Does Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

October 9, 2009

U.S. President Barack Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. The Norwegian Nobel Committee said Obama had been awarded the prize for his calls to reduce the world’s stockpiles of nuclear weapons and work towards restarting the stalled Middle East peace process.

The committee praised Obama for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

“Very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.”

The laureate wins a gold medal, a diploma and 10 million Swedish crowns (1.4 million dollars or 878,000 pounds).

Obama was one of a record 205 nominees for this year’s prize and the decision has come as a surprise to many. Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, had been tipped as one of the favourites.

Despite his ambitious international agenda, Obama is yet to make a significant breakthrough in the Middle East or effectively deal with the threat of Iran’s nuclear programme and his country is currently fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Has Obama done enough to justify winning the Nobel Peace Prize? If not, who do you think should have won?


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The critics asked the same of Martin Luther King, Menechem Begin, Amwar Sadat, Jimmy Carter, F W deKleck, Mother Teresa and Lech Welsea. The critics are always the same do nothing take no action crowd. It’s called the Nobel Peace Prize. Note the word PEACE. For those who question whether Obama or for that matter any recipient or nominee is deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize I ask this question.

What have you done to advance Peace? Don’t give me the excuses about time, money, problems and whatever other excuse you are going to come up with.

What have you done? How much skin have put into the game? Have you put up and of your funds? Your time? Your reputation? Anything?

Nobel Peace Prize nominees have excuses too but their call to action is greater than the excuse.

Posted by Lyle | Report as abusive

He got rid of Bush and Cheney and sent the Republicans to the peanut gallery. That ought to be worth the Nobel Peace Prize all on its own

Posted by Wendy Wright | Report as abusive

“Noble Peace Prize” is something that has to be given to a person who has worked over a period of years for the welfare of the society as the whole. Please note, over a period of years, lots of hard work, words in action, results that are tangible, and all over the world. I strongly believe that President Obama is a great president and we all love and respect him. But, He does not qualify for this “Noble Peace prize”. Just wrong, or perhaps the world has failed to recognize the most vital persons who deserve this award.

Obama has done nothing to merit this prize and the fact that it was given to him demonstrats how low the standards have become.

If anything, his cutting of our defense makes a sitting duck of the US to those who refuse to honor the rules.

This prize is a joke…..a bad one.

Serously what was the committee thinking?

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

I held quite a bit of esteem for our president and I had been hoping that he would be able to turn our country around from its slow plummet into the dirt. Unfortunately he’s done exactly the opposite. Mr. Obama has done absolutely nothing to promote peace, and is leading us into what may possibly be the worst economic scenario ever seen. He’s been printing money with no real value, something that history will show has led to nothing but disaster. If you think I’m making this up, just look at the price of gold. As our economy plummets further into the ground, the price of gold will increase. It’ll be like the herald of our economic destruction… only yellow and pretty.

Posted by Rokorin | Report as abusive

Norway is a joke history will never forget

Posted by nautilus1 | Report as abusive

Amazing how this guy wins everything with NO public accomplishments in his life.

Posted by Andrei | Report as abusive

I have been listening to everyone’s reaction and took the time to read the thoughts of those who have blogged on this site. To me it seems as though no one really knows exactly what the criteria is or what Obama has done to receive this great honor that has been bestowed upon him.

I took the time to look up what the purpose and the meaning behind this distingushed honor is and I suggest you do the same. I have taken the liberty to take a piece of the meaning behind it and paste it below as well as the link to the web-site. I think before any opinions are cast, you should do the same.

On 27 November 1895, Alfred Nobel signed his last will and testament, giving the largest share of his fortune to a series of prizes, the Nobel Prizes. As described in Nobel’s will, one part was dedicated to “the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”  /shortfacts.html


Posted by Andrea | Report as abusive

Sound ridiculous to me that this gentleman be even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
If he had received it for his Orator skills for which he is extremely good.
Then so be it, but this gentleman has accomplished nothing, many promises “Yes” which we certainly hope he fulfills.
Do not blame the President, the media and the Nobel Prize Committee are the culprits in this endeavor and history will prevail to tell the tale.
The result of this decision has caused some distinguished person from obtaining this Prize in his or her own right. Woe is we, who play witness this bad decision.

