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It was news, but not as we know it…


wolfesimon1HR.jpgFor days now, Twitter, the blogosphere and even newspaper headlines have been filled with the news – NASA was about to announce something big about extraterrestrial life! But it was embargoed by the journal Science, so no one would know the details until today.

As often happens, those details leaked out early and now we can tell you what it was — bacteria, very much Earthbound bacteria, that can live on arsenic.

Pretty interesting but hardly the life-shattering news that some outlets had teased about. Science has posted its own quick video. And NASA even got a little tongue-in-cheek for its news conference.

“We end a week of fiction,”  NASA’s Dwayne Brown said. “We are not here today to announce that we have found life elsewhere in the Universe.”

Politics and pop culture mesh in Gaza conflict


Israel’s offensive against Hamas in Gaza has made headlines around the world.

But beyond the raw realities of war — more than 1,100 Palestinians and 13 Israelis dead — the three-week conflict has also created a peculiar intersection with music, literature and cinema, in the surreal way that wars sometimes do.

Baghdad Traffic Woes



By Aws Qusay


I’ve long since told my family to stop phoning me in a panic
every evening when they don’t know where I am.


I’m not dead, I’m in traffic.


I live just 15 km from the Reuters office in Baghdad. But
nowadays, with the Iraqi capital divided into countless
mini-cities by concrete slabs and roadblocks, my commute across
town usually takes two and a half hours, sometimes three.
Traffic barely moves at all.