Does Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

October 9, 2009

U.S. President Barack Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. The Norwegian Nobel Committee said Obama had been awarded the prize for his calls to reduce the world’s stockpiles of nuclear weapons and work towards restarting the stalled Middle East peace process.

The committee praised Obama for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

“Very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.”

The laureate wins a gold medal, a diploma and 10 million Swedish crowns (1.4 million dollars or 878,000 pounds).

Obama was one of a record 205 nominees for this year’s prize and the decision has come as a surprise to many. Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, had been tipped as one of the favourites.

Despite his ambitious international agenda, Obama is yet to make a significant breakthrough in the Middle East or effectively deal with the threat of Iran’s nuclear programme and his country is currently fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Has Obama done enough to justify winning the Nobel Peace Prize? If not, who do you think should have won?


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What a disgrace to the human race this bozo has done nothing but screw everything up, and now has deemed the most prestigous awards worthless. obama you are a great great, Great, disgrace to this country I don’t even believe you love your country, you should not have accepted it but then again it was given to you by your left wing wingnuts. But I will say this you are on the path of the Jimmy Carter administration. As Johnny Cochran would say ” Thats an Outrage”

Posted by terry | Report as abusive

Who better to win a Nobel Peace Prize than the man who has brought nations to work together with hope of achieving world peace? I’m proud of our President. How sad that the RNC would stoop to their petty snipping at something so worthy of praise.

Posted by Nettie | Report as abusive

This demeans the previous winners awards. Unfortunately, the State dept. has been loblying for this vigourously since early spring. Maybe the award has reached it,s ultimate irrevalence. Surely one needs to re-look at the committee who oversees this decision. They are retired Norwegian policial hacks looking for a second career in New York in the UN.

Posted by john whgelton | Report as abusive

Are there real Americans who would buy into this kind of political BS?

No matter what side of the coin your on, the Nobel prize is a joke and lost it’s teeth.

Posted by Bruce | Report as abusive

Bob Malone is not alone grieving for our country. I, too, am very disturbed by the lack of informed citizens. The Committee & the rest of the world get it. What part of “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” do some Americans not understand?

I firmly believe that our news media are at fault for not reporting those “extraordinary efforts” that President Obama has made. America’s news media has lost its focus on what is news & what is hyperbolic entertainment. In the process, the American press is failing its obligation to the American people under the First Amendment. Thus most of our citizens are simply ignorant of he has done & is doing that is so important to peace in the world.

An example of ignorance is the post about Pres. Reagan “was a central figure in bringing down the Berlin Wall and ending communist domination over Eastern Europe.” Pres. Reagan had nothing to do with the internal bloodless revolution by the people of Russia, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Estonia & the other Baltic States who brought down the entire Iron Curtain, including the Berlin Wall.

These same citizens were thrilled by the “shock & awe” of massive military armaments on display in 2003. How can people be so proud when waging war, but not finding peaceful means as resolution.

Many people obviously do get it, like these posters:

Bob Malone: “I grieve for this country. Their President is honored by the international community for his ability to communicate with other nations around the world and certain people deride not only the Committee but the man.”

NobleKin: “Hope for peace was elected by America’s people, this award is their reward.”

Chris: “I am still astounded by the utter ignorance of 50% of my fellow Americans. If he has not done anything, then why do you blame him for everything?”

Adam Ayers: “Reducing the causes and grounds for conflict is the first and perhaps most taxing step toward resolving conflict itself. In this regard, the Nobel Committee has recognized Obama for achievements already accomplished.”

Ray: “I wish to congratulate the president for this well deserved honor. I also like the fact that the republicans are today going into a fit and wondering, dang! He won again!!”

Janet Dewan: “Anyone who travels internationally knows that since President Obama’s election the attitude of the rest of the world toward Americans has changed. That change in attitude may be more significant than any one peace treaty.”

Naveen: “Don’t you people see he’s really different from some of his predecessors who did their best to portray US as a war mongering, mean capitalist, egomaniac country. He is showing the better side of the most powerful nation on this planet with respect and appreciation for others.”

Ben: “Most of you missed the point. It’s the hopes and visions he is awarded for, not what has he done for us lately.”

Judithky: “President Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. I will wager that the majority of Americans are proud of this moment in history. I am happy that our President is seen as a representative for peace in the world. I ask all of you naysayers where is your patriotism? This is a proud moment for our country.”