Posted by Thoughtful | Report as abusive

I am not sure why everyone is so workout about the nobel price. Nobel price have lost their credibility and relevance a long time ago. They more that once ridicule themselves. My favorite is Kissinger’s nobel price. What a farce. No self respected intellectual take them seriously. Get over the joke.

Posted by dave stone | Report as abusive

Ridiculous and absurd choice based on increased warfare levels and no real peaceful accomplishment. Will Osama Bin Laden or Kim Jung Il be the next foolish choice? The Nobel Committee should seek psychological help. Somebody in the Whitehouse lobbied for this in secret.

Posted by Craig | Report as abusive

He certainly deserves the prize if he is going to stop some future war of America’s. However as of today the answer is NO.! . He has not stopped a single war, only offered Russia an olive branch, coz America cannot afford to waste more of it’s money on Weapons.!!!

Posted by J Fernandes | Report as abusive

I think it is wonderful that the world’s leading socialist is finally receiving this prestigious award. Castro approves. I heard Kim Jong Il was a narrow second. They tried to give it to Nicolae Ceau?escu, but he and is wife were at a prior appointment getting pitchforks shoved into their ideals.

This is comedy, plain and simple. What’s the most laughable point is that these people honestly think we still swallow this flapdoodle and call it ice cream.

As they continue to fight undeclared wars, slaughter thousands, steal money, fight petty in-house struggles for more illusionary control and accolades, the people watch and wait.

Speaking of Nicolae Ceau?escu, one might wish to look at his final speech to the people, and their reaction. Its a shame a similar occurrence didn’t take place for this puppet king as they pinned on his cracker jack prize for being an obedient imbecilic tool of the global elite.


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I’m just waiting for him to be declared the Messiah and ushered into Jerusalem on a colt. I mean, let’s stop beating around the Bush here. He jokes about it enough as it is while mocking his own so-called faith.

“We Are Change!” will soon become “Got Any Change, Mister?” Nobel is spinning in his grave.

Quincy Avelon

Did he deserve it? I can’t think of why Barack Obama would be lumped into the same category as the 14th Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King, Jr. Is this really the best we can come up with? I tend to doubt it. There are plenty of worthy candidates who have actually accomplished some sort of peace. Obama has of yet, only talked about it. Just because he is ‘different’ than most American Presidents and has admirable goals and ideas does not mean that he deserves the highest honor of them all. Maybe someday he will live up to the distinctive award, which he was given prematurely at best.

Posted by Ava M. | Report as abusive

OBAMA definitely deserves it for changing the political atmosphere of the entire world. After 8 yrs of unilateralism, preemptive warfare, torture, sneering at our allies, the UN, and international law, and refusing to talk to many countries, America has come to its senses–and it has done so through the visionary leadership and engagement of Barack Obama! A great day for America!

Posted by Air Walker | Report as abusive

All these awards are comparitive. Mr. Obama’s name stands far above the rest and the committee recognized this obvious fact. Appreciate the objectivity and resolve of the committee. Rare act of great integrity and courage as against the doomsday cynicism that has prevailed much over the world under the charlatan cynicism which prevailed till 2008.

Posted by Mohandas | Report as abusive

Funny. The only ones opposed to Obama’s award are Islamic Extremists and Republican Extremists. Funny how things have changed.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

What, are we waiting for the humble act that will follow? Probably. Will the “Bammer” turn down the award, until he actually does something to earn it? Again, Probably.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

I’m still waiting for the Republicans to offer up their candidate since this apparently some huge issue for them to suddenly try and get worked up over. But as we know after witnessing decades of Republican “strategies”, it is far easier to destroy than to create.

Posted by Justin | Report as abusive

I was totally surprised to hear President Obama being conferred the coveted Nobel Peace Prize. He is only 10 months in office and he has not shown such outstanding leadership or results. He has only started. Its really funny the Nobel Committee chose him for the award and by doing so the value and honour of the award is diminished. If the Committee can’t find a deserving person, they can wait. No need to finding a person in such a haste, and people liking Obama is a diffferent thing, his achieving result in international peace and security is another. I thought Obama would have received more credit, if he declined the award, because he just do not deserve it right now. He may prove a great leader of exemplary performace and result later, and then he might deserve it. The Nobel Committee must seriously think before making such decision.

