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Remembering Hiro’s gentle smile

April 12, 2010

As Hiro Muramoto headed out the door of the Tokyo newsroom last week, weighed down with TV equipment on his way to Bangkok to cover demonstrations, he flashed a smile at a Reuters colleague.

The “Japan High School Party”

April 9, 2010

If ever proof were needed that personal ties can trump policy in Japanese political alliances , a new party being set up by a band of ageing opposition MPs should do the trick.

Japan “opens up” to freelancers

April 8, 2010

Hatoyama at a news conferenceJapan, breaking with tradition,¬†has started to open up government news conferences to reporters outside the country’s established media. But have they¬†become genuinely “open”?

from Raw Japan:

Watching the giants fall

August 31, 2009

Some elections count more than others, and never more than when a longstanding dominant party is sent packing. I've been lucky enough to witness turning points in four countries on two continents.

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Japan two-party system — long in arriving

August 28, 2009

Observers of Japanese politics who have long thought the country was ripe for a real two-party system are watching Sunday's election with a dual sense of incredulity -- surprise that it has taken so long to oust the long-ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), and surprise that it finally looks like happening.

It’s all the fault of those people who work and save too much

August 17, 2009

One thing we’ve learnt from the crisis is that if something sounds funny it probably is. All that talk about slicing and dicing subprime debt to turn it into triple-A securities was hard to understand at the time and now we know it was just the 21st century equivalent of alchemy.

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G7 drink row adds to Japan government woes

February 16, 2009

Japan's finance minister denies he was drunk at a G7 news conference but opposition lawmakers sense blood in the water and are demanding he be fired, adding yet more pressure on a deeply unpopular government that faces an election this year.

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Winners in a trade war

February 11, 2009

Trade protectionism -- or at least the threat of it -- has raised it head as the global economy has declined, bringing with it all the historical fears about the Great Depression. Consider the flurry of concern about a "Buy American" clause in one of the U.S. stimulus bills.