical significance of Obama’s message of racial harmony and international cooperation, it’s no wonder that so many would rather have insurance industry profiteers make decisions about health care. The wonder is that enough of us set aside our racist and FOX-news inspired cynicism to make someone with so much integrity and vision the leader of our country. Congratulations to everyone who can still recognize positive transformation in national and international politics!

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

I suspect that US does not know yet the president they have. It will require humble and intelligence to move a country from the dark international opinion to a expectation on peace. A country need an expectation of peace to make peace. The damage of the US credibility is still today Obamas fate. And he fight that with an incredible elegance. He change the paradigm just with his vision and it had to be hard with all the old US machine that believe in the inconceivable idea of force for liberty.

Posted by Esmirna | Report as abusive

Obama should have the decency to decline politely the award and to say that while he is humbled, he has not, as yet, achieved anything worthy of such a high honor. Although, given the evident low bar the Nobel committee has set for what is required to win the award, I suppose merely winning an election with a pro-internationalist message is enough of an achievement.

Posted by Dusty | Report as abusive

I grew up thinking the Nobel Prize represented the pinnacle of human achievement, given to those who had spent their lives working at great personal cost for the betterment of humankind. Thank you, current Nobel Prize Committee members, for destroying that.

Posted by diana | Report as abusive

The United States of America is truely a wonderful place. You can be elected because of your race and praised and awarded for doing nothing more than smiling and waving. It really is true when parents tell their children that they can become president.

The next time the feel the need to praise Obama remember the rest of America and the world is laughing at you.

Posted by Illinois | Report as abusive

Psychologically, Obama has to feel miserable. He can’t possibly meet the standard.

Posted by golfer68 | Report as abusive

As a high school history teacher with 30 years of experience, I have tried to instill in my students a respect for the Nobel Peace Prize. This year’s choice negates all of my beliefs. The political machinations of the Noble committee have undermined the extraordinary contributions of past Noble laureates. This was shameful!

Posted by Leslie Bernacchi | Report as abusive

He definitely is in the same category as Jimmy Carter who previously “won” the award, and he is pursuing a similar economic policy with even more disastrous results!
The Nobel Peace Prize now has the same credibility as the United Nations, absolutely none!

Posted by Stan | Report as abusive

You have to be kidding!! It is way too early to even consider him a candidate.

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

A prize is, indeed, given for accomplishment.

Obama has accomplished, in a short time, the feat of giving the world the hope that peace is indeed possible if people will only talk to one another towards settling their differences with words instead of guns.

That is a significant accomplishment for a PotUS and singularly different from his predecessor, who succeeded in just the opposite. Thus humbling Uncle Sam throughout the world.

Posted by Lafayette | Report as abusive

If the Nobel committee chose to award it to him then of course, he absolutely deserves it. It may be seen as political, but only because our former president unleashed such hideous (and likely irreparable) havoc upon the earth. This prestigious award represents the world’s collective sigh of relief, and a genuine new hope for humankind.

Posted by obamaman | Report as abusive

He should decline the award. He has not yet done enough to earn it, at least not until his string of all those broken campaign promises is reversed by some actual success in peace-making. All we have right now are the usual run-of-the-mill promises that all US Presidents make and then break by their ninth month in office. Except for the huge debt that he is saddling our children and grandchildren with, he has no successes to speak of yet, especially in peace-making. Not nearly enough to base a valid and authentic Nobel prize award upon. Makes you wonder if there was a “fix” in for him someplace, in defiance of the Hayes Act??

Posted by Jim Finduk | Report as abusive

I don’t know why everyone is so surprised? Nobel is purely a political organization, it has absolutely nothing to do with peace, it’s all politics folks…..

The minute they awarded Jimmy Carter and then Al Gorelioni prizes the world new it means nothing.

Posted by pltn | Report as abusive

OK…OK, lets be fair. As SNL points out, Obama has accomplished two things Jack & Squat!

Posted by D Herdy | Report as abusive

Simple answer: NO. What has he done? Nothing. Sure he made a statement but right now they’re all empty words. He has accomplished NOTHING.

Posted by William | Report as abusive

He should return it. He is cheapening almost everything. The country, the presidency and now the Nobel. When I saw the posting on the web I first thought it was a joke. It is truly unbelievable.

Posted by George Ajjan | Report as abusive

I must ask the committee what has he ACTUALLY achieved to receive this award. I am flabbergasted at the choice.

Posted by Arthur Blank II | Report as abusive

At first I, too, was baffled by the news. Then it occurred to me that this may be an indication that we inside the United States haven’t realized the alarm with which the rest of the world viewed our nation under the control of the neocons–as a dangerous, misguided rogue state. Not that I expect any on the right to believe it for a microsecond. Hell, now they’re even rewriting the Bible to better justify their delusions.

If you want a REALLY bad example of an award of the Nobel Peace Price, there’s always Kissinger.

Posted by Arthur Marriott | Report as abusive

I am so pleased to hear of this award. As a mother who has lost a son in the Army who was stationed in Germany, I think this gives hope to other mothers all over the world. The Nobel Peace Prize is an award of hope for the future, and I think that President Obama brings wishes of peace to all of the world.

Posted by Margaret Bullock | Report as abusive

If I were president Obama I would be ticked off. for one the committee said that it was the hope that he instilled to the world, which insinuates that he hasn’t done anything (which he hasn’t). And two, this is a huge mess that is definitely not helping his 2012 campaign at ALL. I definitely agree with some of you that have left comments, this isn’t an award, this is a campaign endorsement, and gives a horrible name to the Nobel Peace Prize committee.

Posted by Matthew | Report as abusive

This is so unjust and unfair!

Peace Nobel should be given to Michelle Obama for her organic garden at the White House.

Barack should get Nobel in Economy for printing more money for everybody.

Posted by Charlie Darwin | Report as abusive

Of course Obama deserves it. We all deserve it. Isn’t it an entitlement?

Posted by Randall | Report as abusive

Apparently “soaring rhetoric” is all they’re really looking for at the Nobel committee- rather than any actual results (like Reagan’s ending the 40-year Cold War with a military build-up)… or even a speck of historical precedent that would suggest what Obambi’s saying makes sense.

Posted by Reaganite Republican | Report as abusive

Originally during the campaign in 08, it seemed that I missed a meeting were America anointed Obama to be the next president. From the beginning, money being raised on the internet in amounts never scene with no oversight of who gave and from where. Our 4th estate (media) seemed to be part of the campaign as well, fearing to scrutinize or question. Now a Nobel Peace Prize? For what reason? Why?
I may be paranoid but this seems the socialist,communist and the dictators of the world now love us.

Posted by Nick | Report as abusive

The head line question itself just begs for controversy. Of course he deserves the award! He has changed the face of politics forever; he’s forging ahead with a bold and unprecedented stance from an American President. He will be successful! The World wants him to be successful. The world leaders want him to lead the way. We have too many issues on this planet to deal with to not make every attempt to be peaceful. Every person on this globe deserves to have their basic needs fulfilled. This is just a small way for the voters of this award to voice there approval of the way he led thus far!

Posted by Perry | Report as abusive

As a world traveler it is nice that America’s reputation is improving and progress is being made in this area. I hope it is a wake up call to my fellow Americans that the world is bigger than America, and attitudes and mindset can change things dramatically.

Posted by James | Report as abusive

President Obama has won the nobel prize for peace period.
I cannot understand why all Americans are not justifiably proud of this fact and want him to succeed.Instead I am reading all of these negative comments and wonder how they help.

Posted by Myron Garron | Report as abusive

Of course he doesn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize should go to people who spend their lives serving others instead of serving themselves. The Nobel Committee should be less concerned with candidates of fame and celebrity and more concerned with those who are too busy helping others to toot their own horns. I would have picked someone like Capt. Benjamin Sklaver, the soldier who started a non-profit to dig wells in impoverished places like Uganda and Afghanistan. He provided clean water to 6,500 before he was killed in Afghanistan. That’s a real hero. And he didn’t go around telling everyone how great he was all the time.

Posted by Rachel Terry | Report as abusive

I have nothing against Obama. He has brought hope to many people in this country, but the Nobel Peace Prize is not an award for hope, it is not an award for hype, and Obama has nothing yet in the “win” column having to do with peace. So picking him as a winner for what has not yet been achieved is ludicrous. I guess hype and hope win over actual accomplishment, even with the Nobel Prize Committee.

Posted by shocked | Report as abusive

The awarding of The Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama does not diminish the credibility of the award. It diminishes the credibility of the Obama naysayers further. I feel that a great many of those who don’t think he deserves the award, don’t really know what The Nobel Peace Price is.

Posted by Marvin J. Miller | Report as abusive

This really debases the prize.

There are more than 6 billion people on earth who aren’t George Bush, if that’s all it takes to win, we should all (except George Bush, of course) share this year’s prize.

Posted by km | Report as abusive

Considering that the nominations were closed about 2 weeks after his inauguration, his winning the peace prize is based on aspirations, not on accomplishments.

Posted by Kyle | Report as abusive

Welcome to the new world of Hollywood glitz and the multiculture dreamers. The only thing that can be stated is that Jimmy Carter who was one of the worst Presidents in US history and now applying the Nobel mantle to Obama’s shoulders and wallet should give Barry some second thoughts to his future. Carter at least was in office for four miserable years and Barry has only 9 months or a successful pregnancy.

Posted by richard gilson | Report as abusive

The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama recognizes the fundamental shift he has made in American foreign policy from a unilateral to a multicentric view. His emphasis on negotiation, rather than laying down conditions and his regard for the views of legitimate Arab/Muslim countries are the immediate fruits of this shift in worldview. Many Americans are hysterical that Obama doesn’t see the US as the center of the universe, so the Peace Prize is good affirmation for Obama that his efforts are, indeed, appreciated out in the world.

Posted by Annie | Report as abusive

I feel he has tried and is still trying to improve the world. We need him to suceed with peace efforts throughout the world. If some one is more deserving than him I hope they are honored also. J R Henson

Posted by Johnny Henson | Report as abusive

From the Nobel Institute’s website:
At the first meeting of the Nobel Committee after the February 1 deadline for nominations, the Committee’s Permanent Secretary presents the list of the year’s candidates. The Committee may on that occasion add further names to the list, after which the nomination process is closed, and discussion of the particular candidates begins.

Given the fact that Barack Obama had been President of the United States for 12 days when the nominations were closed, I cannot see how anyone could argue that this award is politically based. Certainly the nomination was since he had accomplished nothing as President twelve days into office.

Posted by Jack | Report as abusive

Nobel Prizes – awarded to the pinnacle of human achievements normally are decided by a highly distinguished committee probably. While Obama certainly deserves to be nominated for his outstanding drive for nuclear disarmament, middle east peace process and clean and green energy initiatives…we haven’t seen any results that are certainly possible in future.

Congratulations President Obama

Posted by Kris | Report as abusive

What a complete farce! Everything is getting politicized now that Obama is in power — science, medicine, etc. If destroying America’s sovereignty, prosperity, military superiority, and missile defense leads to peace…. not a chance! Tyrants and rogue leaders are not impressed with our overtures and will without doubt exploit the weakness exuded by this corrupt administration. And Obama’s persistent assault on American’s Constitutional rights will certainly not bring peace to us, neither will the unprecedented generational theft he is heaping upon us through his reckless spending, by which he is purposely destroying our economy. Let’s see: Destroying America makes the world peaceful — I don’t think so!

Posted by Jake | Report as abusive

The Nobel committed decided it would be more beneficial to use the Peace Prize in a more constructive manner to support current peace efforts rather than recognize them posthumously with little effect upon current events. In this approach, they are taking the risk that the recipients efforts at peace and diplomacy will bear no fruit, and the award will prove to be unjustified. However, if it helps current efforts to resolve disputes peacefully and save human lives, then it will have been beneficial for all mankind. What good is it to award recognition long after the events have passed?

Posted by Deryl | Report as abusive

Of course he deserves. He started his mission with hope. Peace cannot be achieved in one night or in one month or in year. It could be achieved with dedication, determination and indeed with well wishes. He possesses all above.

Posted by Mohamed Lafir | Report as abusive

Wow, I grew up in a generation where Amnesty International, Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama were recepients of the Nobel Peace prize. Never again will I look at the organization the same.
Is Bandaid Clear Strips going to win the Nobel Prize for Medicine next?

Posted by Kathleen | Report as abusive

For the first time a US president has challenged Israel on its policy of settlements. He is the first president since Carter to have a fighting chance to actually accomplish a peaceful resolution to the conflict in the Middle East, because he has been an even handed broker. Has called both Israel and the Palestinians equally to give concessions in order to secure peace. He has sought and brought together countries (Russia and China) previously who were opposed to the idea of sanctions towards Iran. He has used diplomacy instead of bombs to solve conflicts. He has reached out to the muslim world, again a first. He has used his high profile office to fight for peace and peaceful solutions to the worlds problems.

These small accomplishments have had a major impact in the way the world perceives us and our relationships to other countries, all for the better.

That I believe is why Obama was nominated and won. His election has created a major shift in thinking that will ultimately lead to more peaceful solutions to global problems.

Posted by Whamfan | Report as abusive

President Obama does not deserve this award. He has accomplished nothing except minimalizing contributions of service members throughout this conflict. Noone wants peace more than a soldier, but there are times that force is necessary and these assinine discussions with Iran do nothing but place soldiers lives in danger when eventually have to do what needs to be done. President Obama and the left want to believe that everything can be made ok with words and that is not the case. There are legitimate threats to our country and way of life and I challenge all of those that believe otherwise to visit Iran, Syria or North Korea. You are despised for your freedoms and beliefs. That is a fact. Given the opportunity, all of the above regimes and others around the world would wipe the United States off of the map. The “diplomacy talks” are nothing more than a delay tactic and it is disturbing to me that people don’t realize that.

Posted by Duncan | Report as abusive

After reading and hearing people’s comments I am very disappointed in them. Obama has brought a change in attitude towards America that has long been missing. People need to stop being so narrow minded and work towards building our country up to being respected. During the previous years we lost the respect of other people due to the horrid leadership that we had. People in other countries were so glad to see our country take a new progressive stance. This is why President Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. I am proud to be a supporter.
The Bush administration had only one thing in mind filling the Bush and Cheney coffers with loot at the cost of every US Citizen. The loss of Life, jobs, respect, business, and so much more. I hope that we can stand behind President Obama and make the changes to rebuild our country. We were close to extinction.

Posted by Pamela | Report as abusive

Greg Mortenson is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize. Read “Three Cups Of Tea” and you’ll understand why. But Barack Obama has many great accomplishments to his credit, not just as U.S. President, but as a United States Senator, Illinois state legislator, and community activist. Congratulations, Mr. President. And remember, read “Three Cups Of Tea.” Please.

Posted by batmansion | Report as abusive

congrats to all americans!!!! why do we always have to find the negatives?…how proud we should be of our president..and our country…think happy thoughts people!!!!!

Posted by mary ann | Report as abusive

I’m glad he got the award. Even if at first glance it doesn’t seem he deserves it, he is now held up for the world to see. He has the burden of carrying out work for peace. This lends credibility to his efforts to disarm. And those leaders that don’t want peace will have a harder time making any case against a recognized peace maker.

After 8 years of war and fear mongering. Having a president recognized for his efforts to bring peace is a really good thing for us as a country.

Posted by Benny Acosta | Report as abusive

what has o’Bama done?


while Iran ARMS he “”talks” … Iranians are masters at that deception.

N Korea testing missiles nukes…NO consequences.

This renders the Prize MEANINGLESS

Posted by tony | Report as abusive

Yes, Obama does deserve the Peace Prize. Here’s just one example: When the Iranian elections went wrong and domestic protests broke out–he kept us out of it. He showed support but he didn’t go off & send in troops. He expressed willingness to talk but he didn’t play policeman and get us entangled in yet another country’s domestic problems. Sometimes it’s more effective to have the courage of restraint. It’s not as showy, but is much more effective.

Posted by Julee | Report as abusive

The negative comments on this article confirm how little Americans know of the rest of the world. The article, by the way, is an editorial, not news reporting. Here’s a news flash from an American who lived abroad for many years: The ROW knows America is the elephant in the room, and after an eight-year Cheney-Bush stampede, Obama is a blessing. Another flash: The Nobel Prizes are political. Duhhhhhhh.

Posted by robiodo | Report as abusive

At least he’s got the desire for peace and prosperity!
That’s more than one can say about many of the world’s
current sable rattling leaders!

I’m honored to be a citizen of this country and
that he won this coveted prize. I was born in
Scandinavia and I immigrated to this country in my 20s
and I’m proud of Obama! He surely deserved to be recognized in this respect!

Posted by Ben Salmonson | Report as abusive

The world unfortunately has been swept by the aura of an underdog done good. What has Obama done to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? Nothing concrete yet as far as one can see! His gift of the gap is carrying him at this highest office so far. In America it seems verbal presentation is more important than substance, and this cuts especially into politics. Too bad the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is licking this up also.

Posted by Chewonit | Report as abusive

Does Obama deserve the Peace Prize?
Who am I to judge. Or, for that matter, those who have commented before me.
Apparently the Nobel Committee felt he did deserve the prize for inspiring hope for Peace and returning the U.S. back into a country of diplomacy over [you are either with us or against us] attack anyone who we do not like.
The only people who see this as a political award are those who still believe that the world must bow to the whims of the U.S. simply because we have more weapons to destroy others than any other country.
I would hope that Obama will follow through with his promise to bring about change. I know he has a lot on his plate with the economy and all, but at least he has brought about a new era where the world is no longer fearful that their country might be next to be attacked by our country.

Posted by Phyllis | Report as abusive

I am just sick! what kind of world do we live in were
you can lie to people and scam people in believing that you will make a differance and not do anything and then you are awarded for it. This is a slap in the face to all those who are fighting and investing time and money and who actually make a differance. People want to defend Obamma and stand up for him because they think he is being picked on or mabie they do not want to be preceived as pedjudice. So I let him do what he wants to let him ruin lives let him throw this nation into poverty let him socalize America, Let him take God out of everything let him because God forbid we pick on Obama and we would not want to be thought of as predudice because of our views! and lets award him give him a big pot of money and a pat on his back for being weak a sad shadow of a man who hides behind reherresed interviews and finger pointing tactics.

Posted by marie | Report as abusive

I may be mistaken, but I think this is the final sign of the apocalypse…
He has not done ANYTHING to deserve what used to be a very prestigious award. As a matter of fact, he has not done ANYTHING, period. Oh, except borrow more money than this country can ever pay back, most of which is unaccounted for according to the FED themselves.
I’m expecting my copy of Rosetta Stone Chinese edition in the mail any day now.
And, let’s not forget that he’s surrounded himself with radical Marxist czars who have all of the power with none of the accountability. Mr Peace Prize himself said that our Constitution is a “living, working document”.
I’m sorry folks, he’s not a “leader”, but he is perhaps the best “pitch man” this world’s ever seen, well, except for Hitler.
And to all of you people that think he deserves it, just remember that we are still at war in two countries and we’re sending more troops daily. I’m not sure what your idea of ‘peace’ is, but that just doesn’t make sense.
And to all of the other countries in the world, are you really saying that YOU don’t have anyone in your own country that deserves this award?
Go ahead, drink the kool-aid kiddies and everything will be just fine….

Posted by Cavalier | Report as abusive

As a proud American living in Central Europe, this is a total joke, and it dilutes the entire value and significance of the award. Let’s see, this is the guy who has never led or managaged anything and who can’t even speak without his teleprompter. The same guy who kisses up to Communist dictators like Chavez and appoints czars like Jones who is a convicted felon, and a self-proclaimed communist. this is the guy who is such an indecisivie coward, he voted Present 60% of the entire time in the Senate. Even the headlines this week tell how more American lives are lost because he can’t make a decision. I’d take Bush any day of the week over this narcissistic socialistic punk.

Posted by Loren | Report as abusive

Obama raised issues of social justice(local and global) and US government role in it. It is brave and unpopular task – people in US do not believe in social justice but believe in individual freedom. It is difficult to get results immediately. He put his name and position to defend social justice issues and these actions deserve Nobel prize nomination.

Posted by Tatiana | Report as abusive

The Nobel committee has apparently become an activist arm of the Democratic party. Carter, Gore and now Obama. What about Ronald Reagan, who never who the prize. He was a central figure in bringing down the Berlin Wall and ending communist domination over Eastern Europe. So far, Obama has put the greatest nation in the history of the world (due to our unique system of personal freedom and capitalism) on track to become yet another socialist failure. It is too bad the Nobel prize has been demeaned in such a fashion. I’ll never look at the Nobel prize in the same positive light I did when I was younger.

Posted by Stan | Report as abusive

President Obama said he doesn’t deserve the award and even proceeds to list people who do deserve the award. However, he said the award reflects more on the fact that many countries in the world want peace and he accepts it as a call to action. Seriously some people on here wouldn’t be able to look at the positive side of this even if it was knocking on their door.

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You just don’t get it. With the far left, it’s all about intent, not results. If Obama says he wants world peace, so nothing else matters.
It doesn’t matter if his over spending bankrupts this country. It doesn’t matter if he supports thugs and dictators who kill their own people. It doesn’t matter if the Iranians get Nukes and use them, it doesn’t matter if this all results in war III, his intent was good.

As for the “hate America” crowd out there. At the rate he is destroying this country from the inside, I hope you don’t need any help a few years out. There’s going to be nothing left to help you out of your nature disasters, or when you are attacked. However, I’m sure emperor Obama will be glad to give you a nice speech from his safe bunker.

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The person most surprised of this selection is probably President Obama himself!

I suspect the reasoning behind the Nobel Committee is that Obama beat Bush and for that alone they were most grateful.

This award is not for what Obama has accomplished to promote peace. happiness and prosperity.
Rather, it is for what Bush did to cause war. fear and ruin

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Hello everyone. To all of those in doubt as to why President Obama righteously won the Nobel Peace Prize, I am going to summarize here. First and foremost, he is trying to reduce the stockpiles of nuclear weapons around the world, he is also very involved in the Middle East peace, and he is looking for different alternatives to the war in Afghanistan, rather than send out thousands of troops unnecessarily. He is working hard and fixing what past leaderships could not. Now, if you’re still in doubt of who better than President Obama to receive such a nomination, I ask you, who in your opinion do you think should or could have earned such a nomination??

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I think the committee is recognizing the profound impact our new president has already had in the world as he has made clear clear that the old US policy of “my way or you are my enemy” has changed. He has made clear that we will be working together with the other countries of the world instead of imposing our will. As that new vision becomes reality this award will become even more justified.

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An organization that gives a “peace prize” to Yassir Arafat, the godfather of 20th century terrorism, has zero credibility to begin with. Obama and the Nobel Committee deserve each other.

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Obama is an inspiration to the world. He has created a sense of hope that cooperation is possible where before there was only conflict. This, in itself, is a great achievement. Those who decry the award are part of old ways of thinking. The world needs to move on to new ways to solve problems. I am proud that an American President is leading the way.

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The Nobel Prize committee had already lost credibility. Attaching “Nobel prize winner” to your name is no longer a resume enhancer. But this… this is just so over the top!

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I am saddened by the news of awarding Nobel peace prize to Mr Obama, The person has not proven anything prior to becoming president nor he is able to find the peace between two parties (Republican and Democrats) in USA.

I think by just giving four speeches, at different venues if you can get Noble Peace Prize, many people are eligible. OK even if he is eligible for the award, is it possible for him to keep working on them until his peace proposals are achieved even after his presidency. Just for this prize sake if he can solve Israel and Palestine issue that is enough by the time he leaves his office.

I can not imagine him standing next to the greats like Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi, Dalai Lama who sacrificed their life for the people.

Last but not least Noble Peace Prize has last its value and dignity. I am glad that Mr Gandhi was not bestowed with this unworthy prize, since he can not be compared with any body in this century. His contributions are well above this prize level.

I also feel Mr Obama should decline the award saying that he not yet deserve the Award, that would boost his image and honest opinion.

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American , you should proud of your president.!!!!!

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The Nobel committee completely cheapened the Nobel prize. Words are just words and BHO has lots of words.

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How can you put Obama in the same class as Mother Theresa? He does not deserve this. Can you spell POLITICAL!

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All Americans should be proud of their President! This is not the first time the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to promote future work towards peace rather than rewarding past achievements. This is one aspect where the Peace Prize for a long time has differed from the other Prizes. Without Mr. Obama, the outlook for peace and progress towards a socially just world would be much bleaker.

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The criticism coming from right wing republicans is a clear reflection of how badly they want Obama to fail! The can’t bear to see him, or America under him, succeed in any way, which says a lot for their patriotism and perhaps in some cases even racism. There is no doubt that Obama deserves this honor even if it is in small part due to the huge relief that the whole world felt after Americans finally came to their senses and overwhelmingly voted for a sensible and pragmatic person like Obama to succeed the most hated warmongering President and Vice President in the history of America, who as you recall, were originally appointed (not elected) to the White House by the Supreme Court who overturned the wishes of the majority of Americans who voted for Al Gore.

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I voted for him and still have a lot of hope that he will bring change to our system, but does the prize go to someone who has yet to achieve? My understanding is that he was nominated two weeks after being sworn in. I believe that he could achieve the prize after his first term. I hope this is not used against him and of course devalues the award itself. Just don’t understand why it was awarded at this time? Hope it was not a set-up?