Posted by Ahmed Hassan | Report as abusive

I don’t think he did a single memorable thing so far to deserve it. Many of the nominees were better placed to win it but ….. I hope the committe could explain more.

Ahmadou, Habaswein, Kenya.

Posted by ahmadou, kenya | Report as abusive

The Nobel Committee, seeing Barack Obama as the most powerful man in the world, jumped on the opportunity to bring attention to what they perceive as the greatest chance for peace the world has possibly known. They essentially handed him more prestige and power by giving him the medal. For precedence this is unique because it is preemptive, given before results have materialized in Obama’s diplomacy with other nations. Are the Nobel Committee opportunists? No, because peace is too noble to be the tools of opportunists. Does Obama deserve the medal? Not now. Is it a good wager for the prestige, attention, and power that come along with it? Yes, because we need peace, and peace cannot come without hope and change.

First off, I’m going to reason this out. Let’s address some claims from the board.
A. He has not done anything for peace. (Wrong)
1. Almost every country has a more positive view of the US because Obama is our front man.
2. The speed of our drawback from Iraq has increased.
B. His only critics are extremists. (Wrong)
1. Many moderate pundits and writers are critical of his being awarded the prize. (I think Reuters has an article or two like that if I’m not mistaken. Of course, they’re full of extremism.)
2. Extremists on one side or the other are always critical of an event.
C. He has not actually done anything yet (Semi-Right)
1. None of his goals have been reached yet.
2. He set goals that the council lauded, unlike any predecessor they could remember. (Obama is the first President in a long time to both be liked AND respected as a powerful president. Clinton and Carter were both liked as skilled diplomats, but their lack of clout in the government lessened respect, while Reagan and G.H. were respected (mightily, depending on when and where) but carried less personal appeal to many countries. Obama has both. He also seeks to be a leader, and an example.
a. As such, he has reversed both the tenor and strength of the United States foreign policy. And when a shift that dramatic occurs in US policy, it echos around the world, encouraging peaceful dialogue in untold ways. Much as an economic depression can spread around the world, so can someone seeking peace.

That is what they awarded. We have the biggest presence, and we definitely help set the tone of the world stage, and he’s taken us from a provocateur to a diplomat.

I’d say that deserved the nomination.
Whether that is more significant than some of the things other nominees did, I can’t say.
But he deserved to be nominated, and anyone who deserves to be nominated deserves to win.

And as a final note, if you don’t think the world opinion of the US either hasn’t changed, or doesn’t matter, then why do you bother reading the news, if you don’t understand the implications.

I think the Nobel peace prize should be changed to the
Nobel peace of Israel prize because that is what they want
from Mr. Obama to give a big peace of Israel to the Palestinians in the name of World peace.
where will 1.2 mill go to ?? a Palestinian State ??

Posted by Bob Smith | Report as abusive

Fortunately Nobel Prize decision is not made by rednecks – American or European

Posted by Axel Waxmann | Report as abusive

You don’t stop wars by waving a magic wand, you embolden Al quaida, a lot of chidish comments why dont you guys go educate yourselves and read the criteria for nobel prize winners as suggested by Andrea, stop the ignorance and do some reading from media multiple outlets not just the Fox news. You guys should have stopped your warmongering Bush and his racist sidekick Cheney from attacking countries on the basis of deceit.

Posted by Nduka Tolefe | Report as abusive

I do not think that Mr Obama deserves the peace prize at all. Up to now he has been all talk and no action. Awarding him the peace prize will just increase anti-American sentiment across the globe – not just the Middle East.

Posted by Cobus | Report as abusive

Though World was surprised to Know I am glad that USA President had got the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009. It’s better to take the Award oneself than manipulating others to get that. When ISI of Pakistan and Govt. of Pakistan are promoting terrorism against INDIA to destabilise it, USA is blind, deaf & dumb. Talibans in Afganistan are the creation of USA, India has been suffering for no fault of her. Friend do you know what is ‘Peace’ ? ‘Friendship’ is not an one way affair. Think, friend, Think. Try to Realise. Have a nice World !

