Haiti earthquake: live coverage

January 13, 2010

Live coverage of the Haiti earthquake from Reuters and other sources. Reuters has not verified external content.


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Mai Dieu s’occuper d’eux et à les éclairer, de réfléchir.
Meilleur ami de l’homme chien, n’impose pas de conditions.

Que dios los cuide e ilumine, reflexionemos.
El perro el mejor amigo del hombre, no nos impone condiciones.

Buena suerte!

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My heart is filled with grief for the good people of Haiti and all friends and relatives living abroad. I am trying to connect with my extended family if any of our family is in Haiti now – no answers yet.
I pray that everyone who is watching donates money and all help for Haiti, and may they come to learn more about this amazing country and people who have been America’s best friends for almost 200 years. We owe our neighbors full assistance and aid for a total rebuilding. Haiti needs our money and efforts more than Afganistan and other enemy countries who are just using us. Now it is time to take care of our neighbors! Peace and prayers for all.

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Permaculture Relief Corps for Haiti earthquake response http://bit.ly/5lCAju #usaid #haitiearthquake #disaster

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Having lived and worked in Haiti for over 25 years in the business of producing Haitian metal art, I am very much aware of the wonderful work that is being done for the people of Haiti in the aftermath of this terrible, destructive earthquake. This is certainly not a time for name calling against the American military. All of the work being done by the various countries and relief agencies is very much needed and appreciated. I have noticed, when driving around the Port au Prince area, that the Haitian people are looking to the Americans to help them in this time of need. This is evidenced by the various cardboard signs that people have put around the city asking for help. All signs are written in English. This is because they are looking to the Americans for help. A few of the signs are in English, French and Spanish, but all are asking for help in English. I think that this speaks for itself as to who they expect to help them.
Our home was completely destroyed. Our workplace was extensively damaged by the earthquake, but we are continuing to work and to give our workers 2 meals a day. They need all of the help that they can get, from whatever source it might come.

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