Does Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

October 9, 2009

U.S. President Barack Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. The Norwegian Nobel Committee said Obama had been awarded the prize for his calls to reduce the world’s stockpiles of nuclear weapons and work towards restarting the stalled Middle East peace process.

The committee praised Obama for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

“Very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.”

The laureate wins a gold medal, a diploma and 10 million Swedish crowns (1.4 million dollars or 878,000 pounds).

Obama was one of a record 205 nominees for this year’s prize and the decision has come as a surprise to many. Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, had been tipped as one of the favourites.

Despite his ambitious international agenda, Obama is yet to make a significant breakthrough in the Middle East or effectively deal with the threat of Iran’s nuclear programme and his country is currently fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Has Obama done enough to justify winning the Nobel Peace Prize? If not, who do you think should have won?


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He won not because he deserved it–how could he? He has accomplished nothing beyond self-promotion in his life–but because he agrees with the aristocratic European view of America as a rednecked war mongering country and apologizes for it. That and because he is not Bush (he makes the third American who has won the prize by not being Bush).

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Obama has done nothing to win this award. It is ridiculous. It is all based on what they hope he will accomplish. It should be based on actual accomplishments. See the article on by Karen Gibbs. Greg Mortensen who has built over 130 schools for girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan should have won. He has done more to promote peace than most politicians ever will. You can read about it in his best-selling book “Three cups of Tea”.

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You’ve got to be kidding – Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize? This must be a joke. At a minimum let the guy do something tangible and truly deserving first. The president of the United States gets recognition every day. How about selecting someone out in the trenches, risking their life and giving the all for the betterment of humanity? Select someone who also represents others who truly toil for the cause of peace, without even a dream of recognition. No, this is politics. The majority of the American people will through it.

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No, Obama does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. He has done nothing to merit that kind of reward. However, when you consider that this prize was given to Al Gore for a documentary about so-called global warming over a woman who had saved 2500 children from the Germans during WWII it tells you just what this award is worth…zilch.

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Obama has barely put an administration together and has visited various foreign countries. He is only nine months into the job. How could that possibly qualify him for a Nobel prize? Do we give sports teams an award at the beginning of a season? Certainly not! What has Obama actually accomplished so far to deserve this?

As Clint said in Unforgiven, Deserves got nothing to do with it. The Dy-no-mite! crowd defines “peace” somewhat idiosyncratically as a lack of opposition to their own preferences in geopolitics which includes bringing American down to their own level morally, fiscally, militarily and mostly in terms of influence. For that, can anyone dispute that Barack had done more in his first ten days in office than Clinton and Carter’s entire terms combined? The Peace Prize was insituted to reward those who had done most to eliminate standing armies from the world and this, Nobel had thougth was the ticket to world peace. Of course this is after Plan A, introduce the destructive power of explosives into warfare to make it too terrible to practice, didn’t quite work out. As far as I know, neither Obama or any other American figure has proposed disbanding the military. Doesn’t he know that War is NOT the Answer? Or is it that War is NOW the Answer? Whatever, it’s good to see Obama coming around to the necessity of Bush’s policies on the terror front. Progress.

You’ve got to be kidding – Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize? This must be a joke. At a minimum let the guy do something tangible and truly deserving first. The president of the United States gets recognition every day. How about selecting someone out in the trenches, risking their life and giving their all for the betterment of humanity? Select someone who also represents others who truly toil for the cause of peace, without even a dream of recognition. No, this is politics. The majority of the American people will see through it.

Seen on one level, the award is a touching expression of naive hope for the future of US leadership in the world. Seen from a more cynical POV, it looks like an effort to tie Obama’s hands in Afghanistan, and to some extent, to push him into putting serious pressure on Israel in the M/E “peace process.”

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If the Nobel Peace Prize could be awarded to Jimmy Carter, who did more than any U.S. president in modern times to destabilize the world, then Obama’s award should surprise nobody.

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Never have I seen someone win so much with so little to show for it.

There are so many more deserving candidates. My heart goes out those individuals.

What an awful way to “devalue” the significant accomplishments of others!!

Obama definitely deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. For starters he was against the war in Iraq, he has got the Russsians and Chinese on our side (he had Europe & the rest of Asia a long time ago), he has kind of tamed North Korea by making it look silly with all its beligerence (lots of bluster / threats with no real ability to follow through), he got the UN working again as a viable body that is capable of a viable sanction threat to Iraq (note Iraq is in a bind as it can’t thumb it’s nose at us because Obama has the support of China & Russia as well), he has been instrumental in getting the G-20 for better economic global collaboration), he is planning to dimantle GITMO and the list goes on with all his considerable efforts to reduce economic disparities amongst Americans at home!

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There were candidates who would take the prize money back to their non-profit organizations and continue to work toward the betterment of the lives of the impoverished.
The “Chosen” recipient will probably spend the money on expensive clothing for himself and his over-the-top wife. There might be some left over for a bribe or two, but I’m sure his half-brother living in Africa won’t see a nickel.
What a shame the first “black” president is such a loser!

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I’m a big fan of President Obama, but honestly I would rather see Jerry Lewis get the NPP.

