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“Frauenpower” at Siemens: another crack in the glass ceiling?


Siemens’ announcement this week that it has appointed a woman to its management board has generated a loud hullabaloo in the media, with newspapers trumpeting “the womanless age at Siemens is over” and “Barbara Kux, the strong woman at Siemens.”

But how was the news of a woman’s appointment to a senior executive position deserving of a celebratory press release and the ensuing excitement? Surely in an era of equal opportunities in developed countries, such news should be commonplace.

The fact that this news is not self-evident, and that Barbara Kux was the first woman appointed to Siemens’s managing board in its 161 year history, goes to show how far we have yet to go before women are equally represented at leadership levels.

Fifty-four year old Kux , who will be responsible for Siemens’s annual global procurement of 42 billion euros ($52.02 billion), will be one of a handful of women  on  the management board of a German blue-chip company.