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This was a test of integrity, and the President failed it badly. He has given his enemies plenty of new ‘ammunition’ on many fronts: that he values hope and feelings over actual achievement, that he delights in hob-knobbing with the self-anointed elite, that it’s all about him. President Obama could have acheived much more by thanking the Nobel Committee, but turning down the award. Imagine how the agendas of ‘the 12 days’ are already being scoured for anything pertinent!

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President Obama absolutely deserves it. I think Obama was an excellent choice and was pleasantly suprised when I woke up this morning and saw he’d been selected. I was initially rooting for the Colombian Senator, so I’m a bit disappointed for her, but if she had to lose to someone, who better. Yay!!!

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“May God bring peace to whole universe”. Now someone please nominate me for next peace prize.

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As if his head isn’t swelled enough. Now he can be associated with a terrorist murderer (Arafat), a phony science liar (Gore) and an America basher (Carter). I guess when you go around the world and tell everyone how horrible the USA is that constitutes peace. Seems to me Ahmedinejad goes around the world hating on America too. Maybe he’ll be next years recipient. Seems to fit the pattern. I wonder how many millions the Commandant in Chief will spend in tax payer $$$ going to Oslo to accept the award. I’m sure his wife will fly separately.

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A nominee 2 month into the presidency, why not? It’s all about having great speech writers and knowing how to deliver the message.

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I just wish we could stop all of this. Let’s focus on getting things done. How the world views us is important, but not our goal. Their views will be decided more on what we do anyways. Our President shouldn’t accept this award. Rather the world would be better served if he ask that this years award be given to all countries that from this day forward work toward a common goal down the road of peace.

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The criticism coming from right wing republicans is a clear reflection of how badly they want Obama to fail! The can’t bear to see him, or America under him, succeed in any way, which says a lot for their patriotism and perhaps in some cases even racism. There is no doubt that Obama deserves this honor even if it is in small part due to the huge relief that the whole world felt after Americans finally came to their senses and overwhelmingly voted for a sensible and pragmatic person like Obama to succeed the most hated warmongering President and Vice President in the history of America, who as you recall, were originally appointed (not elected) to the White House by the Supreme Court who overturned the wishes of the majority of Americans who voted for Gore.

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I guess we now know where at least some of that “stimulus” money went. What a joke … all of the other other Nobel Prize winners have just had their stature reduced.

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Why award the “Prize” this year? Years when the “Prize” was not awarded: 1914-1916, 1918, 1923 & 1924, 1939 & 1943, 1948, 1955 & 1956, 1966 & 1967, and 1972. Obviously, in many of these years U.S. Presidents were involved in ongoing warfare by the U.S. defending itself and “fighting for peace”. At least in 1972 Richard Nixon successfully negotiated with North Vietnam effectively ending American involvement in the Viet Nam War, his groundbreaking visit to the People’s Republic of China opened diplomatic relations between the two nations, and he initiated détente and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with the Soviet Union. Still no “Prize” for actual deeds.

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Why do you think Dalai Lama deserve the Peace prize? He continues to split the country and people. His religion is against the Church if you believe in Jesus. Read your bible.

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Who is more deserving? I think the Nobel Committee has done their homework whether you agree or not you must respect the Nobel Committee.

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I like Obama but lets be honest: For what???
It’s huge risk on the Nobel committee side.
He is still sitting president. What if he invades Canada and nukes Iran? Seriously, they just made fools of themselves.

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I think I finally understand.
The Nobel Peace Prize is not about peace, it’s about who can tell the biggest lie!

Just like when Carter and Arafat won the prize for talking peace, while Arafat was supporting attacks on Israel.
Just like when Al Gore lied about global warming so he could earn millions.
Now we have Obama lying about hope and change, while tearing this country apart for political gain.
There is no change, just the failed leftist policies of the past. And hope is fading for all the people loosing their jobs and their life savings as he spends this country into the ground.

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Iranians have had criticisms of American administrations, but this is the first time in 30 years that any U.S. statesman, besides Jimmy Carter, has had the courage and vision to move forward with negotiations, despite heated verbal attacks from Iran’s detractors, and instructed his spokesperson to begin the necessary dialogue and move away from military confrontation. Let us continue to follow this path in Afghanistan and the entire Middle East, where dialogue is only the first step toward a real peace on the ground.

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Obama has done a lot to deserve the NOBEL peace prize! He went around the world to all the dictators and communists requiems and apologizes for the United States of America and all the horrible things we have done in the world. He has bankrupt this country so very soon we will no longer be a superpower that way all the 2-bit dictators and communists run countries can do what they want and we will not be able to stop them anymore. Al Qaeda and the militant Muslim work can run amok and take over. Yes, sir OBAMA really does deserve the NOBEL peace prize.

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Rodney King famously asked for us all to just get along. Where is his peace prize?

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BREAKING NEWS: President Obama has just been announced King of the World! Stay tuned for his acceptance speach while he stands at the front of the USS. America, with his arms out-stretched

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He may have the biggest heart in the world, but his deeds absolutely do not merit the world’s greatest award for peace. Why not wait a few years and see what he accomplishes first? And yes, this makes a mockery of the Peace Prize.

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Is this a practical joke? Someone please explain to me exactly what (other than giving lofty speeches) he has done to earn this. If I envision peace then can I get one too? How about if I envision peace, prosperity and also wish that Islamic extremists stop trying to kill me…now can I have one? Quick, before I lose the vision.

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It’s 250 miles from Copenhagen to Olso. I guess that was stimulus money well spent. Norway’s economy should blossom, Denmark, not so much.

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Truth is, i believe President Obama is a good man. but he is a man. i voted for him and would again. do i agree with all his policies? No. I don’t think i should have to agree with everything he says in order to believe in the man, since as two different people we are going to have different opinions. I believe he may have received the peace prize a bit early, before he has any true accomplishments that are worthy of such a dignified award. but by reading what President Obama has said i think he is of the same mind set as me, but is still honored to be bestowed with the award and knows better than to do something as stupid as refuse it. lastly, just because someone really does not like obama, that does not make them a racist! saying that is tantamount to racism itself, because you are implying that a white man cannot disapprove of a black man without it being based upon his race. people have always vehemently hated politicians, and while i don’t think it’s an intelligent way to go about looking at politics, it usually has nothing to do with race.

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First and foremost, this is an honor for our president and our country. Then it’s followed with commentary on the news this morning saying some on right are thinking it could backfire on him. WHO ARE THESE IDIOTS!
Good for Obama, good for the country and YES WE CAN!

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I think it’s kind of funny that many of you call Obama a socialist, since he’s not. You don’t even have a socialistic party of significant size. It’s obvious that you don’t know the real meaning of the word socialist. And yes, there are some people that could have deserved the prize more than he did for example Tsvangirai, but he is really trying to change the American policies from the Bush era (except from the war in Afghanistan, which will continue). I also saw a comment about Reagan and that he should have won the Nobel Peace Price, and that’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.

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Let’s see…..Carter got it for LEAVING the Americans hostage in Iran; Arafat got it for killing the Jews… Obama gets it for placing the Jews at odds with Iran AND for leaving OUR troops lacking in support.
He kisses up to Chavez and the Honduran dictator who was OUSTED by his own government. Make sense???? Nope, but the Norwegians have lost their ability to make sense ever since they saw Carter as something other than an idiot! Obama has done NOTHING except ruin the American and the World economy. Bush and Reagan were far and above MEN of Character and Honor. This is a farce and a joke!

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YES.President Obama deserves it.
The whole world was needing someone so sensible as President of the United States

Posted by José Vieira de Carvalho | Report as abusive

Very disappointing. Many people have done so much, not to take away from the President’s agenda but what has he done that has been so inspiring? Since when was conjecture viewed as an accomplishment. Very sad and disappointed, now the Nobel award is on the same level as UN. Unreliable, Unreasonable, Unworthy, Unacceptable.

Troubled and saddened, not surprised.

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I think the peace prize, whether people think he deserves it or not, is in perfect timing and taste. For to give this American President this type of award at this juncture is less a political endorsement and more in the vein of peaceful pressure upon the recipient. Here, as the President sits lately with his war panel, discussing strategies in Afghanistan, he is reminded of his powerful speeches and indicators of a peaceful approach with the bestowal of this award.

I am pleased he has received this award right at this moment as it puts the reputation of the award itself back to work, where it needs to be. By bestowing this award on an individual in the apparent process of seeking peace, the panel has bet it all on actions taken in the now – and stands not only to encourage a president in a tough situation, but also to renew the status of the award itself, and those who wish to respect it.

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So, so far this president has accomplished:
– spending almost a trillion dollars of money that we don’t have to move the unemployment rate from less than 8% to almost 10%
– spent several billion dollars to give people who could afford, and probably were going to buy anyway, to buy a new car more money for their trade-in
– traveled the world making speaches that blamed all of the world’s problems on the USA
– promised to dismantle US nuclear weapons with no commitments from others to do the same
– lied to the American people about what his health care proposal is
– scared the business community so much, because of all of his spending proposals and tax increase, so that nobody is hiring anymore
– bought a new dog for his kids.

WOW – I can see why he won the peace prize!

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Of course, President Obama deserved the prize. He had to correct the ignorant arrogance of the past administration’s decade of destruction. Congratulations.

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And in a related story, the National Football League has announced that the winner of the 2010 Superbowl is the Kansas City Chiefs. The league commisioner said today the the 2010 Lombardi trophy was awarded to the 0-4 Chief’s becaause of their inspiriational rebuilding of the lackluster franchise.

lol…I’m not that surprised however, the Nobel commitee lost it’s credibility with me when Gore won for an decietful documentary. They are just trying to influence his decisions regarding Afganistan and Iran. What I am surprised by are the people on here sdaying he actually deserves this. What have you been drinking.

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NO. However, I deserve a Pulitzer for a wonderful book I intend to write someday.

Posted by Dennis | Report as abusive

Mr. President:

Are you going to now keep your promise and donate your $1.5 million prize your families village in African finally?

“Oh, but there will be a big party here when Obama wins,” she adds. “We still have hope that he will bring electricity and build schools so the children have a good education. Maybe when he’s President of America, he’ll remember his roots and look after his community in Kenya.”

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I was also surprized, if not shocked, when I heard the news – but then I started thinking and read the Nobel committee’s citation: “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.” Hope is what people needed after what George W. Bush had done to the concept “Hope”. We are already seeing big impacts – like the changing situation on missile deployment by the US and Russia, Iran engaging in nuclear inspections/control dialog, Israel feeling the heat on developing on the palestinian lands. I realize we do not have any concrete results yet – but this noble peace prize should help move things in the right direction. Who says the Nobel peace prize can not be used to have an impact on the peace process – wasn’t the intent of the Nobel peace prize to inspire new people to work towards the world peace? In this case it should help the person, who is in the strongest position to impact change, stand more firmly for his vision and not get tired and beaten down by the kind of challenges the world-peace driving processes bring about. World outside of the US had never cared or been so enthisastic before, about who wins the US presidency. I believe, the guy fully deserved the prize!

Posted by Rp Singh | Report as abusive

Completely disappointing. People have a life filled with more accomplishments then he has had and don’t get this prize. He has done absolutely nothing so far as President other than spend the U.S. into the ground. This discredits the tradition and grandeur of the Nobel Prize.

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I am an Obama supporter but I must admit that my first reaction to his winning the Nobel Peace Prize was similar to that commented on the board – why? Not to say that its completely unwarranted, but more because of who DIDN’T receive the prize. I am sure there are many folks with a life time of accomplishments who, at first blush, may be more worthy.

But really he does have some stunning accomplishment to his credit. First off, he is the first African American President of United States. Huge implications in North America. Despite his decision with regards to Afghanistan, as a young senator he voted against the Iraq war in a time when when it was not popular. In fact, one may argue had the US not distracted its efforts from Afghanistan at the time, he might not be confronted, to the same degree, with the decision he’s confronted now. His willingness to open talks with Iran. This in itself may be worthy of the prize. From my perspective this stance was politically risky and somewhat unpopular, but nonetheless the right thing for both sides. Finally, his immediate and unquestionable change in US international relations to the world (i.e., speech in Turkey to Muslim world, address at UN and G20 promotion of economic balance). These are not trivial matters.

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Obama has divided our political parties, angered countless Americans with the planned cap and trade,government health plan (that will be forced on every American),greatly increased our debt, sided with dictators who hate America…
So far Obama’s time in office has been all about paybacks, his agenda, and himself. My “hope” is for a president who will lead the country, better our country, and better our world. This shows the NOBEL is a joke or liberal payback. You should DO something to earn this honor.

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This man voted to continue the Iraq war, still has an estimated 120,000 troops in Iraq and plans to leave 50,000 there permanently. He has not closed Guantanamo and, in fact, seeks to codify enhanced interrogation and rendition into law. He has escalated the war in Afghanistan and increased unmanned drone bombings which kill innocent civilians in Pakistan. His rhetoric on Iran closely mirrors the run-up to the Iraq War. These are not the actions of someone who promotes peace.

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Obama gets no money. This is a gift. It has to go to the US Treasury by law. Hope he cuts the deficit with it!

Posted by jcc | Report as abusive

Rather than spell you thoughts about a nothing, please find a an email that will get their attention. The email for the See what your comments will bring when you share your thoughts, Peacefully!

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To answer the question, a man named Glen Mortenson should have been awarded the Peace Prize. He builds schools for Muslims among many other major accomplishments. He teaches Muslim women to bring up their children to not become terrorists. He is the real deal.

Obama’s winning is one big joke. So far, his term in office has been failure on many fronts. The Nobel Peace Prize is a misconstrued political coup for its recipients, given by elites who don’t understand the world-at-large. Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and now Obama? This is so ludicrous. The liberals who favor this decision are a bunch of idiots.

Posted by pdq | Report as abusive

He doesn’t deserve this anymore than Kermit the frog does. Wait, actually the prize would have more merit if ole Kermit received it. Obama has done NOTHING to warrant receiving this award. He has and will continue to do more harm to this country and the world than anyone even realizes. The “prize” hasn’t had any real merit since Arafat received it and just lost even more. Are they all crazy???????

Posted by Donna | Report as abusive

Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize if for no other reason than peacefully standing firm in the face of an extreme daily attack from the Right here in the United States. I have never heard such insults, half truths, untruths, and racism hurled at a President of the United States. He has handled all of it daily with grace and elegance. Truly a man of peace.

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I’m not exactly sure why President Obama won the award, but am nonetheless proud, as an american, that our president’s efforts are being recognized. Perhaps, with this award linked to his name, more can be acheived on an international level. Comparing President Obama to past Peace Prize Winners is unrealistic (although it should be noted that Sadat and Begin both won the award for their attempts at peace as peace was not achieved for another year). What’s more, without knowing who was nominated, who are any of us to say he was deserving or not deserving.

Posted by Michelle | Report as abusive

What a joke. This is an embarrassment. Whether you love or hate Obama, one can’t possibly believe he has accomplished anything deserving of this award. What has he done? Still in Iraq? Yep. Still in Afghanistan? Yep. Gitmo still open? Yep. Apparently he was given the award as a result of his ‘blame America’ tour where he impugned our nation’s motives and leadership prior to his enlightened presidency.

Posted by Jay Buchanan | Report as abusive

Glen Mortensen, I agree. That man has risked his life over and over again to help remote communities of people receive a better education.

Obama has not accomplished anything in his 9 months as President. Closed Guantanamo? No. Pulled out of Iraq? No. Improved conditions in Afghanistan? No. Improved health care? No. Brought us out of a global recession? No. For Obama to be counted among the likes of Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa, who changed the lives of so many, is inappropriate. Ronald Reagan never won the peace prize, and he was a major player in ending the cold war.

Posted by Megan | Report as abusive

I think he got the award because he stopped the planned missile defense program in Europe and because he is willing to open a dialog with the Muslim world. Russia was not pleased at all with the planned MDP in Europe, it could possibly create a new cold war between the to very different superpowers.

Posted by Lars | Report as abusive

In my opinion,

1. Obama has got the award not for something he has done for a couple of decades, but as a recognition of what he has done in the 9 months to ensure that the world doesn’t go further astray – which would have happened if a regime like that of Bush had been continued by yet another American president.

“War-momentum has been contained.”

2. Obama has changed the way world views the America by striking right through the root cause of “failure of American diplomacy” – the difficulty of being aligned with the interests of the world. A simple concept of hope for a better future cannot be “limited to America”, and that it is bound to apply to all.

It is “Zero-Cost Diplomacy”.

3. Obama has not done anything spectacular, but contrast it to what Bush had done in 8 years ?

“Positive change has happened”.

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Dr. Martin Luther King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, at the age of 35. His two most important achievements by then were the organization of the Montgomery Alabama bus boycott and the 1963 March on Washington. He was at the very beginning of his transformational journey — the goals for which were hotly contested at the time The … … Read MoreRead Morelegitimacy of his Nobel Peace Prize was widely disparaged, mostly by the political ancestors of those who degrade President Obama’s award. President Obama has launched the U.S. on an unprecedented, non-racial, non-imperialist direction and, simultaneously, has sought to tackle, peacefully, the leading international issues of our day — nuclear proliferation, Middle East Peace, Climate Change, equal partnership with other countries of the world and reversing a U.S. trajectory of unilateralism that was destined to lead to perdition. Who says he doesn’t deserve this prize? Compared to who — Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt?
Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things. And hope, across the world, for freedom from nuclear annihilation, race based imperialism, economic exploitation and environmental perdition is not to be sneezed at.

Posted by Kenneth Walker | Report as abusive

Of course he doesn’t deserve this formerly prestigious award.

The Nobel Prize committee has lost its collective mind.

Obama is actually awarded the Nobel Peace prize? It renders me confused, worried, and dis-illusioned.

Obama has not accomplished anything yet…all he has done is made promises, and put forth a few comments MANY others have done before he appeared on the scene.

He may even end up being at the very least co-responsible for a major disruption in the world economy, and killing hundreds of thousands by destroying the ability of one of the most advanced nations on the planet to make further contributions to feeding millions of starving people, providing free medicines and medical care, providing essentially free support to build homes and hospitals, etc.

Posted by ExLibris | Report as abusive

It is a sad day in River City. We been had, been flimflammed…..ooops! that is the Nobel Committee HAS been duped, as he has yet to DO anything which promotes Peace. We have a broken economy, losing in the World market, and now this! What did he do? Bush helped liberate thousands. Reagan helped the Wall come down. But the Big “O”? What did he do? Nada, zip, zero, NOTHING!

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

I am happy that Obama has won the prize. 8 years of war in Afghanistan that Bush started has no end in sight, Bin laden is still free,innocent Afghans have lost their lives. Iraq was invaded on a lie of WMD in Iraq, again innocent Iraqis were also killed. Muslims were alienated, wall street was in a brink and help did not come in Katrina. Obama brought back hope, sought to change whatever the Bush leadership (or absence of leadership) accomplished. That alone is a a triumph of humanity. Obama fully deserves the Peace prize.

Posted by Simon | Report as abusive

It’s rare to have a Leader strong and caring enough to stand by his own convictions of doing the right thing. He is a treasure to the Whole World and United States is very Lucky to have Obama as their President. A Very Well-Deserved Prize !!!

Posted by Cool | Report as abusive

I’m agree “Rp Singh” and “MhD.”

It is deserved by Obama… Not so long ago I lived on the mid-east of Europe. I you just don’t know how much people in countries like Russia or Ukraine hated the Jorge W. Bush and his policies. By the way that is created the same filling to the United States. But now things are changing… People around the world start trust to Obama’s words. And belief that this country, USA, can be a friend.

SO don’t judge to hard… He is trying… That is for sure. Look in the past and try to remember how Bush was trying…

And try to look on facts… Speak to Muslim World, is it easy? I’m sure not… Speak to Eran, maybe this is easy? I don’t think so… And other stuff Obama doing is really encouraging.

Posted by Nester | Report as abusive

The Peace Prize is a joke. This award is a politicized statement that tells much more about the award committee than it does about the recipient. I liken this to Oscar or Emmy awards, and from now on I’ll give it about as much attention. Thanks for cheapening one more thing in this world, libs….

Posted by MS Scientist | Report as abusive

As President Obama himself pointed out in his response, the Nobel Peace Prize is sometimes awarded to add momentum to a positive movement or shift in world affairs. Obama has achieved a position of great power, and is attempting a significant reorientation of U.S. foreign policy in ways that, if successful, certainly constitute such a shift. As noted by other commentators, he has already made good beginning. The question is not whether Obama deserved the prize, but whether he will deserve it. I certainly hope so, for all our sakes.

Posted by Aaron Levitt | Report as abusive

The criticism coming from right wing republicans is a clear reflection of how badly they want Obama to fail! They hate Obama more than they love America. They can’t bear to see him, or America under his Presidency, succeed in any way, which says a lot for their patriotism and perhaps in some cases even racism. There is no doubt that Obama deserves this honor even if it is in small part due to the huge relief that the whole world felt after Americans finally came to their senses and overwhelmingly voted for a sensible and pragmatic person like Obama to succeed the most hated warmongering President and Vice President in the history of America, who as you recall, were originally appointed (not elected) to the White House by the Supreme Court who overturned the wishes of the majority of Americans who voted for Gore.

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I am so proud that President Obama has been awarded this prestigious honor. The nominating committee validated what many of us recognized as President Obama’s gifts. He is a man of peace, and a gift to America and the world.

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I’m sure the whole world is laughing at us now. In order to redeem himself (Obama), he should “adopt” American families who don’t have health care insurance and pay for their coverage. $1.4 million dollars will cover quite a few families. In fact, he should get his Hollywood friends (Oprah, Michael Moore, etc) to do the same. This will help solve the “health care crisis” he so adamantly declares we have and leave the rest of the US citizens (85%) of us alone.

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Unfortunatelly not yet…
We don’t know his plans for the future, and even if his plans will work.

The unique thing that Mr. Obama did so far was being elected. None of his promisses were achieved.

There are a lot of people that deserves this prize more than him. Why don’t give this prize to Bono Vox ? or Sergio Vieira de Melo? (brazilian and UN diplomat that was murdered in Iraq and did much more for peace than Mr. Obama)

Probably this prize was given to Obama as an incentive for his work…

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I srongly agree with the Nobel Prize. Of course Obama’s decisions need time to turn into measures taken by the rest of the stakeholders, but these decisions were brave and wise.

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For people who think that they know what is marxism and socialism…

I was born in 1986 in Soviet Union… I can tell you that in USA you have more Socialism that in post Soviet Union countries right now.

So just be quiet, please… You don’t know what it is. And when people don’t what they are talking about it is better for then to keep silence.

Spasibo za vnimanie.

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Thank you, Richard, I have posted an email to the committee and vented my frustrations. Here is my input:

“There are so many deserving people who should have won the recognition of helping the world where it’s most needed. Greg Mortenson’s name comes to mind. His many accomplishments of building schools and working with Muslim mothers to teach their sons not to become terrorists far overweighs anything that Obama has done in his life. In my country, America, alone Obama’s efforts on almost all fronts have resulted in failure. Even those who voted for his presidency understand that, although they try to relive the Bush years as the reason Obama has failed. Nonsense!

It is my belief that the Nobel Peace Prize’s reputation has completely crumbled after this misconstrued decision. If it’s true that the vote by the Committee was done within two weeks after Obama’s election, then the outcome is even more tarnished. A price should be given for accomplishment; not speeches.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.”

Rather than spell you thoughts about a nothing, please find a an email that will get their attention. The email for the See what your comments will bring when you share your thoughts, Peacefully!

– Posted by Richard

Posted by pdqRather than spell you thoughts about a nothing, please find a an email that will get their attention. The email for the See what your comments will bring when you share your thoughts, Peacefully! | Report as abusive

The question is not “Do you hate George Bush” or “Do you worship at the feet of Obama”. The question is – does Obama deserve to be awarded the Nobel prize despite not having accomplished anything yet? Keep in mind that he was nominated for the award just 2 weeks into his Presidency, even before the “Beer Summit” in the Rose Garden.

Surely there are people in the world who have worked hard and sacrificed much to bring peace to the world. Giving this to Obama insults their [actual] accomplishments.

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President Obama does not yet deserve the Nobel Peace prize. This diminishes the achievements of all other recipients who have devoted a lifetime to merit their Nobel Laureate awards. My opinion is that President Obama should refuse to accept it at this time. After all, he has not yet proven that he deserves it, in just 8 months in office. Frankly, I am disappointed and dismayed.

The Nobel organization states that awards are based on achievement. This effectively and dramatically diminishes the purpose of the Nobel Laureate prize.

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This article asks: “Does Obama Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?” Is that a rhetoric question?

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Are you seriously wrote an email to Norway?

This is impossible you are a disaster…

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So you actually mean that you have excperienced socialism just because you were born in the Soviet Union a couple of years before it collapsed? There are a lot of countries that are more socialistic than the U.S. Belarus, Cuba, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela and a lot of other countries. So no U.S is NOT socialistic, since individualism and capitalism is greater in the U.S than in any other country in the world! Obama is trying to help compared to other leaders.

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Thanks for the chance to comment.

What the Peace Prize committee did would be akin to the Chemistry committee traveling to Harvard or MIT, going to a lab, selecting the best PHd student and saying: “We have the hope you will do something great in your career so therefore we are awarding you the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.”

Presenting the Nobel for anything other than a life filled with achievement is simply politics.

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One thing about the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama is that it shows just how much the previous Administration was hated by the rest of the world — including (and perhaps especially including) our closest allies. Even if this is all that it shows, it is a powerful lesson. No doubt the “tea party” crowd will go to town on this as confirming their worst fears (radar-evading UN helicopters and all that), and that’s too bad. But the fact is that President Obama is the guy we need to restore America’s credibility with the other countries in the world. This Nobel Peace Prize is an indication that he is doing that.

