Comments on: The dark side of German reunification Beyond the World news headlines Wed, 16 Nov 2016 20:09:42 +0000 hourly 1 By: Squibbywebb Thu, 25 Aug 2011 12:33:58 +0000 Those who started this mess, the East German so-called communist party officials (many of whom later carved up state enterprises among themselves and became very wealthy) should have been brought to account. All of their assets and those of their families should be stripped and given to those victims who lost their homes. The communist officials and those border guards who shot people trying to flee should have spent the rest of their lives in jail for crimes against humanity, or indeed executed under a special provision allowed by the EU.

By: CatchingBombs Wed, 29 Sep 2010 23:53:19 +0000 I could tell you a few stories about east Germans, their habbits and customs, I wont bother…

To give you an idea about how much Germans liked the Russian Communist system (worth reading up about). Thousands of people went to the Allies leaving parade, and only (one) person went to the russian one. haha
Read up on how things were in the east and you will undertand.

And as to the annex thing,there is a misuderstanding I think.
When necessary all German peoples are one, east, west, austria or wherever they we are.
We have been a divided peoples for thousands of years, even to the point where every city or little region was independent, we have even fought wars against each other.
The “Bundesrepublik” was designed and established by Germans, and not by Russians. It is therfore they only legitimate successor to the 3.rd Reich, Kaiser reich and so on.
Not to mention that it flourished as a state and the east collapsed.

Reuters should not talk about things they obviously don´t understand.

Oh aaaaand, I like forrests!