Did Gaddafi “pass away” or was he executed?

October 26, 2011

Libya’s Deputy U.N. Ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi on Wednesday responded to calls from United Nations officials and human rights groups for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of long-time Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi shortly after his capture on Oct. 20 near his hometown of Sirte. 

Dabbashi told the U.N. Security Council that soldiers loyal to the National Transitional Council (NTC) who captured Gaddafi did not summarily execute him. Rather, Gaddafi died of wounds he had sustained prior to his capture, he said.

“Gaddafi was injured in the course of the clashes between his loyalists and the revolutionaries,” Dabbashi said. “When he was arrested, he was bleeding from his abdomen and head and he passed away (upon) his arrival to the hospital in Misrata. … According to initial reports, none of the revolutionaries fired at him after arresting him.”

Libya’s interim prime minister, Mahmoud Jibril, has said that a stray bullet fired by one of Gaddafi’s own guards during a shootout with government forces might have killed the man who ruled the oil-producing North African state for 42 years. Gaddafi had been trying to escape the siege of Sirte when his convoy was hit by a NATO air strike. Dabbashi said the NTC was investigating Gaddafi’s death.

Video footage showing a dazed and bloodied Gaddafi still alive after being captured, and further footage showing him dead a few minutes later, has fueled speculation that the Libyan fighters quickly finished off their despised leader in the heat of the moment.

Will we ever know who killed Gaddafi?


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Will we ever know?

The NTC has issued dozens of invented or wildly innacurate claims during this campaign, this being no exception with a handful of disinformational theories being floated.

I am for balanced reporting, but to ask “will we ever know” suggests credible doubt that he was not summarily executed.

There can be zero rational doubt here.

The internet is awash with growing video of M. Gaddafi captured alive and relatively uninjured, with no gun battles in the vicinity.

A library of firsthand videos show a vicous mob beating, hard gun butt to the head, him being stabbed, pistols held to the head, the sound of shots, him being dragged dead and half-stripped through the streets, and finally, video of the self-appointed executioner confessing and being feted. The body in state is laid to hide the wounds, with some being sewn up.

That day, Gaddafi’s milatry advisor was also executed, as was his son Mutassim, the later also being documented by multiple videos freely available on the internet.

Over 50, perhaps more than 300, other Sirtes were executed nearby. Clearly, the disorganised mob of thugs capturing Gaddafi held life cheaply.

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When Blood Cries For Blood – this is not democracy but blood-crazy!
The blood of the innocent will cry out for generations! 9millionvoices are waiting for the black-civil rights leaders to condemn the killing of blacks, Africans, Christians, young, old, feeble, sick, tied-up, innocent, weak, women, boys, girls. Speak-out today so that generations to come will not suffer and continue on this path as blood cry for blood. The killing of black Libyans in towns and villages near Tripoli is going on but I cannot hear the Congressional Black Caucus’s voice! What happened here? Can you hear the cry of the indiscriminate slaughter of innocents in Libyan? Are they not crying hard enough? What of reports of systematic rape, torture, executions, lynchings, beheadings? This MUST stop – the bleeding is beyond. It is an appeal to the conscience – this is not democracy but blood-crazy!

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His execution was scheduled for long time. The secrets remain secrets…

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From NTC fighters and spokesmen themselves:

Article links Video showing confessed executioner:

“This is the guy who killed Gaddafi. Using this, you see,” the man with the beard shouts, holding up the young man’s hand in which he has a gun.

“He did it in front of me. I saw it in front of me, he’s the guy who killed him. He is the killer,” the bearded man says in the video.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnew s/africaandindianocean/libya/libya-video  /8844297/NTC-fighters-laud-man-they-say -killed-Muammar-Gaddafi.html


`The identity of the man who allegedly pulled his 9mm pistol from his waistband and shot the wounded dictator in the left temple around 20 minutes after his capture is widely known in Misrata, as is the unit he belonged to, the Katiba Ghoran.`

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/oct  /27/gaddafi-killers-face-prosecution-li bya?newsfeed=true

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Who order the troop to attack. And did they knew that Gadaffi and sons were there at that moment?????????????

