Comments on: Afghanistan’s angry Norwegian bites back Beyond the World news headlines Wed, 16 Nov 2016 20:09:42 +0000 hourly 1 By: brian Tue, 13 Oct 2009 03:04:04 +0000 It’s funny how this election fraud hasn’t received much attention or comment from those who frenzied over Iran’s disputed election. This time we’ve even admitted the fraud..
Oh that’s right it’s a US installed government!
Well I guess that’s all right then, carry on no need for justice or prosecution here..
No wonder Afghanistan now supplies 90% of the worlds heroin, it seems everyone is too busy looking the other way.

By: syndicate Mon, 12 Oct 2009 04:17:04 +0000 The world organizations that monitor elections have to be given more power to affect things here and over there to have better elections.

By: Husain Sarhang Sun, 11 Oct 2009 20:07:52 +0000 Who is the West, in particular, the United States fooling? American public, of course, who are removed, distant, and uninterested in their own election, let alone the Afghan election. To the American Administration it does not matter who they have as a puppet in Afghanistan, as long as it were a new face to legitimize that the American effort to bring DEMOCRACY to Afghanistan bear fruit. As far as who runs the show, (ex. arrest people, put them in jails, establish air bases, launch an aggressive attack on a certain region, drop bombs, fly helicopter gunships and F15s, who to invite to the White House for secret chastising, etc.) it is the United States.

Besides, the United States does not want Karzai, because when Obama did not show an interest in him after his inauguration, Karzai did the same. Furthermore, Karzai upped the anti and opened up dialogue with the Cold War era American staunched enemy, Russia. He even went to Russia and later invited many Russian civilian consultants to Kabul.

American diplomacy and propaganda, contrary to their intelligence branch has grown very naive and ineffective. They tend to fool themselves in believing that the rest of the world believes what America want them to believe. Illiterate Venders on street corners have been politically awakened by the games Super Powers, Israel included, have been playing for so long.

Super Powers are running out of new games, at the mean time, they cant give up the old favorite games. So there you have it. The West is in a dilemma. No one can they fool by these games of bringing democracy, holding election, women’s (excluding men) right and similar superficial changes, while causing destruction in their lands with construction funds flowing the opposite direction.