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To the Nobel Committee:

As an American citizen, I wish to thank the Nobel Committee for the courage to choose our President Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize. Please understand that the negative reactions shown on TV or in online comments are due to ignorance shaped by a U.S. media who loves conflict more than peace. They do not speak for millions of Americans who are the quiet majority that elected him for just those unique qualities recognized by the Nobel Committee. He may not be able to bring peace in our own country, let alone in the world. However, he has the courage to do everything in his power as our leader to focus our country in that direction. Please know that millions upon millions in the U.S. that support his efforts are not on television.

After less than a day it’s possible to say this event has already turned out to be a political embarrassment for Obama.
It’s a catastrophe for the image of the Nobel Prize Committee.
That bunch of goofs in Oslo should draw the inevitable conclusion, and go home.

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At one level this “award” is spot on. If you want “peace in our time” and/or believe that “peace” is the end-all of noble ambitions, then hey, they pegged the right guy! He is off to a great start in dismantling all that America has ever stood for, i.e. fighting for liberty and freedom in a world of snakes. Even if he has done NOTHING positive as regards preserving liberties, he has accomplished much in guaranteeing that we shall enjoy the “peace of tyranny and death” soon enought. The Messiah has landed!

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making promises and NOT committing yourself to decades of struggle for peace -suffering persecution and oppression- suddenly warrants the winning of this award. What a travesty and mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize.

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DEFINATELY OBAMA DESERVES THE NOBEL PEACE PRICE. For one thing his being voted into office helped get rid of the greedy self-centered Republicans that just wanted to fatten their pockets at the tax payers expense. The same dumb idiots that sent our troops into Iraq with no proof of nucular bombs there or no site of Osama Bin Laden. He has now put more troops where they need to be … Afganistan. He has saved 500,000 plus homes doomed for forclosure because of the non regulated financial system and he is fighting for health care for every American citizen … not just the few who can afford it. They called Social Security socialism during the Roosevelt administration… let them see that the Obama Health plan will succeed too. He’s probably the smartest President we have ever had and the peacemaker of the 21st century. Go Obama.

No, Obama doesn’t deserve what that award is supposed to represent. He is a puppet and personally enjoys his part to destroy his mother’s country.

I would much rather see the reward bestowed upon Jane Burgermeister, the one brave person who has stood up for what is right by her suit against the big pharma giant, Baxter with its untested deadly flu vaccine for global depopulation. is her site.

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I would respect Obama more if he declined the award on the basis that he hasn’t done anything yet.

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Giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is on par with Milli Vanilli winning a Grammy.

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WHO CARES WHAT THOSE AIRHEADS THINK! WHO SHOULD REALLY HAVE REALLY WON IT??? RONALD REAGAN(POSTHUMOUSLY). Oslo gave the award to Gorbachev in 1990. Both Gorbachev AND Ronald Reagan (INF Treaty as an example) brought an end to the Cold War. The Nobel Peace Prize means NOTHING in that it is only for Liberals and former Communist…f’em

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Why is the question that comes to mind? There are so many talented people that have been overlooked!

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Did he deserve the peace prize? Hmm…Has he done more to bring people together or divide them. Divide them. Son NO he did not deserve the prize. Hell no.

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In select boxes of Trix cereal – Nobel Peace Prize. No purchase (or anything else for that matter) required.

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I can understand why so many people are at least surprised by the Nobel committee’s decision to pick president Obama. Many other people could have gotten the prize based on accomplishments towards PEACE in the world. However, given Obama’s work towards improving the state of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the recent amount of disapproval and sheer anger towards the US, and the situation on the front in Iraq and Afghanistan, one can argue that his agenda seems to seek peaceful resolution and improvement of these situations. I am afraid that most of you fail to see that resolving these issues will not take a few month. The American people need to refrain from being so short-sighted and start trusting the process if you agree with the end goal. In summary, the Nobel peace prize is just a piece of paper and Obama still has to make good on his promises. If this prize provides him with a bit more clout to successfully accomplish his mission to bring greater peace in the world, then so be it!

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President Obama won the peace prize because of George “AWOL” Bush. Bush was so horrible that a message needed to be sent to remind Americans how we can be great again. Bush loved war, clearly.

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We should not be comparing him to past Nobel Prize winners, instead we should be looking at what he has done to deserve this honor. He has not accomplished anything, especially not in the realm of Global Peace. President Obama does not deserve this award and it is a disgrace to dishonor others who were up for this prize and actually deserved it.

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Definitely he doesn’t deserve the prestigious laureate…but I see a different view from this…seeing the names, people who won this prize earlier, we saw their efforts in work…then, why this prize is given to somebody who has yet to work on his words?

those words are still in hypothesis…OBAMA has to show his works to the people…so, he is the exception…why?..does not this lead to a hint of some TRICK’s been played?..may be this Honor will force him to do what people actually want to see him doing…in my view, he has given the chance to write the reasons of deserving this PRESTIGE by himself…may be this will lead him to do good…we got plenty of time left…he’s not going that early.

despite this…I don’t feel like Obama’s the deserving candidate…I agree with all…:)

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It’s about time for the polls/commentarists to tell the truth on the Demoncrats. Republicants use the polls to tell nationwide lies. We do want healthcare reform and the P-Award to go to the President. It’s time for Republicans to stop lying on the polls/serveys.I have never seen a poll servey come my way, neighborhood, or my state. Everyone i talk with speak ill of the present healthcare system and needs reforming as soon as yesterday. Republicans speeches reflect only rich/ wealthy.