Obama deserves the Nobel if for no other reason than to encourage him to continue working for World Peace. He has succeeded at halting the provocative missile defense system Bush had planned to site in Central Europe and at launching a no-nonsense approach to peace between Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East.

moms hugs…You talk of achievments but fail to name any…intersting. Love talking point without facts. It really strengthens an argument.

Posted by megan | Report as abusive

To those who question what Obama has accomplished…

Not only should Obama have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, he should also be compared to the likes of Beowulf in the award ceremony.

Think about it…

He was facing down the party of Swiftboaters and people who continued to believe the Iraq War was justified; even if we were duped and even if it cost 5,000 soldiers and nearly a trillion dollars to execute.

He was facing down the party that felt George Bush’s gut instincts were good enough to determine war policy and events like the handling of Katrina; and a gut that was so keen as to find that elements of the Constitution were too er, um, Constitutional (so as to counter the restrictions on wiretapping and other domestic surveillance).

He was facing down the party that does not want to pay taxes, but wants the biggest-baddest military on the planet, solid national infrastructure, corporate welfare/handouts, and enormous tax breaks for everyone richer than them (so as to reap the trickle down effects that were resoundingly proven false after the Reagan/Bush era two decades earlier).

He overcame Joe-the-plumber supporters who were as dumb as Joe-the-plumber.

He overcame the ‘drill-baby-drillers’ who felt Sarah Palin actually had leadership skills, and solid foreign & domestic policy experience. (Just ask any Alaskan!)

And He overcame the FEAR and HATE campaign slogans of a party driven by an insane base of Taliban-like evangelicals who still feel George W. was made President as a part of God’s divine plan, and who still want to see the world to end in fire so they can claim it was God’s plan in the end (nucular, I mean ‘nuclear’ war counts)…Sarah Palin included.

So of course Obama was going to get the Nobel Peace Prize…to have defeated such evil in the world takes superhuman courage, exceptional talent and world class leadership…

Go Obamawulf!
Nobel Prize Lareate!!!

Posted by NobleKin | Report as abusive

Yes of course the President deserves the nobel peace prize as he tries to end wars rather than pushing for wars like Bush and Cheney did, who misled the american people by making up stories which allowed them to wage their wars. There is no controversy like Lou Dobbs states tonight. But you will see that many conservative media and CNN will immediately make stupid statements like Did he deserve it etc, That is because they do not understand how much damage Bush and Cheney have done internationally by lying to people to get into wars, promoting torture and only fighting if there would be interests in oil etc. Obama has given America respect again that Americans are reasonable people and who will be able to communicate with their enemies first before starting wars. If you are not for me you are against me which has been America’s message to the world for 8 years. Now that message has finally stopped by the first American Black President, who is intelligent and proofs to be able to communicate in the world which was lost during does 8 years. Yes he deserves that peace prize and we should be happy about it and respect that. But the media today and many politicians do not want to understand that as they are making news and do not do their job which should be reporting and not commenting. If positive things happen in our country that is good news. It is time for the media to change!!

Posted by Theo | Report as abusive

He was nominated for the prize 9 days after he became president… I would like to know what he accomplished in those 9 days.

Posted by Jennifer | Report as abusive

Of course he doesn’t “deserve” the prize, he hasn’t done anything to warrant it. Any of the other nominees is more deserving as they have actually done something concrete and in some cases, life threatening.

Posted by Paula | Report as abusive

Of course no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by j | Report as abusive

My wife should have received the award. After all, she has the best of intentions for us as a family and for our neighborhood. Isn’t that enough?

Posted by George | Report as abusive

If Obama was serious enough he would have refused the prize claiming that he still didn’t 98% of what he is planning.
He would say that he is still too young and maybe one day he would deserve the Nobel Prize.
Anyway, congratulations Mr. President!

Who care? This is a joke, the nobel prize seems to turned into a circus, giving this once noble prize to a clown, norway have less than 5 million people, Hong Kong as a city have more than that. I guess they just want to be a news hound all causes!

Posted by emenot | Report as abusive

He shold have never been given this award especially when some of the names on the list of candidates have spent a lifetime working for peace and and fostering international relationships. What a slap in the face to these people. One of the names I recognized is the author of “Three Cups of Tea” who has spent a career trying to get girls educated in Afghanistan and Pakistan
and risking his own life to do so. He, as well as the others being considered are so much more deserving than who they picked.