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What hope has O given to the victims of genocide in Sudan, or to the human rights activists in China? Or to many other people who suffer and struggle?
I’m neither a Republican nor a right-wing guy in general, and I think this decision is undoubtedly the worst ever taken by this committee.
It’s a sad day for peace, human rights and democracy, or at least a very frustrating one.

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This is to all of you with criticism abound. If any of you had to endure the daily insults of calling this man Hitler, Socialist, monkey, n word, terrorist and some other names that I cannot mentioned, and still keep graceful and grateful, please stand up. Most of you are just projecting your ignorance and hatred on this for no other reason than bigotry and some other harbored ill will. He deserves this award for trying to improve the image of America and the embrace the world as a whole.He is also a man with a good heart.

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Basically because of what he believes and use of rhetoric, he beat out others who actually deserved the award based on their accomplishments? Well, many believe that the University of Florida is going to win the football National Championship this year in January. By the same measure, you should just give them the trophy, and not even worry about the rest of the season, right?

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It is my understanding that the nomnation was done in Feburary of 2009, when he had only just taken office. It seems that there was not anything that he had done but be elected. He is good company with other murders and thugs in this world, and last years nominee that has done nothing but spread lies about the condition of our planet.

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A peace prize?? For what?? It was a joke, or perhaps the reason why Obama waited before deciding to send 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Indeed, this prize was reduced in status and prestige for bestowing this honor for an Emperor “with no clothes”, no achievements, and no real accomplishments. Perhaps it was for closing Gitmo, and then trying to figure out what to do with the terrorists. Sad commentary on the world.
Ready, shoot, aim.

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Eleven days into office! Nominated! WHO NOMINATED HIM? Yes! He deserves an award for blind ambition. He deserves an award for self love! He therefore is incapable of seeing that he is becoming the biggest joke in the World. Whirled Peas! Yes! We will have WHIRLED PEAS thanks to Norway!

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Why does the world – including Oslo – think it is totally wrong for the US to be concerned about the inner politics of nations when they affect us but it is to be applauded when a group awards a very lucrative prize with the express intentions of meddling in our internal politics?
It obviously wasn’t given on merit. Alfred Nobel must be turning in his grave.

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Again, are you all really shocked by this???

Besides the few idiots posting here that it’s deserved, he is great, blah, blah, blah, blah blah most “thinking” people have understood for a long time that Nobel is a joke, it’s a bunch of liberal morons patting themselves on the back for actions “they” deem important despite any realities to the contrary.

Let’s look quickly at Al Gorlioni…..if the environmental regulations pass that he is pushing, he stands to make Billions of $’s, despite over half of the scientific community now agreeing that Man is not impacting the environment to even close to the degree that “some” believed just a few years ago and they award him a Nobel prize. I’ll bet anyone that more than a few of the “so-called” nobel committee members stand to make some big profits just as Al “the idiot” Gore….it’s a racket.

And stop calling him President Obama, it’s President Soros folks….a good ole Nazi running our contry :(

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The rancorous discord evident in the comments by partisan pundits who decry hope and the movement in language and deed towards a better world is indicative of the cynical nature of human kind, and the cynical roots of partisanship.

Most of the afformentioned have no clue as to the historical intent behind the Nobel Peace Prize and represent why human kind has yet to heed its call.

Obama has elevated the esteem the world holds for America. There is more capital for peace with strengthened alliances born from a new vision of intent to work with the world, rather than war against it.

The Bush doctrine, the go it alone, first strike, cowboy diplomacy of: we have the power to not care about what any other country thinks…inspired hate and loathing that made us as all less safe. This justified rage against the American brand, and did nothing to enhance the possibility that those who might be swayed to violence would see cause to question their jihadi intent.

Obama, by his name, his race and his message (and by our electing him) tells the world America is much more than a bunch of power crazy old white men whose only intent is to impose its might to exploit the resources of those who cannot defend them.

America has fallen under the influence of what Dwight Eisenhower called the “Military Industrial Complex” and other corporate influences that have held our base ideology (the promise of our documents of freedom and democracy) hostage.

Bush’s entire tenure can be viewed as a quest for pursuing gains for these corporate interests. His policies fleeced America’s middle class, weakened our economy, weakened our military, extended our debt, and took us to the brink of collapse…all through the effective use of fear and hate that arose from 9/11.

Bush took us to war with Iraq based on a lie, which cost thousands of American lives, countless Iraqi lives, not to mention countless arms, legs, eyes, and minds. This mindless policy took our strategic attention away from Afghanistan, which might have been won by now had we not been duped into such a costly calamity. Think about that: We went to war based on a lie…not just the human and material costs, but implicatons this held in the minds of those around the world about what America is?

Obama is calling on every American and humankind to re-examine where we are today and where we want to go. He has cast a light on the shadows of our failings and promised the tenents of our democracy will be upheld around the world by actions that underscore these tenents, not contradict them.

Our existence is based on words, and the language that Obama has used with immeasurable effect in a very short span of time has changed the hearts and minds of millions in the world; in spite of those cynics whose world will forever be driven by fear and hate.

Obama has given the world something it has not seen in an American president for decades: Reason for hope.

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In reply to anlyztht: The Nobel prize is not intended to reward people for “gifts”. I am gifted in certain ways, as are you, probably. But do we deserve the Nobel prize for this? President Obama may be a gifted person, and hopefully his gifts will bear fruit… but not now. How can the Nobel Committee “validate” what you think? C’mon!!!!

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Albert Nobel is on a full spin….forget turning!

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I would hope Obama deserved the award. However, it appears the Peace prize has been awarded based on the hope he will accomplish something.

This is not the first time this “Noble Nobel Prize” has been awarded based on the hope of accomplishment. Apparently, Yasser Arafat won the award in 1994 on the hope the Palestenians would achieve peace with the Israelis. Clearly, it was a political move that did not bear fruit. One can only hope this politial move bears fruit.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the Peace Prize has been awarded for political reasons rather than acutal accomplishments. It probably won’t be the last time either.

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He hasn’t done anything. Most of his reforms are for the US only and are still tied up in Congress. Will he deserve it later — maybe, maybe not — but he sure as heck hasn’t done anything to deserve it now. This is a political statement, and nothing more, and I find it totally disgusting. Dr Nobel must be spinning in his grave.

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President Obama has changed the course of US policy on global matters to such an extent and with such courage to fully deserve the Nobel Prize. Most importantly, he’s changed the world’s political climate so dramatically that we can now hope for a better turn of things. He’s also setting an outstanding example of the attitude we need to face today’s challenges small and big: an open mind, straightforwardness, respect and mutual understanding. Also his deeply correct and non aggressive ways speak for the committee’s decision – and many bloggers here could learn something useful from the President’s disposition.

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I think the rules for the nomination started last September. I didn’t know much about Obama back then let alone anything significant since he took office. Where’s the credibility? This seems to be a European political ambush on America.

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I agree that it is a bold move to give him the award despite being less than a year in office. However, I see this as an encouragement more than a reward. Obama has at least tried to be different and righteous. He does have the heart and character to think about change and implement it. Even if he does 10% of what he promised, he will leave substantial benefit to both the planet and mankind.

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President Obama does not deserve this award for only 10 days of work. Neither would anyone else. I believe most of the shock was that this award was given to someone who only had 10 days in the application window. No one should be awarded for anticipated good works.

Also – Cassidy -who wrote ‘There is no doubt that Obama deserves this honor even if it is in small part due to the huge relief that the whole world felt after Americans finally came to their senses and overwhelmingly voted for a sensible and pragmatic person like Obama to succeed the most hated warmongering President and Vice President in the history of America, who as you recall, were originally appointed (not elected) to the White House by the Supreme Court who overturned the wishes of the majority of Americans who voted for Gore.’

Americans did not overwhelmingly vote for Pres Obama. He won slightly more than 50% of the vote. Overwhelmingly should be reserved for those who win at least 60% or more. Secondly I live in Florida and did at the time of the Gore/Bush issue. Supervised hand recount after hand recount (Jointly by the Democrat and Republican parties) here in this state confirmed that Bush secured more votes than Gore, some people just didn’t like the answer. Unfortunately some people wish 1+1 = 3 but it doesn’t and so that’s tough luck. Lastly the USA is a democratic republic, not a pure democracy. One must win the majority of the electoral votes not popular votes.

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Obama’s practical, straight-forward dedication towards international cooperation to establish a peaceful planet is a catalyst, inspiring peoples of all nations to strive for this and other essential world-wide issues. The tone he has set for intelligent dialogue is not just refreshing and hopeful and but essential if we hope to attain world peace and a healthy planet.

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The definition of the Nobel peace prize is; “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.” He has said allot about bringing nations together but I wouldn’t constitute that as work just yet. He certainly has not abolished or reduced standing armies as is evidence in the Middle East. You could probably argue that he has promoted peace congresses but only to the extent any US president would have done in their first year. It is possible that he will fulfill this definition over this first term but it is not possible to say he already has.

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The Nobel Peace Prize has degenerated into the Oscar for Best Actor.

Posted by James M. Brundage-Neill | Report as abusive

The many comments by narrow-minded and unfortunately quite ignorant complainers about Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize is exactly WHY the NPP Committee chose Obama: to put a brake on all the warmongers, selfish and racist “America -love it or leave it” crowd who is so blinded by their own prejudices and lack of knowledge about the real world outside of the USA, they whine and cry like spoiled brats. Sadly, the U.S. is full of such arrogant and stupid people. But the balance of forces for peace, dialogue and sanity have switched from the madness that most Republicans are still gripped by. They will change America, not the ignorant, petty minds who speak here!

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Obama has pushed to restore balance to an increasingly polarized world. He’s helped to ensure nuclear non-proliferation, in addition to his outreach to Middle Eastern nations. He has advocated for environmental and human rights standards at a sustained pace. I can totally understand when people say he hasn’t done enough, he clearly has not made such fundamental reforms in the world scene as past winners. However, in his months in office he has come to represent an idea, an idea of getting better, of trying. That’s the American Spirit. That’s why he’s earned the Nobel Peace Prize, for personifying an Idea. That’s so special, and so rare, that it demands recognition.

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Yes, President Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. He and his administration are attempting to bring reason, sanity, clarity, and humanity to our US foreign policy, rather than the big stick intimidation of the Bush years. I will wager that the majority of Americans are proud of this moment in history. 57% of every dollar spent by our government goes to the military and its contractors; no other advanced nation devotes that much money to military spending. Moreover, remember this, most soldiers and their families qualify for food stamps, in initially in Iraq the soldiers were not adequately armed or protected. Other soldiers have died not in combat but faulty wiring in barracks built by civilian contractors caused deaths. Budget wise The remaining 43% is divided this way: 6% Health & Human Services, 6% transportation, 4% state and international, 4% housing and Urban Development, 4% education, 4% other agencies, 3% homeland security, 2% energy, 2% agriculture, 2% justice, 1% environmental protection, 1% NASA, 1% commerce, 1% labor, 1% treasury, 1% interior. This is the budget submitted by President Obama. I do not agree with how our tax dollars are spent, yet I am happy that our President is seen as a representative for peace in the world. I ask all of you naysayers where is your patriotism? This is a proud moment for our country.

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to NOBLEKIN—-just curious—how many times a day do you bow before your poster of Obama and thank him for all that he may or may not accomplish? Truth be told–Hillary has done more to promote peace than our dear leader.

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Anyone who travels internationally knows that since President Obama’s election the attitude of the rest of the world toward Americans has changed. His image has helped us all be seen as brokers of peace and justice. That change in attitude may be more significant than any one peace treaty. During the previous administration America was too often viewed as obstructing world peace and in many cases the well being of anyone not American. President Obama’s strategy of dialogue and respect reflects well Americans all and makes us proud to voice our support for solutions that help us all.

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Most of the time the award is EARNED for having accomplished Peace. Carter and Arafat were glaring examples of nothing earned. Mother Theresa was a shining example of a life of work toward Peace. Name 1 thing that he has actually done. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM….still waiting…I am not adept at skin breathing, so I will NOT hold my breath!

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What does Bush have to do with it?…

It’s an inappropriate decision by any standard.
The members of the Nobel prize for Peace who voted for it abused of their position. They should acknowledge it, and resign.

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War and acts of violence arise as final and tangible expressions of preceding and underlying orientations of conflict. They are the results of tensions, not the cause.

By the same token, the tangible resolution of outright conflict follows upon the reduction of those tensions.

Reducing the causes and grounds for conflict is the first and perhaps most taxing step toward resolving conflict itself. This constitutes making peace.

In this regard, the Nobel Committee has recognized Obama for achievements already accomplished.

An initial goal of a firefighter is containment. The reduction of fuel is valid firefighting, even while the fire is raging.

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Mary, Carter and Sadat did not earn it?
Are you sure?

If that imbecile Ronald Reagan and that corrupt party he headed had not succumbed to the temptation of power politics, we might have already had peace in the Middle East, and all those satraps there and noisemakers like Bush Jr. would not have had the power they had. Carter twisted Sadat’s and Begin’s arm, and only Begin ran home and started dealing with the Iranians, who were holding OUR hostages…. And mysteriously, when Reagan was inaugurated, the hostages were released…

Too much coincidence for me…. but Carter did earn his, and so did Sadat. Begin remained a terrorist.

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In spirit, it is not Obama who has been given this award, it is the American people for electing him.

Obama is antithesis of George Bush and all that he represented to the world.

America has a new face, with a new message.

Hope for peace was elected by America’s people, this award is their reward.

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The question should not be, “Does Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?” Instead it should be, “Why not and what has the other 204 nominees accomplished?”

Most of you missed the point. It’s the hopes and visions he is awarded for, not “what has he done for us lately”.

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When we disagree with Obama’s politics can you please stop using the arguments that – I’m not a patriot, I’m a racist, a bush lover, warmonger or whatever. It only makes you look like a fool that all you can do is call me names to defend our president. Try looking up some facts to back your aurgements. Then you’ll see that you can’t find any.

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I read (as apparently many other global observers have also) the announcement of their selection of Barack Obama as a 2009 prize recipient with the utmost disbelief. Surely, I thought, this was someone’s misguided attempt at humor.

I mean honestly, this person was in his present position for approximately two weeks before the nomination deadline. Exactly what were the accomplishments of that two week period that made Obama Nobel worthy, more so than others who have been endeavoring similarly in the fields they credit to Obama for many, many years. Even if their selection was to include his single term as a legislator, I still challenge anyone to produce a record worthy of Nobel consideration, let alone a prize. I am familiar with his record (or more appropriately the lack thereof), and I submit that there is none.

There is another explanation. A very sad one. I believe the Nobel organization sold, no worse, gave away their credibility as an organization and diminished the value of the awards they bestow as another victim of the global cult of personality that swirls around Obama’s politically popular ethnicity.

The Nobel organization has done a tremendous disservice to prior laureates, and others around the world whose legitimate efforts continue to go unrecognized.

The Nobel organization has lost my respect.

Posted by JW | Report as abusive

He can’t even as commander and chief take the recommendations of our in theater commander that will keep our American hero’s in Afghanistan from being killed without an opinion poll. What a joke he is.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Dont you people see he’s really different from some of his predecessors who did their best to portray US as a war monging, mean capitalist, egomaniac country. He’s doing his best to change that. He’s is showing the better side of the most powerful nation on this planet with respect and appreciation for others. I never heard any other US president talking about “nuclear weapons free world”, “climate change treaty” “health care reform”. Come on he started those initiatives, that it self is a profound thing. mind you he’s the most powerful man on this planet.

Posted by Naveen | Report as abusive

Don’t be surprised that Obama won. Consider who heads the committe that awarded the prize. Check out Thorbjoen Jagland, the head of the committee, on Wikipedia then you will see why the likes of Al Gore, Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter and Mohamed ElBaradei are past “winners”.

Posted by Bill, NH | Report as abusive

I wish to congratulate the president for this well deserved honor. Anybody who can endure the daily vitriol being thrown his way by the republicans deserves an award.
I also like the fact that the republicans are today going into a fit and wondering, dang! he won again!!

Posted by Ray | Report as abusive

He is very deserving. Congrats

Posted by Keith Singleton | Report as abusive

Awards are given for tangible accomplishments. Many posts here state he has changed how the rest of the world views us. How does one measure “feelings”? Concrete, factual examples of accomplishments should be required to win any award. In sports, awards are given based on statistics, not feelings or perception. How can the president accept this award knowing he has done nothing tangible that can be measured objectively?!?! This is an ever so thinly vieled attempt by the Nobel leadership to goad him into implementing socialist policies they espouse. By them giving him this award, and by him accepting it, the Nobel Peace Prize has been greatly diminished!!!!!!!! They have made a mockery of the concept of an “award” and the definition of “peace”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Melissa | Report as abusive

I think Angelina Jolie deserves a Nobel Peace Prize before Obama!! This is a disgrace. Ghandi never received one…….There are people out there who work every day for the peace cause. They are the ones who deserve it. Disgust is an understatement.

Posted by CT | Report as abusive

This is embarrassing and disgraceful. It is interference in the internal politics of a democratic country, and it leaves one in no doubt that the award committee is not politically neutral. Perhaps he will deserve it in the future, but he hasn’t done anything yet except make a bunch of guilt-ridden white liberals overexcited.

Posted by Oliver Chettle | Report as abusive

Unbelievable. I am still astounded by the utter ignorance of 50% of my fellow Americans.

The man (Obama) could walk on water and you all would still say it is because he can’t swim!

When are any of you going to stop bashing him? If he has not done anything, then why do you blame him for everything?

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

This medallion had lost its luster after Arafat had won it, but now this? After reading through the comments that many have made, I find it appalling that many who say he deserves it can only point to the “Hope”, he’s injected into the world. Hope is a subjective term that’s vaporous as the U.S. currency right now. Hope to a sick child in Mogadishu is much different than the Hope of a sick American child, or the Hope of a politician with a thirst for power and re-election. The opposing “Hope” I have is that this diastrous non-experienced team in D.C. stop their hatred of the Constitution. This award does not legitimize Obama in anyway, but only minimizes the Committee and their criteria. Apparently, “HOPE” from a historical standpoint for the last 20 years to the Nobel Prize Committee,is one who vilifies the U.S, and its Constitution. So, the the main criteria is “Hope”, and that its not G.W. Bush? People wonder why millions question the school system that no longer teaches critical and logical thinking. The U.S. is being purposefully marginalized and left in the dust of innovation from other countries, and the dollar is about to collapse, and all we get is we should be proud?

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

For Johan.

Belarus is not a socialism country… This country has a dictator for las 20 years… So it is not a socialism…
I did not mean that US is a socialism country… What I meant is that US has more symbols of Socialism than any other of post Soviet Union… For example: Welfare…, and other social programs… So think more global…
I was born there and live in that region for 22 years…

Posted by Nester | Report as abusive

No, he dosn’t deserve the award because he hasn’t done anything. He has failed miserably at every thing he has touched. The economy, the dollars slide, all on his watch. High unemployment again on his watch. Wall street looting of the treasury. On and On. Stop blaming Pres. Bush. He needs to get a pair of stones and fix his mess. He needs to man up and take responsibility for the problems he has created on his watch. When will he start being a leader and not a finger pointer. One, two, three years into his failed presidency?
Wake up and see him as the utter failure that he is.

Posted by Sdchanman | Report as abusive

You would think the reward would go to someone who actually acomplished something. But I can not think of anyone who actually acomplish making peace. I very much agree Obama has put a lot of effort forward. Mostly in changing how the US is communicating policy. However policy concerning Middle East,Iran, North Korea, and other hot spots and national security are the same as the Bush years. These policies are the position the US has to take to ensure security for it’s people and allies. Freedom has a price tag! Men and women willing give their lives so each of us have peace of mind knowing the threat of terror upon us being stop. Let every nation drop it’s defense posture and see what happens.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

Does he deserve it? No. Name one accomplishment other than being the first half-black president of the United States. His “hope” and “change” slogans have come in handy. I “hope” I still have some “change” in my pocket after his term. Frankly I am ashamed of this country’s leadership at present. We’ve gone from a world superpower to a bunch of terrorist-placating pansies with barely a glimpse of moral stature that our Forefathers had which made this country great. Sure the rest of the world likes Obama – he’s turning our country into pseudo-Europe. He’s throwing everything that makes us “American” down the toilet.

Posted by Dee | Report as abusive

All tensions about the nomination aside this blog is to promote understanding of a situation clouded with doubt. The attacking of other bloggers’ or of the current outcome is not a productive means of this space.

Being from or outside of the United States one must look at the broader implications of the recipient of such a prize. With the information that is readily available each person voicing there opinion on this forum proves they have the technology available to them to research there hostility or joy for the outcome and make an educated refutation or supportive statement for the outcome.

My personal belief is actions and outcomes speak for themselves and be it a lifetime of work or only a few months in office we shall see if any one person can truly receive such an award. With this statement we shall see if the Nobel Committee has made an error in judgment or not.

Posted by Chris J. D. | Report as abusive

There is no way Obama accomplished as much as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Why is Obama held in such high regard?

He’s no different than every other politician promising things and not delivering. He’s just on a soap box right now.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

This is more about politics than peace. Obama does not deserve a recognition for what he hasn’t produced even a single result. He kept quiet about the atrocities of Iraq’s Al-Maleki in camp Ashraf, he was the last to condemn the Iranian crackdown, and he flirts with Mullahs. At best, he is a follower not a leader in peace.

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That’s easy. No he doesn’t deserve it. I don’t say that he never could deserve it, but perhaps the committe should have waited until he’s actually been president a few years and has had a chance to actually do something. Even better, wait until a few years after his terms are up so his action and policies can be analyzed and it can determined if they really DID promote peace.

There is one more detail.

The nominations for the Peace Prize 2009 must be in before the 31st of January 2009. Only things that the nominee have done/said before that date is allowed to be taken into consideration. Obama took office on January 20. Exactly what did he do in those 11 days that was so fantastic that he must be awarded the Peace Prize? It must have been something top secret, like fending off an alien invasion, because I certainly haven’t seen anything about it in the papers.

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The very audacity of the question leaves me astounded. How can we ask does President Obama deserve to win? The fact is unreversible — HE DID WIN. He won because he has helped America to be viewed in a positive light once again after the Bush “error”. He won because, he gave hope to a hopeless nation on the brink of bankruptcy and financial ruin. He has consistently pushed for peace and the reduction of nuclear arms. He has remained peaceful in the face of blatant racism, criticism and hypocrisy. He won because above all he is a man who rules his home well, his country better and his spirit man best. While many hide behind the camouflaged white sheets of Anti-Health Care Reform protests and empty questions of his citizenship, President Obama continues to show transparency in Government while being reserved in his actions in regard to those who oppose him for no other reason than their thinly-veiled resentment for the color of his skin. He DESERVES to win because there is no one in the world in this day in time who deserved it more!

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This is a debt that the West must pay to Afica and all african-americans. I am white and ashamed that we westerns have misteated and enslaved africans for five centuries. It is a long time coming but it is coming.
Long live Barak Obama.
Ana Ferreira
(a grannie from Canada)

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For all the obvious reason, that every other Obama supporter agrees with, I’m happy that Obama won the award. But someone who I would like to see win the award in the future, who I feel has the potential to make a dramatic change if not world wide, at least Central America is Sergio Fajardo from Columbia. If you aren’t familiar with S. Fajardo, look him up, fascinating story! I hope if he is elected Columbia’s President, he and Obama can work together to really strength Central America.

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There is no doubt Obama hasn’t done anything to deserve the prize. However, this is just a way for the world to remind him of his responsbilily towards peace. The US involved in wars, proliferation of weapons, destruction of the natural environment more than any other country. Obama is the only guy with the heart and capacity to do that – of course he needs to shut those bully republicans in his country.

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Yes, I understand, but every industrialized country in the world has, for example, a welfare system. Sweden has it, Norway, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, France etc. Sweden is a good example since it has a lot more social programs than for example the U.S.
And a country can be a dictatorship when the leader is a socialist, for example Robert Mugabe is a socialist. Maybe you’re right that U.S. has more social programs than post- Soviet Union countries, since you have lived there, but I’m sure that they have some kind of social program.

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Only a small minority of Americans say they believe Obama deserves the prize.
That’s a big slap in the face of the Norwegian committee who granted it to him.

I wonder if Obama himself really believes he deserves it. Would there be a journalist smart enough to get the truth out?

I also wonder how many of those who say he deserves the prize really think he does.

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What has he done to deserve the Nobel price? You make the Nobel Peace Prize less value, I feel it is easy to give a prize to somebody who want it like giving a gift to a kid.

The price should go to Bill Gates who has contributed his life and money to combat diseases around the world.

The committee has made a stupid choice, and the people will see the Nobel Peace Prize as a joke, a commercial gift to kids.


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President Obama has done (I mean actually accomplished something), absolutely nothing to justify this high award. Recognizing someone for their hope, plans and incipient efforts which boil down to not much more than rhetoric is ridiculous. Never in history has anything like this happened in regard to the Nobel Prize. Why not recognize the Prime Minister of Israel for the restraint shown in not blowing Iran off the face of the earth. It all boils down to the same thing.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Nelson Mandela?

Why does the corruption associated with this president and administration not bother other countries? Is it because they are delighted to anticipate the collapse of the United States?

