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Protect job, defuse demographic time bomb – have babies!


Worried about losing your job during the economic crisis?


Then make the most of Germany’s generous parental benefits and job protection for parents on baby leave, and take time off to procreate.  That’s at least the message coming from a leading economist in Germany, who is urging the government to do even more for young families, and echoing loudly in the German media.


It may seem counterintuitive — traditionally, birth rates are seen falling during downturns, as people fear for their jobs, worry about a fall in income and seek to reduce costs — but some politicians and researchers say using the recession to have children could be advantageous for all: individuals, companies and the future economy.


Not only does parental leave help avoid being discharged, but you might also be doing your small part to defuse a demographic and economic time bomb, as low birth rates mean average ages are creeping up and putting pressure on the pension, health and welfare system.


And your temporary absence may be good for companies too, many of which are implementing shorter working hours to keep on qualified staff while adjusting to the current slide in demand.