List of peaceful accomplishments in first 11 days: 1. Cut tax deductions for rich’s charitable contributions. Even honest atheists would admit that hurts the weak. 2. Fire GM’s CEO.
I think these were two things he did right away. “Fire” and “cut.” Sounds really peaceful, doesn’t it?
I’d have to study the archives to rehearse more, but his mode of ruling has been quite consistent ever since.
I wonder how long it will take the rest of the world to do some really peaceful work and start fighting for us in the US who suffer violence to their hopes from this man? Please remember how the US had people in it who helped the weak from the world for decades now. We need You now! Please step up to the task.

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

In the first place; who is Hussein Obama? Where are his true roots? Where is his birth certificate to show that he is even an American? He has the world mesmorized as he is good orator but his orations are all empty. He has all of you fooled as he is going to bring this country to its knees and then blame it all on his advisors. Nobel Peace Prize?? What peace initiative has he instituted that he warrants to be honored with this recognition? Afghastan is still in shambles, the Middle East is no better than when he came into office other than threatening the U.S.’ ‘only’ democratic ally in the Middle East (Israel) that they should give up their country and move into the sea. All of you have been blinded as you all want to bend over backwards to show that you are impartial because this statesperson is a man of ‘color.’ He has no previous experience as any executive of anything but yet you all put him in as the Chief & Commander of the most powerful nation on the map. Did you catch the action when he physically ‘bowed’ to an Arab shiek? Is he man or a mouse and where are his priorities? We only bow to the Heavenly Father not to any human being. The Nobel Prize group have belittled the value of this once cherished award by giving it to this Bozo President but then again the gave it to the mass murderer Arafat and his peanut brain buddy Jimmy Carter.

Posted by Maurice Makowsky | Report as abusive

I would like to nominate myself for next years Nobel Peace Prize based on the “preemptive” medal that Obama got for his promise of a hope for Peace.

In the future, the world is hoping that I will cure cancer, bring Peace to the Middle East, eliminate hunger, save the whales, free the bees, and kiss the Canadians.

Posted by Kevin Mayhew | Report as abusive

Norwegian Nobel Committee decrease the value of noble by giving it to Obama

Posted by prakash | Report as abusive

US sending 40000 more troops to afghanistan.
BO wins Nobel Peace Prize…

Posted by nick | Report as abusive

From a president that everybody hated to a president that wins the Peace Nobel Prize! That is CHANGE!

Posted by Milena | Report as abusive

Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Eli Weisel, Tenzin Gyatso(The Dalai Lama), Medecins Sans Frontiers, No Barack Obama doesn’t deserve to appear along side these people as a nobel peace prize winner, it’s a disgace!

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

One thing we seem to be forgetting, regardless of how many other dumb choices have been made for this Prize, and regardless of how dumb the Prize committee’s actions historically are, is: The Prize Sounds lofty. “Nobel Peace Prize.” Regardless of what Alfred Nobel said about criteria, I scarcely think he meant for it to be so politicized. Even with past recipients, however, they DID something. You may not have agreed with the person being a politician, like ex-terrorists Begin and Arafat, but AT LEAST THEY DID SOMETHING, TANGIBLE, FOR PEACE. This man has Done NOTHING!!
Begin and Arafat may have been terrible persons, like so many politicians, but they had been parties to a peace treaty. This man has done nothing! If talk alone could solve problems, the world would be heavenly.

Posted by paul | Report as abusive

Making peace can’t be over night, sometime can be a lifetime achievement.
The idea and the vision to have Peace in the world worth to have the prize, when conflict and killing each other all over the world at the moment.

Posted by Chris D | Report as abusive

A few minutes ago I wrote that all other NPP recipients had at least, ostensibly, done something for world peace. I forgot about Al Gore, whose heroically selfless ‘deed’ was filming a movie which made him millions AND advanced an agenda based more on politics and financial scams than science.
NOW we have Obama receiving the award based on his politics–which are in line with the Committee’s.
If the Committee is based on GOOD people, they should just admit they give the award to Left-leaning people, in line with their views.
May I suggest changing the name of the award to something more honest?
But then, how could they accomplish their political aims? By being truthful, and letting the strength of their causes’ arguments speak for themselves? Why do they have to cover up their true political intentions?
Obviously, their arguments are very weak and need the buttressing of lies.