The changes in the demography of the world will result in the collapse of the entire free world in one or two generations. Take a look at the book, America Alone.

Obama et al are eliminating the last chance we have as a free society to stabilize our economies.

Posted by jwc | Report as abusive

They degraded the Nobel Peace Prized to nothing more then rhetoric.

Posted by See | Report as abusive

now the obama sycophants have another episode from the affirmative action radical donothing to defend

looks like the euros know that obama is going down at election time and they are trying to give him to props to brag about – he sure has nothing but negatives so far

oslo betting on peace while they contribute to the divisiveness of America by radicals and America haters

Posted by Jack Kennedy | Report as abusive

So one of the reasons he won was nuclear non-proliferation. The nomination process was in March. How did they know in March about non-proliferation when he just brought it up the past few weeks?

You ever get the feeling there is more going on behind the scenes than any of us understand?

It’s getting a little scary. Like when thousand paged stimulus bills were in legislation right after he took office that normally take months to write and debate.

I smell a rat.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

If Yessar Arafat – who always carried a gun with him and who killed hundreds of innocents – can win a noble prize, then why not Obama?

I have no doubt Obama is better qualified that Arafat!

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

Politics! It’s all about politics. The Socialist Norwegians hated Bush and this is their way of “punishing” him. I have no faith in either the Olympics (more politics) or the Nobel organization or any other international awards show. We have set up a false god with Obama. If you believe in the Bible, or if you just believe in common sense, Obama is nothing like the sycophants who worship him. Enough already!!!

Posted by pdq | Report as abusive

Wierd… That was the first thing that came to my mind. I think this was very premature…Surely there are people (200 others at least) that actually have spent their entire lives fighting the good fight against evil. I’d love to say “Yeah, buddy, our president has really changed the world” but erm, he hasn’t done anything on record except give speeches, and those speeches are often not accurate depictions of his actions. As we gear up to send tens of thousands more young Americans into combat in Afghan, it seems really almost satirical, doesn’t it?

Posted by Debs | Report as abusive

Whether you like or dislike the President or his goals, the question still remains, “What has he accomplished for world peace?” No summits, no treaties, no troop withdrawals/ reductions, etc. Please, somebody, name something. I feel the world has gone mad!

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He deserves it for changing how the rest of the world views America. Europeans see Obama as president and think maybe Americans aren’t as stupid, greedy, and hateful as they thought. He brought an image of peace to America. But the conservatives won’t stop until the rest of the world hates us again.

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When I heard that President Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize this morning I was shocked. He has been in the office for less than a year, and no offense but has yet to do anything. All his ideas so far are just ideas and no action. We keep hearing about “change” and “hope” but so far I haven’t seen anything. More military have died in Afghanistan in the last year since he took office, than in the last eight years at war, something needs to be done.I understand that these things aren’t going to happen in a split second and take time. But this is a man, who this coming weekend is hosting a shoot- around with other political figures to shoot hoops. Is that really what you picture, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who’s doing so much for the country, doing on a weekend? I don’t think so, not saying that he shoulnd’t be allowed to have fun he is the President. I think that there are more important issues the news and radio should be covering besides trying to shed light on him as a “normal” person. He was in office in Illinois for two years, and we have absolutely nothing to show for it. The first year in office he wrote a book, and his second year in office he toured with his book. I really don’t hope that he tricked America in to electing someone who’s more worried about his fame then the country itself. I’m glad another one of our Presidents won the Peace Prize, but I want that person to actually do something to earn it, not just get it handed to them.

Posted by Kristen | Report as abusive

He won not because he deserved it–how could he? He has accomplished nothing beyond self-promotion in his life–but because he agrees with the aristocratic European view of America as a rednecked war mongering country and apologizes for it. That and because he is not Bush (he makes the third American who has won the prize by not being Bush).

Posted by Tito | Report as abusive

Obama has done nothing to win this award. It is ridiculous. It is all based on what they hope he will accomplish. It should be based on actual accomplishments. See the article on by Karen Gibbs. Greg Mortensen who has built over 130 schools for girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan should have won. He has done more to promote peace than most politicians ever will. You can read about it in his best-selling book “Three cups of Tea”.

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

You’ve got to be kidding – Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize? This must be a joke. At a minimum let the guy do something tangible and truly deserving first. The president of the United States gets recognition every day. How about selecting someone out in the trenches, risking their life and giving the all for the betterment of humanity? Select someone who also represents others who truly toil for the cause of peace, without even a dream of recognition. No, this is politics. The majority of the American people will through it.

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No, Obama does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. He has done nothing to merit that kind of reward. However, when you consider that this prize was given to Al Gore for a documentary about so-called global warming over a woman who had saved 2500 children from the Germans during WWII it tells you just what this award is worth…zilch.

Posted by Harood | Report as abusive

Obama has barely put an administration together and has visited various foreign countries. He is only nine months into the job. How could that possibly qualify him for a Nobel prize? Do we give sports teams an award at the beginning of a season? Certainly not! What has Obama actually accomplished so far to deserve this?

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

As Clint said in Unforgiven, Deserves got nothing to do with it. The Dy-no-mite! crowd defines “peace” somewhat idiosyncratically as a lack of opposition to their own preferences in geopolitics which includes bringing American down to their own level morally, fiscally, militarily and mostly in terms of influence. For that, can anyone dispute that Barack had done more in his first ten days in office than Clinton and Carter’s entire terms combined? The Peace Prize was insituted to reward those who had done most to eliminate standing armies from the world and this, Nobel had thougth was the ticket to world peace. Of course this is after Plan A, introduce the destructive power of explosives into warfare to make it too terrible to practice, didn’t quite work out. As far as I know, neither Obama or any other American figure has proposed disbanding the military. Doesn’t he know that War is NOT the Answer? Or is it that War is NOW the Answer? Whatever, it’s good to see Obama coming around to the necessity of Bush’s policies on the terror front. Progress.

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You’ve got to be kidding – Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize? This must be a joke. At a minimum let the guy do something tangible and truly deserving first. The president of the United States gets recognition every day. How about selecting someone out in the trenches, risking their life and giving their all for the betterment of humanity? Select someone who also represents others who truly toil for the cause of peace, without even a dream of recognition. No, this is politics. The majority of the American people will see through it.

Posted by Greg | Report as abusive

Seen on one level, the award is a touching expression of naive hope for the future of US leadership in the world. Seen from a more cynical POV, it looks like an effort to tie Obama’s hands in Afghanistan, and to some extent, to push him into putting serious pressure on Israel in the M/E “peace process.”

Posted by Wombat | Report as abusive

If the Nobel Peace Prize could be awarded to Jimmy Carter, who did more than any U.S. president in modern times to destabilize the world, then Obama’s award should surprise nobody.

Posted by George Locke | Report as abusive

Never have I seen someone win so much with so little to show for it.

There are so many more deserving candidates. My heart goes out those individuals.

What an awful way to “devalue” the significant accomplishments of others!!

Posted by Michelle | Report as abusive

Obama definitely deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. For starters he was against the war in Iraq, he has got the Russsians and Chinese on our side (he had Europe & the rest of Asia a long time ago), he has kind of tamed North Korea by making it look silly with all its beligerence (lots of bluster / threats with no real ability to follow through), he got the UN working again as a viable body that is capable of a viable sanction threat to Iraq (note Iraq is in a bind as it can’t thumb it’s nose at us because Obama has the support of China & Russia as well), he has been instrumental in getting the G-20 for better economic global collaboration), he is planning to dimantle GITMO and the list goes on with all his considerable efforts to reduce economic disparities amongst Americans at home!

Posted by Observer | Report as abusive

There were candidates who would take the prize money back to their non-profit organizations and continue to work toward the betterment of the lives of the impoverished.
The “Chosen” recipient will probably spend the money on expensive clothing for himself and his over-the-top wife. There might be some left over for a bribe or two, but I’m sure his half-brother living in Africa won’t see a nickel.
What a shame the first “black” president is such a loser!

Posted by grammyd | Report as abusive

I’m a big fan of President Obama, but honestly I would rather see Jerry Lewis get the NPP.

Posted by King of Donair | Report as abusive

To the Nobel Committee:

As an American citizen, I wish to thank the Nobel Committee for the courage to choose our President Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize. Please understand that the negative reactions shown on TV or in online comments are due to ignorance shaped by a U.S. media who loves conflict more than peace. They do not speak for millions of Americans who are the quiet majority that elected him for just those unique qualities recognized by the Nobel Committee. He may not be able to bring peace in our own country, let alone in the world. However, he has the courage to do everything in his power as our leader to focus our country in that direction. Please know that millions upon millions in the U.S. that support his efforts are not on television.

Posted by Moms Hugs | Report as abusive

After less than a day it’s possible to say this event has already turned out to be a political embarrassment for Obama.
It’s a catastrophe for the image of the Nobel Prize Committee.
That bunch of goofs in Oslo should draw the inevitable conclusion, and go home.

Posted by realistic | Report as abusive

At one level this “award” is spot on. If you want “peace in our time” and/or believe that “peace” is the end-all of noble ambitions, then hey, they pegged the right guy! He is off to a great start in dismantling all that America has ever stood for, i.e. fighting for liberty and freedom in a world of snakes. Even if he has done NOTHING positive as regards preserving liberties, he has accomplished much in guaranteeing that we shall enjoy the “peace of tyranny and death” soon enought. The Messiah has landed!

Posted by Honest John | Report as abusive

making promises and NOT committing yourself to decades of struggle for peace -suffering persecution and oppression- suddenly warrants the winning of this award. What a travesty and mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Posted by David Morovan | Report as abusive

DEFINATELY OBAMA DESERVES THE NOBEL PEACE PRICE. For one thing his being voted into office helped get rid of the greedy self-centered Republicans that just wanted to fatten their pockets at the tax payers expense. The same dumb idiots that sent our troops into Iraq with no proof of nucular bombs there or no site of Osama Bin Laden. He has now put more troops where they need to be … Afganistan. He has saved 500,000 plus homes doomed for forclosure because of the non regulated financial system and he is fighting for health care for every American citizen … not just the few who can afford it. They called Social Security socialism during the Roosevelt administration… let them see that the Obama Health plan will succeed too. He’s probably the smartest President we have ever had and the peacemaker of the 21st century. Go Obama.

Posted by Sandra Miranda | Report as abusive

No, Obama doesn’t deserve what that award is supposed to represent. He is a puppet and personally enjoys his part to destroy his mother’s country.

I would much rather see the reward bestowed upon Jane Burgermeister, the one brave person who has stood up for what is right by her suit against the big pharma giant, Baxter with its untested deadly flu vaccine for global depopulation. is her site.

Posted by E. Gray | Report as abusive

I would respect Obama more if he declined the award on the basis that he hasn’t done anything yet.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

Giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is on par with Milli Vanilli winning a Grammy.

Posted by Keith | Report as abusive

WHO CARES WHAT THOSE AIRHEADS THINK! WHO SHOULD REALLY HAVE REALLY WON IT??? RONALD REAGAN(POSTHUMOUSLY). Oslo gave the award to Gorbachev in 1990. Both Gorbachev AND Ronald Reagan (INF Treaty as an example) brought an end to the Cold War. The Nobel Peace Prize means NOTHING in that it is only for Liberals and former Communist…f’em

Posted by A.Adams | Report as abusive

Why is the question that comes to mind? There are so many talented people that have been overlooked!

Posted by Kim | Report as abusive

Did he deserve the peace prize? Hmm…Has he done more to bring people together or divide them. Divide them. Son NO he did not deserve the prize. Hell no.

Posted by Don | Report as abusive

In select boxes of Trix cereal – Nobel Peace Prize. No purchase (or anything else for that matter) required.

Posted by Texicano | Report as abusive

I can understand why so many people are at least surprised by the Nobel committee’s decision to pick president Obama. Many other people could have gotten the prize based on accomplishments towards PEACE in the world. However, given Obama’s work towards improving the state of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the recent amount of disapproval and sheer anger towards the US, and the situation on the front in Iraq and Afghanistan, one can argue that his agenda seems to seek peaceful resolution and improvement of these situations. I am afraid that most of you fail to see that resolving these issues will not take a few month. The American people need to refrain from being so short-sighted and start trusting the process if you agree with the end goal. In summary, the Nobel peace prize is just a piece of paper and Obama still has to make good on his promises. If this prize provides him with a bit more clout to successfully accomplish his mission to bring greater peace in the world, then so be it!

Posted by Celine Wakrat | Report as abusive

President Obama won the peace prize because of George “AWOL” Bush. Bush was so horrible that a message needed to be sent to remind Americans how we can be great again. Bush loved war, clearly.

Posted by Santa Fean | Report as abusive

We should not be comparing him to past Nobel Prize winners, instead we should be looking at what he has done to deserve this honor. He has not accomplished anything, especially not in the realm of Global Peace. President Obama does not deserve this award and it is a disgrace to dishonor others who were up for this prize and actually deserved it.

Posted by Ashley | Report as abusive

Definitely he doesn’t deserve the prestigious laureate…but I see a different view from this…seeing the names, people who won this prize earlier, we saw their efforts in work…then, why this prize is given to somebody who has yet to work on his words?

those words are still in hypothesis…OBAMA has to show his works to the people…so, he is the exception…why?..does not this lead to a hint of some TRICK’s been played?..may be this Honor will force him to do what people actually want to see him doing…in my view, he has given the chance to write the reasons of deserving this PRESTIGE by himself…may be this will lead him to do good…we got plenty of time left…he’s not going that early.

despite this…I don’t feel like Obama’s the deserving candidate…I agree with all…:)

Posted by rAz | Report as abusive

It’s about time for the polls/commentarists to tell the truth on the Demoncrats. Republicants use the polls to tell nationwide lies. We do want healthcare reform and the P-Award to go to the President. It’s time for Republicans to stop lying on the polls/serveys.I have never seen a poll servey come my way, neighborhood, or my state. Everyone i talk with speak ill of the present healthcare system and needs reforming as soon as yesterday. Republicans speeches reflect only rich/ wealthy.

Posted by Mary Brown | Report as abusive

I like Obama, but I feel the prize is premature. The Nobel committee should steer clear of sitting politicians.

Posted by cheese | Report as abusive

What a farce!!! Might as well giving the Nobel Economics to Paulson and Bernanke and Greenspan.

Posted by Zard | Report as abusive

Obama and Arafat, and it’s called a prize?

Posted by Toni | Report as abusive

What do you deserve for Nobel Prize OBAMA? Do you think you did an extraordinary job closing the doors of Guantanamo at the end after your predecessor accomplished his nasty job in IRAK? Did you stop or even prevent any war from happening? Or do you think you established eternal peace saying to Muslims Assalamalaykum in Egypt? or do you deserve this prize for sending more troops to Afganistan? OBAMA!!! you never take the control, you are under control…

Posted by Halk | Report as abusive

It doesn’t matter who get the Nobel Prize for Peace. It doesn’t mean anythng. They have just proven that by giving it to someone who was nominated 12 days into his term of service. Obama is anti-American like most of the UN so all the Europeans who hate us love him. Maybe when he gets finished making our country like theirs, they’ll like us more. In the meantime, he’s the hero of every Socialist, Marxist, and Communist throughout the world along with those who surround him in the White House.

Posted by Billie Tully | Report as abusive

I grieve for this country. America fails to get the Olympics in 2016 and (certain) Americans cheer. Their President is honored by the international community for his ability to communicate with other nations around the world and certain people deride not only the Committee but the man. We all need to take a good long look at ourselves. I think we are a glum lot.

Posted by Bob Malone | Report as abusive

Well…now we know it doesnt take much to win the Nobel Peace prize anymore!!!
Truefully I now have much “LESS” respect for the Nobel Peace prize. After this loser won it, its a total joke and a embarrasment to the American people! All of the NPP commitee/ board are total idots & should all be fired!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Stupid Obama | Report as abusive

Obama has not done one single thing to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. Yesterday, he was deciding whether to send 40,000 more troops into Afghanistan to fight a war that is getting nowhere and only killing innocent civilians. He ignored Russia and China’s demand to de-militarise space, instead PRETENDING to lessen the stockpile of nuclear weapons while the US created a plan to send their nukes into space on satellites to hit any target in Russia by 2030. Obama is a complete fraud. It seems as if he has voodooed this win the same way he won the US Presidency.

Posted by Katherine | Report as abusive

Congratulations, sir. The committee made a momentous choice. Unfortunately, we’ll now have to listen to all the Nobel Peace Prize “experts” as they weigh in and attempt to cheapen the honor.

Posted by Tluan | Report as abusive

To the Nobel Peace Prize Committee:
It is so lonely being funny!!!

Posted by dan lovett | Report as abusive


This just confirms what I thought all along, he is now a laughing stock propped up by the international castrotti that so wants a weak and apologetic America…

Screw them all, we will come back from this with a vengeance, just like good ol’ Jimmy Carter (Nobel Prize Winner).

Posted by Mountaineer | Report as abusive

I live in Dallas, Tx. If Obama is spreading the word of peace across the globe to bring the Christian world together with the Muslim world, then why did a Muslim terrorist try to blow up one of our buildings downtown just a few weeks ago?

I guess his speeches aren’t that effective.

America’s job is to defend itself from all enemies foreign and domestic. Otherwise we will have a weak, spineless nation that will only encourage aggressors.

Sorry Mr. President but talk is cheap! You can certainly talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? What have you done in the 8+ months you have been in office?

Is “winning” the Nobel a cheap, fixed, underhanding way of showing off because you couldn’t get the Olypics in 2016?

Posted by i,robert | Report as abusive

Obama is ok. But he was only President 12 days before the nomination deadline. He had not and has not accomplished anything to warrant this award as yet.

Posted by steve | Report as abusive

It’s not certain people that cheer that we did not get the Olympics.. It was a Majority.. Don’t grieve for us.. We know where we stand.. and who is driving us towards Socialism..

Posted by s. lindsey | Report as abusive

How can someone who is continuing Bush’s war in Iraq and escalating the war in Afghanistan deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? That’s completely nuts. Then again, the Nobel Peace Prize was once given to Henry Kissinger, so the Nobel Committee long ago ceased deserving to be taken seriously.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

Simple answer? No

Posted by Jacob Hodgson Stokes | Report as abusive


Posted by Panzer Vom Xillo | Report as abusive

This just goes to show you how bad conservatives’ image is abroad. No matter how little Obama may have done so far. The rest of the world sees American conservatives as tobbacco spittin’ religious fanatics who just want to bring down anyone who is not of their party and especially of their race.

The rest of the world knows that a large segment of the US population doesn’t give a rat’s about foreign relations.

So this should probably be seen an “anti” Nobel prize to the Republicans and the ultra right that supports them.

Posted by Jon White | Report as abusive

The Nobel Committee has no credibility. Accepting this 12 days into his presidency and awarding it for accomplishing absolutely nothing is proof enough. This award was stolen from someone far more deserving and Obama knows it. A man of honor would have declined the award. By accepting this award Obama proved he has no shame.

Posted by Anthony Broussard LTC US Army (retired) | Report as abusive

This is a joke right? If not it should be, it would show the world has a good sense of humor. This really made me laugh.

Posted by Soccer Dad | Report as abusive

As an America Citizen I am so proud of our new president elect, and that the world see’s him as a true Peacemaker.
There are millions of us in America that support his new ideas for change. In fact that majority of American’s support and embrace him and his efforts to bring needed change to our country.
I sadly see the far right political extremists (Fox News) trying to turn this in to something negative, when in fact they should be honored as American’s that the rest of the world see’s our president as a Peacemaker.

Posted by Phil Clayton | Report as abusive

Mahatma Gandhi, Corazon Aquino, Pope John XXIII, Pope John Paul II, Dorothy Day, César Chávez, Oscar Romero, Jose Figueres Ferrer, Steve Biko, Raphael Lemkin, Abdul Sattar Edhi and Irena Sendler, and Ronald Reagan ALL OMITTED.

and Barack Obama get’s one?

Wow – speechless.

Posted by Realist | Report as abusive

President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize certainly reveals much about those making the choice! This man has not accomplished any great, worthy, Nobel act! He stands for many things that go against what the United States was founded on. He surrounds himself with radicals bent on destroying the United States, radicals who have engaged in violence against the United States. He surrounds himself with individuals who are morally corrupt and unsafe, i.e. Kevin Jennings. Anyone, I repeat anyone, can say great things. It is not a man’s words that we put our faith in, but his deeds. Obama lacks good deeds! His winning lowers the bar.

Posted by A. Adams | Report as abusive

In response to Moms Hugs’ comment: “Please understand that the negative reactions shown on TV or in online comments are due to ignorance shaped by a U.S. media who loves conflict more than peace.”

If you really don’t understand how Orwellian (as in “War Is Peace”) granting Barack Obama a Peace Prize is, then you are the one who is ignorant.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

Weigh the promise of “Hope and Change” against the achievements of Nelson Mandela who delivered peace in South Africa after 27 years in an Apartheid jail. (And, then shared the prize.)
Surely the US President was selected not for what he has done, but merely for pointing out the idiotic nature of his predecessor’s foreign policies? In which case, they should probably share it. Would that be more laughable than giving it to Obama on his own? Only to a Nobel Committee that has lost its senses.

Posted by Dirk van Eeden | Report as abusive

Terrorist Yasser Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994. Yes, he was a terrorist bomber but, unlike Obama, at least he did something.

Posted by J Gerkan | Report as abusive

btw.. as far as the Nobel Peace Prize..
It lost all significance when they awarded it to a Terrorist. Arafat was a child killer.. How did he deserve it? The Committee is irrelevant at best.. Inept and Corrupt at worst.

I promise to bring World Peace.. May I have my Prize now?

Posted by s. lindsey | Report as abusive

It just occurred to me that the Norwegian people must be starting to get an uneasy feeling regarding this historic faux pas committed by the members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee.
Some Norwegians must already be demanding explanations, and others an apology – at least to the real peace and human rights fighters of this world, and there are many of them out there who do deserve recognition for their personal efforts, sacrifices, and yes – achievements too.

Posted by kr | Report as abusive

“Negative reactions shown on TV or in online comments are to ignorance”? I think you’ve just shown your ignorance. Nominations deadline was Feb 1…just 12 short days after Obama took office. I hardly think in those 12 days in office that Obama made any “extraordinary efforts” in establishing peace. It makes a mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Posted by Sheila | Report as abusive

Obama has done absolutely nothing to deserve this prize.

It’s cuz he is 1st BLACK president of the US who makes great speeches.

Posted by RW | Report as abusive

Really you have to be kidding 2 weeks into his pres he gets a award for healing the world what a joke. How about taking down the Berlin wall How about people too numerous to mention that really made a difference –This Pres is not doing anything but saying America is at fault and worst
The noble committee is a shammmmm
I will review this site for being fair to my view point

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

Terrible disrespect for the legions of truly transformative figures who have worked decades towards achieving world peace.

OUR BUDDY OBAMA *might* do something great in the future!

That a disrespect for the others who has done something already.

Posted by RW | Report as abusive

Had the Nobel committee not lost all of its credibility after the selections of Al Gore and Paul Krugman, the selection of Obama surely seals the deal. Like the Obama presidency itself, the prize now appears to be more about saying the politically correct things or appealing to a certain segment of the political Left rather than accomplishing anything worthy of praise. As a colleague reminded me today, President Ronald Reagan and later the first President Bush played a large role in liberating much of Central and Eastern Europe yet were never honored as such. Similarly, George W. Bush drove the murderous Taliban as well as removing the oppressive dictator Saddam Hussein from office yet he is reviled by the European elite. I fail to see the logic in their decision.

Posted by Tony Piscotta | Report as abusive

Peace Prize??? What a joke – the man is STILL engaged in an ILLEGAL war in Iraq, a pointless war in Afghanistan, the US murders civilians with drones…..if this is peace… I need a new dictionary!

Posted by William Fletcher | Report as abusive

Look at the pattern: Gore + Carter + Obama = America haters who won this worthless, politically motivated award.

Posted by JD | Report as abusive

I barely can believe it–its an outrage to a do-nothing but to advance socialism. Hey that’s it! one socialist group patting another on the back. A better candidate would be Shimon Peres of Isreal. After all the persecution the world been handing out to Isreal– constant rocket attacks, seking war crimes against them, and Obama wanting to give away half their land. And I’m not even Jewish. Makes one wonder where Obama is headed next?

Posted by Warren T | Report as abusive

As an American I’m shocked that he won – in a bad way!
Obama has yet to accomplish anything, I hope he does, touring the world giving hopeful speeches does not warrant any prize particularly the Nobel.

This has forever cheapened the Nobel prize and the integrity of the committee. What a waste.

Posted by Jeremy | Report as abusive

I am happy for President Obama. Yes, he has a lot to live up to, but for that matter, so most of us.

Most of us could be more humble, taking time to hear each other and seeking first to understand. Most of us could do with a lot less and paying more for better, more durable goods – instead of participating in a throw-away society. Most of us could do more to improve ‘our’ health, which all by itself would be a major improvement to our sickly healthcare system. Most of us could walk, bike or bus, thereby reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and in supporting countries that deem us their enemies. Most of us could lead, rather than complaining about our leaders. If you can do better, then please do. Most of us could turn off the tube and pick up a book, broadening our intelligence instead of our mass. Most of us could stand hand-in-hand, demanding an end to nuclear… bombs, energy, or food. Instead, we wish it from our minds, or like some, give neither a care nor a worry. Most of us could get behind a great man who is willing to sacrifice years of his life to improve ours, but too many have forgotten what it’s like to move forward, move past and make haste to a new horizon.

