Comments on: Numbed by Ciudad Juarez’s endless killings, Mexico shrugs off teen party deaths Beyond the World news headlines Wed, 16 Nov 2016 20:09:42 +0000 hourly 1 By: jaraus1966 Thu, 04 Nov 2010 15:59:39 +0000 The Mexican Government will never stop the drug business in their country; it contributes an estimated 40 billion dollars to their GDP. The number one contribution over their Pemex oil, tourism and agriculture. The Mexican Government knew drugs were passing through their country for over 45 years and did nothing to stop it because there was no violence associated with the trafficking and politicians were the recipients of the kick backs from the Cartels. I have traveled through Mexico for a number of years, when I first started my excursions, my very first impression was that it is a lawless country and now it is even worse. When this violence started between the Cartels, they blamed the U.S. for its demand for the drugs. As is now they are the recipients of kidnappings, extortion to businesses, corruption within their own government, police and armed services. What does this have to do with the U.S. demand? Absolutely nothing, this is the total result of a lawless 3rd world country blaming someone else for their own creation of violence within. This will never subside enough to call it under control. It is now the stigma image Mexico will have for a number of years. Although the above is a personal view point, the following is a stat that was published in April, 2010. Mexico prosecutes approximately 26% of the crimes committed in their country and only convicts 2%.

By: zxxvii Sat, 30 Oct 2010 06:31:17 +0000 Dear friends,

I am trying to raise awareness about what is going on here in El Paso – Juarez area. I work as a professor at colleges on both sides of the border and I have met many persons affected by this sad situation. Just today, a young student was shot by Federal Police officers during a march.

If it serves your interests please share the links below; if not, please excuse my nerve and kindly disregard this message.

The inhabitants of Ciudad Juarez repudiate the violence that has plagued our city for the past 30 months.
Men and women of good; we have seen friends and relatives succumb to the bullets, we have seen our neighbors closing down their businesses and losing their means of living. We are afraid to drive through our streets. We feel constant fear, now we distrust each other.
We cannot resort to the authorities, throughout this time we have been victims of their greed and abuse. Our leaders are indifferent and incompetent. They only simulate a void interest and do little to remedy the situation. With empty words they present, as an official version, a picture outside our everyday reality, while making every effort to hide the shameful events that repeat day after day in this border town.
Our only recourse is to raise our voice to the international community. To submit our testimony and show to the world the extermination acts of which we are victims today.
We want men and women from all countries to know what is really happening in Ciudad Juarez.

I have spoken before students and professors; If you are interested, I can offer a presentation.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Guillermo Cervantes, Ph. D.

Ciudad Juárez, México. 2008-2010,

A photographic testimony of our pain:

Un testimonio fotográfico de nuestro dolor: http://ciudadjuarez2008-2010esp.blogspot .com/

By: michael72 Thu, 28 Oct 2010 07:15:39 +0000 These poor people in Juarez, and now in Tepic as well, pity such a pity…..

time to end Prohibition and this crazy war on drugs that can’t be won. stop militarizing this drug situation and deal with it like Portugal has, decriminalizing them all, strictly controlling the addictive ones, and putting the resources into education and rehabilitation.

Calderon’s war has totally failed, when is he going to wake up? how many peole have to be killed and why do these news articles and news blogs never talk about the one and only way out – decriminalization etc. and yet Calderon is much like Bush was and can’t admit that he’s been wrong all along, tragically starting this war. he needs to go, too bad they can’t impeach him; so the other members of the political and economic elites have better force him to change all his policies about drugs and end this fruitless and sad war. too many civilians are being killed. time to try something really new and that doesn’t mean more grants they have to get to the root causes it’s pretty simple, just like in Prohibition in the US, you make liquor legal and regulate production and sale and the mobs lost their power and most of the violence ended. geez

By: SirSquid Thu, 28 Oct 2010 06:33:44 +0000 The real problem isn’t Mexican drug smugglers, but the American appetite for drugs. No demand, no criminal drug trade.

By: sthomas291 Wed, 27 Oct 2010 00:50:15 +0000 I know this is an obvious answer that someone, somewhere down there has thought of. Why don’t they stop the flow of drugs TO THE DEALERS IN MEXICO, before they can smuggle it here? They would have nothing to smuggle, so why fight for routes with nothing to sell?