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Madeleine Albright pumps iron — and vouches for healthy lifestyle


CZECH/We knew she was tough — but this tough?

“I can leg press 450 pounds,” the former U.S. Secretary of State modestly told a panel on health in Mexico City on Friday.

Albright, who also served in the 1990s as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, spoke of the importance of good nutrition at a panel sponsored by dietary supplement company Herbalife, which counts some 50,000 Mexicans among its global distributors.

The challenges of eating right have not been lost on the eminent Albright, who now sits on the board of the Council on Foreign Relations, chairs global strategy firm Albright Stonebridge, and is a professor of diplomacy at Georgetown University. “The only thing I can tell you is that as Secretary of State and before that as UN Ambassador I got very fat because I was eating for my country,” Albright said.

When seated at dinners next to global heads of state, Albright was inevitably presented with sumptuous — and caloric — national dishes, which took a measure of skilled diplomacy to decline. “I would try to diet and push it around the plate and the person would look at me and say ‘Why aren’t you eating our national whatever?’ It was a very fattening job.” But a healthy lifestyle has come easier in recent years, Albright said, who shared the following tidbit from her exercise regime. “One of the things that nobody ever believes about me that’s true is that I can leg press 450 pounds and I exercise three times a week,” she said.

from Maggie Fox:

Confusing news

Ok so we are not supposed to eat sugar any more and in fact all junk food is targeted.

And you can't even take solace in the midnight snack.

But yet, Thunder Thighs rule.

Guess the only option is to fatten up on broccoli...