We’ve never had a better opportunity to progress, at least in my 48 years of living. We’ve never had more to lose, yet I look around and see ghosts of an America that once was. When are we going to wake up and notice our Roses are made in China. When are we going to grab a shove, rake and hoe and turn our lawns into gardens, the way our fathers and mothers before us did – rather than polluting our lakes and rivers with harmful, petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides.

If you don’t think President Obama deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, that’s fine, I’m sure that others do. But if it applies more pressure to this man and enables him to expand his intestinal fortitude and increase the certainty that we will turn the tide on our shortcomings, then I’m all for it and wish him the best of efforts. As for me and mine, we’ll see you out there, on our bikes of course…

Posted by HowellHaus | Report as abusive

The Nobel Peace Prize has now been devalued to pocket change, what a travesty.

Posted by Steve Withrow | Report as abusive

Congrats Mr. President, I must say that he makes me proud to be an african american this day and age. I dont disagree with getting this award eventhough I know most of America does. I think the that they gave him the award for what he is trying to do. But, as usual certain Americans and congress dont want to get onboard. When will people realize that the old ways of conducting ourselves domestically and abroad are not going to work. We need to respect the growth of other nations and learn to respect the muslim world. We are not standard in which the rest of the world should adhere to. These facts Obama understands and attempts to convery but unfortunately the Good Ole Boys in Washington are still up to their old tricks.

Posted by hustleman2004 | Report as abusive

The Nobel committee has shredded its credibility by giving the award to someone with no accomplishments; just some nice speeches. What a joke.

Posted by TomKattt | Report as abusive

Thank you Moms Hugs for speaking up for the rest of us quiet ones. We did elect the president because we believed in him. The rest of the world sees this, too.

Posted by chic | Report as abusive

This is a travesty and a mockery of the Nobel Prize Committee, the presidency, and the United States of America. It’s a downright shame to claim this man deserves the prize. ANYONE can call for peace. Does that mean ANYONE deserves it? No. One must prove beyond a measure of a doubt that they have done enough to actually PROMOTE what they TALK about. Obama can talk the talk. But can he walk the walk? Based upon his 9+ months in office so far, the answer is a resounding “NO!”

As for this “silent majority” BS that I read earlier, I calmly and polite ask you to WAKE UP. What has Obama promised? 1) No earmarks on legislation. 2) 48 Hours MINIMUM for lawmakers to read the legislation. 3) Transparency in government. 4) Get troops out of the Middle East. Those are the first four that pop to mind. Think of any others, let me know. He has FAILED miserably to achieve any of them (especially the one that actually deals with “peace,” the war in the Middle East. Rather, he has INCREASED TROOPS). So again. Please, all you Obama-lovers. Take a good hard look at your hero. Stop sucking him off and point out his flaws. Stop with this self-pity of “the silent majority still supports you.” Why is the majority silent? Two reasons: 1) they are either not the majority and will be told to shut their mouths or 2) they realize Obama has yet to do anything he promised in his presidency. Please America. WAKE UP. This is not a bash against anything other than the broken promises of a man that miraculously hypnotized an entire nation with his BS. His BS got him into office, now his actions need to get him out.

Posted by Shocked | Report as abusive

Obama is the last person to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. The committee who awarded this have reduced yet another symbol of peace and freedom to dust.

If Obama were any sort of a man and leader, which he isn’t, he would insist that the prize be given to someone who has actually done something to promote the betterment of humanity.

If this was meant to embarrass the United States, it worked.

Posted by LaughingOutLoud | Report as abusive

Of course it is deserved for inspiring the world to move toward peace. Hope is an important thing for people to continue on knowing a better world is on the horizon.

Of course the “republiphibians” have their own agendas and wish to put a negative spin on anything that they can. Just to promote their own biased agendas. I cannot see that Obama has any but the most altrustic goals in mind for us and the rest of the world.

Posted by Joe Wilson | Report as abusive

It would have been illegal for the committee to vote in our elections, although manyillegals probably did, so this is their equivalent of a vote. He has no accomplishments, but they fell for the “gift” he says he has. Give a good speach, and win a peace prize. What a shame! What a joke!

Posted by BCoker | Report as abusive

The problem with the internet age is that it is as much a blessing as a curse. The Nobel Committee has spoken and they are the only ones who are vested with the authority of Alfred Nobel’s Trust to nominate and award the Nobel prize to extraordinary and deseving individuals who merit this distinction. The Nobel Committee consists of brilliant, distinguished luminaries who have great educational and lifetime achievement credentials and capabilities who have been elected. Because of the internet and twitter we have uneducated, half educated, racist and crazed people without an honest bone in their bodies giving their 2 bits of an opinion. Who cares! Incidentally by the same token these same folks oppose the President, The Federal Reserve Chairman etc. but they need education, brains and hard work to get to a position of leadership where their opinion counts for anything at all. Right now it’s just Noise!

Posted by Observer | Report as abusive

Can someone convince me why President Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize? If speeches and good intentions were going to bring about changes for the better we would be living in a safe and peaceful world devoid of any conflict by now. I am sure the runner up from Zimbabwe whose actions helped in resolution of the conflict there deserved to win the peace prize.

Posted by Maryanne | Report as abusive

Selecting Obama instead of Morgan Tsvangirai is a travesty. The Committee could have done something useful in recognizing the inspiring efforts of Tsvangirai in peacefully resisting a despot and bringing him down. Instead, it goes to Obama, who was nominated while he was wasting hundreds of millions of other peoples dollars on inauguration parties.

Obama: Do the right thing. Give it back to Morgan Tsvangirai.

Posted by Matthew Leigh | Report as abusive

Medal of Honor recipient, Donald Ballard made a comment that there are many men who fought in Vietnam who probably deserve this medal more than myself. I only hope that these men will allow me to be an ambassador for
them.though,I am a recipient of this medal, I will always bear the tremendous weight it carrys for so many.
I hope our president will share the same thoughts about the peace prize.

Posted by kenneth L Gwin sr. | Report as abusive

To Bob,

Yes Bob we Americans are a glum lot. Our country is in a state of ruin, health care is better in Cuba and we are losing the war in Afghanistan which is on the way to becoming the longest US war in history.

I’m not sure why your so happy Bob (mb your a bailed out banker or perhaps yet another unemployed waste living off the money I work for ????). Your failure to realize the obvious – that America and Americans are in bad times – only serves to highlight your ignorance.

We need to look at ourselves but also provide for ourselves and not wait for handouts like so many of our lazy countrymen do.

Name me 1 single, positive, tangible result of Barack Obamas presidency and I may reconsider.

Speeches don’t count. I’m talking about real results. Beside amassing more debt than you can likely conceive of.

Obama does not know courage and neither do those of you who so loosely use the word.

Posted by Jeremy | Report as abusive

Undoubtedly Obama is a breath of fresh air compared to Bush and his lap dog Blair.

However, whilst the motives of the committee may be well intended, this award is premature and makes a mockery out of the Nobel peace prize, and not for the first time.

The following awards were a disgrace.
1994 Shimon Peres, Foreign Minister of Israel.
1994 Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister of Israel.
1978 Menachim Begin, Prime Minister of Israel.
1973 Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State, State Department, Washington.
1973 Le Duc Tho, Democratic Republic of Viet Nam. (Declined the prize.)
Time will tell whether Obama is deserving of any awards.

Peter Franzen

Posted by peter franzen | Report as abusive

With all due respect to the President, he’s done nothing to earn this award. Even he seems to have been surprised in not slightly embarassed by it. The Nobel committee is bebasing its process by politicizing it to this degree.

Posted by Mark B, | Report as abusive

For those who want to limit the blame of critisism to American’s who are anti Obama, you need to recognize the critisism is world wide.

The committee has tarnished the prominence of this award and denigrated those who have won it in the past for their hard work and not their rehtoric.

To place Barack Obama on the same level as Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Anwar al-Sadat, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela, F.W. de Klerk, and even Jimmy Carter who have all either dedicated their lives or lost their lives for their work for peace is a disgrace!

Posted by James | Report as abusive

OK: Jimmy Carter, Yasser Arafat, now Barack Obama. Yes, he deserves this laughable award.

Posted by Gary | Report as abusive

I cannot believe he of all people has won it there’s more troops at war now than when Bush was messing things up.

And stopping nukes? Well why hasn’t America lead by example….

Sheesh. Are you sure it wasn’t the ‘cheesy media icon of the year’ award?

Posted by Wow | Report as abusive

This should prove to Americans what jerks we are. This is the most sarcastic move I’ve ever been witness to. An inside joke to ahow that a ‘takeover’ will not necessitate the use of any force or energy.

We should be outraged! Instead we look at eachother and say ‘huh?’like we’re all dimwitted. Guess what?…we are!

Posted by sgt | Report as abusive

Objectively speaking, at this time Obama should respectfully refuse to accept the prize but should continue to work for peace and ultimately have the opportunity in the future to be considered for the prize based upon his merits. Kindest regards, Peacemaker

Posted by Peacemaker | Report as abusive

At first I thought it was a joke…what has he done except talking about 21st century? (and seriously..why does he keep chanting about 21st century :-))

Posted by Gaurav | Report as abusive

Obama for Peace Prize?

Who next…. Barry Bonds – Nobel Prize for Medicine?

Posted by BAMA | Report as abusive

The leader of the only country ever to use the atomic bomb is now leading the charge to consign nuclear proliferation to the past. For this at least, and because his diplomatic policies give us reason to believe that peace is possible, President Barack Obama has won “The Prize”. I harbor the wish, perhaps in vain, that Americans will unite behind him as he works to manage the burdens he has courageously assumed on our behalf. Please, let the world’s next generation grow up without the fear that someone will push the nuclear button.

Posted by yvonnejayne | Report as abusive

Yes. President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This cannot be reversed. Now, The world wants him to prove that a right decision was made. Let us give hime a chance. The ball is in his court.

PEACE ON EARTH is a welcome thing.

Posted by Dr. Bachalli R. vasudeva | Report as abusive

Barack Obama cancels meeting with Dalai Lama ‘to keep China happy’ ricas/barack-obama-cancels-meeting-with- dalai-lama-to-keep-china-happy-1905659.h tml

I think that speaks for itself.

Posted by Andrew Kennedy | Report as abusive

I think this is disgusting
What has he done? NOTHING
What will he do? Not much.

No-one will ever take the Nobel Peace Prize seriously EVER again… I know I’d never want to recieve it, however deserving.

It really does make you wonder if it’s just because he’s (mostly) sub-saharan considering todays laws and beliefs of the West….

Posted by Kurt | Report as abusive

I think Mr. Obama has accomplished a great deal since January. We’re now 1.4T in debt; we have exciting new “green” legislation in Cap and Trade that will raise the average American’s energy bill by over $3000/yr; we’re about to have government run healthcare, that the Congress has NO constitutional authority to regulate, that means I’ll be paying for the illegals and lazy; we have over 30 unconstitutional, unelected czars making public policy; we’ve given the IMF and Fed unbelievable control over US monetary policy; we’re cozier now with the UN than we’ve ever been, which means we’re more likely to be subjugated to the whims of other nations that care nothing about the US and American interests; we have a “President” that bows to foreign kings; we have government run private auto and insurance industries by all the bailout money; we have a civilian defense force instead of more police officers to keep us safe to look forward to, kinda like the brownshirts were in Germany during WWII; and we have the “President’s” party contemplating a second stimulus. See, we shouldn’t be critical of Mr. Obama – he has accomplished a great deal since he took office!

Posted by Ernie Davidson | Report as abusive

I was one of the people questioned about the Obama Nobel peace prize, today on times Square. I really like to say that I really like to say that I congratulate our president, and wish many more optimism in the future. though people disagree, don’t you believe at this point that Peace is needed among America and the Global nation????

We should Test out a Stop on nuclear weapons, and see what the result of social action results to in difficult times, especially when all our action are still at its primitive stages.

Where still learning and weapons of mass destruction are hazardous, and can result in genocide, which does violate our global human rights.


Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

Obama must not take the Nobel. He does not deserve it. Let him earn it.

Posted by luke MEndes | Report as abusive

I believe Obama is a great man, but he has been given a green light to do just about whatever it is he wants.
Obama, has spent more money than Bush the 2nd ever did. on top of that he did it faster than Bush. What I think is funny is Noone is complaining about how much money he has spent in less than nine months in office. The media has no back bone. They where all over bush, about money and the war. Barack is still in both conflicts and is about to expand the effort in afganistan. Now he wins the NOBEL PRIZE. In my eyes he hasnt done anything. worthy of that honor. I dont know what thier criteria are for picking a winner but i dont believe Obama shouldnt have won.

Posted by Rich | Report as abusive

I think Nobel Prize itself has lost its lustre and is meaningless. Let us change its name to DICK DURBIN Prize.

Posted by P.Barman | Report as abusive

Is this a joke? Do the people in Oslo deliberately nominate those who are least deserving? The deadline for the nomination was Feb. 1st – 11 days after he entered the office. It would appear they have a penchant for selecting Americans who delight in bashing and apologizing for this nation – Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and now Barak Obama. This is a deliberate slap in the face of those who truly cherish this country. Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa must be spinning in their graves to find themselves in the company of such mediocrity.

Posted by carol | Report as abusive

To the person who said the reason Obama won it is because of Bush and him loving war…I’d like to point out that Obama still has many troops in Afghanistan right now, and he’s possibly going to send 40,000 more. I’d like to say that although he wants to close down Guantanamo Bay, no progress has been made because America refuses to accept the prisoners and wants to cast them away to other countries. How can a person currently involved in a WAR win the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE? This is certainly screwed up.

Posted by Emma | Report as abusive

Two points. First, it is my understanding that the voting for the peace prize takes place early in the year. If that is true, then obama had just taken office and had not had time to accomplish anything. What then could be the basis for awarding him the prize?

Second, this award to obama follows numerous other silly naming of people like arafat, carter and gore for this “honor”. The Nobel Peace Prize lost its meaning a long time ago.

Posted by nolie | Report as abusive

The only thing positive that he has done is collect the back taxes owed by who he put into his cabinet. Other than that, he’s accomplished nothing except to authorize the doubling of the national debt.

Posted by Greg Dunlap | Report as abusive

I supported Obama for president.

I was ecstatic when he was elected.

I keep hoping he will deliver on some of the expectations he created.

I keep wondering why it seems so little has changed since the Bush administration.

I can’t understand giving the award to someone just for his renewal of some basic good manners around international diplomacy. I think the award winner should be someone with tangible results, and I hope he earns this award retroactively by accomplishing some of the things he has promised us (America) and the world

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

What’s next ….turning water into wine or satisfying the hungry with a some fish and bread?

Posted by Gare | Report as abusive

Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize may seem like an honour beyond the achievements of the person, but it is an affirmation of the hopes and dreams of the West for peace and understanding to make a comeback to global politics after centuries of internecine strife. In that sense I support the decision, which surely says to the world that we need men and women willing to break the cycle of recrimination, re-recrimination and so on.

So, from the antipodes, all the best to the one American president in my lifetime who appears to genuinely want to depart from remembering forever what once was, and who may be looking forward to a genuinely better future for all of us. There aren’t too many individuals who get that chance in the US. And there are certainly none outside that country.

Peter Strempel

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

Obama had not been President for a full two weeks when the nominations for Nobel Peace Prize were closed. If, as some have suggested because, Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for being the 1st black US president, I cannot think of anything more profoundly and overtly racist.

Posted by Texas Voter | Report as abusive

Puzzled, you bet. I woke up this morning thinking I was in Bizarro World. Like the old lady in the article I thought I missed something. Apparently today it is intentions which are important, not actual achievement.

Posted by Tim Watson | Report as abusive

This is a SAD SAD Day we are living in this Obamanation here called the United States…soon the name will change to USS of A (United Socialist States of America).

Well Well, the people of this world and country have been warped again by the far left media. Haha…good job, give him a prize and he will be our saviour foreeeevvveer!!! Jimmy Carter got one too, so that explains home much that prize is worth don’t it, eh?

Yes yes, so many people in this World of ours and the single most person that DOES NOT deserve it, gets it. This explains what is wrong with our world these days, yes it does. Our Obamanation has not done anything besides getting us into more debt debt debt and trouble.

What did the old G.I. Joe comic book Cobra Commander use to say about things…”We’ve all been suckered, sssszzzz”.

Your all under mind & media control!

Yes, he received the prize, but the question is, does he really deserve this Nobel Peace Prize? Obama himself, quote unquote said “I don’t deserve this” and I would have to agree with the man.

He’s sinking in the polls anyway, so he’ll be a four term president. They have to uplift his mojo somehow, and what better way to do it but with the nobel prize, sadly.

How can anyone anoint him anything, a god, a prize, with such short of a term and much too much to do and 3.3 years to go!? He hasn’t even made it through his first year for cryin’ out LOUD!? Just goes to show how the Liberal Media in our United Socialist States (USSA) has mind control over the populace, and knows exactly when and where AND HOW to control your mind….ZAP! So you’re Zombied out on Obama…zap zap, ahhhh, Yay! he won duh prize, yay! That prize won’t do a bit of good unless Iran detracts its nuclear arsenal.

As far as GW, he didn’t get us into a 9 Trillion dollar debt within one year of his presidency like Obamanation is doing. Obama has spent (is spending) more than our first pres George Washington through GW “combined!”…so YOU have gotta be kidding me, haha. Healthcare will break that number into the clouds and outer space too!

Besides, I’m not for Bush or Obama…you should read up on the Constitution Party someday…I was more so for Busch and McCain, and at lest they knew how to stand up to bullies like Saddam and Bin Laden, unlike Obama.

Nobel Prize…HA! He hasn’t done anything yet, even Jimmy Carter got one and you see how great he became, LOL!

Posted by Constitution Party | Report as abusive

I think Mr. Obama has accomplished a great deal since January. We’re now 1.4T in debt; we have exciting new “green” legislation in Cap and Trade that will raise the average American’s energy bill by over $3000/yr; we’re about to have government run healthcare, that the Congress has NO constitutional authority to regulate, that means I’ll be paying for the illegals and lazy; we have over 30 unconstitutional, unelected czars making public policy; we’ve given the IMF and Fed unbelievable control over US monetary policy; we’re cozier now with the UN than we’ve ever been, which means we’re more likely to be subjugated to the whims of other nations that care nothing about the US and American interests; we have a “President” that bows to foreign kings; we have government run private auto and insurance industries by all the bailout money; we have a civilian defense force instead of more police officers to keep us safe to look forward to, kinda like the brownshirts were in Germany during WWII; and we have the “President’s” party contemplating a second stimulus. See, we shouldn’t be critical of Mr. Obama – he has accomplished a great deal since he took office.

Posted by Ernie Davidson | Report as abusive

Further proof, if any were needed, that the Nobel Prize is an irrelevant joke, a tool of propaganda to further left-wing, anti-American interests. A man of integrity in Mr. Obama’s position would decline it.

Posted by Grammateus | Report as abusive

With the holidays right around the corner isn’t now a great time to start thinking about what to give those special people in your life? Well, have we got the answer for you!

The No-Bull Peace Prize!

That’s right, these days it doesn’t really matter what you have done to win a shiny, new Peace Prize, as long as your aspirations sound well-intentioned. Perfect for friends, family…. well…pretty much anyone who has a pulse and has ever thought of doing something nice for someone.

Sign up as a fan today and you will be added to the waiting list for our next truckload of medals arriving direct from Oslo!

*This is real (well not the “direct from Oslo” part) – although we ARE poking fun at the recent decision to choose a certain US President for the award, and we do believe this would make a funny gag gift, purchasing this medal will also serve a positive purpose – 50% of any profits will be donated to the real proponents of peace in the world – the US Military personnel.

Visit: php?gid=166200811788

Posted by Jody | Report as abusive

NEWS FLASH: George W. Bush upset today because he never won the Nobel War Prize.

Posted by J. Gibson | Report as abusive

The Nobel Committee should realize that by awarding an undeserved award it DOES NOT ELEVATE the status of the winner, but in contrast IT LOWERS the prestige of the award itself.

After this debacle, I can never look at the Nobel Prizes in the same honor and specialness that I did before.

Posted by Don Turner | Report as abusive

maybe he will use the cash to help his step brother move out of the hut

Posted by dusty | Report as abusive

Undoubtedly Obama is a breath of fresh air compared to Bush and his lap dog Blair.

However, whilst the motives of the committee may be well intended, this award is premature and makes a mockery out of the Nobel peace prize, and not for the first time.

1994 Shimon Peres, Foreign Minister of Israel.
1994 Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister of Israel.
1978 Menachim Begin, Prime Minister of Israel.
1973 Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State, State Department, Washington.
1973 Le Duc Tho, Democratic Republic of Viet Nam. (Declined the prize.)

Only time will tell whether Obama is deserving of any awards.

Peter Franzen

Posted by peter franzen | Report as abusive

A heck of a lot of Norwegians (roughly 70% in a quick poll I saw at a major newspaper) are as puzzled, incredulous, and shocked as the rest of you and are opposed to awarding the prize to Mr. Obama for all manner of different reasons both good and bad. In addition many of us are ashamed of the choice made by the Nobel Peace Prize Committee as it’s nothing but politically corrupted sycophancy (as on many earlier occasions). The Prize has lost all its value over the past decades and should simply be ignored. So yes please ignore the prize as it’s not worthy of any attention and is being decided and awarded by some of the biggest fools in our country many of whom could be considered enemies of freedom. Many Norwegians feel ashamed to be Norwegians today, I am one of them.

Posted by En nordmann blant mange | Report as abusive

I don’t think Obama should have been awarded the nobel peace prize. Dozens of innocent civilians, including mothers and children, are still being killed due the senseless American war in Afganistan. It’s just like the Bush policy to invade and occupy Irag. Both wars were designed to subjugate and bully little struggling countries into giving up their resources to the rich. He is also a war-starved president. Not deserved.

Posted by julia jaipaul | Report as abusive

FBO (the BO is for Barack Obama) …

Posted by Ernie Davidson | Report as abusive

This is a real joke! What has this man done in all of his life to deserve anything? Anyway, if Kissinger, the war and peace criminal had won this same prize before him, then what do we have to complain about? This is a a prize reserved to War and Peace Criminals, and they call it The Noble Proze. There is nothing noble about sending pilotless drones to kill people partciating in weddings from miles in the sky!! There is nothing noble anout anything this man has ever done!!

Screw the world!

Posted by Mydream Ashtray | Report as abusive

Yet another example of how Europeans have become a silly people.

Posted by Daniel | Report as abusive

Something is rotten in the state of Norway…

It’s becoming clear that the feeble minded members of the Nobel Peace Prize committee who voted for this ill conceived decision didn’t help the cause of peace or human rights, and managed to tarnish the image of the Nobel Peace Prize process.
So far it seems they even managed to splash Obama with ridicule, which apparently he doesn’t deserve.

Norwegians should hold them accountable for this mess, and hopefully by doing so they’ll repair some of the damage done.

Posted by Psss | Report as abusive

In related news, Obama was just announced as the 2009 AL MVP. He beat out Joe Mauer and Mark Teixeira, two guys who actually played this season and have tangible accomplishments to show for their efforts. The DNC released a statement saying that anyone who disagrees with Obama’s MVP selection hates baseball and, therefore, hates America, and should drop dead immediately. Obama is also the early favorite to win the 2009 NL MVP, which would make him the first person in history to win both awards in the same season. Said the President upon hearing the news: ‘Whoa! What about the Cy Young?’

Posted by Max | Report as abusive

It looks like the Nobel Peace Prize has become a popularity prize not a prize based on achievement.

Posted by Anonymous | Report as abusive

My 12 year old should get the Nobel Peace Prixe.

Obama is a joke. He is driving the United States of America into the ground.

In the next three months, when he has successfully dismantled all of our defenses, the terrorists will explode a nuclear weapon in a major U.S. city. Watch and see…sad but true.

Posted by Jack | Report as abusive

Let’s see how ‘humble’ Obama really is. Suggest he gives the Peace Prize back, or to somebody who deserves it.

Posted by Katherine | Report as abusive

I am so disappointed in america, how unamerican we are acting, and how hateful we are. Our President is our President. Other Countries applaud…we turn our noses. I have 2 degrees. We are childishly picking on every action of our President. My eleven year old followed his campaign and so did the janitor at my office who listened to a rap song about OBama last week as he mopped the floor in the lobby. I drove through a neighborhood that i normally would lock my door in and a young african american man handed me an Obama pamplet on health care while wearing an Obama T-shirt. I pulled over and talked to him and he explained “…I never cared before. Now i am excited to step up and do something for my family”. If in your heart you dislike him for the half of him that is Black…please attempt to listen to the half that is white and recognize that he has called so many people to action and be passionate no matter what side of the fence you are on.

Posted by so sad | Report as abusive

You know how a box of Cracker Jacks use to have a legitimate and neat prize inside!? Well, have you had a box of Cracker Jacks lately and have you seen the prize you get…yes, you get The Nobel Peace Prize, YAY!

The Nobel Peace Prize went from something spectacular to something of a shame really, once they started handing it out like cheap candy at a holiday parade, just throwing out to the kids like candy, well, Obama just so happened to catch a piece of that candy. LMAO!

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The irony in this discussion is that the U.S. is currently involved in two wars that were initiated, not because of what other countries actually DID, but because of the POTENTIAL that they MIGHT do something (!).