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The way that went down, was a disgrace and barbaric. We hear alot of what Gaddaffi supposedly did over his reign of 42 years and I am sure some stuff was bad. But what the NTC allowed to happen in Gaddaffi’s execution was just inexcusable. This is a rag-tag bunch of muppets who are no way going to be able to run a country. The fact that the world (Wester Allies) were quick to jump on their bandwagon and recognise them is another JOKE! From the out-set the NATO charter was to impose a no-fly zone to protect civilians from being bombarded by Gaddaffi forces,,,that was an out and out lie!! Their charter was to overthrow the Gaddaffi regime and impose change management to that country,,,hence the bombing of Gaddaffi Lybian Forces and letting the NTC run wild and free. So much BS happened during this campaig and all of it from The West and NTC…Gaddaffi was the legitimate Govt in that country and if anything this should have been a Civil War where the stronger side survived,,,,,Intervention from the WEST was B.S…..How many people have the U.S/Great Britain slaughtered over the centuries,,,yet no one intervened to overthrow their leadership,,,,this wreacks of HYPOCRICY!!! i am not even a Gaddaffi supporter just someone in the West who is sick of lies and cover ups…

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I think a frame by frame analysis of capture video will show that he died of his wounds, and was not assassinated.

When he is first captured, one can see him being kicked in the head. That causes the damage to his left nostril and causes the head bleeding on the left side. Some shots show him with a dark circle in front of his left ear, what some say is a bullet wound, but doesn’t show the actually morphology of a bullet wound (compare to Moatassem neck and abdomen wound).

Gaddaffi also had signs of significant bleeding on his clothing indicating wounds to his lower back and left neck/head area. When one sees a large caliber revolver in frames next to his head, that is on the right, and it looks at least 0.357 caliber. A shot in the head with such weapon at close range would leave an obvious wound, and may have shattered the skull. No such wounds are visible on any shot of the corpse.

Finally, there is a frame that I believe shows Gadaffi expiring. He kind of rotate his wrists up, closes his eyes. I have to find that frame in the video’s I have, about 6.

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Right does Ibrahim Dabbashi think that all are a bunch of retarded idiots there are videos showing the Colonel at his capture beaten and sodomised…and suddenly he dies from wounds hahahah :-)

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NTC isn’t going to admit they murdered Gaddaffi! Sure as hell they did and want to avoid negative backlash. ||||Video and sound excerpts prove the case.

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NTC isn’t going to admit they murdered Gaddaffi! Sure as hell they did and want to avoid negative backlash. ||||Video and sound excerpts prove the case.

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Of course he was executed. Why is this even a question? The real question is who did it. They’re hiding his identity because they know he won’t live to see his next birthday. But he’ll won’t be able to resist the fame and he’ll brag soon anyways.

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Why do we care? If he is still alive, he would have died after the human rights trial.

You can say it wasn’t with the rules of war, but any civilized nation or person would have lynched him. This wasn’t a war where normal rules applied, this was a war that the loser would have died either which way. People just need to get over it, and realized it.

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Did he what?????

We have the video you moron!!!

Reuters are just too afraid to admit they supported a ‘terrorist’ army for the last 9 months…

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He passed away…after a bullet was introduced into his brain.

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Why does anyone give a crap, he was afforded the same consideration he gave.

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Visual semantics tell you the whole story what happens to him! If words is the only thing you can read you will not understand a thing.

What is not told is where ”his” trillions of dollars has gone.
Details Please!
NATO nations (28) and USA may tell you, or some ”democratic” nation in the Middle East.
Only Little Sweden have alone US $2 billion in banks.
Only breadcrumbs have been returned to Libya upto date.
All the data has been bombed in the administrative buildings in Libya so there is no trace of the money.
A lots of money!!!

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