Groundbreaking new cancer report?

May 7, 2010

chemplantThe President’s Cancer Panel has issued a new report saying that Americans are being bombarded — their words — with carcinogens.

Advocates of more research into the potential chemical causes of cancer had been waiting for the report, which they call groundbreaking.  But it’s made less of a splash than they expected. Asked about the report, one White House spokesman replied,

“What report?”

The National Cancer Institute remained stolidly silent, even though the NCI logo is on the report. The chemicals industry spent languid hours writing a terse response and only one member of Congress jumped on the bandwagon.

PhotoCredit: REUTERS/Chip East (The New York City skyline is seen behind part of a chemical plant at Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, May 27, 2005)

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And what, exactly, was the purpose of this 97-word filler piece? This isn’t a story, it’s the preface to a story. Where’s the actual article? Or doesn’t anybody write those anymore?

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