Somehow critics of Obama’s award feel that it is legitimate to wage war based upon the idea that potential, not activity, is a valid threat, yet these same persons hold that creating the grounds for peace does not constitute “real” action.

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What more Europeans can ask from U.S. president. He has bent over backwards to appease Europe (at the cost of US), has put personal likeability ahead of interest of the U.S.A and has taken this (please read NOT “his”) country on the path of failed economies of socialist bankrupts. It reflects more badly on Noble committee as it does not even pretend to have any sense of rationality.

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Did he get it for being able “to breathe on his own?” Disgusting. He is only a “make believe”. eddie from Port Orange,Florida.

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Of course he is not deserving of this award. I would recommend we rename the award the Goebbels award in honor of another great communicator that espoused peace.

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This is a rhetorical question, right?

No one outside of a mental asylum can possibly argue this is deserving.

It’s made even worse by the fact that nominations occur much earlier in the year. Who is God’s name nominated him, and for what exactly?

Not only is he utterly undeserving to win, he’s utterly undeserving to have even been nominated!

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Top ten reasons for President Obama to win The Nobel Peace Prize:

10. Searching for a way to slow nuclear proliferation in Asia.

9. Working with the rest of the world to address Global Warming.

8. Deploying a first rate Secretary of State.

7. Trying to restart the failed Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

6. Starting the stand down in Iraq.

5. Clamping down, to a degree, on the unconstitutional wire-tapping of the American public of the Bush administration.

4. Shutting down the CIA’s international rendition-torture-prison program.

3. Attempting to close Guantanamo Bay which is stain upon the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

2. Upholding the sanctions against torture in our various codes of conduct.

1. Showing unbelievable forbearance and tolerance and adherence to the American principles of freedom of speech and assembly in not lashing out at the American right wing and smashing them into dust with all the powers an American president can bring to bear against treason in a time of war!

Bravo, Mr. President!

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The problem is not only the 2 ongoing wars but also the up-coming ones: Or how can a Nobel Peace Price Winner declare the war on Iran when all sanctions and diplomacy fail? – Well, there is still time until Dec, 10th

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Obama deserves a place on Mt. Rushmore. Past presidents have encouraged nuclear reductions, but none have inspired more than our dear leader O’Barely Obama.
This is a great day for “world piece.” Americans of all colors should be encouraged by these superior ultra white euro-liberal elitists and their goal for advancement of their definition of what piece of peace we unenlightened ones have left on our plates. We stand ready whenever Norway/Sweeden or Denmark gets threatened by unfriendly elements. Thank you for the award and tax obligations due the IRS. Just send us more body bags for our guys and gals walking the line and keeping your jets fueled so that you can take your “Five Star” Thailand vacations in peace.

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Obama won the prize for being elected the first black President. He was sworn into office in late January. Nobel nominations ended in early February. Therefore, everything he has done in office happened after nominations ended.

I hope he can live up to the honor of the award in the same way I hope he lives up to the honor of being elected President.

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This current decision by the Nobel selection committee indicates two things:

Their standards have been significantly lowered and

they obviously had a hard time finding an appropriate candidate for the Peace Prize.

Clearly Obama has done nothing in the world to deserve such a price, but neither have any of the other so-called world leaders. I can name a dozen people who would have deserved this honor but because they are not considered world-leaders, they would not stand a chance in what appears to be a political decision, not based on merit or actions.

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What are you doing to help with the state of our economy? Just like I thought noting but complaining this country has been directed by the white man and badly I might add. So let’s start at the beginning and work your way down…now what??? Again, nothing…

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It is sad, there is and will be no change in US actions and policy, only words and faces have changed. And this is enough to win the “Nobel Peace Prize”!

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He won because he’s a celebrity. Nobel Peace Prize is now officially a gimmick. Next year it’ll go to Twitter.

Had Obama actually accomplished one of his wishful promises he made to this country, then yeah sure give it to him, but HE HASN’T!! And most likely, he won’t. What you actually believed all that CHANGE sales pitch?

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I feel sorry for what the Nobel prize represents now. Actually I don’t think I know what it represents – sure it is not of any reasonable meaning for me. Obama did not do much to deserve any prize whatsoever, let alone a peace prize, let alone The peace prize. It was an idiotic statement and helped derogate the entire Nobel prize idea.

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I’m sitting here trying very hard to figure out what he was given the away for and failing miserably. Was it because he not George W. Bush?

Last real peace prize went to Mother Theresa in 1979 and heaven knows he’s no Mother Theresa.

Am I going to wake up tomorrow and they’ll be saying it was a bad joke. Remember the woman who was second to Al Gore? Sort of like that. A prize for a slide show and Obama doesn’t know how to make a slide show, just read from a teleprompter.

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Sure the worlds left want to reward Obama for all his efforts to sell out American. They are gunning for a One World Government and the G20 meeting just days ago was to this end. They believe that the only way to get the USA to agree to a one world currency is make us believe we are broke and have no choice. The cost of healthcare reform may just do that; the last straw that breaks the bank. To believe that a One World Government is going to bring peace to the whole world and solve all the conflicts is just reaching for the stars. But this is what they believe Obama is achiving! This is why they believe he has earned this nobel prize! Yea the left may have peace in their hearts hoping their goal is within reach. But we all know when one government controls one money system they control the lot of us. They want us to exchange our freedom for their promose of finacial rescue. No one in their right mind would think American will just allow a take over like that. No you have to disarm us first and you watch and see this will be the next bill. Yea they will see the power when we vote in 2010 & 2012. Nope we are not going to roll over and give up. We know better!

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as others have said, this does nothing for the credibility of the award. to be nominated after less than 2 weeks in office and

1) currently running two wars while talking of sending 1000’s more troops…..
2) in charge of the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons on the planet, talking about stopping the rest of the worlds nuclear ambitions but little / none of decreasing his own….
3)lack of any results in shutting down GITMO

this has to be a joke ????

he may have been a candidate in the future, after actually accomplishing something…….

this is all just part of the media hype based around this president and an embarrassment, the worlds should be disgusted.

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It is total proof that the Nobel committee is nothing more than a cabal of euro-trash elitists. This apostate fraud obama runs around the planet bad mouthing his own country and gets a trophy from his fellow anti-American leftists.

Perhaps it was figured that this award would help prop up his failing presidency. Instead, in company with other miscreants such as terrorist Yassir Arafat, the Nobel prize is an big a joke as barrack obama.

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Only if we live in a “1984” kind of world!

The man is running two wars of aggresion and two military (naked force) occupations.

How does that earn him the Nobel Peace Prize?

The Nobel Peace Prize has become the most cynical joke ever.

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The legitimacy of the Nobel Peace Prize is a joke. Yasser Arafat; a man of peace? There is no way Nobel is legitimate. They understand Chicago politics, and they want something in return from our president.

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Based on the explanation – where was FW De Klerk’s Noble Prize? He began dismantling apartheid, he otally destroyed South Africa’s nuclear arsenal and their entire capability to produce enriched weapons grade nuclear materials essentially eviscerating the programme. South Africa is the only country to ever have nuclear weapons and destroy them and the capability to produce them. Based on ACTUAL accomplishments and not rhetoric where is his?
Obama doesn’t deserve an award based on potential merit.

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Since Jimma Carter won and now President B O won it, I call the award “The Dumbell Apease Prize”

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What a disgrace to the human race this bozo has done nothing but screw everything up, and now has deemed the most prestigous awards worthless. obama you are a great great, Great, disgrace to this country I don’t even believe you love your country, you should not have accepted it but then again it was given to you by your left wing wingnuts. But I will say this you are on the path of the Jimmy Carter administration. As Johnny Cochran would say ” Thats an Outrage”

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Who better to win a Nobel Peace Prize than the man who has brought nations to work together with hope of achieving world peace? I’m proud of our President. How sad that the RNC would stoop to their petty snipping at something so worthy of praise.

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This demeans the previous winners awards. Unfortunately, the State dept. has been loblying for this vigourously since early spring. Maybe the award has reached it,s ultimate irrevalence. Surely one needs to re-look at the committee who oversees this decision. They are retired Norwegian policial hacks looking for a second career in New York in the UN.

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Are there real Americans who would buy into this kind of political BS?

No matter what side of the coin your on, the Nobel prize is a joke and lost it’s teeth.

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Bob Malone is not alone grieving for our country. I, too, am very disturbed by the lack of informed citizens. The Committee & the rest of the world get it. What part of “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” do some Americans not understand?

I firmly believe that our news media are at fault for not reporting those “extraordinary efforts” that President Obama has made. America’s news media has lost its focus on what is news & what is hyperbolic entertainment. In the process, the American press is failing its obligation to the American people under the First Amendment. Thus most of our citizens are simply ignorant of he has done & is doing that is so important to peace in the world.

An example of ignorance is the post about Pres. Reagan “was a central figure in bringing down the Berlin Wall and ending communist domination over Eastern Europe.” Pres. Reagan had nothing to do with the internal bloodless revolution by the people of Russia, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Estonia & the other Baltic States who brought down the entire Iron Curtain, including the Berlin Wall.

These same citizens were thrilled by the “shock & awe” of massive military armaments on display in 2003. How can people be so proud when waging war, but not finding peaceful means as resolution.

Many people obviously do get it, like these posters:

Bob Malone: “I grieve for this country. Their President is honored by the international community for his ability to communicate with other nations around the world and certain people deride not only the Committee but the man.”

NobleKin: “Hope for peace was elected by America’s people, this award is their reward.”

Chris: “I am still astounded by the utter ignorance of 50% of my fellow Americans. If he has not done anything, then why do you blame him for everything?”

Adam Ayers: “Reducing the causes and grounds for conflict is the first and perhaps most taxing step toward resolving conflict itself. In this regard, the Nobel Committee has recognized Obama for achievements already accomplished.”

Ray: “I wish to congratulate the president for this well deserved honor. I also like the fact that the republicans are today going into a fit and wondering, dang! He won again!!”

Janet Dewan: “Anyone who travels internationally knows that since President Obama’s election the attitude of the rest of the world toward Americans has changed. That change in attitude may be more significant than any one peace treaty.”

Naveen: “Don’t you people see he’s really different from some of his predecessors who did their best to portray US as a war mongering, mean capitalist, egomaniac country. He is showing the better side of the most powerful nation on this planet with respect and appreciation for others.”

Ben: “Most of you missed the point. It’s the hopes and visions he is awarded for, not what has he done for us lately.”

Judithky: “President Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. I will wager that the majority of Americans are proud of this moment in history. I am happy that our President is seen as a representative for peace in the world. I ask all of you naysayers where is your patriotism? This is a proud moment for our country.”

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Obama deserves the Nobel if for no other reason than to encourage him to continue working for World Peace. He has succeeded at halting the provocative missile defense system Bush had planned to site in Central Europe and at launching a no-nonsense approach to peace between Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East.

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moms hugs…You talk of achievments but fail to name any…intersting. Love talking point without facts. It really strengthens an argument.

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To those who question what Obama has accomplished…

Not only should Obama have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, he should also be compared to the likes of Beowulf in the award ceremony.

Think about it…

He was facing down the party of Swiftboaters and people who continued to believe the Iraq War was justified; even if we were duped and even if it cost 5,000 soldiers and nearly a trillion dollars to execute.

He was facing down the party that felt George Bush’s gut instincts were good enough to determine war policy and events like the handling of Katrina; and a gut that was so keen as to find that elements of the Constitution were too er, um, Constitutional (so as to counter the restrictions on wiretapping and other domestic surveillance).

He was facing down the party that does not want to pay taxes, but wants the biggest-baddest military on the planet, solid national infrastructure, corporate welfare/handouts, and enormous tax breaks for everyone richer than them (so as to reap the trickle down effects that were resoundingly proven false after the Reagan/Bush era two decades earlier).

He overcame Joe-the-plumber supporters who were as dumb as Joe-the-plumber.

He overcame the ‘drill-baby-drillers’ who felt Sarah Palin actually had leadership skills, and solid foreign & domestic policy experience. (Just ask any Alaskan!)

And He overcame the FEAR and HATE campaign slogans of a party driven by an insane base of Taliban-like evangelicals who still feel George W. was made President as a part of God’s divine plan, and who still want to see the world to end in fire so they can claim it was God’s plan in the end (nucular, I mean ‘nuclear’ war counts)…Sarah Palin included.

So of course Obama was going to get the Nobel Peace Prize…to have defeated such evil in the world takes superhuman courage, exceptional talent and world class leadership…

Go Obamawulf!
Nobel Prize Lareate!!!

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Yes of course the President deserves the nobel peace prize as he tries to end wars rather than pushing for wars like Bush and Cheney did, who misled the american people by making up stories which allowed them to wage their wars. There is no controversy like Lou Dobbs states tonight. But you will see that many conservative media and CNN will immediately make stupid statements like Did he deserve it etc, That is because they do not understand how much damage Bush and Cheney have done internationally by lying to people to get into wars, promoting torture and only fighting if there would be interests in oil etc. Obama has given America respect again that Americans are reasonable people and who will be able to communicate with their enemies first before starting wars. If you are not for me you are against me which has been America’s message to the world for 8 years. Now that message has finally stopped by the first American Black President, who is intelligent and proofs to be able to communicate in the world which was lost during does 8 years. Yes he deserves that peace prize and we should be happy about it and respect that. But the media today and many politicians do not want to understand that as they are making news and do not do their job which should be reporting and not commenting. If positive things happen in our country that is good news. It is time for the media to change!!

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He was nominated for the prize 9 days after he became president… I would like to know what he accomplished in those 9 days.

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Of course he doesn’t “deserve” the prize, he hasn’t done anything to warrant it. Any of the other nominees is more deserving as they have actually done something concrete and in some cases, life threatening.

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Of course no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My wife should have received the award. After all, she has the best of intentions for us as a family and for our neighborhood. Isn’t that enough?

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If Obama was serious enough he would have refused the prize claiming that he still didn’t 98% of what he is planning.
He would say that he is still too young and maybe one day he would deserve the Nobel Prize.
Anyway, congratulations Mr. President!

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Who care? This is a joke, the nobel prize seems to turned into a circus, giving this once noble prize to a clown, norway have less than 5 million people, Hong Kong as a city have more than that. I guess they just want to be a news hound all causes!

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He shold have never been given this award especially when some of the names on the list of candidates have spent a lifetime working for peace and and fostering international relationships. What a slap in the face to these people. One of the names I recognized is the author of “Three Cups of Tea” who has spent a career trying to get girls educated in Afghanistan and Pakistan
and risking his own life to do so. He, as well as the others being considered are so much more deserving than who they picked.

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This is totally astounding. Imagination begs the logic of Mr. Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Deadline for the Noble Committee shortlisting the nominees is 1st February, that is, just two weeks after Mr. Obama took the office. And also Mr. Obama has just done nothing worth recognizable even as peace attempt. On the one hand neither is he ever willing to shed his nuclear arsenal nor the American psyche to militarily win everything available on the face of this planet. He’s is definitely not making any effort to solve Afghanistan problem. Not only he’s exacerbating the international security scene he should also be seen as nothing different from any other American Prezs. Only thing America wants is the control over the oil and installation of its stooge in every region. That’s all it wants. In all these years we have never ever heard of American forces taking control over any strategic position in Taliban controlled areas. All we hear is about attacks from Talibans on the American troops. All America does is attack civilians. America is only defending itself from the attacks. What is the logic of invading and then defending oneself in a foreign country? America is the new Imperial! We all have to take a note of it!

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We’re still in Iraq
Sending more troops to Afghanistan
Gitmo is still running
Our WMD arsinal is the largeist in the world.
Kids are being beat to death on the streets of Obamas old community organizing stomping ground
We declared war on the Moon
They should have waited untin 2012 when the election is drawing closer.

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Does anyone think that maybe he’s trying as hard as he can to do his job the best he can?
Do you work as hard as he at your job?

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Ok, he won it. However, he didn’t really DO anything yet. I’m sure there are plenty of other people who deserve it more than he does and who could really use that money.

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i cant believe obama got the nobel peace rize. what did he do? because hes a celebrity? because hes black maybe? our first black president? ghandi didnt even recieve a nobel peace prize. there is a congressman who has developed over 1300 new school in iraq whre old schools have been bombed.he didnt recieve one…why was he denied one? i think he deserves one more than obama…. this peace prise is a GIMMICK!

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The Nobel Peace Price has long been a joke with no meaning whatever. I, like most thoughtful people, have no respect for it whatever. It began its descent when Yassir Arafat, a bloody minded and bloody handed terrorist, received it and subsequent recipients like Al Gore have further diminished its luster. These days, it is nothing but political nonsense, and no further proof of that is needed than to have awarded it to Barack Obama.

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Yes he deserves it. He is the best President in my lifetime and his move to stop and reverse nuclear proliferation earns him this award. Of course we will hear a lot o noise from the right, but it’s just their usual “no” noise.

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Perhaps this would have been a good year not to award the prize. It has been done plenty of times before. A much better choice than diminishing the importance of the prize.

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Obama does not in any way deserve the prize. Great men who changed the world recieved this in the past (Kennedy and Woodrow Wilson, for example). I do not think anybody should be awarded for things they say they will do or be awarded even for things they will ‘for certain’ do. Nothing should be awarded for possible futures because the future is never certain.

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The Nobel Peace prize seems to have been highjacked by a cynical gang.
The world deserves better, especially all those brave people who get murdered, tortured, imprisoned and exiled because they actually do something to promote peace and human rights.

What a shameful decision. I’d call it ridiculous, but there’s nothing funny about it – It’s simply sad and stupid.

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Who nominated him is the biggest MYSTERY of all time?

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guy! return it to morgan tsvangirai period!

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Well, maybe one of the many people who actually did something.

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I couldn’t believe it when I read the news. This is beyond preposterous. I agree with whoever wrote that the Nobel foundation just made a huge joke out of themselves. I suppose they gave him the award because he is moving America towards Nordic-style socialism? What’s actually highly unfortunate is that there are people in the world who actually deserve the prize, who did things to bring about real peace, and they have been deprived of their chances. What a shame on the Nobel foundation!

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I am not saying that he obviously deserves it. But in these troubled economic times we, as Americans, could use the prize money.

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I have come to the conclusion that the Nobel Peace Prize is nothing any longer. It stands for nothing. When Obama can win it for doing nothing, and Ghandi who was nominated many times for his efforts on peace be denied. People have lost the meaning of the Peace Prize. Obama is sending more troops to escalate a war. Where are your heads? Never mind. It’s obvious where they are.

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I can’t believe he received this prize. He has done NOTHING to deserve it. Why was he nominated? He may be a swell guy and time will tell whether he will accomplish much as president. If he had any class at all, he would have refused it. It is a slap in the face to groups and individuals who have spent their entire lives working for the good of humanity.

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Same Nobel Peace Prize weirdos making the decisions, eh? No way on God’s earth should Obama get this award…..but then, it’s been that ridiculous as long as I can remember. Purely political!

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Perfect fit with Obama and Soros’ plan to control the world. Set a puppet (O) up, pull his strings and those of the other puppets, then “make” things happen–accolades that any sane person can see through–and wait for the world to call for a one world government and a single leader. It’s so evident.

Posted by Dinosaur | Report as abusive

the fact of the mater is that he managed to become president of the mightiest country in the world on a platform of engagement and diplomacy rather then “panic & bomb” like Bush. He HAS vastly improved our standing in the world simply by being willing to engage in conversation with other nations. He creates the possiblity of peace by his stance and the world is relieved after 8 years of ignorant fear mongering….just enjoy having the world compliment our election rather then laugh at us as they did the last 8 years…..

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You have got to be joking,This guy was President for 11 days and had never ever done a single thing when considered for the Noble Peace prize. This just displays the lack of Moral fiber required to be a candidate for the prize Oh yeah then again they did give it to Jimmy Carter and what a great President he was.This just shows how disgusting and Political the issue of receiving a Noble Peace Prize has become.People in America better be concerned with the burden of higher taxes about to placed on their children,grand children and greatgrand children,somene has to pay for these programs about to forced down our throats. Wake Up Folks.

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They are laughing are at us right now.

This is a mockery of humanity.

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Our former president started 2 wars in a 4 yr period so they rushed Barak Obama a peace prize for just not starting another war in his 1st yr in office. They obviously
felt that he came in peace instead of invading countries and killing houndreds of thousands of people and wasting trillions of dollars looking for weapons of mass destruction that dint even exist.

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Fellow Bloggers: Excuse me- but is this the first time you have witnessed someone receiving something they did not work for? Instead of whining, I beg you to channel your sense of injustice into making things right for someone that can really benefit from your passion and sense of fair play.

As for the President specifically- Barrack Obama has something that my grandmother used to refer to as “Favor”. Be honest, we’ve all known someone with Favor. Its a rare and prized gift that some have used for good and some for for ill. Let’s inspire this man to use his Favor for good instead of saying mean and hurtful things to take it away.

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Nobel Committee… are you reading this? You should be ashamed. You are corrupt failures for what you’ve been entrusted with. “…given its people hope for a better future….” – excuse me? The ONLY people in the US that support him are a few hundred politicians. “Its people” are on every single blog and radio show complaining that he’s giving our country away to the rest of the world… of course other countries love him, he’s giving you our wealth!

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I say this as a person who continues to support President Barack Obama: Has he earned the Nobel Peace Prize .. NO! Does he deserve it .. NOT YET! As an American, I am VERY CONCERNED that this award seeks to PREMPT his military options in defending our country in Afghanistan and elsewhere. This is a naked BRIBE.

Furthermore, I STRONGLY disagree with the notion that only “peace activists” preserve and protect lives and promote peace, but not those who engage in war to confront aggression. To my mind, Abraham Lincoln, and later Roosevelt & Churchill deserved the Peace Prize more than most who have been awarded it; yet among their greatest accomplishments was the defence of innocents through confronting aggressors MILITARILY!

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A brilliant choice. By openly offering options for peace to Iran, President Obama has forced Iran to reveal itself to the world as being full of hate and a danger to everyone else on the planet. So the world’s attention has shifted correctly. At the same time, the President has rebalanced the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, refocusing the intentions and might of the US military. Comments about notches on the foreign-policy belt miss the point. In only 11 months Barack Obama has opened the nation’s leadership to view, revealed formerly secret information even when it hurts, clarified the national focus, developed nuanced but strong policies in cooperation with other nations, and reached the hearts of people who distrust us. Together these actions go a long way toward setting the whole world on a collaborative world path toward peace. No one else has transfigured the international options and mood so quickly and so well. Bravo!

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President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to reduce nuclear arms, ease tensions with the non-Western world and stress diplomacy. Americans should be proud that we have a president who is restoring respect for our country around the globe. This well-deserved prize is an inspiration for the president and for rest of us to do some really hard thinking about how we create a more peaceful and just world – including our role in Afghanistan.

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I still cannot understand Obama’s politics. If we go by those he has hired as Czars, we should be very concerned about the future of the country.

Everytime a tyrant, dictator, communist or socialist praises Obama, I shudder. Now the Nobel committee risks their credibility to apparently push the Obama agenda. What else could this Nobel stuff be about? Why am I not applauding?

In addition to losing my job recently, am I also in danger of losing my country? I just do not like the way the USA is being played by foreign interests. I am not optimistic about the future. I think it is time to reclaim this country before it slips totally away.

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The Noble Comittee has once again displayed its anti-American bias. To award the Peace Prize to someone that had occupied the office of President for eight days prior to the closing of nominations would be normally be laughable, however, when one recognizes that the 2002 winner Jimmy Carter has been bashing America since his failed bid for re-election and Obama has been running all over the place apologizing for America’s past, it all begins to make sense.
As Paul Krugman (Nobel Prize for Economics) is well aware; you only need to slam America as often as possible to please the Nobel commission. It did not award his prize based upon his economic track record, which is horrible.

Floyd McCutcheon
Long Beach, CA

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All I have to say is… getting angry that your own President won the Nobel Peace Prize is the scientific definition of insane. Be proud and stop being so negative!

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I was surprised to know that many commentators here are clouded by untruthful notions concerning people who were awarded Nobel before, also people will always talk what they are from inside..

I see Obama as the inspiring figure of my lifetime at least… his presidency to America came with a predominant feeling of victory and hope and with worldwide positive aura … his multilateral approach and excellent diplomacy to urge the world to unite and cooperate is something we missed for years in a world leader.. YES HE DESERVES THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.

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As the child of a Nobel Prize winner, I am both amazed and appalled that the Norwegian Nobel Committee selected Barack Obama to receive the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. Such an action shows clearly the corruption and cupidity that have now gripped this once-honorable institution.

Given that President Obama had been in office for approximately one month when the Committee selected its semi-finalist candidates, and given that so far he has served as President for about nine months, for what achievement has he received the prize? For a collection of fruitless meetings and promise-making speeches, perhaps? Will the United States Congress now come forward to award him the Medal of Honor?

The selection of Obama as a Nobel laureate is a dishonor to all prior laureates who actually merited receiving the Prize — some of them for work done more than fifty years prior to the award — as well as a slap in the face to all those eminent individuals who deserved but never received it.

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12 days into the new office and someone nominated him…..HMMMMMMMM…Who did that? He had done absolutely NOTHING in his 1st 12 days except party hardy….matter of fact, he is STILL partying hardy on our thin and diminishing dime! Nope! IF EVER A MAN NEVER DESERVED IT, it is Obama! We are all the worse for it as he is unable to understand he is a pawn….he is certainly NOT looking as a man of HONOR (who earned it).
{To clarify: Carter left our Americans over there in Iran-(Reagan got them out); and Arafat (NOT Sadat) was responsible for killing many Israelis AFTER getting his “Prize”. Those were 2 of the most glaring bogus blunders until this one. Explain how a person (who has done nothing in 12 days in office qualifies)….and don’t drink the kool-aid before you think.

