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Afghan President gets unintentional laugh on Palin meeting



Afghan President Hamid Karzai got an unexpected laugh on Tuesday for his straight-man reaction to a question about Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Karzai was speaking at the Asia Society on topics ranging from security to relations with Pakistan and the United States in a conversation with former Viacom CEO Tom Freston. The audience perked up when Karzai mentioned Palin, following their meeting earlier in the day. The McCain campaign drew protests from reporters after they were barred from a picture-taking session at the beginning of the meeting.

“You’re probably the only person in the room who has met Governor Palin,” Freston remarked.

“I’m happy about that,” Karzai said. “Very good.”

He proceeded to praise Palin: I found her quite a capable woman, she asked the right questions on Afghanistan, she was concerned, and she said how she can help, so I’m very pleased with that meeting.”