Posted by Polly | Report as abusive

This is totally astounding. Imagination begs the logic of Mr. Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Deadline for the Noble Committee shortlisting the nominees is 1st February, that is, just two weeks after Mr. Obama took the office. And also Mr. Obama has just done nothing worth recognizable even as peace attempt. On the one hand neither is he ever willing to shed his nuclear arsenal nor the American psyche to militarily win everything available on the face of this planet. He’s is definitely not making any effort to solve Afghanistan problem. Not only he’s exacerbating the international security scene he should also be seen as nothing different from any other American Prezs. Only thing America wants is the control over the oil and installation of its stooge in every region. That’s all it wants. In all these years we have never ever heard of American forces taking control over any strategic position in Taliban controlled areas. All we hear is about attacks from Talibans on the American troops. All America does is attack civilians. America is only defending itself from the attacks. What is the logic of invading and then defending oneself in a foreign country? America is the new Imperial! We all have to take a note of it!

Posted by arvind kumar upadhyay | Report as abusive

We’re still in Iraq
Sending more troops to Afghanistan
Gitmo is still running
Our WMD arsinal is the largeist in the world.
Kids are being beat to death on the streets of Obamas old community organizing stomping ground
We declared war on the Moon
They should have waited untin 2012 when the election is drawing closer.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Does anyone think that maybe he’s trying as hard as he can to do his job the best he can?
Do you work as hard as he at your job?

Posted by Gary | Report as abusive

Ok, he won it. However, he didn’t really DO anything yet. I’m sure there are plenty of other people who deserve it more than he does and who could really use that money.

Posted by Jenna | Report as abusive

i cant believe obama got the nobel peace rize. what did he do? because hes a celebrity? because hes black maybe? our first black president? ghandi didnt even recieve a nobel peace prize. there is a congressman who has developed over 1300 new school in iraq whre old schools have been bombed.he didnt recieve one…why was he denied one? i think he deserves one more than obama…. this peace prise is a GIMMICK!

Posted by topaz | Report as abusive

The Nobel Peace Price has long been a joke with no meaning whatever. I, like most thoughtful people, have no respect for it whatever. It began its descent when Yassir Arafat, a bloody minded and bloody handed terrorist, received it and subsequent recipients like Al Gore have further diminished its luster. These days, it is nothing but political nonsense, and no further proof of that is needed than to have awarded it to Barack Obama.

Posted by Jo Loflin | Report as abusive

Yes he deserves it. He is the best President in my lifetime and his move to stop and reverse nuclear proliferation earns him this award. Of course we will hear a lot o noise from the right, but it’s just their usual “no” noise.

Posted by Franklin | Report as abusive

Perhaps this would have been a good year not to award the prize. It has been done plenty of times before. A much better choice than diminishing the importance of the prize.

Posted by Leena Romppainen | Report as abusive

Obama does not in any way deserve the prize. Great men who changed the world recieved this in the past (Kennedy and Woodrow Wilson, for example). I do not think anybody should be awarded for things they say they will do or be awarded even for things they will ‘for certain’ do. Nothing should be awarded for possible futures because the future is never certain.

Posted by Simon | Report as abusive

The Nobel Peace prize seems to have been highjacked by a cynical gang.
The world deserves better, especially all those brave people who get murdered, tortured, imprisoned and exiled because they actually do something to promote peace and human rights.

What a shameful decision. I’d call it ridiculous, but there’s nothing funny about it – It’s simply sad and stupid.

Posted by lak | Report as abusive

Who nominated him is the biggest MYSTERY of all time?

Posted by James Walter | Report as abusive

guy! return it to morgan tsvangirai period!

Well, maybe one of the many people who actually did something.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

I couldn’t believe it when I read the news. This is beyond preposterous. I agree with whoever wrote that the Nobel foundation just made a huge joke out of themselves. I suppose they gave him the award because he is moving America towards Nordic-style socialism? What’s actually highly unfortunate is that there are people in the world who actually deserve the prize, who did things to bring about real peace, and they have been deprived of their chances. What a shame on the Nobel foundation!

Posted by jordan | Report as abusive

I am not saying that he obviously deserves it. But in these troubled economic times we, as Americans, could use the prize money.