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i have totally lost all respect for this honored prize

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Speaking as an American who is teaching in China, I have hated having to try to come up with some sort of answer when my Chinese students ask why President Obama thought he should go visit the Olympic Games Committee and then why he has now received the Nobel Peace Prize after doing nothing! I honestly don’t know what to say! If Obama had refused to accept the prize, he would have my respect and admiration. Now, I am so appalled at Obama’s arrogance I might just have to vote Republican in 2012.

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The fact that Obama ran and won the United States presidency spreading a messege of goodness ( Raplph Bunche) not just in the United States but the World. I f you dont understand this concept read more about Bunche and Martin Luther King. All of this which was seen unlikely in a atmosphere of hate and bias during the election and since. This is a Man who takes the high rode almost each and every time. But who is not a Whimp.( Vs the kind of shenagans other people do to punish thier adversaries historically)
I think its really sad that people are not rejoicing over this pic. It tells me more about anglophiles opinon.

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It is a complete mockery of the institution of Nobel that Obama win the prize for his “promises”

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was the front runner for the award..but now it wouldnt surprise me if anyone won it anymore..I have lost all respect for the Nobel Prize.

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I reserve my judgment because I don’t know who his competition was. There may been only weak competitors for this award ?
Nevertheless I think for Obama’s to win this award was a bit premature. Just because he may be inspiring or give hope is empty without concrete actions. If he would wind down the killings in Afghanistan and have opened a path to peace in the Middle East that would have been an achievement, yet to date he hasn’t done anything in action.
And action speaks louder than words.

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oslo gives the gift of laugher with the biggest joke this year – Americans have laughed all day and will continue for days on end. the obama joke will be a while living it down

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He is a great man! to JD: “…giving our country away to the rest of the world…” WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!! First of all he represents the interests of the USA, but doing that he bears in mind other counries’ interests. And this earns a lot of RESPECT to his personality! He is the first president in the world who cares about the peace in the world! And this is not just a sort of bla bla bla – he proves this with his deals!!!!

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Hey folks!!. . much has been said and written but do we really know the eligibility and qualifications for the award?.. NO. .I don’t think there is any pre-requisite in terms of a time frame as in what period actually the work has been done rather it is about the effects that it has shown in the various parts of the world and people living in them.. Who all were in the nominations list by the way???. .

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The last joke is on all of you who have not recognised this gift from God. Why do you always have to think of “past” reasons for a Nobel prize (wakey wakey Bush & Co have gone forever – hallellujah!) Why not listen to what Obama said… that he takes it not personally, but as a sign of contribution TOWARDS changing the world. If you know anything about energy, it is ALL HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. If you still believe you are only a solid block of bones and flesh, so be it – IGNORANCE IS BLISS !!!!

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Obama himself was doubtful. So that should at least make others sure or they are still unsure?

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In my opinion, I think it’s a bit too early. It can make or mar him.

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I think and feel that Mr. Barack Obama deserves the nobel peace price for his great vision and contribution towards recognizing humanity and its virtues.Its a miracle and only a messiah can bring the white and the black together as one race and family called America.I feel it could be abraham lincolns rebirth of obama.I truly respect him as a statesmen and world messiah transforming the world towards a future of peace and harmony.He is not egoistic..truly a humble man of great wisdom.There is honesty and sincerity in his speech during the presidential election.I may live in one corner of this world but I felt secured and protected of he being the president of the great america.

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The award should not given for hope but for results. Sadly I think he will never be able to deliver because of 9/11 and need to extract revenge on the people who committed this act on the American people. This will keep pulling him into war along with air strikes that result in the death of people who are innocent, it follows that he is a bad choice because people will die by Obama,s hand.

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What is it with you Americans ?
You vote a guy into office by a substantial majority, then you refuse to back him ?
Pres. Obama has at least got the world thinking about peace…which is a darn sight more than Pres. Bush ever did. Give the guy some credit.

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US is doing fabulous job in protecting human rights in middle east, Afganistan, Pakistan etc. By that measure The President deserved it and Nobel Prize committee has done a great job in recognising the potential early.

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I can’t believe some folks are actually upset he won after GW made us the laughing stock of the world? Would you rather that be the case? Geez!!

Call it the “He’s not GW and he’s back on the right track” award for all we should care. So be happy and not mad!!

Please, nearly every problem he currently faces comes from “you know who in the White House” not to mention the Wall Street thugs. They’re not alone either, deadbeats and speculators who decided they should walk away from their fiduciary mortgage obligation just because face value fell below what they paid over the short-term are at fault too. It’s not all Wall Street’s fault given most lie on their applications while the lenders looked the other way…

So a big “that’s one for President Obama and the USA” after the Olympic committee slapped all of us in the face.

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It’s a surprising but excellent choice. It recognizes that Obama does indeed represent both change and diplomacy. The wind it will put in Obama’s sails will help him with his agenda during difficult times, as he pursues a peaceful solution in the Middle East, nuclear disarmament, and other major objectives that will help create a more stable world.

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Obama hasn’t done anything but cause confusion. For that he should get a prize, but the Nobel? And why don’t YOU people quit bringing Bush’s name up and say what has he ever done. For heavens sake the Dems won….get a life and move on. But as for the Nobel….anyone else could have gotten it for what they have done, but Obama ?

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Here’s the 10 Top Reasons why Barack Obama is very deserving of his Nobel Peace Prize Award, gleaned from global news sources: s-barack-obama-has-a-nobel-peace-prize/

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That Americans cannot see why Obama is the perfect winner of this award at this moment in history, a moment defined by the change he has inspired all over the world, is testament to the ignorance most Americans have about the world around them. An ignorance not shared, most fortunately, by Obama himself.

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I cannot believe all you nay-sayers. Those of us who live in neighbouring countries only WISH we could have a leader who was worthy of a nomination, let alone a win. Be grateful for what you’ve got – a leader who is a visionary, willing to stand up and stick his neck out for what is good and right. You should be proud!

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In the United States we have a huge problem, and this problem undermines the political process. Americans dont know if the president is operating independently or if he is being manipulated by a very powerful private interest. This private interest may want a one world currency and to achieve this it must destroy any element that stands in its way. The problem is not just economics but the cause of bad economics. The Cause is who ever manages the money supply which is the Federal Reserve. Right now we have a system that has cause thousands of jobs, that is allowing people to loose their home and everything they have ever worked for. The Federal Reserve system is presently under scrutiny, and congressman want to audit its actions. No one institution should be allowed to manage money under secrecy. Yet President Barrack Obama chooses to give the Federal Reserve even more power, despite the fact that it was their policy that cause the recent recession, and the lost to so many. With this threat from private interest on our freedom and the freedom of people around the world, why bother to give the President any peace prize when he is, in fact, want to give the Federal Reserve even more sweeping powers.

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I am sure he has done enough killings and sabottaging other people.

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The prize is for those to take action to promote peace, and he certainly has done the work to do that. His words, policies, and actions are serving to reverse the anti-peace directions of the recent past. Please note that it’s ‘promote peace’, not accomplish peace, which is beyond a single person’s ability – that takes like individual, groups, countries on all sides. President Obama has brought the opportunities to the forefront in the best traditions of an international leader. If the world wants peace, the path is there, thanks to President Obama.

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President Obama deserves the Nobel Prize because of his approach to the world and this country. As a life long Republican, I do not offer this blog as a left wing twit, or is that Twitter? The award is fitting because we now have a president that is different, not racially, he is a human, and we need this ‘Human’ to do his job. Not complain about every little thing that he proposes. My point is that his Presidency is unique, and will be our President no longer than eight years. To all of the Political Centrists in this country, make the most of these eight years, because the next four will most likely be from the far left or worse, the far right.

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Brilliant, he deserves it, met up with a guy from Russia, the Russian people like what he did with the ant missile missiles, the Russian Govenrnment liked it and they do not seem to want to take any political gain out of this.

To the contrary, they probably helped Iran to get the inspectors of the UN in again, which, other then his trigger easy environmental vandal predecessor his movement seems to want to join again.

Lot of reasons already for this reward, Mr Obama, keep up the spirit!

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Yesterday I mentioned to a co-worker that Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize. He had not heard the news and his response was the same as mine when I first heard of it; “Why did they give it to him? He hasn’t done anything!” Not quite true: he’s made a number of speeches apologizing to the world for what we, as Americans have accomplished and aspired to achieve. If undermining our country and making it easier for our enemies to defeat us is worthy of the NPP, then he certainly deserves it.

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Obama certainely has chosen a different path that could lead to some peace in the world, but at this moment this prize seems a bit PREMATURE. It looks more like an encouragement for his intentions rather than a award for his achievements.

Someone rightly said that at this moment it looks more like “for not being Bush” rather than “for being Obama”. He is definitely in a better path than Bush. But in my opinion this was better if it would have been waited for few more years.

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The guys in Norway decide who gets it and set down rules and not any of you moaners and whingers, he got it for his exemplary vision for world peace and for being different from the warmongering and criminal Bush. I salute President Obama and if anything the pressure is on him to make sure that he comes through.

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Obama hasn’t done anything but talk. When was the last time we gave a Nobel Prize for a good scientific concept that hasn’t borne any fruit?

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Barack is not only speaking differently but he is acting differently from previous administrations. This is a worldwide endorsement of him, his energy and his efforts. Many people around the world are with you Barack, keep doing the right thing, God protect you from your enemies at home and abroad.

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For those not well informed about American events, please consider these:
1) President Obama retained the SAME defense secretary as that of President George Bush: Robert Gates. Gates is a war hawk and a chief architect of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Was Obama’s action sincerely for peace?
2) President Obama reduced troop levels in Iraq but INCREASED troop levels in Afghanistan. Was Obama’s sleight of hand sincerely for peace?
3) President Obama deceptively defends the Afghanistan war as being “essential” for U.S. security. He is the only Nobel Peace Price laureate, to my knowledge, to gets awarded while actively prosecuting a war.
We should set up a “Nobel Prize for STUPIDITY.” And we should award it to the committee which selected Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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He certainly does. It is hope, aspiration, spirit and outlook from a leader of a great nation that the rest of the world cherish first and foremost.The idea of co-operation,sharing and being humble is appreciated by most except the arrogant/ignorant few.

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for any movement its easier to gain speed, achieve milestones but difficult to change tracks.

obama has accomplished just that – he has changed the whole direction of thought; instead of confrontation, US now looks at cooperation, instead of war it looks for peace, instead of arrogance it can now boast of understanding, instead of despair it now offers hope, the world is more at comfort with its biggest superpower and deal with it.

stalwarts have spent their lifetimes in achieving the change of thoughts. but with obama it got accomplished in 9 months !!

he deserves more than just a noble peace prize.

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whether he deserves it or not is irrelevant. He won it. What he does with this honor will reveal his character to a greater degree. I pray the revelation is a joyous one.

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husnu mobarak was deserved the nobel peace prise….

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Clearly, this is a vote of confidence by the Nobel Committee that Obama is a smart as we all hope he is.

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I hear Obama hopes, someday, to direct a movie about himself. Best Picture?

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Some people just dont understand what has happened with this Prize being awarded to Obama.It is nothing but an attempt to persuade others that this is a great man.When in reality he is just another man .The differnce between this man and many others suggested for this nomination was what the others had acoomplished over the past year or years.This man was nominated and given this award based on what the committe hopes to achieve from his selection,not from his past achievments.This is another attempt to persuade America and the World to follow a man based on his word, not his previous accomplishments.He should not have been suggested for this award,He held the office of the President for a very brief period (11 days) before being considered.To most Americans this is insane.We want an American deserving of this prize to win but when it comes in such a political manner it makes us look like the laughing stock of the World.When our President travels the World distributing negative thoughts about America and an apology on every continent,we tend to feel disgust .If the Noble committe wants to gain any respect in the world give the prize to truly deserving good honorable people from all parts of the world.Persons who have dedicated their lives to helping others and making this world a better place for all.Not those who have suggested it.

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I am disappointed, I think George deserved it more than anybody else.
He worked so hard while 8 years in office to bring “peace” to Iraq and Afghanistan.

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No way. He deserves to be impeached.

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This reminds me of the “.com” companies of the 90’s with the “new paradigm” of establishing stock price bassed on potential rather than solid earnings.

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Obama is a great change from the days of manipulation, war and deceit, Bush was very good at these playing on peoples insecurities and low self esteem by starting unnecessary wars and destruction. Obama deserves this prize and those who dont like it can take a flying jump, the folks in Norway dont have to justify their decisions to anybody.

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Right wing Republicans are a bunch of whingers and loosers, very vile indeed.It says a lot about people who voted Bush into two terms of office.

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Barak Obama has invited us to shift our world from conflict to partnership. He is a visionary and a leader, not a magician. If we don’t support his invitation and his vision and do the work with him, we’re all in the soup. He was given the Nobel prise for his committed thoughtful passionate commitment to peace and a new world. Instead of mocking and sneering let’s use that energy to join him and each other and do the work.

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Yes he deserves the award, if you do some research, you would find that there are lesser deserving winners chosen by a means that only the judges understand, however, the President deserves the award because he has most of the world listening to his logic, and he has influenced many others. Our past Presidents were politicians that had to adhere to their party’s mandate, or exceptionally stupid. This is a learning period for this country’s citizens; we should take notes and learn, not put our heads in the sand and mumble about how any person other than our choice of elected official, is wrong and sinfully inept.
He deserves the award because he is a respected person the world over. The Republicans should take these years to regroup and choose a person to run in eight years that can win on his humanistic and intellectual merits instead of religious commitments.

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I could not resist, but will resist responding in kind. Yes, Mr. Obama kept some of the Bush technical people, for two reasons, first because they were experienced and knowledgeable, but to offer an olive branch to the Republicans. The House and Senate have many Republicans that he needs to work with. As an example of the difference between Bush and Obama, Mr. Bush gave a lot of money to the Financial Groups without stipulations on what it could be used for, that was a trillion dollars down the drain. Mr. Obama gave the same amount to the same groups and banks with stipulations as to how it could be used and some banks have paid the money back already.
I worked 28 years for the same company in Southern California, the president of the company, whom I worked for, had a Chinese Controller who he kept in close contact with she was a positive asset to the company. A Chinese Salesman bought the company and gave the same Controller a free rain over the money, and together they ran the company in the ground.
That is the difference between the two Presidents; Mr. Obama is in control, and Mr. Bush allowed his advisors to be in control. That, in its self does not make Mr. Bush a bad President, but he should have been in control, not in their control.

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Well said Merlin D. DuVall. To p.s nobody knows the criteria for choosing Nobel prize winners but if you look around the world since Obama was elected you would notice a form of conformity from Zimbabwe, Sudan, Iran, Russia (an important country in world affairs), Burma e.t.c more cooperation and humility from the world countries is what you need to prevent terrorism and not by spreading unnecessary fear and arrogance, there is a more receptive world out there to the USA since he came to power and that is more important to being a warmonger, Rome wasn’t built in ten months but at least he is trying to get positive things done, Republicans rule by trying to instil fear into peoples lives and by hate yet they paint themselves to be God fearing people but yet do the opposite of what the Bible requires of every civilised person. The economic mess in the USA is not Obama’s doing either, he has done the only reasonable thing to avoid a depression and that is spend now and pay later maybe you guys should have stopped Bush’s wars and saved yourselves the embarassment of making Osama bin laden’s prophesy of slowly bleeding your economy dry, an exit strategy is on the cards but has to be done slowly rather than in an abrupt way. Obama is a good president and deserves every bit of the Nobel prize.

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Maybe they got confused and meant to honor Bill Clinton?

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The critics asked the same of Martin Luther King, Menechem Begin, Amwar Sadat, Jimmy Carter, F W deKleck, Mother Teresa and Lech Welsea. The critics are always the same do nothing take no action crowd. It’s called the Nobel Peace Prize. Note the word PEACE. For those who question whether Obama or for that matter any recipient or nominee is deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize I ask this question.

What have you done to advance Peace? Don’t give me the excuses about time, money, problems and whatever other excuse you are going to come up with.

What have you done? How much skin have put into the game? Have you put up and of your funds? Your time? Your reputation? Anything?

Nobel Peace Prize nominees have excuses too but their call to action is greater than the excuse.

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He got rid of Bush and Cheney and sent the Republicans to the peanut gallery. That ought to be worth the Nobel Peace Prize all on its own

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“Noble Peace Prize” is something that has to be given to a person who has worked over a period of years for the welfare of the society as the whole. Please note, over a period of years, lots of hard work, words in action, results that are tangible, and all over the world. I strongly believe that President Obama is a great president and we all love and respect him. But, He does not qualify for this “Noble Peace prize”. Just wrong, or perhaps the world has failed to recognize the most vital persons who deserve this award.

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Obama has done nothing to merit this prize and the fact that it was given to him demonstrats how low the standards have become.

If anything, his cutting of our defense makes a sitting duck of the US to those who refuse to honor the rules.

This prize is a joke…..a bad one.

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Serously what was the committee thinking?

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I held quite a bit of esteem for our president and I had been hoping that he would be able to turn our country around from its slow plummet into the dirt. Unfortunately he’s done exactly the opposite. Mr. Obama has done absolutely nothing to promote peace, and is leading us into what may possibly be the worst economic scenario ever seen. He’s been printing money with no real value, something that history will show has led to nothing but disaster. If you think I’m making this up, just look at the price of gold. As our economy plummets further into the ground, the price of gold will increase. It’ll be like the herald of our economic destruction… only yellow and pretty.

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Norway is a joke history will never forget

Posted by nautilus1 | Report as abusive

Amazing how this guy wins everything with NO public accomplishments in his life.

Posted by Andrei | Report as abusive

I have been listening to everyone’s reaction and took the time to read the thoughts of those who have blogged on this site. To me it seems as though no one really knows exactly what the criteria is or what Obama has done to receive this great honor that has been bestowed upon him.

I took the time to look up what the purpose and the meaning behind this distingushed honor is and I suggest you do the same. I have taken the liberty to take a piece of the meaning behind it and paste it below as well as the link to the web-site. I think before any opinions are cast, you should do the same.

On 27 November 1895, Alfred Nobel signed his last will and testament, giving the largest share of his fortune to a series of prizes, the Nobel Prizes. As described in Nobel’s will, one part was dedicated to “the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”  /shortfacts.html


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Sound ridiculous to me that this gentleman be even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
If he had received it for his Orator skills for which he is extremely good.
Then so be it, but this gentleman has accomplished nothing, many promises “Yes” which we certainly hope he fulfills.
Do not blame the President, the media and the Nobel Prize Committee are the culprits in this endeavor and history will prevail to tell the tale.
The result of this decision has caused some distinguished person from obtaining this Prize in his or her own right. Woe is we, who play witness this bad decision.

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I am not sure why everyone is so workout about the nobel price. Nobel price have lost their credibility and relevance a long time ago. They more that once ridicule themselves. My favorite is Kissinger’s nobel price. What a farce. No self respected intellectual take them seriously. Get over the joke.

Posted by dave stone | Report as abusive

Ridiculous and absurd choice based on increased warfare levels and no real peaceful accomplishment. Will Osama Bin Laden or Kim Jung Il be the next foolish choice? The Nobel Committee should seek psychological help. Somebody in the Whitehouse lobbied for this in secret.

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He certainly deserves the prize if he is going to stop some future war of America’s. However as of today the answer is NO.! . He has not stopped a single war, only offered Russia an olive branch, coz America cannot afford to waste more of it’s money on Weapons.!!!

Posted by J Fernandes | Report as abusive

I think it is wonderful that the world’s leading socialist is finally receiving this prestigious award. Castro approves. I heard Kim Jong Il was a narrow second. They tried to give it to Nicolae Ceau?escu, but he and is wife were at a prior appointment getting pitchforks shoved into their ideals.

This is comedy, plain and simple. What’s the most laughable point is that these people honestly think we still swallow this flapdoodle and call it ice cream.

As they continue to fight undeclared wars, slaughter thousands, steal money, fight petty in-house struggles for more illusionary control and accolades, the people watch and wait.

Speaking of Nicolae Ceau?escu, one might wish to look at his final speech to the people, and their reaction. Its a shame a similar occurrence didn’t take place for this puppet king as they pinned on his cracker jack prize for being an obedient imbecilic tool of the global elite.


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I’m just waiting for him to be declared the Messiah and ushered into Jerusalem on a colt. I mean, let’s stop beating around the Bush here. He jokes about it enough as it is while mocking his own so-called faith.

“We Are Change!” will soon become “Got Any Change, Mister?” Nobel is spinning in his grave.

Quincy Avelon

Posted by Quincy | Report as abusive

Did he deserve it? I can’t think of why Barack Obama would be lumped into the same category as the 14th Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King, Jr. Is this really the best we can come up with? I tend to doubt it. There are plenty of worthy candidates who have actually accomplished some sort of peace. Obama has of yet, only talked about it. Just because he is ‘different’ than most American Presidents and has admirable goals and ideas does not mean that he deserves the highest honor of them all. Maybe someday he will live up to the distinctive award, which he was given prematurely at best.

Posted by Ava M. | Report as abusive

OBAMA definitely deserves it for changing the political atmosphere of the entire world. After 8 yrs of unilateralism, preemptive warfare, torture, sneering at our allies, the UN, and international law, and refusing to talk to many countries, America has come to its senses–and it has done so through the visionary leadership and engagement of Barack Obama! A great day for America!

Posted by Air Walker | Report as abusive

All these awards are comparitive. Mr. Obama’s name stands far above the rest and the committee recognized this obvious fact. Appreciate the objectivity and resolve of the committee. Rare act of great integrity and courage as against the doomsday cynicism that has prevailed much over the world under the charlatan cynicism which prevailed till 2008.

Posted by Mohandas | Report as abusive

Funny. The only ones opposed to Obama’s award are Islamic Extremists and Republican Extremists. Funny how things have changed.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

What, are we waiting for the humble act that will follow? Probably. Will the “Bammer” turn down the award, until he actually does something to earn it? Again, Probably.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

I’m still waiting for the Republicans to offer up their candidate since this apparently some huge issue for them to suddenly try and get worked up over. But as we know after witnessing decades of Republican “strategies”, it is far easier to destroy than to create.

Posted by Justin | Report as abusive

I was totally surprised to hear President Obama being conferred the coveted Nobel Peace Prize. He is only 10 months in office and he has not shown such outstanding leadership or results. He has only started. Its really funny the Nobel Committee chose him for the award and by doing so the value and honour of the award is diminished. If the Committee can’t find a deserving person, they can wait. No need to finding a person in such a haste, and people liking Obama is a diffferent thing, his achieving result in international peace and security is another. I thought Obama would have received more credit, if he declined the award, because he just do not deserve it right now. He may prove a great leader of exemplary performace and result later, and then he might deserve it. The Nobel Committee must seriously think before making such decision.

Posted by Ahmed Hassan | Report as abusive

I don’t think he did a single memorable thing so far to deserve it. Many of the nominees were better placed to win it but ….. I hope the committe could explain more.

Ahmadou, Habaswein, Kenya.

Posted by ahmadou, kenya | Report as abusive

The Nobel Committee, seeing Barack Obama as the most powerful man in the world, jumped on the opportunity to bring attention to what they perceive as the greatest chance for peace the world has possibly known. They essentially handed him more prestige and power by giving him the medal. For precedence this is unique because it is preemptive, given before results have materialized in Obama’s diplomacy with other nations. Are the Nobel Committee opportunists? No, because peace is too noble to be the tools of opportunists. Does Obama deserve the medal? Not now. Is it a good wager for the prestige, attention, and power that come along with it? Yes, because we need peace, and peace cannot come without hope and change.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

First off, I’m going to reason this out. Let’s address some claims from the board.
A. He has not done anything for peace. (Wrong)
1. Almost every country has a more positive view of the US because Obama is our front man.
2. The speed of our drawback from Iraq has increased.
B. His only critics are extremists. (Wrong)
1. Many moderate pundits and writers are critical of his being awarded the prize. (I think Reuters has an article or two like that if I’m not mistaken. Of course, they’re full of extremism.)
2. Extremists on one side or the other are always critical of an event.
C. He has not actually done anything yet (Semi-Right)
1. None of his goals have been reached yet.
2. He set goals that the council lauded, unlike any predecessor they could remember. (Obama is the first President in a long time to both be liked AND respected as a powerful president. Clinton and Carter were both liked as skilled diplomats, but their lack of clout in the government lessened respect, while Reagan and G.H. were respected (mightily, depending on when and where) but carried less personal appeal to many countries. Obama has both. He also seeks to be a leader, and an example.
a. As such, he has reversed both the tenor and strength of the United States foreign policy. And when a shift that dramatic occurs in US policy, it echos around the world, encouraging peaceful dialogue in untold ways. Much as an economic depression can spread around the world, so can someone seeking peace.

That is what they awarded. We have the biggest presence, and we definitely help set the tone of the world stage, and he’s taken us from a provocateur to a diplomat.

I’d say that deserved the nomination.
Whether that is more significant than some of the things other nominees did, I can’t say.
But he deserved to be nominated, and anyone who deserves to be nominated deserves to win.

And as a final note, if you don’t think the world opinion of the US either hasn’t changed, or doesn’t matter, then why do you bother reading the news, if you don’t understand the implications.