Posted by paul | Report as abusive

This selection simply denigrates the award to a joke status. The selection had to be made a long time before Obama even had a chance to accomplish anything. Obama hasn’t accomplished anything of consequence since he was elected , and it is likely that if he does that the accomplishment will be deliterious to the country. His socialist/communist leanings are now evident , and unless the congress is changed next year to remove some of his enablers America will cease to be the once great country it has always been. Based upon his actions , one would think that any award that he earns would come from the portion of the globe that advocates socialist/communist type governments…wait …that is what happened!

I do believe it was given to him because he’s black. It wouldn’t have been awarded to him if he was white regardless of what he had said or hope and change.

Posted by Kirit | Report as abusive

Anybody else was more qualified to win this award.

Mother Theresa was an example of someone who deserved this award.

I can never look on this award again as having any serious merit. The next time i hear someone received it I’ll think they are a joke.

They obviously will give this award to anybody.
I guess Hollywood will be getting it next.

Posted by Suzy H | Report as abusive

No. I don’t think so. You give a prize to someone who has actually earned it. Not before.They are giving a prize for a “Hope”? This prize has not meaning to me.It means nothing. Just another adulation of this president.The Nobel Prize organization has lost respect,and credibility.They are bias, one sided, and it’s not fair at all.

Posted by Maria Simpson | Report as abusive

It has always been the belief of most Americans that this is a prestigious award. Most that are awarded the Nobel prize have spent their lifetimes creating a body of work that has helped the world. Has Obama done this? Maybe, but if his body of work is represented solely by being elected the first black American president, all Americans should receive the award. We created this man and our social environment good or otherwise together. We will also have to work may years together to get out of the situation that his presidency is causing. I personally have lost respect for the impact of the Nobel Prize based on this decision that at the very least is premature.

Posted by Randal Ruby | Report as abusive

I think it’s was awarded as a message that President Obama has changed the way the world thinks about us. Through his words and actions he strives for peace. He took on a big challenge to strives to improve our way of life, our health care and protection of mother earth. We are starting to be perceived as peacemakers…not bullies in the world. Not that you could tell by some of these posts. No matter how much people want to destroy him, for the sake of his children and this nation he continues to TRY to to set an example of love and peace. Some say it’s socialism…I say it’s spiritualism.

Posted by Sandra | Report as abusive

I am happy that Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize. Remember, this is an award created and given by a european organization. Europe is an area of the world where 8 years of Bush and Cheney’s international policies were seen in a less than positive light.
I think that George Bush’s lack of real time worldliness was seen in europe as a threat to world peace, and with Barack Obama you have the flip side of the coin. Individuals such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck with their rhetoric of fear only play into the lack of knowledge of the world outside our borders. I am afraid that their type of thinking is becoming a way of seeing the world that is passing and fading

Posted by Michael Moore | Report as abusive

The only thing Obama has given the world is the hope to hope. I have no doubt the award to Obama has belittled the award. If i follow my emotions, Obama will have all the six Nobel Prizes for ten years in advance. In my opinion, this is an award for intentions. It is premature. The only way Obama can to me deserve this award is if i am convinced there is scarcity of recipients in the world.

Posted by Aminu Muhammad | Report as abusive

Not just no, but hell no. He’s done nothing to deserve it, but let him have it. It’s blood money anyway, I mean that’s where the money came from. Look it up!!! You’ll see.

My personal feeling is that the committee misused the award – that the Nobel Peace Prize is for accomplishments, not for promises. I wish they had waited until Pres. Obama had earned it.

Sec. Clinton has done more than he, but perhaps it was at the president’s request. If so, he gave her leave to continue in her human rights efforts from when she was first lady. This is impressive.

The good first sign of change is that the economy does appear to be picking up, albet slowly – at least, in this manufacturing area.

I know people in other areas who have yet to see much change, but I was out of work for five months – the longest I’ve ever gone w/o a job, and there was no one calling for INTERVIEWS! In the last few weeks I’ve not only returned to work, but have had other calls for interviews. I think patience and an open mind would be advisable at this point.

Posted by Cheire Fayan | Report as abusive