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I like Obama, but I feel the prize is premature. The Nobel committee should steer clear of sitting politicians.

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What a farce!!! Might as well giving the Nobel Economics to Paulson and Bernanke and Greenspan.

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Obama and Arafat, and it’s called a prize?

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What do you deserve for Nobel Prize OBAMA? Do you think you did an extraordinary job closing the doors of Guantanamo at the end after your predecessor accomplished his nasty job in IRAK? Did you stop or even prevent any war from happening? Or do you think you established eternal peace saying to Muslims Assalamalaykum in Egypt? or do you deserve this prize for sending more troops to Afganistan? OBAMA!!! you never take the control, you are under control…

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It doesn’t matter who get the Nobel Prize for Peace. It doesn’t mean anythng. They have just proven that by giving it to someone who was nominated 12 days into his term of service. Obama is anti-American like most of the UN so all the Europeans who hate us love him. Maybe when he gets finished making our country like theirs, they’ll like us more. In the meantime, he’s the hero of every Socialist, Marxist, and Communist throughout the world along with those who surround him in the White House.

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I grieve for this country. America fails to get the Olympics in 2016 and (certain) Americans cheer. Their President is honored by the international community for his ability to communicate with other nations around the world and certain people deride not only the Committee but the man. We all need to take a good long look at ourselves. I think we are a glum lot.

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Well…now we know it doesnt take much to win the Nobel Peace prize anymore!!!
Truefully I now have much “LESS” respect for the Nobel Peace prize. After this loser won it, its a total joke and a embarrasment to the American people! All of the NPP commitee/ board are total idots & should all be fired!!!!!!!!!

Obama has not done one single thing to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. Yesterday, he was deciding whether to send 40,000 more troops into Afghanistan to fight a war that is getting nowhere and only killing innocent civilians. He ignored Russia and China’s demand to de-militarise space, instead PRETENDING to lessen the stockpile of nuclear weapons while the US created a plan to send their nukes into space on satellites to hit any target in Russia by 2030. Obama is a complete fraud. It seems as if he has voodooed this win the same way he won the US Presidency.

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Congratulations, sir. The committee made a momentous choice. Unfortunately, we’ll now have to listen to all the Nobel Peace Prize “experts” as they weigh in and attempt to cheapen the honor.

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To the Nobel Peace Prize Committee:
It is so lonely being funny!!!

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This just confirms what I thought all along, he is now a laughing stock propped up by the international castrotti that so wants a weak and apologetic America…

Screw them all, we will come back from this with a vengeance, just like good ol’ Jimmy Carter (Nobel Prize Winner).

I live in Dallas, Tx. If Obama is spreading the word of peace across the globe to bring the Christian world together with the Muslim world, then why did a Muslim terrorist try to blow up one of our buildings downtown just a few weeks ago?

I guess his speeches aren’t that effective.

America’s job is to defend itself from all enemies foreign and domestic. Otherwise we will have a weak, spineless nation that will only encourage aggressors.

Sorry Mr. President but talk is cheap! You can certainly talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? What have you done in the 8+ months you have been in office?

Is “winning” the Nobel a cheap, fixed, underhanding way of showing off because you couldn’t get the Olypics in 2016?

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Obama is ok. But he was only President 12 days before the nomination deadline. He had not and has not accomplished anything to warrant this award as yet.

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It’s not certain people that cheer that we did not get the Olympics.. It was a Majority.. Don’t grieve for us.. We know where we stand.. and who is driving us towards Socialism..

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How can someone who is continuing Bush’s war in Iraq and escalating the war in Afghanistan deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? That’s completely nuts. Then again, the Nobel Peace Prize was once given to Henry Kissinger, so the Nobel Committee long ago ceased deserving to be taken seriously.

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Simple answer? No

Posted by Jacob Hodgson Stokes | Report as abusive


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This just goes to show you how bad conservatives’ image is abroad. No matter how little Obama may have done so far. The rest of the world sees American conservatives as tobbacco spittin’ religious fanatics who just want to bring down anyone who is not of their party and especially of their race.

The rest of the world knows that a large segment of the US population doesn’t give a rat’s about foreign relations.

So this should probably be seen an “anti” Nobel prize to the Republicans and the ultra right that supports them.

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The Nobel Committee has no credibility. Accepting this 12 days into his presidency and awarding it for accomplishing absolutely nothing is proof enough. This award was stolen from someone far more deserving and Obama knows it. A man of honor would have declined the award. By accepting this award Obama proved he has no shame.

Posted by Anthony Broussard LTC US Army (retired) | Report as abusive

This is a joke right? If not it should be, it would show the world has a good sense of humor. This really made me laugh.

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