Posted by Mitchell | Report as abusive

I think the Nobel peace prize should be changed to the
Nobel peace of Israel prize because that is what they want
from Mr. Obama to give a big peace of Israel to the Palestinians in the name of World peace.
where will 1.2 mill go to ?? a Palestinian State ??

Posted by Bob Smith | Report as abusive

Fortunately Nobel Prize decision is not made by rednecks – American or European

Posted by Axel Waxmann | Report as abusive

You don’t stop wars by waving a magic wand, you embolden Al quaida, a lot of chidish comments why dont you guys go educate yourselves and read the criteria for nobel prize winners as suggested by Andrea, stop the ignorance and do some reading from media multiple outlets not just the Fox news. You guys should have stopped your warmongering Bush and his racist sidekick Cheney from attacking countries on the basis of deceit.

Posted by Nduka Tolefe | Report as abusive

I do not think that Mr Obama deserves the peace prize at all. Up to now he has been all talk and no action. Awarding him the peace prize will just increase anti-American sentiment across the globe – not just the Middle East.

Posted by Cobus | Report as abusive

Though World was surprised to Know I am glad that USA President had got the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009. It’s better to take the Award oneself than manipulating others to get that. When ISI of Pakistan and Govt. of Pakistan are promoting terrorism against INDIA to destabilise it, USA is blind, deaf & dumb. Talibans in Afganistan are the creation of USA, India has been suffering for no fault of her. Friend do you know what is ‘Peace’ ? ‘Friendship’ is not an one way affair. Think, friend, Think. Try to Realise. Have a nice World !

Posted by vega1011 | Report as abusive

List of peaceful accomplishments in first 11 days: 1. Cut tax deductions for rich’s charitable contributions. Even honest atheists would admit that hurts the weak. 2. Fire GM’s CEO.
I think these were two things he did right away. “Fire” and “cut.” Sounds really peaceful, doesn’t it?
I’d have to study the archives to rehearse more, but his mode of ruling has been quite consistent ever since.
I wonder how long it will take the rest of the world to do some really peaceful work and start fighting for us in the US who suffer violence to their hopes from this man? Please remember how the US had people in it who helped the weak from the world for decades now. We need You now! Please step up to the task.

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

In the first place; who is Hussein Obama? Where are his true roots? Where is his birth certificate to show that he is even an American? He has the world mesmorized as he is good orator but his orations are all empty. He has all of you fooled as he is going to bring this country to its knees and then blame it all on his advisors. Nobel Peace Prize?? What peace initiative has he instituted that he warrants to be honored with this recognition? Afghastan is still in shambles, the Middle East is no better than when he came into office other than threatening the U.S.’ ‘only’ democratic ally in the Middle East (Israel) that they should give up their country and move into the sea. All of you have been blinded as you all want to bend over backwards to show that you are impartial because this statesperson is a man of ‘color.’ He has no previous experience as any executive of anything but yet you all put him in as the Chief & Commander of the most powerful nation on the map. Did you catch the action when he physically ‘bowed’ to an Arab shiek? Is he man or a mouse and where are his priorities? We only bow to the Heavenly Father not to any human being. The Nobel Prize group have belittled the value of this once cherished award by giving it to this Bozo President but then again the gave it to the mass murderer Arafat and his peanut brain buddy Jimmy Carter.

Posted by Maurice Makowsky | Report as abusive

I would like to nominate myself for next years Nobel Peace Prize based on the “preemptive” medal that Obama got for his promise of a hope for Peace.

In the future, the world is hoping that I will cure cancer, bring Peace to the Middle East, eliminate hunger, save the whales, free the bees, and kiss the Canadians.

Posted by Kevin Mayhew | Report as abusive

Norwegian Nobel Committee decrease the value of noble by giving it to Obama

Posted by prakash | Report as abusive

US sending 40000 more troops to afghanistan.
BO wins Nobel Peace Prize…

Posted by nick | Report as abusive

From a president that everybody hated to a president that wins the Peace Nobel Prize! That is CHANGE!

Posted by Milena | Report as abusive

Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Eli Weisel, Tenzin Gyatso(The Dalai Lama), Medecins Sans Frontiers, No Barack Obama doesn’t deserve to appear along side these people as a nobel peace prize winner, it’s a disgace!

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

One thing we seem to be forgetting, regardless of how many other dumb choices have been made for this Prize, and regardless of how dumb the Prize committee’s actions historically are, is: The Prize Sounds lofty. “Nobel Peace Prize.” Regardless of what Alfred Nobel said about criteria, I scarcely think he meant for it to be so politicized. Even with past recipients, however, they DID something. You may not have agreed with the person being a politician, like ex-terrorists Begin and Arafat, but AT LEAST THEY DID SOMETHING, TANGIBLE, FOR PEACE. This man has Done NOTHING!!
Begin and Arafat may have been terrible persons, like so many politicians, but they had been parties to a peace treaty. This man has done nothing! If talk alone could solve problems, the world would be heavenly.

Posted by paul | Report as abusive

Making peace can’t be over night, sometime can be a lifetime achievement.
The idea and the vision to have Peace in the world worth to have the prize, when conflict and killing each other all over the world at the moment.

Posted by Chris D | Report as abusive

A few minutes ago I wrote that all other NPP recipients had at least, ostensibly, done something for world peace. I forgot about Al Gore, whose heroically selfless ‘deed’ was filming a movie which made him millions AND advanced an agenda based more on politics and financial scams than science.
NOW we have Obama receiving the award based on his politics–which are in line with the Committee’s.
If the Committee is based on GOOD people, they should just admit they give the award to Left-leaning people, in line with their views.
May I suggest changing the name of the award to something more honest?
But then, how could they accomplish their political aims? By being truthful, and letting the strength of their causes’ arguments speak for themselves? Why do they have to cover up their true political intentions?
Obviously, their arguments are very weak and need the buttressing of lies.

Posted by paul | Report as abusive

This selection simply denigrates the award to a joke status. The selection had to be made a long time before Obama even had a chance to accomplish anything. Obama hasn’t accomplished anything of consequence since he was elected , and it is likely that if he does that the accomplishment will be deliterious to the country. His socialist/communist leanings are now evident , and unless the congress is changed next year to remove some of his enablers America will cease to be the once great country it has always been. Based upon his actions , one would think that any award that he earns would come from the portion of the globe that advocates socialist/communist type governments…wait …that is what happened!

Posted by Al Gibbs | Report as abusive

I do believe it was given to him because he’s black. It wouldn’t have been awarded to him if he was white regardless of what he had said or hope and change.

Posted by Kirit | Report as abusive

Anybody else was more qualified to win this award.

Mother Theresa was an example of someone who deserved this award.

I can never look on this award again as having any serious merit. The next time i hear someone received it I’ll think they are a joke.

They obviously will give this award to anybody.
I guess Hollywood will be getting it next.

Posted by Suzy H | Report as abusive

No. I don’t think so. You give a prize to someone who has actually earned it. Not before.They are giving a prize for a “Hope”? This prize has not meaning to me.It means nothing. Just another adulation of this president.The Nobel Prize organization has lost respect,and credibility.They are bias, one sided, and it’s not fair at all.

Posted by Maria Simpson | Report as abusive

It has always been the belief of most Americans that this is a prestigious award. Most that are awarded the Nobel prize have spent their lifetimes creating a body of work that has helped the world. Has Obama done this? Maybe, but if his body of work is represented solely by being elected the first black American president, all Americans should receive the award. We created this man and our social environment good or otherwise together. We will also have to work may years together to get out of the situation that his presidency is causing. I personally have lost respect for the impact of the Nobel Prize based on this decision that at the very least is premature.

Posted by Randal Ruby | Report as abusive

I think it’s was awarded as a message that President Obama has changed the way the world thinks about us. Through his words and actions he strives for peace. He took on a big challenge to strives to improve our way of life, our health care and protection of mother earth. We are starting to be perceived as peacemakers…not bullies in the world. Not that you could tell by some of these posts. No matter how much people want to destroy him, for the sake of his children and this nation he continues to TRY to to set an example of love and peace. Some say it’s socialism…I say it’s spiritualism.

Posted by Sandra | Report as abusive

I am happy that Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize. Remember, this is an award created and given by a european organization. Europe is an area of the world where 8 years of Bush and Cheney’s international policies were seen in a less than positive light.
I think that George Bush’s lack of real time worldliness was seen in europe as a threat to world peace, and with Barack Obama you have the flip side of the coin. Individuals such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck with their rhetoric of fear only play into the lack of knowledge of the world outside our borders. I am afraid that their type of thinking is becoming a way of seeing the world that is passing and fading

Posted by Michael Moore | Report as abusive

The only thing Obama has given the world is the hope to hope. I have no doubt the award to Obama has belittled the award. If i follow my emotions, Obama will have all the six Nobel Prizes for ten years in advance. In my opinion, this is an award for intentions. It is premature. The only way Obama can to me deserve this award is if i am convinced there is scarcity of recipients in the world.

Posted by Aminu Muhammad | Report as abusive

Not just no, but hell no. He’s done nothing to deserve it, but let him have it. It’s blood money anyway, I mean that’s where the money came from. Look it up!!! You’ll see.

Posted by PAUL | Report as abusive

My personal feeling is that the committee misused the award – that the Nobel Peace Prize is for accomplishments, not for promises. I wish they had waited until Pres. Obama had earned it.

Sec. Clinton has done more than he, but perhaps it was at the president’s request. If so, he gave her leave to continue in her human rights efforts from when she was first lady. This is impressive.

The good first sign of change is that the economy does appear to be picking up, albet slowly – at least, in this manufacturing area.

I know people in other areas who have yet to see much change, but I was out of work for five months – the longest I’ve ever gone w/o a job, and there was no one calling for INTERVIEWS! In the last few weeks I’ve not only returned to work, but have had other calls for interviews. I think patience and an open mind would be advisable at this point.

Posted by Cheire Fayan | Report as abusive

And all King gave us was a dream, right? Clearly, Americans have no clue what the award actually represents.

Here’s a hint: It does not go purely to someone who has spent their entire life pushing for peace. Since so many seem so challenged to find what the award actually DOES mean:

“Henry Dunant, founder of the Red Cross, shared the first Nobel Peace Prize in 1901 with Frédéric Passy, a leading international pacifist of the time. In addition to humanitarian efforts and peace movements, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded for work in a wide range of fields including advocacy of human rights, mediation of international conflicts, and arms control.”

Note the words ADVOCATE and MEDIATE – look them up if you have to.

“On 27 November 1895, Alfred Nobel signed his last will and testament, giving the largest share of his fortune to a series of prizes, the Nobel Prizes. As described in Nobel’s will, one part was dedicated to “the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”. Learn more about the Nobel Peace Prize from 1901-2008. The 2009 Nobel Prize is not yet included.”

A note to the dullards – Obama did not win for Iraq, or Afghanistan, both started by our previous President. And only a true invalid would expect that he could have made complete withdrawals on both fronts and not caused more damage.

Posted by Justin | Report as abusive

Nobel (peace) recipients are mostly bogus, but I believe Obama is a worthy choice. The prize went to intense war-mongerers like Theodore Roosevelt, Kissinger, Elihu Root etc. BUT GANDHI NEVER GOT IT. Mother Teresa, who was a product of right-wing propanganda and myth-making was another recipient (I am form Calcutta and have never witnessed any charitbale function of her order).

Posted by rama chatterjee | Report as abusive

I’m still trying to figure out what he’s done period. So that begs the question what has he done to win the Nobel. I guess from my view point he’s a man of many words but no action to back them.

Posted by Todd | Report as abusive

this whole award is now not only insignificant, it is also a complete joke.
This is not given for an achievement now, it is given to the most left-wing nut they can find.
Even Clinton is more deserving, and that is saying something!!!

Posted by ELsie McQuarrie | Report as abusive

he doesn’t deserve it. he did nothing to earn it. it is probably motivated by political correctness, racism, politics, butt kissing, or whatever. al gore didn’t deserve his, either.

Posted by mark s. pierce | Report as abusive

For those of you who don’t think Obama deserved the Nobel…don’t fret…he’ll deserve his second Nobel in about 25 years.

Posted by Bill Cowne | Report as abusive

No, and it’s a slap in the face to all those who have really worked for peace. It has forever cheaped the prize and really made it a joke

Posted by april | Report as abusive

now i understand clearly way president oboma has been hesitant about sending troops to afganistan. he didn’t want to jepordize his chances of winning the noble.

Posted by joanne | Report as abusive

Did any of you actually look at the Nobel website? It explains the process of choosing the winner. The nominations are submitted in SEPTEMBER of the previous year (two months before Obama was elected). Granted, his name could have been submitted after, but the deadline for submissions is FEBRUARY 1… a mere two weeks after he took office.

How can you actually convince yourself that he was chosen out of merit, and not because of his color? Former receipients of the prize and all people of color should be outraged. This has made a mockery of both.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said in his I Have a Dream speech: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Dr. King was all about equality, not special treatment. What a shame that all he fought and consequently died for has now been so distorted by those with their own agendas that have everything to do with private interest and nothing to do with equality.

Posted by Glenanne Robinson | Report as abusive

Obama has done nothing as yet to get the Nobel.
He has even embraced some of the Bush policies that his campaign against got him elected. He will not get a second term if he continues with egocentri rhetoric with no real achiement. He is a typical politician that was simply elected because no one wanted anothe Bush in the form of McCain.
As for “don’t ask don’t tell” bigges opponent was Colin Powell who would never had gotten to be Secretary if Truman hadn’t desegregated the military. Its time to desegregate and let the gays stay NOW! I do not expect Obama to do anything but talk about it!!!!!!!!

Posted by william pagenkopf | Report as abusive

The president himself said that “I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments.” Alfred Nobel in his Will, stipulated that the prize should be given to people “who end militarism and war and are for disarmament”. I simply could not comprehend why Norwegian parliament which I think is making these decision for Nobel prizes, broke the Will of Alfred Nobel when president Obama is considering to send more troops to Afghanistan. Besides, president Obama has not shown toughness on disarming Iran when they had a secret nuclear facility which could be used to produce nuclear arms. The Nobel laureate president Obama may project a contradictory image to the world if Iran were to test a nuclear bomb someday soon. The whole thing seems like giving a trophy to a good player before winning the game and it is my commonsense opinion that it was unfair to do it so. However, I would image that this would enable president Obama to talk more about nuclear bomb free world but such a thing may be an impossibility or with a very little probability when the world is facing energy crisis and more and more countries are seeking new ways to make energy including nuclear energy. So, in my opinion president Obama may be talking about an impossibility and diverting precious time that otherwise could have been used for job creation and Green energy production when the country is continually loosing jobs in huge numbers for quite sometime.

I also wonder that if a person thinks, one doesn’t deserve something, he must refuse to accept it to show integrity to the world. It’s like a dance teacher refusing to accept math professor job which only makes dance worse.

Besides, when Republicans come back to power Norway could have serious consequence and perhaps the Nobel Prize may be totally barred to any Americans because of the upstart award.

Posted by Observer1234 | Report as abusive

It’s a pitty that President clinton who took the risk of going to North Korea and diffusing nuclear tension did not get any peace prize.

This Nobel prize award does not make much sense and President Obama must reject it as he mentioned he doesn’t deserve it. This would give him double the honor world wide to show integrity and fairness.

Posted by Observer1234 | Report as abusive

What exacttly is the criteria for receiving a Nobel Peace prize?

Posted by josejimenez | Report as abusive

Barry has SUCH a big ego. I think like I really should have received the prize. Really.

Posted by Nancy P. | Report as abusive

Hell yeah, he has accomplished a lot. He has bankrupted the country and caused ammo to disappear. If that’s beginners, I don’t want to see the finale.

Posted by Hayduke | Report as abusive

I don’t thing that Obama deserves the highest nobility award, though Obama is working hard for the restoration of democracy around the world. but giving a Nobel Peace award is not fare.
Nobel peace Award is the Award for those who have worked for decades to achieve it. so I think it should be revised with great concentration.

Posted by Abdul Waqas Abro | Report as abusive

See him get the award almost made me laugh!! What a joke
I didn’t realize giving speeches and promises that aren’t met, was enough to get a Nobel Peace Prize……
Gee what a slap in the face to all the people around the world that really work toward peace.
Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t he at war??????????? Strange………

Posted by Crystal | Report as abusive

I am double degreed mensan and am astonished at the ignorance of the postings I have seen. The award was not really to Obama. It was to the United States and the representative democracy that put Obama into the presidency. The European attitude is that We are a bloc. Obama merely represents that bloc. Obama is the plenipotential representative of the people that voted him in. The MESSAGE was CHANGE. The award was merely for that CHANGE. Therefore, the award is to the electorate that agreed with the CHANGE.

Posted by Ron Han | Report as abusive

No. Simply, No. He has not done anything yet. He made few forward looking, political statements, which has zero meaning until achieved. Period.

Posted by Muralisk | Report as abusive

I’m convinced that the nobel committee gave Obama the peace prize to SHAME HIM into actually doing something!

Posted by cfp | Report as abusive

Its ridiculus that the president of a country STILL at war wins an award that celebrates peace – contradiction! Ilike Obama, but I DO NOT agree with this!

Posted by syndicate | Report as abusive

If the value of Noble Prize goes down, he will get it every time.

Posted by jumper | Report as abusive

He is not getting the award for what he has done which is at this stage nothing,he is getting the award for what George Bush has done,this is a protest against Bushes policies,If Al Gore had been leaving office not Bush he won,t have received squat,so lets not take it out of context they are only giving it to him for this reason therefore he should give Bush some credit.Come on Eric h take your hat to George because Obama,s got this ridding on Bushes shoulders.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

No, he doesn’t deserve it at all!. What has Barack Obama really done? Can he ever stand up to the lights of people like Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela? This has forever cheaped the Nobel peace prize, I have lost all respect for it.

Posted by VK | Report as abusive

There is no doubt about he is not deserving Nobel prize.But he will think about this honor before taking war related decisions.It will help for the world peace.Lets see

Posted by Gikson | Report as abusive

Clearly, the Nobel Committee went out of their way when they conferred this honour on Mr Obama. Mr. Obama, did himself no good, by accepting the prize. It may appear churlish, but he showed a clear lack of grace, unwittingly ignoring the work of the other nominees this year, by accepting this honour out-of-turn. He appeared more like the ‘teacher’s pet’ at school ascending the dais to receive yet another prize.

The Nobel Committee anyway has a history of such behaviour- ignoring the Mahatma is a case in point.

I only hope this honour ‘thrust’ upon Mr Obama does not force him and his admistration to ‘push for peace’ in disputed areas across the world. Surely, he will have to ‘live upto’ the award in the coming days, and one hopes he does not do anything foolish.

Who knows, ‘forcing’ the hands of the leaders and people of regions under dispute for peace may trigger more hostilities in these regions, than by leaving it to the people concerned to resolve the issues!

Posted by Welingkar | Report as abusive

i think noble price doesnt carry any value if given to obama.there should be some extraordinary or above human achievement for one to embrace this prestigious prize

Posted by ranin | Report as abusive

I dnt think the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to just short term achievements, i think they look at a lifetime and for that BO deserves it! who else in the recent past after Nelson Mandela has caught the world’s attention and inspired so many to believe the unbelievable and think the unthinkable? for that reason, he is among the greatest human beings for this moment!

Posted by Nat | Report as abusive

Iraq, Afghanistan and what not… as somebody rightly said ‘I’d kill for a Noble Peace Prize’

Posted by Nikhil | Report as abusive

I think they should have giving the nobel peace prize to Michael Jackson instead!! He was far more deserving than Obama…….who todate has only gone and talked big….but hasn’t delivered anything!!

Isnt the Nobel Peace Prize given for accomplishments, not for promises!!

Mahatama Gandhi was far more deserving.

Posted by Kitty | Report as abusive

I don’t really understand for what he’s got Nobel prize for, he hasn’t done anythign to reduce any tension or increase peace in the worls. If someone who’s US president just says that they wanted to reduce Nuclear weapons, doesn’t entitle them for this award. He should have been tested for atleast his terma and then his actions would have been accounted for.

This is clearly a sign of Obama bandwagon and i am sure there’re lot of other deserving candidates who has spent their lives for the “Peace” of the world..

Posted by Sandy | Report as abusive

if making promises was the criteria to get the Nobel prize…then his Indian counterparts are more eligible than him!!?

Posted by aftab | Report as abusive

Obama has left an impression of dignity and respect.
To go where no man has dared to traveled before, into the hearts of others around the world and not just in America.
I am proud to call him our President whom has such believe in the unity and love of others that it spreads world wide and that is why he deserve the noble prize. The Odasity of Hope

We love and Thank You Mr.President

Posted by Msmorality | Report as abusive

Some people say he deserves the prize, but do they really believe it??

I think it’s morally wrong to award a prize to someone who hasn’t earned it.

Posted by correct | Report as abusive

Peace is not won by long duration of fighting for it but by experiential attainment . The crotics of Obama Nobel Peace Award cannot deny the wave of global peace since Obama came in as US President. Congratulations President Obama You surely deserve the Peace Award (Nigerian)

Posted by Dr. Taye Abe | Report as abusive

It is really difficult for me to believe that Obama would be the winner of the peace prize.Obama hasn’t yet been tested enough though he has preached peace to his people and the world.Every words of him must be tested and proved by his practical deeds.The world ,specially the developing nations , expects much from Obama’s adminstartion .There are so many wars and human right abuses at this moment so he should have resolved all these crises and he should have done his “peace ageda assignments” properly before the peace award .

Posted by Jeremy | Report as abusive

I am appalled by the audacity of the Americans. The Nobel peace prize has lost all of its value. This is more ridiculous than Bill Clinton case, the man killed a couple of thousand civilians in Belgrade and he got a peace prize. Obama didn’t lift a finger to reduce nuclear armament; in fact, his and the previous administration are developing 4th and 5th generation! I doubt even a dozen soldiers came back from Afghanistan, and Iraq continues to be a disaster.WHAT peace did he achieve!?

And to reply to the wiseguy below saying peace is won by “experimental attainment”… what does that even mean???? Oh, lets give Obama the prize and the world might get more peaceful? Ridiculous!

Anyway, forget it… Nobel invented dynamite, and maybe it is fitting that the United States presidents get this prize… It’s rather symbolic, since they, just like Alfred Nobel, have blood on their hands.

Posted by johnny | Report as abusive

In as much as Obama is currently the toast of all nations and a lovable entity respected by all… well almost all, including me.
I still really do not think he deserves the award just yet. Like someone already pointed out, the award committee should have given him more time to actualize his promises/dreams of peace among all nations. A 2% achievement ratio of this set-out goal might put him in the race for the Nobel prize, but right now, its just talk talk talk no measurable aachievement.

Posted by uche | Report as abusive

President Obama is my hero, he is doing and working hard on many fields that others have feared to change, from having the courage to face the unknown negative forces that disrespect the highest office in our country “America”. I credit him for bringing America together by agreeing and disagreeing without fear of death or harm. Our system works because our President is willing to put himself in harms way by disturbed people. I know of some racist that speak of great harm. The March to Washington DC by Gay Activist is a great move to improve and promote the best in our Military. As a Navy Veteran I was a victim of MST and left untreated by threat of violence if reported. Lets make one small step to ending hate in the military

Posted by Richard Botello de Luna | Report as abusive

I have no idea why he was chosen and awarded the prize. By choosing him, the Nobel Committee has made a very wrong decision to devalue the prestige of the Nobel prize.

Obama has done nothing in the US and worldwide except too much talking like a demagogue.

The best person for 2009 Nobel Peace Prize would be Bill Gates who has been working to combat diseases worldwide.

Posted by Tri | Report as abusive

it is the right of the noble peace committee to award any body they think, but obama does not have to accept it ,on the ground of merit

Posted by habibullah h.dhanani | Report as abusive

Giving the Nobel Prize to Obama is like giving it to Neville Chamberlain. Worse, since at least Chamberlain did appease Hitler in Munich. Verbiage from Obama without any results, merely hope for future results is idiotic. As an American I am embarrassed and as a rational adult I am disgusted. Nothing was done to earn the award, just everyone trying to prove they aren’t prejudiced. What a sick joke on the whole world.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

Absolutely, positively, without a doubt, NO~! And I mean Hell no! What has this left wing radical socialist done in his short 9 months as president to warrant such a once endeared award? In fact, he not only has done nothing to promote world peace, he’s talking about sending more troops to Afghanistan! Yeah, that’s a peacemaker right there alright! So far, if one does the math, he or she can clearly see this was a biased and pre-chosen award. The man had only been in office less than 2 weeks before the end of the voting. I’m appalled at the lack of integrity and failure of the Nobel committee to find a better recipient. Hell, even Hillary has worked harder for peace in the past than this guy. And I don’t care what color he is….. don’t forget for all you race card players out there, his mom is as white as they come! What a lousy choice……

Posted by thompson | Report as abusive

I am still trying to understand how Mr. President deserve to win. I read the explanation on the Nobel prize’s website and I am still not convinced. He’s awarded for his promise to make world peace??? What was his action? What have he done? Anyone can make a promise…

Posted by Kay | Report as abusive


Posted by ahna | Report as abusive

Finally, Venzuela’s Hugo Chavez has said something intelligent that makes sense & suprisingly, I agree with it: ” said on Sunday that U.S. President Barack Obama had done nothing beyond wishful thinking to earn the Nobel Peace Prize”….finally, clear thinking from the left.

What has Barak Obama done to win a Nobel prize in anything, let alone the peace prize? In 9