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When the going got tough, this school nurse got creative

When her tiny office at a prestigious private school in Queens started to fill up with sick and scared students, nurse Mary Pappas took a deep breath and got inventive.  Check out how her on-the-fly responses might help others trying to cope with the swine flu pandemic:

Meantime keep an eye out for WHO recommendations for vaccinations on Monday:


We’ll let you know what the likely outcomes are.

And could obesity be a risk factor for severe swine flu infection? Keep an eye out on our HEALTH coverage page

Cattle Rustling, Pythons and Boogie Angola Style …. the best reads of May

Climate health costs: bug-borne ills, killer heat
Tree-munching beetles, malaria-carrying mosquitoes and deer ticks that spread Lyme disease are three living signs that climate change is likely to exact a heavy toll on human health. These pests and others are expanding their ranges in a warming world, which means people who never had to worry about them will have to start.  

Spain rearranges furniture as economy sinks

Moving a 17-metre high monument to Christopher Columbus 100 metres down the road is how the Spanish government is interpreting the advice of John Maynard Keynes. The economist once argued it would be preferable to pay workers to dig holes and fill them in again, rather than allowing them to stand idle and deprive the economy of the multiplier effect of their wages.

Changing the pandemic rules


The World Health Organisation literally changed the rules of the game while playing it last week, when it said it was rethinking the criteria it would use to declare a global flu pandemic is underway.

Britain and other countries affected by the newly-discovered H1N1 virus were pushing WHO Director-General Margaret Chan to pause before raising the six-point pandemic scale to its highest notch, as her United Nations agency’s rulebook says she should do once it is spreading in more than one region of the world.

Pigs might fly, but swine flu!


By David Fox

“I called the swine flu hotline, but all I got was crackling”.

The reference to “crackling”, or pork rinds, starts a host of Internet jokes and puns about the new H1N1 strain of flu that has the world on edge but fortunately, so far, has not reached the pandemic proportions feared originally.

The growth of the Internet – and more particularly social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Friendster – means that information about health issues can spread even faster than the most virulent epidemic.