Posted by Thomas | Report as abusive

I have come to the conclusion that the Nobel Peace Prize is nothing any longer. It stands for nothing. When Obama can win it for doing nothing, and Ghandi who was nominated many times for his efforts on peace be denied. People have lost the meaning of the Peace Prize. Obama is sending more troops to escalate a war. Where are your heads? Never mind. It’s obvious where they are.

Posted by Emily | Report as abusive

I can’t believe he received this prize. He has done NOTHING to deserve it. Why was he nominated? He may be a swell guy and time will tell whether he will accomplish much as president. If he had any class at all, he would have refused it. It is a slap in the face to groups and individuals who have spent their entire lives working for the good of humanity.

Same Nobel Peace Prize weirdos making the decisions, eh? No way on God’s earth should Obama get this award…..but then, it’s been that ridiculous as long as I can remember. Purely political!

Posted by Dinosaur | Report as abusive

Perfect fit with Obama and Soros’ plan to control the world. Set a puppet (O) up, pull his strings and those of the other puppets, then “make” things happen–accolades that any sane person can see through–and wait for the world to call for a one world government and a single leader. It’s so evident.

Posted by Dinosaur | Report as abusive

the fact of the mater is that he managed to become president of the mightiest country in the world on a platform of engagement and diplomacy rather then “panic & bomb” like Bush. He HAS vastly improved our standing in the world simply by being willing to engage in conversation with other nations. He creates the possiblity of peace by his stance and the world is relieved after 8 years of ignorant fear mongering….just enjoy having the world compliment our election rather then laugh at us as they did the last 8 years…..

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

You have got to be joking,This guy was President for 11 days and had never ever done a single thing when considered for the Noble Peace prize. This just displays the lack of Moral fiber required to be a candidate for the prize Oh yeah then again they did give it to Jimmy Carter and what a great President he was.This just shows how disgusting and Political the issue of receiving a Noble Peace Prize has become.People in America better be concerned with the burden of higher taxes about to placed on their children,grand children and greatgrand children,somene has to pay for these programs about to forced down our throats. Wake Up Folks.

Posted by Norrisp | Report as abusive

They are laughing are at us right now.

This is a mockery of humanity.

Posted by notruster | Report as abusive

Our former president started 2 wars in a 4 yr period so they rushed Barak Obama a peace prize for just not starting another war in his 1st yr in office. They obviously
felt that he came in peace instead of invading countries and killing houndreds of thousands of people and wasting trillions of dollars looking for weapons of mass destruction that dint even exist.

Posted by JN | Report as abusive

Fellow Bloggers: Excuse me- but is this the first time you have witnessed someone receiving something they did not work for? Instead of whining, I beg you to channel your sense of injustice into making things right for someone that can really benefit from your passion and sense of fair play.

As for the President specifically- Barrack Obama has something that my grandmother used to refer to as “Favor”. Be honest, we’ve all known someone with Favor. Its a rare and prized gift that some have used for good and some for for ill. Let’s inspire this man to use his Favor for good instead of saying mean and hurtful things to take it away.

Posted by Cheryl Leslie | Report as abusive

Nobel Committee… are you reading this? You should be ashamed. You are corrupt failures for what you’ve been entrusted with. “…given its people hope for a better future….” – excuse me? The ONLY people in the US that support him are a few hundred politicians. “Its people” are on every single blog and radio show complaining that he’s giving our country away to the rest of the world… of course other countries love him, he’s giving you our wealth!

Posted by JD | Report as abusive

I say this as a person who continues to support President Barack Obama: Has he earned the Nobel Peace Prize .. NO! Does he deserve it .. NOT YET! As an American, I am VERY CONCERNED that this award seeks to PREMPT his military options in defending our country in Afghanistan and elsewhere. This is a naked BRIBE.

Furthermore, I STRONGLY disagree with the notion that only “peace activists” preserve and protect lives and promote peace, but not those who engage in war to confront aggression. To my mind, Abraham Lincoln, and later Roosevelt & Churchill deserved the Peace Prize more than most who have been awarded it; yet among their greatest accomplishments was the defence of innocents through confronting aggressors MILITARILY!

