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Safe landing? Airliner just had apricot face mask


A silhouette is seen on a Mexican flagApricot face masks can hydrate the skin, shrink your pores and strip the paint off  your average Airbus passenger jet.

Next time you buckle up for landing, take a moment to find out when your plane was last blasted with ground apricot pits.

Having a smooth touchdown may depend on how recently the $2 million landing gear underwent the apricot treatment at a French-owned repair and maintenance plant in central Mexico.

“We get a powder made of apricot pits and fire it at the landing gears when they come in for service or repair,” said Claude Gobenceaux, director of Messier Services Americas, a subsidiary of the French aerospace group Safran.

from UK News:

Little to celebrate at Paris Air Show


-- John Bowker is UK Transport and Utilities Correspondent--


It feels like a typical day at the Paris Air Show -- terrible transport links, a vast complex of exhibition tents, planes of all sizes and noise so dreadful it's impossible to talk, let alone use a mobile phone.


One difference is the weather. It's more like Manchester in February than Paris in June, chucking it down.