Posted by Ananda-USA | Report as abusive

A brilliant choice. By openly offering options for peace to Iran, President Obama has forced Iran to reveal itself to the world as being full of hate and a danger to everyone else on the planet. So the world’s attention has shifted correctly. At the same time, the President has rebalanced the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, refocusing the intentions and might of the US military. Comments about notches on the foreign-policy belt miss the point. In only 11 months Barack Obama has opened the nation’s leadership to view, revealed formerly secret information even when it hurts, clarified the national focus, developed nuanced but strong policies in cooperation with other nations, and reached the hearts of people who distrust us. Together these actions go a long way toward setting the whole world on a collaborative world path toward peace. No one else has transfigured the international options and mood so quickly and so well. Bravo!

President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to reduce nuclear arms, ease tensions with the non-Western world and stress diplomacy. Americans should be proud that we have a president who is restoring respect for our country around the globe. This well-deserved prize is an inspiration for the president and for rest of us to do some really hard thinking about how we create a more peaceful and just world – including our role in Afghanistan.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

I still cannot understand Obama’s politics. If we go by those he has hired as Czars, we should be very concerned about the future of the country.

Everytime a tyrant, dictator, communist or socialist praises Obama, I shudder. Now the Nobel committee risks their credibility to apparently push the Obama agenda. What else could this Nobel stuff be about? Why am I not applauding?

In addition to losing my job recently, am I also in danger of losing my country? I just do not like the way the USA is being played by foreign interests. I am not optimistic about the future. I think it is time to reclaim this country before it slips totally away.

Posted by DaveZ | Report as abusive

The Noble Comittee has once again displayed its anti-American bias. To award the Peace Prize to someone that had occupied the office of President for eight days prior to the closing of nominations would be normally be laughable, however, when one recognizes that the 2002 winner Jimmy Carter has been bashing America since his failed bid for re-election and Obama has been running all over the place apologizing for America’s past, it all begins to make sense.
As Paul Krugman (Nobel Prize for Economics) is well aware; you only need to slam America as often as possible to please the Nobel commission. It did not award his prize based upon his economic track record, which is horrible.

Floyd McCutcheon
Long Beach, CA

Posted by Floyd McCutcheon | Report as abusive

All I have to say is… getting angry that your own President won the Nobel Peace Prize is the scientific definition of insane. Be proud and stop being so negative!

Posted by Republican | Report as abusive

I was surprised to know that many commentators here are clouded by untruthful notions concerning people who were awarded Nobel before, also people will always talk what they are from inside..

I see Obama as the inspiring figure of my lifetime at least… his presidency to America came with a predominant feeling of victory and hope and with worldwide positive aura … his multilateral approach and excellent diplomacy to urge the world to unite and cooperate is something we missed for years in a world leader.. YES HE DESERVES THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.

Posted by Tarek Serageldin | Report as abusive

As the child of a Nobel Prize winner, I am both amazed and appalled that the Norwegian Nobel Committee selected Barack Obama to receive the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. Such an action shows clearly the corruption and cupidity that have now gripped this once-honorable institution.

Given that President Obama had been in office for approximately one month when the Committee selected its semi-finalist candidates, and given that so far he has served as President for about nine months, for what achievement has he received the prize? For a collection of fruitless meetings and promise-making speeches, perhaps? Will the United States Congress now come forward to award him the Medal of Honor?

The selection of Obama as a Nobel laureate is a dishonor to all prior laureates who actually merited receiving the Prize — some of them for work done more than fifty years prior to the award — as well as a slap in the face to all those eminent individuals who deserved but never received it.

Posted by Currente Calamo | Report as abusive

12 days into the new office and someone nominated him…..HMMMMMMMM…Who did that? He had done absolutely NOTHING in his 1st 12 days except party hardy….matter of fact, he is STILL partying hardy on our thin and diminishing dime! Nope! IF EVER A MAN NEVER DESERVED IT, it is Obama! We are all the worse for it as he is unable to understand he is a pawn….he is certainly NOT looking as a man of HONOR (who earned it).
{To clarify: Carter left our Americans over there in Iran-(Reagan got them out); and Arafat (NOT Sadat) was responsible for killing many Israelis AFTER getting his “Prize”. Those were 2 of the most glaring bogus blunders until this one. Explain how a person (who has done nothing in 12 days in office qualifies)….and don’t drink the kool-aid before you think.

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive